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“Raahhh…. oooo…….”


Two clear and distinct sounds spread throughout the atmosphere. The first one was the sound of bones being crushed. The second one sounded like an extremely painful howl…


Both sounds were emitted by… the daemonic fire lion.


A gigantic sword mark was slashed across the back of the daemonic fire lion. A blurry blood stain appeared on his fur. Its gigantic body was crawling across the ground in pain. A weak white Qi emanated from its mouth but it was still mixed with some scorching flames.


The crowd was stupefied when they saw the result of the attack. Even though Lin Feng was incredibly strong, how could the extremely strong fifth level Ling daemonic fire lion not withstand a single attack from him?


Lin Feng was quite surprised as well but immediately, a big smile appeared on his face. This battle was definitely interesting. So this was the plan all along, the lion couldn’t withstand a single blow from an opponent.


“Thank you for your gift. I really appreciate it!” said Lin Feng while raising his head and looking at the n.o.ble student on the viewing platform. Lin Feng was sneering at him with eyes filled with delight.


The daemonic fire lion had surprisingly been unable to withstand a single attack and there was only one explanation as to the reason for this. They had weakened the daemonic fire lion before the battle even started. They had prepared this weakened beast as a gift for Mu Fan, then Mu Fan would have easily been able to defeat it. A student of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue defeating such a strong and powerful ferocious beast with a single strike, how much prestige would the inst.i.tute gain from such a feat?


Everyone’s thoughts were chaotic. They were confused because nothing had happened according to plan. Lin Feng had defeated the daemonic fire lion… Lin Feng had tamed the beast while Mu Fan had lost his life with a single strike.


Lin Feng understood why the one in charge of the cage had looked at him with envy a moment before. He knew that this purposely weakened beast was ultimately going to belong to Lin Feng.


When he heard that Lin Feng was thanking him, the n.o.ble student looked annoyed. His expression was incredibly ugly. Anyone would be able to guess that he had made the beast weaker so that he could rig the victory in Mu Fan’s favour.


The entire crowd looked at the group of students of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue as if they were despicable.


The Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue was really shameless and its methods were really cowardly. They were not as strong and influential as they always acted. They always tried to make it seem so but in fact, this was not the case, they were all just frauds.


The young n.o.ble student coldly smiled at Lin Feng and said: “Why thank me? Even though you brought the daemonic fire lion under your control, it doesn’t mean that it will always follow and obey you. It’s not that easy to tame such a ferocious beast. It would be best for you to be very careful, just in case the beast feels like devouring you someday.”


When Lin Feng heard what the n.o.ble student said, he looked amused and said: “Don’t worry, what you’re saying is not my concern even if the daemonic fire lion is many times stronger than me.”


When he finished talking, Lin Feng went to the man in charge of the cage and said: “So this daemonic fire lion now belongs to me, right?”


“Yes it does.” the man said not sounding reluctant to hand it over, but Lin Feng didn’t wait to hear the reply; he had already grabbed the chains on the beast and started to pull the daemonic fire lion out of the cage.


Lin Feng walked out of the cage and took a deep breath to savour and enjoy this moment, Lin Feng then glanced at the incredible amount of people who were watching him.


Under his mask, he had a huge smile on his face. He then said: “Being able to win a fifth level Ling ferocious wild beast is indeed a great thing. Once it grows to maturity it will reach the Xuan level. I have really made quite a sum.”


The crowd was surprised. Made quite a sum? He actually meant that the daemonic fire lion had earned him money.


What did Lin Feng mean?


n.o.body had time to ask before Lin Feng continued: “If you like this daemonic fire lion, it’s still not impossible for you to obtain it, shall we go see how much this will sell for? Let’s head to the auction.”


Everybody was astonished when they heard what Lin Feng said. How very cruel of him.




He wanted to sell such a valuable ferocious beast after winning it?


At that moment, the crowd understood what Lin Feng had said before. He would not get devoured by the daemonic fire lion because he initially didn’t intend to take it with them. Lin Feng had never wanted the daemonic fire lion to begin with.


“Is that guy crazy? That’s a daemonic fire lion!”


Many people thought that Lin Feng was crazy for selling such a beast. They all thought that selling the daemonic fire lion was a stupid choice.


Of course, it was Lin Feng’s choice to make and he didn’t feel like having the ugly daemonic fire lion walking by his side.


He would do best not to commit the crime of cheris.h.i.+ng a jade ring.


He wasn’t strong enough to keep such a valuable beast. Even if it was a great ferocious beast to possess, he couldn’t afford attracting the provocation of so many people. While he would not shy away from provocation, he did not want to invite it. He understood that in this world he would attract the attention of the wrong types of people and possibly get into trouble that could be avoided by having such a valuable pet.


What Lin Feng needed at this moment was to become stronger and quickly, he did not want to rely on the strength of a ferocious beast. Lin Feng couldn’t afford attracting other people’s envy which would cause him trouble. He already had too many enemies, owning such a beast would be like provoking people to become his enemy.


The opinions of other people wouldn’t make Lin Feng change his mind. It was difficult to make him change his mind. He understood that he did not have the strength to own this pet.


Lin Feng then left with beast and left the Prisoner Arena. He was walking towards the Market District.


Some people from the Prisoner Arena left and followed alongside Lin Feng. The entourage looked incredibly majestic.


Some people wanted to see how agitated the auctions would become with such a beast. Some others were interested in trying to purchase the daemonic fire lion.


Many of the people who followed from the prisoner arena were not short on purity stones. They had enough purity stones to spare and a daemonic fire lion was extremely valuable to them.


If they had a daemonic fire lion, they would be able to raise it until it reached the Xuan level which would make it invaluable. Besides, having such a ferocious beast walk next to them as they traveled would make them have an impressive and commanding presence.


As Lin Feng and the group of people were walking, the crowd was growing larger and larger, the people were attracted by the prestigious impression this crowd gave. It was slowly getting out of hand.


They were the subject of a widespread discussion. The news that somebody wanted to sell a daemonic fire lion was quickly spreading through the districts. That’s why more and more people were approaching to see the spectacle.


Lin Feng was satisfied with this. He had feared that there wouldn’t be enough people who would be interested in buying it.


The more people that were interested, the better it was. That way, the price would be extremely high, which was a very good thing for Lin Feng.


Lin Feng arrived in front of a square made especially for auctioning. There was a pavilion with several thousands of seats.


The place wasn’t as big as that of the territory of the Prisoner Arena , This place gave a cozy feeling when looking at the scenery. People could watch the auctions while being served tea and decide whether or not they wished to purchase the treasures.


When Lin Feng saw this place, he smiled and walked towards it.


When Lin Feng was about to arrive at the auction square, a group of people appeared in front of him which made him stop.


“Someone like you cannot have a daemonic fire lion.” said a boy coldly while staring at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng looked and said indifferently: “If I were you, guys, I would get the h.e.l.l out of my way and go far away from here.”


These people were stupefied when they heard Lin Feng speak. Cold Qi was being released from their bodies. All of them were far from being weak.


“We will pay a hundred purity stones of medium quality and take that daemonic fire lion with us.” Said one of the group.


“I gave you a chance, yet you are still morons.” said Lin Feng coldly and then continued: “I will count up to three, if you don’t get out of my way, I will have the crowd of people behind me kill you. Who would sell a daemonic fire lion for one hundred purity stones of medium quality? How stupid can you be?”


When they heard Lin Feng, the expression on the group of people’s faces changed. There were many people who were behind Lin Feng who suddenly stepped forwards and gave intimidating looks towards the group. They were eager for the group to give them a try.


“ONE!” Lin Feng started counting. At that moment, even more people started moving forward from the crowd.


“TWO!” continued Lin Feng. He had a strange smile on his face when he noticed that these people were not reacting.


Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly revealed murderous intent which made the group blocking his way completely shocked.


“Remember me, this is not over.” threatened the leader of the men who was blocking the path and then their group started moving out of the way.


“As expected, you do not accept my goodwill, bunch of morons.” said Lin Feng coldly and then added: “In your next life, learn how to use your brains and remember not to threaten someone who just showed you a great kindness.”


“How could someone dare to try and get my daemonic fire lion for a hundred purity stones of medium quality! Kill all of these people for threatening me and I will set aside 100 medium purity stones for you regardless of who wins the auction.” said Lin Feng coldly.


He was extremely calm as always, but the expression on the faces of the people who blocked the way suddenly changed drastically.

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