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Chapter 1455

Chapter 1455: Soundwave Battle

The were all around him and were condensing their energies. They wanted to destroy Lin Feng completely.
“Empty s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+eld!” Lin Feng used his empty s.p.a.ce robe to wrap himself up in empty s.p.a.ce strength. He almost disappeared.
The’ facial expressions didn’t change as their energies surrounded Lin Feng. He was caught in a web of energies. Buzzing sounds roared all around him, reminding him that if he reappeared again, he’d die.
When Lin Feng appeared again, his Ling Long’s holy celestial Qi blossomed out again, “Empty s.p.a.ce b.e.s.t.i.a.l Illusion Technique, So Close Yet So Far!”
At that moment, Lin Feng used his full strength to hide inside the illusion. Terrifying sword energies were a.s.saulting the empty s.p.a.ce, but they didn’t injure Lin Feng. It was as if he were in an entirely different s.p.a.ce. 
Finally, the facial expressions of the changed. Lin Feng had used the strength of a holy weapon just before, but now he was using his own energy: high-level empty s.p.a.ce energy.
Of course, Lin Feng’s abstruse energy wasn’t at the maximum level, so he had made his energy fuse together with Ling Long’s holy celestial to make even stronger.
The sword attacks couldn’t reach him. Lin Feng took advantage of the distortions in the s.p.a.ce around him to rise

in the air. Then, dazzling lights appeared along with death energies.
Lin Feng finally managed to rise into the air and could look down at all the under him.
There were six in total and they weren’t happy that he had managed to escape.
“Bzzz!” The six moved back and gradually disappeared. They seemed to be fusing together with the scenery.
“What a terrifying attack.” thought Lin Feng. He could sense what seemed like a group attack forming. Maybe that was their trump card. Their Qi had completely disappeared, as if n.o.body was there.
“I shoot, you kill!” said a voice in Lin Feng’s head. He realized that someone was standing next to him. That person was wearing a plaited bamboo hat, but Lin Feng couldn’t see his face. That person had a bow and arrow in his hands.
“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding. A Watcher again! But it wasn’t the same one as before, they looked exactly the same though. Even his voice was the same. However, Lin Feng knew it wasn’t the same Watcher from before because of his height. This one was slightly shorter.
The Watcher shot an arrow towards the group of and then Lin Feng flew like the wind.
“Slash, slas.h.!.+” Dazzling sword lights moved along with the arrow. However, at the same

same time, an even more dazzling sword appeared. The cultivator who appeared was very pale. The sword energies killed him instantly.
The Watcher flew back next to Lin Feng and and shot another arrow. More Qi rolled in waves towards the enemy.
Lin Feng groaned coldly and released even more sword Qi with the arrow. Even though the were incredible killers, if their enemies ever found them, especially an enemy like Lin Feng, they stood no chance, especially given that a Watcher was now helping Lin Feng. Another died.
“They’re escaping.” said Lin Feng.
This time, the Watcher took out another arrow and aimed it at a third His arrow shot out just as strong as the previous ones.
Lin Feng wanted to attack, but a sound invaded his brain. The Watcher was also affected by the sudden attack. His hands wavered, and his arrow slowly fell.
“The seven!” said the Watcher hoa.r.s.ely. Then, Qi rolled in waves and a silhouette appeared. That person was wearing a green-blue robe and was holding several flutes in his hands.
“How agile!” thought Lin Feng. The enemy was about one-thousand meters away, but it was difficult to see him because of his agility. 
Lin Feng had seen some of the seven before. They were on a higher level from ordinary

ordinary For example, Bai Qiu Luo from the Sunset Pavilion. He was probably one of the seven before.
The seven were probably the core disciples of the Imperial Union, but some of them had already died. 
The other didn’t hide anymore, they instead jumped next to the strong one and fixedly stared at Lin Feng and the Watcher in a cold way. They hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng, so now the seven had to be involved.
“Lin Feng!” shouted the, his voice actually made Lin Feng shake, but he remained calm on the outside. He started singing the nine netherworlds song to counter the soundwave abstruse energies.
In terms of soundwaves, the Seven Song wasn’t as powerful as the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song, however, Lin Feng didn’t understand the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song that well.
The started running towards Lin Feng. The enemy began playing the flute again as more soundwaves a.s.saulted Lin Feng.
“He’s using the force of the Earth and sky to make his soundwave energies even stronger!” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng also started running. The area around them was filled with the force of the Earth and sky, and soundwaves. 
“Die!” shouted the He put his flute away and jumped forwards. His energies rose to the skies and oppressed Lin and oppressed Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s soundwaves seemed like they were going to break under that pressure.
“Move back!” shouted Lin Feng to the Watcher. Lin Feng didn’t know which of the seven that guy was, but he had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer and was terrifyingly strong. Besides, he controlled the force of the Earth and the sky very well. The power of his attacks was multiplied by twenty from that alone. The seemed extremely confident that he was going to kill Lin Feng.
He wasn’t only a bit strong, he could easily destroy ordinary cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer. 
Terrifying demon energies surrounded Lin Feng’s body and the demon behind him shouted furiously.
“It’s going to explode!” the Watcher and the moved back. They could sense that the s.p.a.ce around Lin Feng was going to explode.
The s.p.a.ced turned black, then grey, and finally, it exploded. Lin Feng and the’s soundwaves were so terrifying and that they had been acc.u.mulating in one place, that Lin Feng’s demon illusion exploded. It released millions of threads of energies, piercing through Lin Feng’s skin. Lin Feng shouted in pain, blood now dripping. 
The was also affected by Lin Feng’s Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song, his eyes had become black, and he felt like he was dying.

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