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PMG Chapter 1498

Chapter 1498: Tian Long Divine Castle's Judgement Day

Tian Long Divine Castle's territory was very vast. Each building was ancient and had the shape of a dragon.

At that moment, a silhouette appeared. That person was wearing a blue robe and he looked indifferent.

Many people looked at him, but they didn't recognize him. However, they could see that he was extraordinary. Some people did recognize him and were shaking.

"Emperor Yu!" People started talking all over Tian Long Divine Castle's territory. Emperor Yu shook his hand and suddenly, gigantic Earthy mountains fell from the sky. Tian Long Divine Castle had existed for thousands of years, but n.o.body had ever dared come to their territory without permission.

Even though many buildings exploded, n.o.body died. Emperor Yu was an emperor, so he respected Ba Huang's rules and controlled himself.

"Emperor Yu!" Suddenly, the sound of dragons chanting thundered. A silhouette rose up in the air. That person was wearing dragon armor. Apart from Emperor Tian Long, who could compete with Emperor Yu?

Emperor Yu looked indifferent. He punched the air in Emperor Tian Long's direction. Then, they both jumped into an empty s.p.a.ce.

They didn't need to talk. Since Emperor Yu had come, they had to fight. They couldn't fight outside, otherwise, all the cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle would die.

"Emperors are fighting!" thought the crowd.

"There…" the crowd saw several silhouettes descend from the sky

"Buddha lights, golden lights, Tian Chi!"

"White clothes, ancient sword, Lin Feng!"

"The direct disciples from Tiantai are invading Tian Long Divine Castle!" thought the crowd. Only now did they understand what was going on.

Tiantai has come to their revenge.

Last time, the Qi Clan, the Si Kong Clan and Tian Long Divine Castle had gone to Tiantai. There they had killed many people. Then, Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had killed people in the Qi Clan. This time, Tiantai had come to attack Tian Long Divine Castle. It was even more terrifying.

"Fight." shouted someone whose voice also carried dragon chants. Tian Long Divine Castle's people knew what was going on, so they didn't need to talk.

A gigantic Buddha appeared behind Tianchi. That gigantic Buddha seemed like it could crush the world.

A gigantic Buddha also appeared near Ban Ruo, and he used the Vairocana sword to attack.

Xing Zhan shouted furiously, and his fierce energies filled the sky.

Ku Can released a terrifying desiccated tree.

Li Hen played music. Mo Qing Tian used his star book and created a star sword.

Wu Yong released a gigantic hand. Ruo Xie used a desolation sword attack.

Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword and released thunderous energies.

The ten direct disciples of Tiantai all attacked at the same time. The s.p.a.ce around them became completely distorted. Those who were in a crowd started running away chaotically, they wanted to survive. Many people couldn't escape though and were bombarded by the attacks.

"Turn into dragons and kill them!" said the crown prince of Tian Long when he saw them. His eyes were bloodshot, but he looked a bit scared though. During the meeting of the emperors, the disciples of Tiantai had shown how strong they were. Now, a long time had pa.s.sed since the meeting of the emperors and they had probably become even stronger.

Those direct disciples were terrifying people and Hou Qing Lin wasn't there. Amongst the nine princes of Tian Long Divine Castle, Lin Feng had killed seven of them. Only the crown prince and his brother were left.

The strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle all turned into dragons. The crown prince already knew that they couldn't defeat Tiantai, but he still had to try.

The Tian Long scepter appeared in his hand. Then the crown prince shouted furiously and threw himself at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng jumped forwards and moved like the wind. Then black fissures appeared where the scepter was. The crown prince was at the very top of the Zun Qi layer now, coupled with the Tian Long scepter which was an imperial weapon, his strength was astonis.h.i.+ng.

"Ban Ruo, Ku Can, Li Hen, follow me, we'll fight the crown prince. Xing Zhan, Qing Tian, Wu Yong, Mu Bei, you deal with the other prince. Lin Feng and Ruo Xie, you slaughter people!" said Tian Chi.

Lin Feng and Ruo Xie had already joined hands and killed people from the Qi Clan, so if it had worked then, it would work now!

"Alright." said Lin Feng. He didn't mind. He had spent a month relaxing, so he was past-due for a bloodbath.
"Slash, slash…" someone wanted to get near them, but Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword lacerated them both and they died.

"Boom!" A terrifying light moved towards those fighting against the princes, however, Lin Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch and destroyed them immediately. Then, Lin Feng landed in front of someone.

"Long time no see!" said Lin Feng smiling thinly. He was standing in front of Jing Gu. He had seen him outside of Tian Yuan City, where he had tried to kill him. Lin Feng would always remember him.

Jing Gu was not happy to see him. Back then, Lin Feng was weaker than him. Now, he smiled with delight in front of him.

Lin Feng raised his hands and condensed demonic energies, at the same time, he also condensed a force which was multiplied by six-hundred times his strength. His energies oppressed Jing Gu.

"Dong!" Lin Feng took a step forwards, forcing Jing Gu to take a step backwards, his face turned deathly pale.

Jing Gu's blood was boiling as he slowly turned into a demon. Lin Feng smiled coldly and took another step forward. Then Lin Feng condensed his force in his hands.

"Argh…" Jing Gu shouted furiously and raised his dragon fists, using his full strength with his first attack. Explosions sounded and then two holes appeared in Jing Gu's body. Each of them were filled with demonic energies. His face was deathly pale, even his hands had disappeared.

How weak." Lin Feng turned around and continued killing people. Then, Jing Gu's body slowly turned black and then to dust.

Lin Feng continued using his Deadly Demon Punch and n.o.body could withstand a single attack. He killed everyone in his way.

People in the distance were incredulous, Tian Long Divine Castle was doomed!

PMG Chapter 1499

Chapter 1499: Two Emperors Joining Hands

Ruo Xie's desolate sword was quick and terrifying. He condensed desolate and speed abstruse energies together in it. Cultivators at the eighth Zun Qi layer or below couldn't withstand a single attack. Corpses fell like rain around him.

Deadly Demon Punches always emerged in pairs. Each time, two cultivators were struck and were reduced to dust.

Very quickly, Tian Long Divine Castle's strong cultivators stopped attacking. They just surrounded Lin Feng and Ruo Xie and looked at them furiously. Above them, in the sky, the other disciples from Tiantai were fighting against the princes.

"Tian Long Divine Castle has existed for a thousand years. Even though they don't have that many strong cultivators, at least they have a lot of people." said Ruo Xie while glancing at the crowd. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and said, "Lin Feng, those people can't compete with our friends. Last time, we had fun killing people in the Qi Clan, now let's have fun and kill people from Tian Long Divine Castle."

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded and jumped forwards. He used his Desolate Ksana sword, and beheaded people one after the other.

"Argh!" someone shouted. A dragon hand reached towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng used his Deadly Demon Punch and it collided with the dragon hand. Explosions sounded, and that hand exploded, then the cultivator with it.

Six strong cultivators surrounded Lin Feng. Those people were all cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer. If their attacks reached Lin Feng, he would be in trouble.

"So Close Yet So Far!" Lin Feng reappeared in his empty s.p.a.ce, but at the same time, he released sword energies which whistled and lacerated the cultivators. Blood splashed everywhere.

After they realized that n.o.body could get near him, their faces turned deathly pale. They couldn't kill Lin Feng, while he could easily kill them.

"Boom boom!" Lin Feng shook his hand and a mountain descended from the sky. Then Lin Feng condensed sword energies in his hand and cut the air in front of him.

The buildings were collapsing around them, and strong cultivators were dying ceaselessly.

"Lin Feng!" shouted the crown prince furiously. After he noticed that only a few people were still alive on the ground, he started to accept that maybe Tian Long Divine Castle was going to fall.

Lin Feng ignored him and continued killing people. His sword was streaking across the sky and killed some more cultivators.

"Tiantai is going to destroy Tian Long Divine Castle." thought the crowd.

At that moment, the crown prince was using the Tian Long scepter, and he had turned into a real dragon. He looked ferocious, he kept glancing at Lin Feng as fought the other direct disciples. A subtle sound was heard, as if a talisman had been broken. He had no choice but to admit that he couldn't defeat Tiantai's disciples. Besides, Mu Chen and Hou Qing Lin weren't even there. He had no choice but to inform Emperor Tian Long of the situation. Emperor Tian Long was still fighting against Emperor Yu though.

The ma.s.sacre continued, and the sky was riddled with cracks. A strong wind blew as two people appeared at the same time: Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Yu.

Emperor Tian Long glanced around, devastated. Buildings were destroyed and there were corpses everywhere.

"Stop!" shouted Emperor Tian Long furiously.

"What? Emperor Tian Long had joined hands with the emperors of the Qi Clan and the Si Kong Clan back then to destroy Tiantai. I wouldn't have thought that I would see such a thing now." said someone at that moment. Emperor Tian Long yelled, "Emperor Wen!"

"It seems like my teacher was prepared." thought Lin Feng, smiling thinly.

"What does this have to do with you?" said Emperor Tian Long, trying to control himself.

"Of course it has nothing to do with me. I just want to watch. That's all." said Emperor Wen smiling. Everybody knew that Emperor Wen would help Emperor Yu fight though.

"Continue!" said Emperor Yu to Lin Feng and the others. He was smiling and relaxing, like one would watching a movie at the theaters.

Lin Feng was happy and smiled.

"Emperor Yu and Emperor Wen are probably going to destroy Tian Long Divine Castle." said some people in the distance.

"Ruo Xie, brother, help the others. Kill the second prince. I can deal with these guys myself." said Lin Feng to Ruo Xie, who then nodded.

"Alright." Ruo Xie rose up in the air and threw himself at the second prince while releasing deceleration abstruse energy. At the same time, he used acceleration abstruse energy on his fellow disciples.

"Boom!" Emperor Tian Long couldn't handle it anymore. He started flying towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng saw a gigantic dragon moving towards him, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"Kacha!" the s.p.a.ce near Lin Feng exploded. Emperor Tian Long had the feeling that his arms were going to explode. He turned around and saw Emperor Wen.

"Emperor Tian Long, you dare try and attack my disciples. Don't blame me then." said Emperor Yu. If Emperor Tian Long had any chances before, he was doomed now.

"Father!" shouted the crown prince. A gigantic dragon statue suddenly surrounded his body.

"No…" shouted Emperor Tian Long. Then he was surrounded by empty s.p.a.ce lights again.

"Emperor Tian Long has violated the rules of the emperors and attacked my good friend Lin Feng. Don't blame me either!" said Emperor Wen indifferently. Since when was Lin Feng Emperor Wen's friend? Of course, Emperor Wen wanted to attack and just needed an excuse.

"Save me!" shouted the crown prince. The gigantic dragon statue which had surrounded him suddenly exploded. Emperor Yu had released earth energies to make it explode. Then, he died.

"He can only blame himself. He didn't deserve to live." said Emperor Yu while killing the crown prince.

Emperor Tian Long was furious, his eyes were bloodshot.

PMG Chapter 1500

Chapter 1500: Surrounded

The Tian Long scepter appeared, and Emperor Yu grabbed it. That was an imperial weapon, so he couldn't waste it.

"Die!" shouted Emperor Tian Long as went insane. He released crazy amounts of cosmic energies. However, at that moment, he didn't have time to finish condensing his energies before Emperor Wen's attack reached him. Emperor Wen had already condensed two sorts of cosmic energies, energies from the Earth and sky, as well as empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies.

"Kaboom!" two fists collided and terrifying fissures appeared in the sky. Emperor Wen's Earth and sky cosmic energies continued moving forwards.

"Emperor Tian Long!" said the second prince. Emperor Yu released a gigantic hand which moved towards the second prince. That was Emperor Tian Long's last living son.

Emperor Tian Long was devastated again. He wanted to cry and shout in furry. A horrible shriek sounded, and blood gushed. The second prince's body exploded after Emperor Yu crushed him to death.

"Emperor Tian Long will go insane." thought the crowd. Tian Long Divine Castle's nine princes had all died now.

"Die!" shouted Emperor Tian Long furiously. "Die, kill them all!" shouted a voice. That voice resonated far off into the distance.

From the distance, a gloomy dark silhouette stepped out from a castle. If you hadn't seen them yourself, you wouldn't even know that they were there.

"Who are they?" thought the crowd. Tian Long Divine Castle had hidden cultivators? He had shouted for help because he had no other choice.

"They look like from the… Imperial Union!" thought some people.

Emperor Wen and Emperor Yu looked at them and then smiled coldly.

"How do you explain that?" asked Emperor Wen.

"Emperor Wen, I guarantee you that you will regret what you did today." said Emperor Tian Long while staring at Emperor Wen. Then, he looked at Emperor Yu and Tiantai's people, "You will all die! Kill them!"

The people in black clothes didn't make any sounds as they attacked.

"Your opponent is me!" said Emperor Yu, releasing Qi. A strong cultivator in black clothes, who was also an emperor, moved towards Emperor Yu.

Lin Feng saw someone heading towards him. He suddenly took out his Tian Ji sword and his eyes turned pitch-black.

"How cold." thought that cultivator. The one in front of him started shaking, but then he shouted and ran forwards again.

"Eh? How cold!" thought Lin Feng in return. He released more sword Qi and slashed his sword in front of him.

"Cosmic strength!" thought Lin Feng. That person wasn't an emperor, otherwise he would have borrowed the force of the Earth and sky. However, he could already control cosmic energies. When a cultivator's force was multiplied by a thousand, he could also control cosmic energies. It was due to the changes which occurred in the physical body.

Back in the Qi Empire, some cultivators who had attacked them by surprise also used cosmic energies even though they weren't emperors. They had gone abroad before coming back to kill their teachers.

Lin Feng used his force which was multiplied by six-hundred and slowed down his opponent. Lin Feng condensed sword energies in both hands as well as immortal energy.

"Boom boom!" thunder blasted, and a gigantic canyon appeared in the ground. Waves of sword energies flowed, looking almost gentle. It was the duality of things: everything had two sides, life and death, yin and yang.

"Boom!" Lin Feng's sword energies were destroyed by the cosmic energies though. Even though Lin Feng's sword attack was powerful, it still couldn't compete with cosmic energies.

"I still can't fight against cosmic energies." thought Lin Feng. Then, he moved like the wind and turned into a shadow.

"Where are you going?" shouted that cultivator in a cold way. He performed a knife-hand strike in the sky and a celestial river moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng coughed blood after it hit him.

Cosmic strength was terrifying. Because his opponent hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, his cosmic energies were weaker. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn't have just coughed blood.

Even amongst emperors, some of them were better than others at controlling cosmic energies.

Terrifying energies surrounded Lin Feng again. His opponent was condensing cosmic energies again. Even emperors had been injured in the Qi Empire after their disciples had attacked them by surprise. Lin Feng was in mortal danger now.

Lin Feng wanted to escape but everything around him had turned into a gigantic lake. It was as if Lin Feng was going to drown in it.

"Slash…" An arrow streaked across the sky. That person sensed how dangerous the arrow was, but it was too late. It lacerated the lake's cosmic energies and pierced through that cultivator's head, killing him instantly.

Lin Feng was a meter away, he was soaked, his muscles hurt.

Ruo Xie went through the same thing. Someone saved him at the last second, arrows killing those who wanted to kill him.

Lin Feng raised his head and saw the Watchers. The one who looked the most heroic was standing in the middle. He looked stronger than the others for it was the Watchers' Father.

After Emperor Tian Long saw the Watchers' Father and the Watchers, his facial expression changed drastically. What was going on? He hadn't expected them to show up. Had Emperor Yu planned it all? Did he really want to wipe Tian Long Divine Castle off the map for real?

When he looked at Emperor Yu, Emperor Yu was already looking at him mockingly with the largest of grins!

PMG Chapter 1501

Chapter 1501: Destroy

"Watchers!" the crowd in the distance were amazed. The legendary Watchers were there, in front of them! Besides, they looked a lot stronger than in the legends!

According to legends, the Watchers only protected those who had the potential to become emperors, but those ones seemed different.

"The Imperial Union hadn't appeared for so many years. Last time it was a bloodbath. Now, they're here again, so there must be an impending tragedy for Ba Huang." thought the crowd.

"Why are the Imperial Union and the Watchers in Ba Huang?" wondered so many people. That was its own mystery. Why did the Imperial Union want to take over Ba Huang?
At that moment, Emperor Tian Long felt the pressure. The Watchers' Father had even shown up, which spelled bad news for him. Emperor Tian Long knew that Emperor Yu had prepared for this for a while already. He had brought Tiantai's disciples to kill his disciples, he had killed his two sons, he had infuriated him to the point where called upon the Imperial Union.

"Emperor Yu!" Emperor Tian Long looked furious.

"Emperor Tian Long!" said Watchers' Father hoa.r.s.ely. Emperor Tian Long raised his head and looked at him.

"Emperor Tian Long, why did you join hands with the Imperial Union?" asked the Watchers' Father in a deep voice.

Emperor Tian Long glanced at the members of the Imperial Union and then looked at the Watchers' Father, then Emperor Yu and the others again. He was furious and scared. He was at a dead end.

"Watchers' Father, I also want to ask you a question." said Emperor Tian Long. "You're joining hands with Emperor Yu from Tiantai, who are you actually?"

"It seems like it's useless to discuss those things, so die!" said the Watchers' Father hoa.r.s.ely. In a flash, many of his shadows appeared in the sky, and dazzling arrows filled with cosmic energies descended.

The other Watchers also attacked and shot arrows. There were so many arrows that they blotted out the sky.

"Slash, slash…" many people were transpierced by the arrows Only the strongest ones could resist, otherwise, they died instantly. In a short time, five-six had died.

Emperor Wen was still in the sky, releasing cosmic energies. He raised his hands and sealed the s.p.a.ce. A curtain of energies appeared all around them, of which only emperors could destroy.

The person Emperor Yu was facing stepped back. He feared that the Watchers' Father could still chase him if he ran. Emperor Yu didn't chase him, instead he raised his hands and released his force, which was multiplied by one-thousand. That cultivator felt oppressed, like his soul was going to be kicked out of his body.

A yellowish stone crushed the cultivator, reducing them to dust. Even if a Zun cultivator controlled cosmic energies, they couldn't defeat emperors.

Emperor Tian Long crushed two arrows which were moving towards him. A second later, the Watchers' Father appeared in front of him.

"Be careful!" shouted someone at Emperor Tian Long, making him shake violently.

The Watchers' Father didn't move, as if he was in his natural state, but Emperor Tian Long was shaking and sweating. He'd never had that feeling, the feeling that he was going to die. He looked desperate.

"Boom!" a terrifying strength bombarded Emperor Tian Long's body.

"I can't block that attack!" Emperor Tian Long couldn't think clearly. He didn't try to block it, instead he ran away as fast as he could.

"Dong!" Emperor Tian Long's soul shook violently as if it was going to explode. A hand pa.s.sed in front of him. If he had been even one second slower, he would have died.

He was already a thousand meters away, but he was soaked in a cold sweat because the Watchers' Father was relentless.

"He is hiding his real Qi." thought Emperor Tian Long. The Watchers' Father's attacks don't seem to contain Qi, which means the Qi inside is hidden. If a cultivator closed their eyes, they wouldn't know that he was there, even an emperor couldn't.

Besides, that attack aimed at a cultivator's soul. Emperor Tian Long knew that if that punch had reached him, he would have died, and his soul would have been destroyed.

However, Emperor Tian Long felt like he had managed to escape from death.

The Watchers' Father didn't stop though. He continued chasing Emperor Tian Long silently. Emperor Tian Long was scared s.h.i.+tless when he saw that person wearing the plaited bamboo hat appear here-or-there.

"Bzzz!" several silhouettes of the Watchers' Father appeared all around and condensed strength at the same time.

"Kacha!" at that moment, a metallic sound rang. Emperor Wen's curtain of energies broke, and a strong cultivator rushed out towards Emperor Tian Long.

"Boom!" Emperor Tian Long was suddenly surrounded by cosmic energies, but he didn't look scared. On the other hand, he looked pleasantly surprised. He had hope again. He had managed to escape from death once more.

Amongst the other strong cultivators from the Imperial Union, there was still one left. It was an emperor-level cultivator!

PMG Chapter 1502

Chapter 1502: Ferocious, Fierce, Tough

After the Watchers' Father saw that Emperor Tian Long was trapped in a cage, he performed some hand seals, and a sharp sword strength appeared. It quickly pierced through the sky.

A dark light pierced through cosmic energies and aimed for Emperor Tian Long's throat. However, at the same time, dazzling lights appeared before Emperor Tian Long and fissures formed.

The Watchers' Father looked furious. That person's empty s.p.a.ce cosmic energies were extremely fast, even faster than him.

Lin Feng was observing the battle when suddenly a gigantic hand filled with cosmic energies reached for him. Lin Feng didn't know where that gigantic hand came from.

"Bzzz!" a tornado appeared, and energies surrounded Lin Feng. That gigantic tornado a.s.saulted the energies which surrounded Lin Feng and destroyed them, but as they dispersed, Lin Feng disappeared. He was now between Emperor Wen and Emperor Yu.

"Come here!" shouted Emperor Yu to all the strong cultivators from Tiantai and the Watchers. The strong cultivator who was fighting against the Watchers' Father was a medium-level emperor. He could kill most people in a flash.

But Emperor Wen and Emperor Yu had managed to save Lin Feng. The Watchers' Father stopped chasing Emperor Tian Long, instead he ran towards the one who was fighting against Emperor Yu just a moment before. Millions of silhouettes of the Watchers' Father appeared, n.o.body knowing which one was the real one.

"Let's go!" Emperor Tian Long and that emperor wrapped themselves up in empty s.p.a.ce energies. The medium-level emperor threw himself at Emperor Yu with his fists raised. He wanted to hold out until the other two left.

Emperor Yu raised his hands and mountains fell from the sky. However, only one punch was destroyed while the other one was still moving forwards. Emperor Wen released terrifying cosmic energies, creating painful whistling sounds. Everything shook under that blow, the scene was apocalyptic.

Emperor Yu released cosmic energies, instantly enveloping everybody with an armor. The attacks reached them and even though they were protected, some of them still coughed up blood.

The Watchers' Father didn't chase. The medium-level emperor's cosmic energies were too terrifying. He couldn't chase him because if he did, he wouldn't be able to protect the group.

"Let's go." said the Watchers' Father. Instantly, everybody started leaving. They hadn't managed to kill everyone.

Some time pa.s.sed before the Watchers and the others all left.

Tian Long Divine Castle had become a desolate and unpopulated place. All the buildings were wrecked. There were canyons and craters everywhere.
Tian Long Divine Castle had been wiped off the map.
In the distance, many people were aghast. Tian Long Divine Castle had existed for thousands of years and from one day to another, they had disappeared.

Some more time pa.s.sed, and some people came to see Tian Long Divine Castle's territory. Finally, some people couldn't control themselves anymore. Tian Long Divine Castle had been destroyed but its territory still had many treasures. Tian Long Divine Castle had existed for thousands of years, so they must have an infinite amount of treasures. All those wrecked palaces and castles probably contained priceless treasures.

Those who who had survived didn't prevent people from stealing treasures, the weaker ones had even left.

Lin Feng and the others were already far away, they didn't know what was going on there. The Watchers were still with them. Because Lin Feng couldn't see their faces, he was wondering if his Watcher was amongst them.

"You're lucky to be the Watchers' Father, it's a great time for Ba Huang, while it's a tragedy for the Imperial Union." said Emperor Wen, smiling to the Watchers' Father. He looked at the Watchers' Father with admiration. Emperor Wen knew how terrifying the Imperial Union was, so he was surprised that the Watchers had managed to kill so many at once.

"It's still too early. I know how powerful the Wen Clan is, so I hope that the Wen Clan will collaborate with us seriously in the future. I hope that we'll become a powerful group and that we'll destroy the Imperial Union. Then, we'll make this world great again." said the Watchers' Father hoa.r.s.ely. Emperor Wen smiled and nodded, "Master, I will do my best."

The Watchers' Father added, "I hope the Wen Clan can use their full strength and that we can destroy the Imperial Union thoroughly."

"Are you sure we can?" asked Emperor Wen.

"Stay in Ba Huang and wait for my message." said the Watchers' Father. Then, he gazed into the distance. Under his plaited bamboo hat, his eyes were twinkling.

"Alright, we will wait for your good news." said Emperor Wen smiling. He waved at the Watchers' Father and left.

After Emperor Wen left, Emperor Yu looked at the Watchers' Father and said, "Do you need me to do anything?"

"You can inspect the entire province." said the Watchers' Father. Emperor Yu nodded.

"See you in eastern Ba Huang." said the Watchers' Father before he left with all the other Watchers.

Lin Feng and the others were excited after they heard Emperor Wen, Emperor Yu and the Watchers' Father talking.

"Lin Feng, I'm taking you somewhere special." said Emperor Yu, glancing at the crowd before adding, "All your fellow disciples have been there, so you should see it too."

"The limits of the sky?" said Lin Feng. Emperor Yu looked surprised and smiled, "You already know about it?"

"Yes, I do." said Lin Feng smiling and nodding.

Emperor Yu smiled and nodded, "That's good, so I don't need to talk too much nonsense."

"Teacher, are we going to fight against the Imperial Union?" asked Lin Feng.

"Yes, they have existed in this world for a long time. Last time, it was a bloodbath. They have only continued to hide because of the Watchers. They tried to kill everyone from the Ba Huang Province and Jiu You last time in the Qi Empire, they failed and now they're furious. We need to eradicate them before they become any more of a threat." said Emperor Yu.

"Alright, you should disperse and go to Xuri City in the eastern part of Ba Huang. Don't draw people's attention." said Emperor Yu to everyone. Then he disappeared!

PMG Chapter 1503

Chapter 1503: The Holy City's Disciples

Xuri City, millions of years ago, used to be the most beautiful city in the eastern part of Ba Huang. In the last thousands of years, the Qi Clan played an important role in Xuri City's success.

Tian Long Divine Castle had been annihilated seven days ago, everybody knew in Ba Huang had heard the news now. Surprisingly, Tian Long Divine Castle was a part of the Imperial Union, of course, even more astonis.h.i.+ng was that Tiantai and the Watchers had joined hands to eradicate Tian Long Divine Castle from Ba Huang.

Emperor Tian Long had lost his sons, his disciples, his territory, everything he had created. Only corpses and wrecked buildings were left of his former headquarters.

In Xuri City, there was a tea house where people drank the best varieties of teas and shared opinions on cultivation. People there were educated and knew a lot about current affairs. At that moment, less than ten people were sitting in a circle, while other people who were outside of the circle didn't dare get close.

Those people in the center had done incredible things, even erudite elders didn't dare disturb those young men.

"The one sitting on the western side is Xia Tian Fan, he defeated many geniuses from Ba Huang. He even defeated Wen Tian Ge in a single attack." whispered someone was pointing at one of the young men.

"Xia Tian Fan is strong, but his cultivation level is not that high. He has only broken through to the seventh Zun Qi layer. You see that one in golden clothes? His name is Zhou Tian Ruo, he's broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and he killed a young man from the Feng Clan recently because of something he had said. Then he destroyed the Feng Clan. Even the Qi Clan told him they hoped he could be merciful, but he didn't care." said someone else to his friend.

Indeed, three days before, people had heard that the Feng Clan, a clan which was neither too strong nor too weak, had been destroyed completely. A young man of the Feng Clan had infuriated Zhou Tian Ruo and Zhou Tian Ruo had annihilated them to the last person. The elders of the Clan had sought Zhou Tian Ruo to get their revenge and the result was just as tragic. Even the Qi Clan couldn't do anything against it.

After that, everybody in Xuri City knew how strong Zhou Tian Ruo was.

"That one there must be Gu Li. He's friends with Zhou Tian Ruo. Zhou Tian Ruo talks to him in a polite way, which means that Zhou Tian Ruo must be weaker than Gu Li."

"Brother, we've been here for a while, but there isn't a single genius here." said a young man who had a feather fan and a silk kerchief.

"There are many people who have an undeserved reputation here, but there are some real geniuses. I fought against Kong Ming from the Celestial Thunder Temple and lost." said Xia Tian Fan calmly. Many people were astonished. Xia Tian Fan and Kong Ming had fought, and Xia Tian Fan lost? n.o.body had heard about that! Kong Ming was discreet, so he wasn't like most people who liked to show off.

Xia Tian Fan was very humble too, he wasn't conceited in the slightest.

"Also, Wen Tian Ge and Si Kong Xiao are extraordinary cultivators too." said Xia Tian Fan looking pensive. Even though he had defeated them, he still admitted they were talented and strong. Besides, he knew he had grown up in a better environment with more cultivation resources, so there was no reason to compare himself with them.

People from Ba Huang Province didn't have access to as many cultivation resources as those young men. Those young men had come to that world to practice cultivation, that's all. They were avid travelers who had been to many small worlds already and would go to many more. They were only interested in seeing how strong people were in the different worlds.

"Jun Mo Xi would be stronger than me if he had the same cultivation level as me." said another young man smiling thinly. It was a young man in blue clothes. He was smiling in a gentle way and looked easy to get along with.

"Jun Mo Xi has the legendary imperial immortal body. The emperor of the palace of the immortals also transmitted knowledge to him, so it's no wonder that he's talented." said the others around nodding.

In the crowd outside the circle, Lin Feng was eavesdropping. He had come to that tea house to see if he'd hear any interesting news before he found out that a meeting was going on.

"Mo Peng from the b.e.s.t.i.a.l Imperial Palace has a great oriental greenfinch roc body." said someone else.

"Bei Yan Yun from the Celestial Walls Manor has broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer and her force is multiplied by five hundred already. She's also very strong." said Zhou Tian Ruo indifferently. Many people look skeptical. Bei Yan Yun from the Celestial Walls Manor?

Many people didn't know about the Celestial Walls Manor!

Gu Li smiled indifferently. Zhou Tian Ruo talked about Bei Yan Yun but hadn't talk about Lin Feng!

"I heard that the twelve direct disciples of Tiantai are monstrous geniuses, unfortunately, Tiantai has disappeared and its disciples have joined other groups. Otherwise, we would have met them and we could have exchanged views on cultivation with them."

"Indeed, there must be some incredible cultivators from Jiu You that we haven't seen either. There are also outstanding geniuses from Tiantai. Mu Chen is a cultivator at the very top of the Zun Qi layer. Hou Qing Lin controls reincarnation energy. Tian Chi is an incredible Buddhist cultivator and there's also Lin Feng, he's extremely aggressive and famous. I wonder if they deserve their reputation."

"I think Brother Zhou already knows about that." said one of the young men looking at Zhou Tian Ruo and smiling in a deep and meaningful way.

"I don't know what you mean." said Zhou Tian Ruo looking back at that young man. He was trying to control himself.

"I heard that Brother Gu, you and Lin Feng met in the Celestial Walls Manor. I've even heard that you and Lin Feng had a battle." said that young man calmly.

Everybody stared at Zhou Tian Ruo. Why did he mention Bei Yan Yun but not Lin Feng? Did that mean that Zhou Tian Ruo didn't consider him a strong cultivator?

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