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PMG Chapter 1487

Chapter 1487: Talent

"Kacha!" the door opened itself again. Lin Feng turned around and saw the beautiful girl. She was glaring at Lin Feng in a cold way, but she didn't seem like she wanted to attack. She couldn't attack there.

"Gu Li is still practicing cultivation. He's been studying force for a month already. I wonder how strong he's become." thought the girl while looking at Gu Li. Then, she walked aside and sat down cross-legged as well.

Lin Feng glanced around. The force was illuminating everyone.

"The force here is multiplied by a hundred, so it can't oppress me." thought Lin Feng. Then, he looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan. It was difficult for them, but they also looked excited, especially Feng Ling.

"Understanding force here is a lot easier than trying outside." thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng walked towards one of the eight walls. Then, suddenly, he couldn't move any further.

"Multiplied by two hundred!" Lin Feng realized that each wall held a different strength.

Force surrounded Lin Feng's body, making his muscles twitched. His blood started boiling as each part of his body was changing.

"Sister, I think my body won't be able to endure it if I stay here too long. I could explode and die." said Feng Ling to her sister. Lin Feng heard her and thought she was right. A force multiplied by two hundred was already too much for her.

"No wonder those people from the Celestial Walls Manor understand force so well." thought Lin Feng. If Lin Feng hadn't used his death cursing energies, he wouldn't have been able to defeat that cultivator of the eighth Zun Qi layer. His force alone could oppress Lin Feng. The beautiful girl's force was even more terrifying, coupled with the strength of the ninth Zun Qi layer, her force was already multiplied by five hundred times. Those people from the Celestial Walls Manor could take over Ba Huang if they wanted.

"What about the force in the center? How many times is it multiplied?" thought Lin Feng looking at the young man in the middle. Lin Feng had also seen that young man before. It was the one who hadn't stood up when he raised his gla.s.s to Lin Feng.

"Three hundred times, I can handle that." thought Lin Feng as he arrived in front of the third wall.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He knew that he couldn't spend too much time here, he would have to go back to Tianjing City at some point.

Xiao Yu, Feng Ling and Feng Xuan sat down too, but Feng Ling and Feng Xuan sat down in front of the first wall, while Xiao Yu sat in front of the second.

Time pa.s.sed slowly. Lin Feng felt fine at the beginning but after two hours, his muscles and bones hurt.

After four hours, Lin Feng was sweating, and he was breathing quickly. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan felt the same even though they were only in front of the first wall.

Besides, Lin Feng's body had been cleansed by the lights of the gate in Tiantai, so even if the force hurt, it was also beneficial. He was learning and studying it. A new kind of force had even appeared inside his body.

He was first oppressed, then he got used to it, then he blocked it and modified it and then he learnt how to use it. Gradually, Lin Feng adjusted to it.

In the end, he could inhale and exhale force.

Four hours had pa.s.sed. In the outside world, he wouldn't have such an opportunity in one month or even one year.

Lin Feng moved, his muscles cracked from the pressure.

"It helps to understand force, but it also helps me become stronger and it improves my physical body." thought Lin Feng. He looked around and thought that the creator of those walls was incredible.

"I should be able to endure a force multiplied by four-hundred now." thought Lin Feng. He walked towards the fourth wall, instantly, the force oppressed him again.

Lin Feng sat down and studied the force again, not wasting any time.

Five days later, Lin Feng walked towards the fifth wall.

Nine days later, Lin Feng walked towards the sixth wall, where force multiplied by six hundred. Lin Feng thought he was going to explode under that incredible pressure. This time, he spent six days in front of that wall to get used to it. On the seventh day, he walked to the seventh wall.

Lin Feng spent less time in front of the seventh wall though, only four days.

After the eighth wall, he made a circle around. He was not far from the first wall, but the force there was a lot stronger than the one on the first wall. The force was more powerful and Lin Feng's understanding of force was becoming better.

In front of the seventh wall, the beautiful girl opened her eyes and saw Lin Feng. She looked furious.

Lin Feng only needed twenty days to study the force in that place. He was even faster than Gu Li.

"I wonder how strong his force has become." thought the girl. Studying and enduring force were two different things. Lin Feng had only sensed the force, he had endured and understood it. However, it was impossible that his force had been multiplied by eight hundred times, otherwise, he would have left already.

The beautiful girl stood up and left. She had lived there for many years. Studying the force in there had become pointless for her, but for outsiders, it was a treasure.

The beautiful girl's opinion about Lin Feng had changed. He was famous and even in the Celestial Walls Manor, he had proved how talented and gifted he was.

PMG Chapter 1488

Chapter 1488: The Old Man and The Young Man

Feng Xuan and Feng Ling were already waiting outside together. They had left a few days before after they gave up at the fourth wall.

Those who were from the Holy City weren't even that far. They talked about Gu Li and Lin Feng. Lin Feng was still in there. Even the fifth and sixth walls didn't scare him. He was determined, even if he had to kneel, he didn't care.

"He's been in there for so long." said a young man who was talking about Lin Feng.

"Only twenty days, that doesn't mean anything.  We did the same too." said another one.

"Indeed. Those two beautiful girls are strong but they didn't stay in there too long though. They're not too weak. The most important thing is that they're really beautiful though." those people were talking about Feng Ling and Feng Xuan now.

Feng Xuan was one of the four most beautiful women from Ba Huang Province. She had voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s, an incredible figure, and beautiful skin. Feng Ling was slender and elegant, even though she didn't look as s.e.xy as Feng Xuan, she still looked attractive.

"Haha, do you want to take them home?" said one of them laughing.

That cultivator called Tian Ruo shrugged and said, "If they haven't had s.e.x yet, they couldn't be good wives."

"You should ask them if they'd agree to it." said another one. Tian Ruo glanced at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan and smiled, "Marrying two sisters would be great, especially given their appearances."

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan looked furious. Feng Ling wanted to talk, but Feng Xuan held her back. She smiled at that young man and said, "Sorry, we already have someone."

"Is that so?" said that young man while releasing Qi which oppressed them. Feng Ling's heart started racing.

"Indeed. You've seen him. If you defeat him, my sister and I will consider you." said Feng Xuan. She was furious but didn't show it. Feng Xuan was convinced that if that guy fought against Lin Feng, he'd lose.

"Hehe, that's a nice suggestion." said that young man smiling. "I, Zhou Tian Ruo, am only too lucky."

"Haha, you're lucky indeed, you'll get to sleep with those two hot sisters." said the others laughing. Feng Xuan controlled herself, but Feng Ling's cheeks were red, she was furious.

Time pa.s.sed slowly. Lin Feng had already been in there for almost a month. On the thirtieth day, two people emerged. One of them was an old man with a white beard who looked enigmatic. He had the demeanor of a transcendent being while also looking like a hermit. Then, he sat down on a cloud in the sky.

Behind him was a young man, he was handsome and was wearing monk's clothes.

"Teacher, you're back!" said some people who recognized the two silhouettes in the sky. They looked happy.

Their teacher had taken a disciple with him and had left for a year. Now he was back.

Outside of the room, the beautiful girl looked at them and rose up in the air, "Teacher, disciple, you're back, finally!"

"Sister, long time no see. You're becoming even more beautiful." said the young man in white clothes while smiling.

"You're flattering me. You've been traveling around a lot. Now that you've broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer, you're progressing quickly. Your force must be as strong as mine even." said the beautiful girl.

"It's thanks to our teacher. He has made great efforts to teach me." said the young man. We've been through a lot after we went so far away. Even some emperors threatened us. Of course, we also had great opportunities.

"At a certain level, you should go and travel too, otherwise you'll always be a frog in a well." said the old man smiling. Then, they landed on the ground.

"Sister, that's the emperor!" said Feng Ling surprised. That was the hermit of the manor.

"Yes." Feng Xuan sensed it too.

At that moment, the old man looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan. Then he smiled at them indifferently.

"You seem talented. Continue practicing cultivation and a bright future will await you." said the old man smiling. Then, he looked at the young man from the Holy City, surprised.

"They must have taken medicine to become that stronger. You must be from there." said the old man smiling thinly.

They stood up as a sign of respect, even if they were "from there".

"A hundred years pa.s.sed, as expected, more and more people come to the Celestial Walls Manor. So many guests this time." said the old man smiling in a gentle way. Then he looked at the room where the walls were and said, "Are there still people inside?"

"Three people. One of them is from there. The two others are with those two girls. Do you want to go in and see them?" asked the beautiful girl.

"Alright, I'll go in and see." said the old man entering the room. After he entered, the door closed itself again. The old man observed the three people. One of them was in front of the third wall and he was covered with sweat. The others were back to back in front of the eighth wall. Eight different sorts of force were surrounding their bodies, but they both looked calm and serene as if the outside world had nothing to do with them.

The old man's facial expression changed. He looked intrigued. He left while smiling, "Not bad, not bad."

"Teacher, you look excited." said the young man in white clothes smiling.

"Two of them in there are a lot stronger than you. They're really incredible." said the old man smiling.

Apart from Gu Li, was he talking about Lin Feng?

"Dong!" this time, the ground quaked as the door opened and someone came out.

"Incredible force!" the girl suddenly turned around and looked at the door. Force spilled out from the room.

There were two silhouettes who came out. They were both surrounded by an incredible force.

"How's that possible?" thought the beautiful girl astonished. She couldn't believe it. Lin Feng had only been in there for a month and his force was already more powerful than hers. How gifted was he!? She was speechless.

"Eh?" at that moment, Lin Feng noticed the young man standing next to him.

PMG Chapter 1491

Chapter 1491: News

Zhou Tian Ruo was aghast, he felt humiliated. He had always thought that his Holy Sky Destruction technique was extremely powerful, and he was proud because he had created it himself.

His self-confidence had been crushed.

"Die!" shouted Zhou Tian Ruo furiously. Fissures appeared in the ground as a terrifying strength hovered overhead again. Lin Feng rose up in the air and released more sword energies.

"That's enough." said someone after seeing that Lin Feng and Zhou Tian Ruo had continued fighting.

Lin Feng turned around and saw the old man smiling at them, "You're going to destroy my manor."

Lin Feng glanced down and saw that several small pavilions and houses were already broken. He felt embarra.s.sed, so he smiled and said, "I'm so sorry, Master."

Lin Feng smiled and recalled his Qi. He glanced at Zhou Tian Ruo. Zhou Tian Ruo was still releasing golden holy Qi and his eyes were filled with flames.

But Lin Feng ignored him and descended from the sky.

The young man on the ground whom Lin Feng had cursed a moment before didn't even dare look at Lin Feng anymore.

"I defeated him. Kneel down in front of the two women and apologize." said Lin Feng calmly.

He opened his mouth, his lips twitched, and his face was pale.

"How dare you?" Zhou Tian Ruo's was still upset.

"Shut the h.e.l.l up, you tras.h.!.+" said Lin Feng glancing at Zhou Tian Ruo with his demonic eyes.

"Anyone can make a mistake, forgive them when possible." said Gu Li indifferently. The young man looked like he had hope again. Gu Li was stronger than Zhou Tian Ruo so he could oppress Lin Feng.

"I don't think that if I hadn't won against him, he would have let the girls off." said Lin Feng glancing back at Gu Li. "Since he tried to force them to do things they didn't want to do, he must apologize. I'm not going to ask this a third time."

"Now, go, kneel down and apologize." said Lin Feng again, this time while releasing death Qi.

He looked at Gu Li but Lin Feng's death Qi was becoming more and more intense. His life was being drained, his face turned grey, he was starting to shake uncontrollably. He thought he was going to die. He knew that begging for help was useless at this stage. Even if Gu Li could maybe defeat Lin Feng, it wouldn't prevent Lin Feng from killing him beforehand.

He looked into Lin Feng's pitch-black eyes again and then slowly walked towards Feng Ling and Feng Xuan.

He knelt and said, "I'm so sorry."

Feng Ling groaned coldly, showing her distaste for him.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Feng Xuan furiously. That young man raised his head, stood up, clenched his fists and released energies.

"Bzzz!" a death Qi surrounded his body. He turned to Lin Feng and shouted, "No!"

"Dull and stupid, you must want to die!" said Lin Feng while releasing more cursing Qi. At the same time, he released fire energies which surrounded the guy's body and he burnt to death.

"He's not easy to deal with!" thought the crowd. Even Yun Fei Yang was surprised.

Zhou Tian Ruo was furious. That guy was with him and Lin Feng had killed him mercilessly.

Lin Feng sensed that Zhou Tian Ruo was releasing golden holy Qi again, so he coldly glanced at him and said, "I know you have an imperial weapon but if you act in a hostile way in front of me again, I don't mind fighting you to death." said Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could sense that something was protecting Zhou Tian Ruo's body, something that contained cosmic energies. It would be very difficult to kill Zhou Tian Ruo. Besides, Gu Li was stronger than Zhou Tian Ruo. If Zhou Tian Ruo had an imperial weapon, it maybe meant that Gu Li must have one too.

Zhou Tian Ruo looked upset again. He did have an imperial weapon, but he could only use it when he was in danger.

"Lin Feng." said someone at that moment. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and smiled, "Ruo Xie, Qing Tian, what are you doing here?"

"Lin Feng, our brother told us to inform you that the date and place of the meeting has changed. It's postponed by one month and it will be in the western part of Ba Huang, in Tian Long Mountains!" said Ruo Xie to Lin Feng using telepathy.

The Tian Long Divine Castle was Tian Long Divine Castle's headquarters. There was something weird going on.

Lin Feng glanced at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan, then he continued, "Lin Feng, the situation in Ba Huang is getting more and more intense. The Imperial Union aren't hiding their intentions anymore. They killed the emperor from the Qi Feng Mountain and our site in Tianjing City is occupied."

"The emperor of the Qi Feng Mountain is dead!" Lin Feng looked furious. Another emperor had died. He knew that the Imperial Union wouldn't give up after their failure in the Qi Empire.

Emperor Qi Feng shouldn't have gone back but he had thought he'd be safe in the Qi Feng Mountains. Maybe he knew this would happen, which was why he had asked Emperor Yu to take care of Feng Ling and Feng Xuan before.

Lin Feng didn't look at them. He didn't know how to tell them the bad news.

Ruo Xie and Mo Qing Tian looked at the crowd and then bowed before the old man, "Master, you have our teachers' greetings!"

"Back to him!" said the old man smiling indifferently.

"We will tell him." They waved and said, "We hope we didn't disturb you."

Then, they left.

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