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PMG Chapter 1492

Chapter 1492: The Light Beam

Lin Feng didn't follow them. During the next month, Ruo Xie and Mo Qing Tian probably had their own things to do.

The twelve direct disciples of Tiantai had already become quite strong. If they didn't encounter anyone on the verge of becoming an emperor, they were quite safe.

"I should go too." thought Lin Feng. Then he smiled at Yun Fei Yang and said, "Fei Yang, Jun Mo Xi is the leader of the Celestial Palace of the Immortals. It's a pity that we didn't meet in Ba Huang, otherwise, we would have gotten a few drinks. What are your plans now?"

"The same as you." said Yun Fei Yang smiling. Then, they both laughed.

Lin Feng took out a bottle of Hot Unit and threw it at Yun Fei Yang, "If you miss me so much, let's have a drink. That's the strongest drink you can find. We will meet again in the Holy City."

"We will." said Yun Fei Yang laughing. Yun Fei Yang, Jun Mo Xi and Lin Feng had been good friends for a long time now and had traveled together.

"I'm off." said Lin Feng nodding at Yun Fei Yang and the old man. "Mister, see you!"

"Alright, take care." said the old man politely. Lin Feng walked to Feng Ling and Feng Xuan, then his gigantic sword appeared. They all jumped on it and rose up in the air. n.o.body prevented them from leaving, not even Zhou Tian Ruo. His golden holy Qi gradually disappeared, but he watched Lin Feng leave with a cold glare.

"If I have the opportunity, I'll definitely kill him in the future." thought Zhou Tian Ruo.

Bei Yan Yun watched as Lin Feng left. She didn't know what to think about him. Lin Feng hadn't been very polite in the first place. Many outstanding and strong cultivators came to that small town, but they all respected her. People from the Celestial Walls Manor usually despised everyone else because they were adepts at controlling force. She didn't know much about the outside world though, she didn't realize that there were incredible cultivators in the outside world.

In the distance, Lin Feng's gigantic sword was flying in the sky. Lin Feng was seated and looking at the two beautiful girls. Feng Ling was giggling and staring back at Lin Feng. Feng Xuan was also smiling.

They looked happy. Lin Feng's heart was pounding. He felt so sad for them. He knew how close they were to Emperor Qi Feng, like a grandfather and his granddaughters, they were very close. They had even promised him they'd stay with him. Now, he was dead, and they didn't know what to think about that. Lin Feng didn't know what to say now.

"Never mind, they will find out about that when the right time comes." thought Lin Feng. The two girls were still smiling, they both looked so happy, and Lin Feng didn't want to ruin their mood.

His sword streaked across the sky above the Tian Wen Empire. Using a portal was the best way to travel back to the Ba Huang Province.


Three days later, Lin Feng arrived in the southern part of Ba Huang, it was the second time he'd been there. The first time he had immediately ended up in Xue Bi Yao's room in the Celestial Land of Alchemists.

This time, he was in Fire Mountain.

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan initially wanted to go to the Qi Feng Mountain when they were in the void between Jiu You and Ba Huang, but Lin Feng couldn't let them go there. Emperor Qi Feng was dead, so the situation was probably chaotic there. Lin Feng had managed to tell them the truth, and they were emotionally stronger than what Lin Feng had thought. They didn't smile anymore though and Feng Ling who loved talking remained silent.

Lin Feng said it was better to go back to the southern part of Ba Huang and didn't talk about the Qi Feng Mountain again. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan didn't have any objections. They knew Lin Feng was treating them well.

In the Fire Mountain, there used to be Emperor Yan but he had died in the Qi Empire. Fu Hei had to dismantle the Fire Mountain but in the end the Watchers' Father had said that if anyone dared attack those whose emperor had died, they'd regret it.

The guards who guarded the portal to Fire Mountain didn't prevent Lin Feng from crossing after they saw him.

"There are still some people but the atmosphere here is a bit sad." thought Lin Feng, rising into the air. n.o.body paid attention to Lin Feng. People were still mourning over Emperor Yan. If n.o.body broke through to the Huang Qi layer quickly, then Fire Mountain would be wiped off the map. Even with an emperor, safety wasn't guaranteed.

"I wonder how Fu Hei is feeling." thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Fu Hei had received Emperor Yan's fire cosmic energy. Lin Feng had use it and now his fire abstruse energy was level eight. He felt grateful and had compa.s.sion for the Fire Mountain.

"Crrr… crrr…" fire was burning all around them. In the north, huge flames dashed to the skies, causing the sky to reflect a particular shade of crimson.

"Is someone practicing cultivation there? How strong!" thought Lin Feng. Then the flames exploded in the sky.

Lin Feng looked at Feng Xuan and Feng Ling and said, "Let's go."

This time, their goal was to learn more about what had happened in the Qi Feng Mountain.

Feng Ling and Feng Xuan nodded, and they continued traveling.

"Boom boom!" another loud bang sounded. Lin Feng, Feng Ling and Feng Xuan's hearts started racing violently. Everybody in the surroundings was shaking and s.h.i.+vering. There were countless fireb.a.l.l.s in the sky which had all exploded.

Lin Feng and the others turned around and looked towards Fire Mountain. There was a light made of fire which had created fissures in the sky.

The southern part of Ba Huang was extremely vast, but everyone in the territory was looking up at the sky.

In the Celestial Land of Alchemists, Emperor Dan suddenly stood up and looked angry.

"Who's that?" said Emperor Dan coldly. It couldn't be Fu Hei because his fire was much weaker.

It wasn't the first time that Lin Feng had seen such a light. The first was when he broken the seal on the three lives scriptures, this time, a fire had pierced the sky. Lin Feng was surprised, that was fire cosmic energy, but who had fire cosmic energy in the Fire Mountain which had fallen?

Even if it was the first time Lin Feng had seen such a thing, he knew what it meant. Someone had broken through to the Huang Qi layer. Lin Feng, just like Emperor Dan, was wondering who had broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

In the southern part of Ba Huang, many people rushed to Fire Mountain as fast as they could. The fastest ones were those from the Celestial Land of Alchemists because they had the tunnel.

"Let's go back and see." said Lin Feng. Just who could have broken through to the Huang Qi layer?

After a short time, everyone in the Ba Huang Province knew that someone new had become an emperor.

PMG Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493: Yan Di

"Fu Hei is practicing cultivation, so has he broken through to the Huang Qi layer?" thought some people, even though they knew that wasn't possible. Fu Hei still had a long way to go before breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. But apart from Fu Hei, who in the Fire Mountain could break through to the Huang Qi layer?

"Could it be Yan Lie?" thought the crowd. Yan Lie was at the top of the Zun Qi layer, so it was probably him.

"No, he's there!" some people saw Yan Lie in the crowd with them.

"Bzzz!" a terrifying ball of energy exploded, and a silhouette appeared. Emperor Dan arrived. People from the Fire Mountain hated him. Emperor Dan had dared come to the Fire Mountain because Emperor Yan had died.

"Who became an emperor? Please show yourself!" said Emperor Dan loudly. His voice caused the fire energies to move chaotically about. People from Fire Mountain were even more furious. Emperor Dan dared disturb someone who was breaking through to the Huang Qi layer. He was going too far.

Emperor Dan wanted to say something else but Lin Feng shouted, "Emperor Dan!"

Emperor Dan turned to Lin Feng and said coldly, "What do you want?"

"Emperor Dan, he's breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, you need to wait until he's done." said Lin Feng.

Emperor Dan glared at Lin Feng in a cold way. Then, his Qi surrounded Lin Feng.

"Who the h.e.l.l are you to tell me what I have to do?" a terrifying force made Lin Feng and everyone else around him start sweating.

"I'm not telling you what to do, Emperor Dan, it's just that the situation in Ba Huang is unstable. Someone is breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, that's one more person who'll be able to protect us against the Imperial Union. We need such people now more than ever." said Lin Feng. Even though he was being oppressed, his facial expression hadn't change.

"Hmph! I'm happy too, of course! I came here as fast as I could, that proves how happy I am." Emperor Dan retorted in a cold way. "However, you're a young man and you caused trouble in the Qi Empire, we haven't settled our accounts yet."
"Hehe. Emperor Dan, even though you're an emperor, you're still attacking my disciple. We should settle accounts now." said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng smiled and shouted, "Teacher!"

"Emperor Dan dares disturb someone who's breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, that's outrageous. Emperor Dan, does it mean you're on the Imperial Union's side?" asked someone else. It was Emperor DevMara, he had also released Qi to oppress Emperor Dan.

"Emperor Dan's excuse is ridiculous! He just came to disturb that cultivator!" said Emperor Wen as he arrived as well. The three emperors surrounded Emperor Dan and oppressed him.

"You're trying to accuse me? Well, you're joining hands to put pressure on me, that could also mean that you're helping the Imperial Union."

"We're just considering facts. If you touch my disciple again, Emperor s.h.i.+ and I will destroy the Celestial Land of Alchemists." said Emperor Yu. Everybody was surprised at how aggressive Emperor Yu had become.

Besides, Tiantai had two emperors, so they had no reason to hesitate in destroying the Celestial Land of Alchemists if they bullied their disciples.

"Good, very good!" said Emperor Dan.

Emperor Yu didn't look at him again. He looked at Feng Ling and Feng Xuan and said, "Your teacher asked me to take care of you. You don't need to go back to the Qi Feng Mountain anymore, instead you can stay with me from now on."

Feng Ling's eyes twinkled. She wanted to say something but Feng Xuan talked first, "Thank you very much, Master Yu."

Even though they wanted to go back to the Qi Feng Mountain to have a look, Emperor Yu was telling them not to, which meant he knew it was better not to.

"Don't be too sad. Practice cultivation as hard as you can, and you will be able to avenge your teacher's death someday." said Emperor Yu. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan agreed with that.

More and more people arrived. Emperor Qi, Emperor Tian Long, Emperor Xiao Yao and the others all arrived. Emperor Dan, Emperor Qi and Emperor Tian Long stayed grouped together. Emperor Si Kong wasn't there anymore because he was dead. Emperor Si Kong had died, so now Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi had Emperor Dan on their side.
The cosmic energy was gradually weakening, and the fire was becoming even more terrifying. Very soon after, the new emperor appeared. Ba Huang hadn't had any new emperors for hundreds of years now.
At that moment, from inside the fire, some black threads appeared.

"Eh?" the crowd was surprised. That cultivator wasn't a cultivator from the Fire Mountain?

Lin Feng suddenly smiled, he looked happy. He knew that would happen, he had even guessed so. That guy had disappeared for so long, so he had been hiding in Fire Mountain all along!

"Finally, he broke through to the Huang Qi layer!" thought Lin Feng smiling happily. Fire continued rolling in waves like a furious ocean. A silhouette appeared, that cultivator was seated cross-legged on a pitch-black demon lotus.

He had a Taoist robe on, and he had the demeanor of a transcendent being.

"Fu Hei is there too!" thought the crowd. Next to the Taoist monk, there was a dark young man who was also on a lotus. They looked very close.

But when the Taoist monk opened his eyes, he didn't have the demeanor of a transcendent being anymore. He frowned and narrowed his eyes. He looked fierce and ferocious.

Many emperors instantly released a terrifying Qi at him. People were caught off-guard, what was going on?

Emperor Peng, Emperor Qi, Emperor Xiao Yao, Emperor Tian Long… a few emperors looked at that cultivator in a cold way. Emperor Wen was also glaring at him as he shouted furiously, "That's that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

When Lin Feng heard Emperor Wen shout like that, he was suddenly soaked in a cold sweat. That guy had offended eight emperors in Xue Yue after all. Even though some of the emperors had died, some of those who were still alive were in front of him.

"Who is the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who dared disturb me, a Great Emperor, while I was becoming an emperor?" People were speechless. That Taoist monk narrowed his eyes and shouted furiously. And on top of that he called himself a Great Emperor who had become an emperor!

"How arrogant. A new and ordinary emperor actually dares call himself a Great Emperor." Emperor Dan smiled coldly.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you should remember what you did in Xue Yue!" said Emperor Peng. He threw himself at Yan Di.

"You dared fool emperors and now you actually show your face again!?" said Emperor Qi.

"d.a.m.n Taoist monk. You finally showed up!" yelled Emperor Tian Long.

PMG Chapter 1494

Chapter 1494: Arrogance

Everybody knew about the monk who had fooled emperors in Xue Yue but apart from people who had seen it with their own eyes, many people were skeptical but now they had the proof it wasn't a mere legend.

"That guy is brave." thought many people. Yan Di was just seated on his demon lotus and looked indifferent. He didn't fear the other emperors at all.

"What is it? Do you want to settle accounts now?" said Yan Di smiling. "I've become an emperor, so I'm in a very good mood. p.i.s.s off, all of you. Don't disturb me while my cultivation is stabilizing." said Yan Di while waving at those people indifferently. He called all those emperors a bunch of insects?

"Oh my…" thought Lin Feng speechless. Yan Di was insane.

Everybody was astonished, even the people from Fire Mountain. Even though he wasn't from Fire Mountain, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer in Fire Mountain. Besides, he was a fire cultivator, and Fu Hei and him seemed close. If he took control over Fire Mountain, it would ease a lot of their concerns.

"How insane!" thought Emperor Wen speechless. That d.a.m.n monk!

"Emperor Wen!" said Lin Feng at that moment. Emperor Wen looked at Lin Feng.

"Mister, that's just his temperament. He offended you back then, but please don't be angry, he's one of my best friends. Please forgive him." said Lin Feng smiling wryly while using telepathy. Emperor Wen was speechless after he heard Lin Feng, one of Lin Feng's best friends?

"Back then, in Fortune City, the Diviner said his purpose in life was to protect me. Wen Tian Ge and Wen Ao Xue would recognize him. I'm not lying." said Lin Feng when he saw Emperor Wen's eyes looking doubtful.

After a few seconds, Emperor Wen smiled and said, "Alright, since it's that way, I won't annoy him. Your friend is a wryly one!"

"Indeed." said Lin Feng.

Emperor Wen forgave Yan Di because they had an alliance, and now that Yan Di was an emperor, that was one more added to their alliance.

Emperor Peng, Emperor Qi, Emperor Tian Long and the others weren't going to forgive him though. They were furious, their energies were getting colder and colder.

"You're very ignorant!" yelled Emperor Qi.

Emperor Peng released golden energies which surrounded his body like an armor.

"A little bird dares act arrogantly in front of me! Good, I needed a bird to ride. Come here, I'll take you as a pet!" said Yan Di indifferently, looking at Emperor Peng. He sounded very amused. Emperor Peng looked incredibly furious, perhaps the most upset he had ever been. Dazzling golden lights illuminated the sky as he opened his wings, which were hundreds of meters wide.

"Die!" shouted Emperor Peng. A golden light shot out towards Yan Di suddenly and black fissures appeared. A strong wind started blowing, forcing the crowd to move away.

"Go!" said Yan Di. Yan Di and Fu Hei quickly moved away.

"Boom boom!" Terrifying flames made Fire Mountains start shaking violently.

Everyone ran back as fast as they could. Even the emperors were stupefied. Emperor Peng had disappeared in those energies.

"Caw!" Emperor Peng shouted, but the crowd still couldn't see him though.

"He's insane…" thought Lin Feng. He had almost forgotten how crazy Yan Di was. He had known Yan Di for a long time, but he still didn't know all his secrets or how strong he really was.

Terrifying sounds were followed by an eerie silence. The fire finally dispersed and Emperor Peng appeared again. However, the crowd was astonished by what they saw.

Emperor Peng's armor was broken, and he was soaked in blood. Blood was dripping from the sky. Even his wings had lost a lot of their l.u.s.ter.

Emperor Peng's defense was the best in Ba Huang and now, one attack had sufficed to gravely injure him.

The scene was incredible, Emperor Peng seemed lost as he glanced around. Yan Di appeared again in the sky above Emperor Peng and said, "What a pity, I wanted to eat some roasted great oriental greenfinch roc, that would have been tasty."

"Caw!" Emperor Peng felt incredibly humiliated. He continued releasing gold cosmic energy, as what seemed like a million sharp golden arrows appeared around him.

Yan Di performed a knifehand strike in the sky and a hole appeared. All the golden arrows effortlessly flew into that hole and disappeared.

"That's…" Emperor Wen was astonished and speechless. Who was that guy? How could he be friends with Lin Feng?!

"Come and fight!" shouted Emperor Peng furiously.

"Hmph! If he comes out, he'll just die! He's only hiding now!" said Emperor Dan mockingly.

"You little piece of trash, if you continue, I will kill you. I will then abandon your miserable body in the Fire Mountains!" said Yan Di whilst glancing at Emperor Dan. He didn't want to fight against Yan Di. He just wanted to infuriate him some.

Emperor Dan remained silent. Then Yan Di said, "You useless piece of trash. You're such a bad cultivator yet you dare open your filthy mouth in front of me. If I were you, I wouldn't have come here, you're only humiliating yourself."

"Pfew…" Emperor Dan took a deep breath.

"And you, you're Emperor Qi? I heard that you like bullying young people. I've just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, so I'm not used to it yet. Do you accept fighting against me to help me learn about this new cultivation level?" said Yan Di to Emperor Qi.

"I'll help you!" shouted Emperor Peng in a cold way.

"It's not your turn yet. All of you, we will see if you're just trashy emperors or if you're strong. If you're not strong, p.i.s.s off! From now on, Fire Mountain is my territory." said Yan Di aggressively.

Then, he looked at Emperor Qi again and said, "Open your mouth and talk! I fooled you in the past, now I'm here, so you can get your revenge. If you don't fight, you'll only lose face. If that's the case, you and the pieces of trash next to you can p.i.s.s off! Otherwise, I'll slap your faces silly!"

Emperor Qi was furious. If he refused to battle, he'd lose a lot of face.

"Let's fight." said Emperor Qi looking serious. Yan Di just smiled and said, "Since you want to settle accounts with me, just come one after the other. Of course, if you want to join hands and fight against me, I don't mind."

"He's really shameless!" thought Lin Feng rolling his eyes. That guy was insane. Together? If he really didn't mind them joining hands, he wouldn't have said it. Instead, he would have attacked immediately, and they would have counterattacked altogether. Now that he had said that though, the emperors couldn't join hands, otherwise, they'd lose face regardless.

PMG Chapter 1495

Chapter 1495: Insane Yan Di

After that, Yan Di moved higher up in the sky and reached the clouds. "I'm a new emperor, so I still need to learn how to control my energies. Give me time to get used to it."

Emperor Qi jumped forwards. Give him time? Was that a joke? He just wanted to kill him.

After one step, he released empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy and Emperor Qi disappeared. Then the s.p.a.ce around Yan Di was sealed.

"Eh?" Yan Di frowned. He looked confused.

"Break!" shouted a voice furiously. Yan Di was seemingly stuck in empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy. However, he jumped forwards and lacerated the empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy, then fissures appeared.
After Emperor Qi attacked Yan Di, a fire pattern flashed. Then, terrifying fire cosmic energy invaded the s.p.a.ce and burnt the empty s.p.a.ce energies.

"Dong!" Yan Di jumped, but there were fire patterns all around him.

Yan Di had a demon lotus resting in his hand. He then stretched out his hand and the demon lotus collided with Emperor Qi's empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy. Then the fire pattern became even more dazzling.

Emperor Qi felt threatened. He continued releasing more and more empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy, almost frantically.

"Constriction!" shouted Yan Di. His demon lotus turned into threads of black fire which surrounded Emperor Qi's body.

"Rise!" said Yan Di. The fire patterns almost seemed alive as they flew towards Emperor Qi.

"Boom!" an infinity of flames dashed to the skies, causing the sky to look like it was burning.

Emperor Qi wanted to jump into an empty s.p.a.ce, but at that moment, he heard Yan Di laugh evilly. Emperor Qi's empty s.p.a.ce burnt instantly, and his empty s.p.a.ce energies were weakening.

The crowd on the ground was amazed, their muscles were twitching, especially those who had had tensions with Yan Di.

They could sense that his cosmic energies weren't weak at all. He was not any weaker than Emperor Qi. Even if Emperor Qi had gone into the empty s.p.a.ce, Yan Di's flames would have reached him.

"Emperor Qi's empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies seem so weak in front of Yan Di." thought Lin Feng.

His blood started boiling as a gigantic and terrifying Empty s.p.a.ce Picture Scroll appeared. Then a terrifying empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energy dashed to the skies. His picture scroll surrounded his body, then he glared at Yan Di menacingly.

Yan Di took a small step forwards, and then the flames gradually disappeared. A strong wind started blowing in the empty s.p.a.ce. Then, the empty s.p.a.ce energies continued condensing but the crowd couldn't see Yan Di.

Amongst all the emperors there, none of them dared think they were stronger than that Taoist monk. His cosmic energies weren't overly-powerful, but his control of them was amazing.

"Why are you so far away? I just want to practice. I don't want to kill you." said Yan Di mockingly.

"I'll show you!" shouted Emperor Peng furiously turning into a golden light.

"I will help you, little bird!" shouted Yan Di furiously. Emperor Peng continued using a few agility techniques, so even the s.p.a.ce around him became distorted. He was flapping one wing at full speed and fanning the fire away. At the same time, he was using the other wing to attack Yan Di. Gold and wind cosmic energies dashed to the skies.

The crowd was baffled because Yan Di didn't dodge the attack. Instead, he jumped onto his fire pattern and moved towards the wing.

Yan Di created a fire pattern in his hand his hand and threw it towards the wing. Yan Di did this all while remaining very calm.

"Dong!" The crowd watched as Yan Di flew away a few dozens of hundreds of meters. However, Emperor Peng shouted furiously. His wing was broken, only torn flesh remained, and blood was dripping unceasingly. His wing was contaminated with fire cosmic energy.

"And people said he had the best defense in Ba Huang." thought the crowd. People considered Emperor Peng as the best in terms of speed and defense.

"Your defense is good, you little bird! I'll just be helping myself to a piece of roasted bird then." said Yan Di, but n.o.body dared laugh at his joke.

If Emperor Peng couldn't kill him, then n.o.body else could.

"Emperor Yan has fallen. Now, a new friend has appeared, which is a good thing for Fire Mountain and for the Ba Huang Province. Let's forget about our conflicts for now." said Emperor Yu. Yan Di was extremely strong. He could help them fight against the Imperial Union.

"Indeed, I didn't like him at first but now I want to be friends with him. Let's all do that." said Emperor Wen.

"Hmph! What if he belongs to the Imperial Union and has managed to take control of the Fire Mountain?" said Emperor Qi.

"Even if your clan was a part of the Imperial Union, he couldn't possibly be." said Lin Feng, smiling in a cold way.

"You little boy, I don't need your help to deal with them." said Yan Di.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Don't talk to me that way!" said Lin Feng furiously.

"Lin Feng, do you know him?" asked Emperor Yu to Lin Feng.

"Teacher, you also know him." said Lin Feng giggling. Emperor Yu couldn't know that it was Qiong Qi whom he had seen on the flight of stairs back then.

"You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you talk to me that way!" shouted Yan Di suddenly.

Emperor Yu was confused but Lin Feng glanced at him, giving him rea.s.surance.

"He's aggressive and arrogant, but he's my friend. We came to the Ba Huang Province together." said Lin Feng to Emperor Yu, making him laugh.

"You should stay here and take control over Fire Mountain."

"I intended to do that. I'm now the leader of Fire Mountain, whoever dares come here and cause trouble will have to face me." said Yan Di in a calm and serene way. The emperors who hated him couldn't say anything though because they couldn't defeat him.

But people from Fire Mountain had hoped he'd stay anyways.

PMG Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496: This World

Yan Di was very strong, he controlled holy marks, cosmic energies, skills and techniques which were all incredible. He had even oppressed Emperor Peng.

"p.i.s.s off now! Do you need me to kick you out?" said Yan Di to Emperor Qi and the others in a cold way.

"Hehe, congratulations for taking control over Fire Mountain." said many people before leaving. Very quickly, most everyone dispersed. Even though Emperor Qi was furious, he knew he couldn't defeat Yan Di. After breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, n.o.body had ever humiliated or even injured Emperor Peng.

"Emperor, do you intend to stay here?" asked Lin Feng to Yan Di. After all the emperors left, only the people from Fire Mountain, Emperor Yu and the others remained.

"Do you want to stay here too? I can teach you more about fire cultivation." said Yan Di. Even though he was a great emperor from the previous world, he had come back to life using only a small thread of consciousness, and now he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer. He still needed to stabilize his cultivation. Otherwise, he would have easily killed the roc.

"I'll come back another time. You should make your cultivation more stable in the meantime." said Lin Feng smiling. He understood what he meant.

"Teacher, where are you going?" asked Lin Feng to Emperor Yu.

"I'm going to take them to the Qi Feng Mountain. Lin Feng, don't forget our meeting in the western part of Ba Huang in one month." said Emperor Yu indifferently. Feng Ling and Feng Xuan were touched by Emperor Yu's words.

"Let's go." said Emperor Yu. Then, he left. Emperor DevMara looked at Lin Feng and smiled, "You should become stronger too, and once you become an emperor, don't forget our deal!"

Then, Emperor DevMara glanced at Yan Di in a deep and meaningful way and left.

After they left, Lin Feng went to the mountain. Bathing in flames, he said, "Emperor, I have a question."

"Go ahead." replied Yan Di.

"Why do energies pierce the sky once a cultivator breaks through to the Huang Qi layer?" asked Lin Feng.
"Lin Feng, you should know some things now. I'm going to take you somewhere." said Yan Di as he grabbed Lin Feng's arm. Then, they flew up into the air.

They pierced through the clouds and Lin Feng sensed a strength which oppressed him. He couldn't see the ground anymore. He had never been that high up in the sky.

Yan Di continued pulling Lin Feng higher into the sky. Were they going to reach s.p.a.ce?

Finally, in front of Lin Feng, the limit of the sky appeared.

"Do you understand now?" asked Yan Di.

Lin Feng stretched his hand and touched the limit, it was palpable. They could touch the sky with their hands. The sky had a limit!

In Lin Feng's previous world, the sky didn't have a physical barrier, but in the cultivation world, it did.

Most cultivators couldn't go that high in the sky. Without Yan Di, Lin Feng wouldn't have been able to go that high up either.

"Do you understand why cosmic energy pierce through the sky? Do you understand why peerless cultivators hide all the time? Do you understand why there are no great emperors in this world?" asked Yan Di. Lin Feng's heart was pounding, he was astonished. He tried to calm down. He had guessed several of those things before.

"The sky is not the only thing which has a limit, Ba Huang and Jiu You do too. And n.o.body knows where the Holy City is because it's in another world." said Yan Di solemnly.

"The world in which you live is like the world in which I was sealed. It's a world which was perfectly made." explained Yan Di.

He had thought that in Emperor Yu's small world, after he had seen the people who lived there. They didn't know that their world was a small world until Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Qi attacked. Lin Feng felt so sad for those people, but he imagined how he would have reacted if he had been them.

Lin Feng remained pensive for a long time. There were many mysteries in the cultivation world. What about the Holy City? What about the ancient battlefield in the Huang Sea? What about Fortune City and the twelve shrines? Who were those people who had appeared in the shrines? Lin Feng guessed that many people he had seen in those shrines had lived in other worlds, just like him.

"Of course, that world exists on its own now. It has existed for such a long time. It almost doesn't have limits. It's like people and animals who live in other worlds, unless you're very strong, you can't know it. For ordinary people, living in a small world or in a real world is the same. And strong cultivators who know about that don't talk about it, otherwise ordinary people would panic." said Yan Di.

"Then, there must be many, many small worlds? Could it be that the Holy City is a great world? The center of the worlds?" asked Lin Feng.

"Indeed. You will realize how big the world is only after you go to the Holy City. There are many strong cultivators there who have lived for thousands, even dozens of thousands of years. The history of the world is a part of their memories. The strongest ones all have small worlds. They can even create small worlds with their own rules. You can imagine how many small worlds there must be in the cultivation world!" said Yan Di.

Lin Feng recalled the twelve shrines, then he suddenly understood that those people were just like him, they were geniuses from the other small worlds.

The young man who had a king's body, the ice and frost dragon, the mysterious girl in black, Lin Feng remembered them all. They would probably all go to the Holy City like him and the other geniuses from Ba Huang and Jiu You.

"Someday, I will go to that place and will see countless incredible cultivators. I will also have memories which will date back thousands of years. Someday, I will be a part of those cultivators whom everybody has heard of." thought Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1497

Chapter 1497: Tiantai's Direct Disciples

Suddenly, Lin Feng understood a lot more. The geniuses from the twelve shrines were geniuses from the other small worlds. He also recalled what Xiao Ya had told him. The Holy City was a different world because it was actually the real world. He also remembered that the three-lives demon emperor had disappeared because he had left that small world. He had probably pierced through its barriers and left.

However, he now had millions of questions again. What was the thing which had pierced through the sky when he had opened the three lives scriptures. Why did cosmic energies pierce through the sky when people broke through to the Huang Qi layer? Were there somethings only emperors could understand?

Yan Di tapped Lin Feng's shoulders and smiled, "Let's go down."

Lin Feng nodded. After a short time, they arrived on Fire Mountain again.

"Lin Feng, even though you've never seen the great world, I'm here and I will not disappoint you. I will take you to that great world at some point." said Yan Di solemnly.

"You should practice cultivation diligently and become stronger. Otherwise, I will soon catch up with you and you won't be happy." said Lin Feng teasingly. Yan Di looked at Lin Feng angrily. Back then, he was only a thread of consciousness, it would still be very difficult for him to become as strong as when he was a great emperor.

"I'm going." said Lin Feng, and then he left looking both confident and at ease. With Yan Di in Fire Mountain, Lin Feng didn't need to worry. He also didn't worry about Yan Di's safety. If the Imperial Union came to Fire Mountain, Yan Di would just kill them all.

Lin Feng left Fire Mountain and headed towards western Ba Huang. He didn't travel via portal, he still had plenty of time with twenty days left, so he didn't need to rush. He had to spend some time relaxing. Even though he knew he needed to kill many people to become stronger, sometimes, he needed time to think. He needed time for himself.

Five days later, on the border between southern and western Ba Huang, there was a wonderful landscape which possessed more beauty than one could possibly take in.

Lin Feng was lying on a small boat, sunbathing. Some people were playing music in the background.

"Biyun lake, birds singing on trees, beautiful landscapes, why don't you sit down to enjoy it?" said the boatman while smiling at Lin Feng.

"Beautiful landscapes, lakes and mountains, they're not mine, so why would I watch?" said Lin Feng with his hands on his chest. He then laughed and said, "Why are there so many beautiful women playing music here?"

"You're an incredible person but there are still some things you don't know. The islands of the Biyun lake are places where people like to trade. Each island belongs to a powerful group, and those musicians are from those groups. They welcome hosts." said the boatman smiling. Lin Feng smiled indifferently but didn't ask much more. He enjoyed the peace and tranquility.

After Lin Feng learnt that his world was a small world, his perspectives changed. He felt indifferent.

The boat moved across the lake. Lin Feng listened to the music, some beautiful women danced on the islands as he pa.s.sed them.

Ten days later, a silhouette ran through the forests, tossing leaves around.

Half a month later, in a small village, a baby was crying. A young woman took the baby in her arms and breastfed it before it stopped crying. She was resting at the foot of a tree. It was cool outside like an autumn setting. Not far from the tree, there was a handsome young man with an ancient sword resting on his back. He was smiling back at her.

The young girl looked surprised but then she looked happy. The sun was s.h.i.+ning on her face.

After a short time, she turned her head and there was another young man.

Twenty days later, in an ancient city, a young man in white clothes was sitting on the ground in front of a very ancient building. He was looking up at the sun with his arms crossed on his chest.

Why were there stars? Why was there a sun in that small world?

When breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, a cultivator condensed cosmic energies. Just what kind of energies were cosmic energies?

Lin Feng was asking himself questions about life, but he had to stop thinking after a while to relax.

It was sunset, and Lin Feng was still sitting there. It became dark outside, and sometimes, people pa.s.sed in front of him, but it all felt like a dream.

When the sun rose again the next day, Lin Feng stood up and went to the city center. Sometimes, he pa.s.sed next to some people fighting, and watched the blood splashed, but he didn't seem interested nor surprised. He was just a guest in that city, not a savior. He couldn't care about everyone. He wasn't a kindhearted G.o.d, he was a killer.

Maybe someday, he would make his own world, and then he would try to make that a perfect world.


Gu Long City was the closest city to the Tian Long's Mountain Chain. It was one of Tian Long Divine Castle's most influential cities.

At that moment, a young man in white clothes was walking around in the ancient city. He looked relaxed.

He was walking slowly, but people thought they were hallucinating when they saw him. He walked slowly, but at the same time, he quickly disappeared from their fields of vision.

"I can bet that he's a genius from Ba Huang." said someone in a restaurant while looking out of the window.

"Possibly. Who do you think he is?" said his interlocutor.

"He has an ancient sword on his back and he is wearing white clothes, so it must be Lin Feng." whispered that person. The people on his sides looked at him, "Lin Feng!" The direction in which he was walking was towards Tian Long Divine Castle!

Was Lin Feng going to Tian Long Divine Castle?

Lin Feng stopped and glanced around, "Where are the others?" Are they here already?"

At that moment, a dozen fissures appeared.

"Haha, you're punctual, Lin Feng." said Xing Zhan while jumping out of a fissure. His other disciples also jumped out of the fissures. Apart from Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin, ten disciples had arrived.

"Brothers, you've become stronger." said Lin Feng smiling. "When is our teacher coming?"

"Lin Feng, our teacher is waiting for us in Tian Long Divine Castle." said Tian Chi smiling. Lin Feng was astonished, Tian Long Divine Castle?

Lin Feng gazed into the distance where he could see Tian Long Divine Castle.

"A year ago, Tian Long Divine Castle, the Qing Clan and the Si Kong Clan attacked Tiantai. Then, Ruo Xie, Lin Feng and Qing Tian went to the Qi Clan and killed a lot of people. Now, we're all going to attack Tian Long Divine Castle." said Tian Chi smiling. Then, he immediately jumped up into the air.

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