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Chapter 1456

Chapter 1456: Deadly Sword

The was turning into a demon; his entire body had turned black. Lin Feng then fixedly stared at him and said, “Look at me.”
This time, Lin Feng didn’t use his demon cursing energies. He just looked into his enemy’s eyes and shouted, “Go!”
“Boom!” demon Qi flew through the sky, moving towards his enemy. With such a terrifying attack, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer could even turn into demons, but that cultivator was surprisingly still resisting.
The cultivator looked at Lin Feng again, but he looked normal again. He had recovered and was smiling coldly.
Lin Feng invoked his blood strength and dragon started chanting.
“Absorbing strength?” said the frowning. Lin Feng was using absorbing abstruse energy to swallow his soundwaves using his blood strength?
He’s absorbing soundwaves?
“Bzzz!” The condensed a sword. Then he moved so fast that the people around him heard a sonic boom. As he flew forwards, his sword morphed into a flight of stairs.
When the other guy had conjured up a sword, Lin Feng had also released sword energies, and then

used his Desolate Ksana attack. It too was extremely fast. The two swords collided, and that flight of stairs made of energies grew.
At the same time, the had already released a second sword attack. The flight of stairs made of energies moved even closer to Lin Feng.
That sword made Lin Feng feel like suffocating.
“Bzzz!” Death energies flooded about and the stairs broke. There were so many energies in the sky that Lin Feng and his enemy were barely visible. Lin Feng’s enemy was releasing sword energies which again turned into a gigantic flight of stairs, quickly enlarging again.
The was just as surprised as Lin Feng. Lin Feng had only broken through to the sixth Zun Qi layer but he could still resist his sword attacks. 
“Die!” the two sword lights collided. Then, the released soundwave energies while Lin Feng released cursing strength.
They were both pushed backwards. The then pointed at Lin Feng and shouted, “Die!”
The flight of stairs broke apart into several swords which all moved towards Lin Feng.
“Die!” shouted the again. The Earth and sky were

were turning into countless swords, which all moved towards Lin Feng.
“Immortal!” shouted Lin Feng. He released sword energies which contained death and immortal energies, as well as the force of the Earth and sky. 
“Come out!” shouted the loudly. Sword lights rose up in the air. He stretched out his hand and his sword spirit fused together with the force of the earth and sky. 
“How strong!” thought Lin Feng after seeing his enemy’s spirit. He released demon Qi which turned into another demon king.
“Come out!” shouted Lin Feng.
“Roar, roar, roar!” his dragon king shouted furiously and jumped out of Lin Feng’s body.
“Take it!” shouted Lin Feng. He took out his gigantic axe, a peerless holy weapon, and gave it to the demon king. At the same time, he took out Xuan Yuan’s axe.
The was surprised. Lin Feng’s demon had taken form and could even use weapons. 
“Finally, it is almost real.” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng had studied that demon king in the Demon Shrine on the eighth floor, but he hadn’t been able to summon anything besides an illusion until that point.
Lin Feng’s demon Qi disappeared and fused together with the demon king. He was still surrounded by an infinite amount of of sword Qi though.
The’s eyes twinkled. He wanted to create a cage with his sword spirit, and then use his energies to constrict Lin Feng and kill him.
“Die!” shouted the His sword moved towards Lin Feng.
“Argh!” The demon king also roared furiously and threw himself at the with his axe.
Lin Feng also threw himself forward. He had used so many sword attacks in such a short time. But he never flinched away, he fought like a real warrior. 
He rose up in the air and condensed more immortal energies. Many people in Sword City had already raised their heads and were watching the battle take place in the sky. 
“Be careful!” shouted someone behind Lin Feng. Someone was attacking Lin Feng by surprise, even though he was already in the middle of a terrifying battle!
“An!” He had forgotten that he was fighting against for a second. They had waited for the best opportunity to attack him.
“So Close Yet So Close Yet So Far!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. However, his empty s.p.a.ce lights were instantly destroyed by the
Lin Feng just needed a millisecond to release empty s.p.a.ce energy and disappear, but his enemy wasn’t going to give him that opportunity.
“Die!” shouted the Watcher, shooting an arrow at the one who was attacking Lin Feng by surprise. 
“Bzzz!” Lin Feng moved away, but that sword pierced through him anyways. The deadly abstruse energies started corroding inside him.
Suddenly, a choir of dragons chanting emanated from Lin Feng’s body. 
The moved away and smiled coldly. He turned to the one who had just attacked Lin Feng by surprise, he was soaked with blood and looked pale. He said, “Four, let me take care of this.”
“I have to help you.” said the fourth, smiling. The one against whom Lin Feng had been fighting fiercely was the third
“Be careful, there are more lurking!” said the Watcher to Lin Feng. Then, a dozen more extremely strong appeared.
Lin Feng’s face was deathly pale. He released life abstruse energy and recovered, but it wasn’t quick enough.

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