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Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583: Three Years

During that year, many people had entered the forbidden area of Si Xiang and appeared in the small world. They eventually found the great emperor’s palace.

The Great Emperor of the Universe was the best cultivator in that small world, so it was easy to guess that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor and the Great Emperor of the Universe were the same person. It was also easy to recognize that it was the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace after seeing his castle.

Rumors circulated in the outside world concerning the forbidden area the Everlasting Celestial Emperor being linked. Of course, n.o.body knew that the elephant which brought them to the small world was also the beast that created the destructive energies. And in the process of taking them to the small world, it would throw them violently and randomly inside. Also, n.o.body knew that the elephant was choosing the people who entered. n.o.body knew how many people survived when entering the forbidden area.

However, Lin Feng didn’t know about what was going on in the great world.

At that moment, he was frowning. He breathed in and whispered, “Rigor and precision are the most important concepts when

casting deployment spells because if you make a mistake, you lose everything.”

Lin Feng’s hand shook as he used immortal energies to carve more marks. He didn’t try to carve the small deployment spells anymore, he had started all over again.

After a long time, some marks moved in a strange way, letting him heave a sigh of relief.

Lin Feng didn’t stop though, and he continued carving. The deployment marks seemed countless. All the marks were connecting and moving properly this time.

“Yan Di could already do that.” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t try to do what the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had taught him, he was trying to understand things beyond their foundations. He failed many times but started up again each time.

Outside, seasons pa.s.sed. Lin Feng had already spent three years in the Great Imperial Everlasting Palace. He had never needed so much time to understand something before.

At that moment, almost half of the caves were closed. Countless people had come to that small world, but the difficult part wasn’t getting there, it was leaving!

In one of those caves, a strong cultivator from the Palace of the G.o.ds opened his eyes and looked dumbstruck. He whispered,

whispered, “At the Palace of the G.o.ds, we’re experts at deployment spells. I used to think that our deployment spells were incredible! But now I realize how ridiculous I was. The Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s deployment spells are terrifying. I don’t even know how long I’ll need to get out of here.”

“Luckily, I didn’t bring Xuan Chen. It might take me one-hundred years to get out of here.”

In a room next to him, there was a young man who was fixedly staring at the stone door. He was a young man from a very big family in Si Xiang City. He was an adept at deployment spells, and he was a low-level emperor already. However, he found it extremely difficult to study the Everlasting Celestial Emperor’s deployment spells. He had no problem with the basics, but to make them turn into deployment spells was another world of difficulty. He didn’t know how long it’d take him to succeed.

These are just a few examples of the trapped cultivators there. Many strong cultivators were even many high-level emperors, and had been inside for three years already, but they had the feeling they wouldn’t master the deployment spell anytime soon.

anytime soon. There was only one exception. He was wearing a Taoist robe and was popping in and out of caves seemingly effortlessly. In just three years, he had already been in ten caves. He understood them easily and his deployment spells improved. He could already imagine himself having studied the three-thousand great deployment spells.

Back at the great world, outside of Si Xiang City, there were many people resting on a mountain range. After two years without hearing anything from those inside, the elephant trumpeted once more, but none of them knew how to get in.

Qi Yu Chen was amongst them, but he looked dispirited as well. After three years of not hearing back from one person who entered, he was beginning to believe that he made the right choice in not jumping in. Instead, during those three years, he had practiced cultivation diligently and had become even stronger. He would soon become an emperor! He was considering going back to Qing Di Mountain and practicing cultivation there.

“It seems like I’m not as talented as Wen Ao Feng, it’s no wonder that our teacher prefers him.” thought Qi Yu Chen, standing up. Wen Ao Feng had broken Feng had broken through to the Huang Qi layer three years before, but Qi Yu Chen had been stuck at the same level since. He wasn’t the only one, Zhou Tian Ruo and the others were all in the same boat: stuck at the very, very top of the Zun Qi layer.

However, Qi Yu Chen wasn’t sad, he knew just how difficult it was to become an emperor. There was a gigantic difference between the Zun Qi layer and the Huang Qi layer. If only he had fate seeds, then he could break through to the Huang Qi layer easily. But he had decided that he didn’t to use them, he wanted to rely on himself to overcome this obstacle.

“Lin Feng, back then you had broken through to the eighth Zun Qi layer, and you were an extremely good fighter, but you probably haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. I guarantee you I will break through to the Huang Qi layer before you.” thought Qi Yu Chen, feeling determined. He thought that he had been stuck at the top of the Zun Qi layer because Lin Feng had influenced him back then.

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