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Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571: Former Site

There were eleven disciples in Tiantai, apart from the three who were controlled by Celestial Qi Castle and Ruo Xie, there were six other people from whom they had heard no news. If Tiantai could rise in the great world, they’d have to gather all the disciples. 

They’d also need Mu Chen and Emperor Yu.

Besides, Mu Chen also controlled the Watchers and wanted to achieve certain goals with them, including the destruction of the Imperial Union. They also hoped that the small world could become a free world, removing external forces from controlling them.

“We’re not strong enough, so we can’t control a group of influence in the great world. We could easily be destroyed by others if we tried. However, I’ll keep that in mind. When we become stronger, we can try then.” said Lin Feng after having remained silent for a few minutes. Ruo Xie agreed, of course.

“Indeed, I understand.” said Ruo Xie nodding.

“Ruo Xie, is that one of your friends from the small world? I wouldn’t have thought that you people could be so determined, but it’s a good thing. To establish an influential group in the great world, you need a high-level emperor at least. It’s a bit too early to talk about that though.” said the young man with whom the girl had been talking before. 

“Brother Ruo Xie, you’re not in the small world anymore.”

said that young man.

“Thank you very much for your advice.” said Ruo Xie calmly. He was talking to Lin Feng and didn’t want that young man to join their conversation.

“By the way, where do you practice cultivation these days?” asked the young man to Lin Feng indifferently. “On an island!” Lin Feng replied.

“You should join Sword Mountain, I see that you’re also a sword cultivator, Sword Mountain is a paradise for sword cultivators. I can even recommend you.” said the girl politely smiling at Lin Feng.

“Sister!” said the young man angrily. He then added, “Sister, people have their own way of practicing cultivation, and the Sword Mountain doesn’t recruit people that easily. It’s not something you do just like that.”

“Trying doesn’t harm anyone.” said the girl.

“Of course, if you want to try and join Sword Mountain, no problem, we really can recommend you, but it still won’t be an easy process.” said the young man smiling at Lin Feng.

“It’s alright but thank you.” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know why that young man was making fun of him, but he didn’t feel like arguing with them. 

“Ruo Xie, let’s talk privately.” said Lin Feng to Ruo Xie. Then, both silhouettes flickered, and they moved far away.

“Lin Feng, in this world, people are not like us. It’s much easier to become stronger in this world.” said Ruo Xie calmly. That young

young man kept provoking Lin Feng because he liked that girl and partly because they were from a small world. 

“They haven’t gone through as many hards.h.i.+ps as we have and they’re not as wise and mature.” said Lin Feng nodding.

“Indeed, in this world, there’s a kind of pill people take at birth which changes their bodies. Afterwards, it helps them swallow the Qi of the Earth and sky before having even started practicing cultivation. There can even be Tian level babies born in this world. Everybody takes that pill at birth in this world, even if it’s expensive, their elders will find a way to buy it.”

Lin Feng was astonished when he heard Ruo Xie and smiled wryly. It reminded him of those people in the Celestial Walls Manor who had grown up with an understanding of force, and on top of that they inherited a powerful blood-strength from their ancestors.

Those people were already Tian level cultivators when they were babies, at that time, they were still trying to find themselves. They didn’t know what they wanted to become in the future, at the age of fifteen, in the great world, people were already Zun cultivators…

“Apart from that, where are you going now?” asked Ruo Xie to Lin Feng.

“I’m going to the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace.” replied Lin Feng. Ruo Xie smiled and said, “You also came for that?”

But Ruo Xie looked nervous and

nervous and said: “Lin Feng, many disciples from Sword City came here. We’re a small group but according to legends I’ve heard in Sword Mountain, the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace shouldn’t have appeared in its former location. We should try some other places and try our luck.”

“I’ve also heard that it could be in the periphery of its former location.” said Lin Feng smiling. Ruo Xie nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll stay with you, but we shouldn’t hope too much.”

Then, they both accelerated. Those behind them had to struggle to catch up with them because they were too fast.

“Ruo Xie, where are you going?” asked the girl.

“Great Imperial Everlasting Palace’s former location.” said Ruo Xie.

The girl frowned, and the young man said mockingly, “Are you insane? Why would the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace be on its former site?”

“I didn’t ask you to come.” said Ruo Xie indifferently. The young man looked upset as he said to the girl, “Since it’s that way, we can separate from them.”

“Indeed, you can stay alone, I’m going with Ruo Xie!” said the girl. Then she caught up with Ruo Xie and Lin Feng and the young man behind looked even more upset. However, he still chased after them.

One day later, Lin Feng and the others arrived in another place in Si Xiang City. There were gigantic ruined palaces resting in front of them, it looked like a looked like a former city.

“The Great Imperial Everlasting Palace’s former site.” thought Lin Feng. Even though there were only ruins, it still looked majestic. Lin Feng could imagine the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace back in the days, lofty, domineering, majestic.

“Back then, the Everlasting Celestial Emperor lived in his own palace, which is the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace we talked about. It disappeared along with the Everlasting Celestial Emperor, though, it used to be here.” said the girl pointing at an empty field. There were ruins all around, but the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace had long since disappeared. All the other palaces around were palaces where his disciples lived.
“I’ve heard that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor fell because of one or several of his disciples. I don’t know whether it’s true or not.” said the girl.

“Sister!” shouted her fellow disciple suddenly. He looked grave and solemn. The girl suddenly stopped talking as if she realized that she had said something she shouldn’t have. Even though the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had fallen, some of his disciples were still alive, and some of them were even terrifying great emperors. They could destroy Sword Mountain entirely if they wished so.

There were many others there with them, all trying to find the same thing.

Lin Feng glanced at the people around them. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor had fallen for so many years and yet it still attracted so many people. What an honor!

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