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Chapter 1539

Chapter 1539: Control Lin Feng

The hall they were staying in was silent . Jin Chen Jun was standing behind Lin Feng and Mu Yun to make sure they didn’t try anything funny .

Lin Feng was extremely nervous . If they took control over his body, he would be doomed . However, he couldn’t resist, otherwise they’d just kill him . He just had to count on his luck now .

Some of those strong cultivators had lived for hundreds or even thousands of years, so how strong could they be? It was hard to imagine .

“I’ll be fine . ” thought Lin Feng to himself . He was trying to cheer himself up . Even if some people controlled him, at least, he’d be alive .

Mu Yun and Lin Feng were the same at that moment . Her heart was pounding, and she was very nervous about losing her life .  

“Tap, tap…” Lin Feng heard some steps . Then two people arrived, one of them was Qi Yu Chen, while the other one had a mask on . But, his eyes looked particularly evil . Lin Feng’s G.o.dly awareness shook violently when he saw those eyes .

“Master Mi!” said Jin Chen Jun bowing respectfully . Master

Mi acted as if he hadn’t seen him . His social status must be extremely high .

Master Mi fixedly stared at Lin Feng while released terrifying energies . Suddenly, Lin Feng had the impression that his thoughts were becoming chaotic . He already had such a sensation back when he met the woman in the ancient battlefield of the Huang Sea, the one who used the great dream of life cosmic energies .  

“You’re from the Celestial Qi Castle, you were born in the Celestial Qi Castle, you will die for the Celestial Qi Castle, the Celestial Qi Castle is your everything . ” said a voice in Lin Feng’s brain . He wanted to print those pieces of information in Lin Feng’s brain .

“No, how could? I will destroy the Celestial Qi Castle sooner or later!” Lin Feng started resisting . He was very determined, but that voice kept resonating in his brain .  

As time dragged on, Lin Feng’s resistance grew less and less . The strength started overcoming him, and he forgot everything as he listened to Master Mi’s voice .

“Lin Feng!” shouted Mu Yun, her face had turned pale . However, a powerful strength suddenly made her suffocate .

Jin Chen Jun glanced at Qi Yu Chen and a terrifying force

force surrounded Mu Yun, pus.h.i.+ng her outside the hall .

Qi Yu Chen knew that Master Mi couldn’t be disturbed, this was a crucial moment in the process . He also left the hall, leaving only Lin Feng and Master Mi together .

After a very long time, Master Mi said, “Sleep, once you wake up, you’ll have a new life . ”

Lin Feng slowly closed his eyes, obeying Master Mi . Then, he fell asleep and slowly fell to the floor .

Through the holes of his mask, one could see from his eyes that Master Mi looked exhausted . He closed his eyes and then opened them again . Then, he lifted Lin Feng and took him out of the hall .

Lin Feng was asleep, so he didn’t know what was going on . Some white lights twinkled around his G.o.dly awareness, it was a cosmic energy: Master Mi’s imprint .

But the light suddenly became dazzling, extremely dazzling, as if something was protecting Lin Feng from them . He had failed . Back then in the Shrine, the Envoy had tried to put something in Lin Feng’s G.o.dly awareness but had failed too . The same thing had happened now with Master Mi .

Master Mi wasn’t as strong as the Envoy,

the Envoy, so he didn’t realize it . He brought Lin Feng to another place while he was sleeping . For him, Lin Feng was already under his control . Lin Feng would be a new person after waking up and he’d work for the Celestial Qi Castle .

In another beautiful room, Mu Yun looked at Qi Yu Chen in a cold way . She was very weak, but she still hoped that everybody could be free in their world and that n.o.body would control anyone else . But now Lin Feng, a nice young man, was going to turn into an evil demon for the Celestial Qi Castle .

“What are you going to do with me?” asked Mu Yun to Qi Yu Chen .

Qi Yu Chen looked indifferent . He was a descendent of the Celestial Qi Castle, so he had a high social status . He wasn’t spoilt though, he fought to get what he wanted . He knew that there were too many strong cultivators in their world . He could have easily gotten Mu Yun if he had forced her, but he wanted to work to make her his .

Qi Yu Chen didn’t know that Mu Yun didn’t dislike him, she just disliked the Celestial Qi Castle . She knew Qi Yu Chen Qi Yu Chen was good to her, but she didn’t want to have anything to do with the Celestial Qi Castle . If Qi Yu Chen had been from another group, then things might have been different .

“I really loved you but don’t worry, I won’t rape a girl who hates me . Many of those people from the small worlds will be captured, and when the time comes, we’ll need someone to host ceremonies . At that time, you’ll do that . ” said Qi Yu Chen . Mu Yun’s facial expression changed drastically, and then she turned deathly pale: “Qi Yu Chen, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” She obviously knew what it meant .

“It’s an honor for you, maybe some incredible people will please you s.e.xually . ” said Qi Yu Chen . “Concerning your tribe, don’t worry, I’ll find another good Priestess for them . The people of your tribe will love her, and they’ll forget about you . ”

After that, Qi Yu Chen left the room . As he was leaving he said, “Don’t try to escape, you’re beautiful, and there are many people who like beautiful women in the Celestial Qi Castle . They aren’t as nice as me . ”

Mu Yun felt powerless . She couldn’t escape, and she was going to become a s.e.x slave .

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