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PMG Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664: Guessing Things about Meng Qing

The two old people looked at the group in the sky in a calm way. It was impossible to know what they were thinking.

The professor in the golden-purple clothes looked apologetic, he knew that the ancient clan's ceremony was extremely important. If he had offended them, then they might slaughter them. Even high-level emperors feared those people.

"We come in peace, and we hope we haven't disturbed you. We'll be leaving now." said the professor. One of the old men looked indifferent as he said, "You all stay here, don't move."

The professor's heart was pounding violently, but he nodded. The members of the world clan had told them not to move to prevent them from disrupting the ceremony. Other things could wait for after the ceremony.

"What's that strength?" thought Lin Feng, looking at the vortex which was becoming more and more terrifying. It looked like a demon cloud.

Lin Feng hadn't experienced much in the great world, so he couldn't know about world clans, however, when he saw their faces, he was both impressed and fearful.

"Is it a small world?" thought Lin Feng. The young man was looking at Lin Feng in a cold way. Lin Feng felt uncomfortable, but he also knew that he was safe until they finished their ceremony.

The wind was becoming more terrifying as a terrifying dark vortex appeared around the coffin.

"What terrifying world strength." thought the professor, staring at the hurricane. It seemed like they were going to end the ritual.

At that moment, a strong cultivator raised his head and looked at the strong wind enthusiastically. But then everything fell apart.

"How could we fail?" those the old men looking desperate as the vortex disappeared.

"We failed." All the old people looked sad and desperate.

"We couldn't have failed without reason, there must have been a counter-strength which made us fail." said one of them, frowning.

"Those people disturbed us." said an old man, indifferently.

"Boom!" the young man came out of the coffin wearing a black robe.

"Forget about it." said the young man, "It's just a ceremony, there's no need to take it too seriously." The crowd nodded.

"Lang Ye, we want to use the altar to establish the world bridge on your body so that it could lead you to the vault of heaven. We wanted you to become a world emperor, but we failed. Even so, you will manage to become a world king." said an old man in a solemn and respectful way. He wanted Lang Ye to break through to the Huang Qi layer directly, unlike ordinary people who had to use cosmic energy.

"Of course." Lang Ye nodded, he was confident in his abilities. He would become a king, and then he would make his clan rise.

Lang Ye turned to the crowd and said indifferently, "If the ceremony was interrupted by them, that's life, but it also means that one of them is extremely strong. Not just anyone can break the world ceremony."

"Indeed." said an old man, rising in the air. "If you have any problems, solve them now."

"Thank you, Master." said the young man from the Everlasting Palace, nodding and then he looked at Lin Feng. "Hand him over and we'll leave."

"Do you think we will abandon our guest of honor because you want him?" asked the professor.

"Since you want me to attack, I'll do it." said the young man. Then, he jumped forwards and a light appeared. He disappeared and reappeared above the boat, a gigantic hand forming below him.

"s.p.a.ce Laceration!" shouted the professor in the golden-purple clothes. His gigantic, sharp hand moved even faster after he heard the professor.

"Slas.h.!.+" the gigantic imperial weapon cut the hand in two, however, the enemy had forced his way forwards, now surrounded by dazzling lights.

"A deployment spell mixed with the empty s.p.a.ce cosmic strength." thought Lin Feng.

"Meng Qing, if they capture me, stay with Yue Xin, and don't worry about me. I don't want you taking any useless risks." said Lin Feng using telepathy. He didn't want to say things like that before Qiu Yue Xin because her other personality could awaken if she heard sad or bad things.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng nervously, "If they capture you, I'll come with you."

"No, they want the Everlasting Deployment spells, and there's still a chance that I can get out of that alive. The most important thing for me is that you live." said Lin Feng. Meng Qing replied, "Alright, but you can't die."

While they were talking, a golden light appeared around them and turned into a cage. Those cosmic energies were much stronger than those of a low-level emperor. There was no chance for him to escape now.

However, a hand forcefully broke through the cage. Lin Feng and Meng Qing were astonished. An old man was looking at Meng Qing when he said, "If you accept to get married with our new prince, I'll help you kill him."

Meng Qing started shaking while Lin Feng looked intrigued. Meng Qing was wearing a mask and a plaited bamboo hat, but he wanted her to marry Lang Ye, which meant that they knew what Meng Qing's social status was.

"What a terrifying clan." Lin Feng came to that conclusion.

"Impossible." Meng Qing refused.

Lang Ye frowned, but one of the old people said, "Lang Ye, she's the descendant of a very powerful clan."

"Which one?" asked Lang Ye.

"The Snow Clan." replied the old man. Lang Ye frowned, he was a young king, so he knew about the Snow Clan. He had a king body and knew how beneficial the snow clan could be for him.

PMG Chapter 1665

Chapter 1665: Guest of Honor

"According to legends, their men and women are extremely attractive and possess a celestial Qi. I wonder if that's true." said Lang Ye, looking at the old man. "Could it because of her that the ceremony failed?"

"It should be. If she wasn't from the Snow Clan, she couldn't have interrupted our world ceremony." said the old man.

"But I've heard that to interrupt ceremonies using counter energy was something only people who had a certain body type could do. Seeing how the Snow Clan have a celestial body, do they possess counter energy too?" asked another old man, walking towards Meng Qing.

"I don't understand." said the old man indifferently. "Do you have the celestial body of the Snow Clan?"

Meng Qing's eyes twinkled, Snow Clan? Celestial Body? She didn't understand, all she remembered since her birth was having grown up in the small world and then meeting Lin Feng and becoming a human being.

"She can't agree." said Lin Feng without waiting for Meng Qing to reply.

"Are you sure?" said the old man indifferently. "If she doesn't want to because of you, I'll kill you. We don't need you."

"Kill us both then!" said Meng Qing coldly. The old man looked at Lin Feng calmly, "A member of the Snow Clan would die for you, you're so lucky. Which clan are you from?"

"I'm an ordinary person. I don't belong to any powerful group and I have no clan." said Lin Feng in a calm way. "Your blood is ordinary indeed. You're incredibly lucky to be with a girl from the Snow Clan."

"Lang Ye, what do you think?" asked the old man to the young man.

"Forget about it, I don't like stealing women from other men." said Lang Ye. The old man nodded, then he looked at those who were fighting: the young man and the professor in the golden-purple clothes.

"Imperial weapons are treasures, but you must know how to use them. If you only use them to block attacks, they're useless. However, if you use them to supplement things you can't do yourself, then they can be useful." explained the old man in a calm way. "Stop now."

"Why do you want to capture him?" asked the old man to the young man.

"He has received the teachings of the Everlasting Emperor, so I must bring him back." said the old man.

"It's your problem if other people receive the teachings from your ancestors. Leave, now." said the old man. The young man looked upset. He had traveled so far and now they asked him to leave without Lin Feng? How could he explain coming back without anything?

"if you don't leave, would you rather die here?" asked the old man. "I'm off then." The young man immediately left. He couldn't offend the World Clan.

"Pfew…" the professor took a deep breath and said to the old man, "Thank you very much, Master."

"Don't thank me. You and your people must leave as well." said the old man, annoyed.

Lin Feng didn't understand. Why were those people so strange? They had threatened him a moment before, and then they had expelled the young man from the Everlasting Palace.

"You two, stay here for a while, you're our guests of honor." said the old man to Lin Feng and Meng Qing. Meng Qing and Lin Feng looked extremely surprised. What was going on?

The professor in the golden-purple clothes was even more surprised. Snow Clan's people… He hadn't thought that a member of the Snow Clan was with Lin Feng and was disguised as a man. He knew that the women from the Snow Clan were astonis.h.i.+ngly beautiful.

"Lin Feng is very talented, he even killed an emperor with just the strength of the Zun Qi layer. Some incredibly powerful women are with him and apparently, they are a couple. Lin Feng's future will be phenomenally brilliant as long as he doesn't die prematurely." thought the professor.

It was only normal that the World Clan had invited Lin Feng and Meng Qing, they wanted to be closer to the Snow Clan by making friends with them.

The World Clan had existed for a very long time, so they were proud too. That was why they didn't respect Gold-Fire Tower. The girl from the Snow Clan was around the same age as Lin Feng and they were also around the same age as Lang Ye, so they could become good friends.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng looked at the old man. If he refused, they could get angry. Besides, Lin Feng was very interested in their clan too.

"Thank you for inviting us, but Master, she's my wife too, so she must come." Lin Feng said, pointing at Qiu Yue Xin. The old man from the World Clan was surprised, but smiled, "Alright, of course."

"Lin Feng, we're going to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, so if you come later, you can still find me." said the professor, then they left with their boat.

"Lin Feng." said the old man smiling, "Let's go, we rarely receive outsiders."

Lin Feng and the others flew in the sky before eventually landing on the ground. There were dark clouds looming overhead, covering the entire mountain range in darkness. The World Clan had done that on purpose because they wanted their territory to be hidden, for it to look like a desolate mountain range.

"Lin Feng, what do you think about our clan, the World Clan?" asked the old man. They had arrived in a castle already.

"Terrifying." said Lin Feng. Zun cultivators were the weakest cultivators in that place and there were emperors everywhere.

"Have you ever been to the Snow Clan?" asked the old man smiling.

Lin Feng shook his head, he knew nothing about the Snow Clan.

"You must have some information about the Snow Clan, right?" asked the old man to Meng Qing.

"Do you want to hear the truth?" asked Meng Qing to the old man. He was surprised and smiled, "What interesting young people. Of course I want to hear the truth."

"I've never been to the Snow Clan." said Meng Qing. The old man was astonished. Had she been expelled?

Impossible, she had developed a counter strength which could interrupt their World Ceremony.

"But do you have the celestial king body of the Snow Clan?" asked the old man.

"If you are referring to Xue Ling Long, I do." said Meng Qing. The old man was astonished again, as expected, she had Xue Ling Long's body.

But how come she had never been to the Snow Clan? The old man couldn't believe it. However, he quickly thought of a solution.

"Lang Ye is back, and he hasn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer?" thought many people, intrigued. Amongst all those people, there was a young man who was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and the others.

"Master, who are they? Why are they allowed here?" asked the young man who looked particularly unhappy.

PMG Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666: World Strength

"Don't worry, we've invited them." replied the old man, smiling, but the few young men didn't look happy.

"Since they came as guests of honor, I want to see how strong he is. I doubt he's even worth having as a guest of honor." said the young man.

"And why are they hiding their faces? What does that mean?" said a beautiful girl, looking at Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin.

Lin Feng looked at the elders, but they remained silent and smiled indifferently. The elders didn't prevent the young people from being arrogant, they would start traveling soon, so it was good that they were so enthusiastic.

The old man liked watching battles between young people the most. He also knew why their young people were so arrogant, it was because they were already proud of being members of the World Clan.

Meng Qing and Qiu Yue Xin took off their plaited bamboo hats and masks to show their real faces.

Many young men gulped down when they saw their faces. How breathtakingly beautiful, especially Meng Qing, the other one looked nice as well, but not as much as Meng Qing.

"The women of the Snow Clan are legendary, especially famous for their beauty. Too bad she already has someone, otherwise, she would have perfect for our clan with her monarchic body." thought the old man.

Most women were incredibly beautiful in the World Clan, but when Meng Qing showed her face, those women all looked jealous.

"Good-for-nothing." thought a young woman when she saw that the young man next to her kept staring at Meng Qing.

"Young people." the old man smiled, Lang Ye looked captivated. He looked even more captivated than the other young people.

"Dong!" The young man the girl had called a good for nothing jumped into the sky, saying, "Come and fight, we'll see if you deserve being our guest of honor."

Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at the twenty-year-old man who had already broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer.

"Attack." said the young man indifferently. His robes were fluttering in the wind as a terrifying Qi rolled in waves. Lin Feng released demonic energies in return. The young man shook his hands and cyan lights streaked across the sky, and although Lin Feng had used his Deadly Demon Punch, both disappearing.

"How strong." thought the young man. Even though Lin Feng's attack didn't look dazzling or special, it was powerful.

"Continue." said Lin Feng smiling. This time, he raised both hands and demonic energy b.a.l.l.s appeared.

The young man released lights which moved towards the Deadly Demon Punches.

But things didn't look that easy for the young man. Lin Feng's Deadly Demon Punches were very powerful and had destroyed his cyan lights from the inside-out. He was being pushed backwards, his facial expression making a change for the worst. That outsider was oppressing him!

"That guy can have s.e.x with a celestial girl from the Snow Clan, and on top of that, she lets him have other women, so it's no surprise that he's extraordinary. His demon energy is already at the maximum level, so an ordinary cultivator of the Ninth Zun Qi layer couldn't compete with him." thought the old man.

"Your cyan lights are terrifying too, not bad." said Lin Feng calmly. He recalled his Deadly Demon Punches.

"Argh! the young man shouted furiously, running forwards while releasing cyan lights from his left hand and terrifyingly sharp Qi from his right hand.

Suddenly, Lin Feng raised his hands, having condensed Deadly Demon Punches in his left hand and destructive energies in his right.

"Break!" The ground broke under Lin Feng's feet as he attacked the cyan lights. The sky shook, and slowly, the cyan lights dispersed.

"He broke the lights!" the crowd was surprised.

Lin Feng's fist continued moving towards the young man, threatening to take his life.

"You're much stronger than I am." said the young man in a calm way.

Lin Feng's Deadly Demon Punch disappeared, then he smiled and said, "The strength of your clan is very strange, but it's very powerful. Ordinary people of the same level can't fight against you guys."

"Indeed, you're an exception, you're even stronger than ordinary people." The young man had accepted Lin Feng's strength.

"It's okay to lose, especially if you learn from your mistakes." said the old man indifferently. The young man nodded and after that, someone else came to Lin Feng. "I want to fight."

Lin Feng looked at the old man, the old man remained silent and smiled. Lin Feng then looked at his opponent and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Let's fight." said the young man in a calm way. However, a terrifying wind immediately started blowing and world lights appeared, however, Lin Feng had vanished. He was already standing above his opponent.

That person's mouth twitched, he looked petrified. His world lights faded. He felt even more humiliated, he hadn't even started the fight but had already lost.

"If you were my enemy, you'd be dead already." said Lin Feng in a calm way.

"Wind and empty s.p.a.ce strength." the old man from the World Clan was staring at Lin Feng. With that speed, apart from emperors, n.o.body could defeat Lin Feng.

"I underestimated him." thought the old man of the clan. He looked at Lang Ye and smiled, "They can't make him use his full strength, don't you want to try?"

"I do." said Lang Ye nodding. He was curious, could that young man, who was in a relations.h.i.+p with the celestial girl of the Snow Clan, stand a chance against him?

Lang Ye landed in front of Lin Feng. Suddenly, Lin Feng had the feeling that he was facing a gigantic, ancient beast. He possessed the monarchic body of the Ancient World Clan, so it was obvious that he was a lot stronger than the two young men who Lin Feng had already fought.

PMG Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667: World Strength

"Lang Ye is going to fight against him." the crowd looked at the fighters, both looking terrifying. One of them was wearing a white robe, while the other was wearing a black robe.

"Can he fight against Lang Ye?" asked a young woman to one of the men Lin Feng had defeated. Lang Ye had the monarchic body of the World Clan. and he might become the king of the Ancient World Clan in the future. Among those who were directly related to the blood lineage, n.o.body could compete with him.

"He's very strong, and his attacks are powerful, but he can't compete with Lang Ye." said a young man. n.o.body had ever seen Lang Ye use his full strength.

"Right." the young girl nodded. The future monarch of the World Clan couldn't lose.

Lin Feng's eyes became pitch-black as demonic intent emerged from his eyes, cursing strength also a.s.saulted Lang Ye's eyes. He was surprised, his facial expression changed too.

Fwoosh. The s.p.a.ce seemed to fluctuate around them, then Lang Ye looked strange. His eyes looked to have two vortexes in the which were absorbing the demonic intent. The cursing strength also disappeared.

"He really is strong, he already made Lang Ye use the World Vision." thought the young men on the ground. The World Vision was a technique that only those of the direct lineage could use, and once the cultivator had experience, they could use their World Vision to make people drown in their eyes.

Lin Feng watched as his intent was being drained into his Lang Ye's eyes. Then, all sorts of vision attacks a.s.saulted Lin Feng's eyes. Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, fixedly staring at Lang Ye as he released dream energy. Lang Ye was surprised again, now there were different types of strength a.s.saulting him. If he acted carelessly, he could be in danger.

Fwoos.h.!.+ Suddenly, Lin Feng moved like the wind and used his Deadly Demon Punch.

Lang Ye looked at the fists and s.p.a.ce became distorted again. Two Deadly Demon Punches pa.s.sed next to Lang Ye, but he seemed unphased.

"Great Earth Destruction!" Lin Feng attacked again. This time, Lang Ye raised his fists and more world lights appeared. Lin Feng's Great Earth Destruction crashed onto the world lights and then his attack became distorted.

"Lacerate!" sword lights rose to the skies and moved towards Lang Ye.

World lights emerged from Lang Ye's eyes, the s.p.a.ce around the sword lights caused them to move slower and slower until Lang Ye was able to destroy them with his fingers.

But Lin Feng didn't stop attacking, he was determined to break through Lang Ye's defenses. He continued releasing more sword energies and used his Great Earth Destruction again, all the while trying to move as quickly as possible. If he gave Lang Ye any time to think, then he would attack.

Lang Ye's eyes were twinkling as he suddenly slapped the air in front of him, and then more world lights appeared, along with a coffin.

With the coffin, a strong wind started blowing, cras.h.i.+ng into Lin Feng, propelling him backwards. His arms felt paralyzed after taking the brunt of that blow.

Lang Ye raised his hands and lifted the coffin, condensing his cyan lights. The coffin wasn't an imperial weapon, Lang Ye had just used his mysterious world strength to condense it.

"Lang Ye's world strength is incredible, no wonder he has the monarchic body of the World Clan." thought the crowd. Lang Ye threw his gigantic coffin, which was surrounded by king Qi, at Lin Feng. He hadn't just used cyan lights, he could also use pure, aggressive world strength.

Lin Feng released more sword energy, and in front of him, a long and heavy sword condensed. That sword was three meters long and contained a heavy-type of energy. Lin Feng held it in both his hands as he ran forwards.

The two fighters got closer and closer, before finally, the cyan coffin and the gigantic sword collided. A terrifying vortex of energies appeared causing the coffin and the sword to break apart. But after the coffin, it turned into a terrifying beast which continued moving towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng moved back using the wind while Lang Ye continued releasing world lights.

"Is that the power that cultivators of the World Clan have? Can they make new worlds before having broken through to the Huang Qi layer?" thought Lin Feng.

"Use your most powerful attack and show us how strong you really are." said Lang Ye. Then, his blood started boiling and terrifying world lights rose to the skies, moving in all directions.

A shadow appeared behind Lang Ye, it a shadow of himself, but he was gigantic and looked like a king.

"It seems like he can already make parallel worlds and imprison people inside them." thought the elders of the clan. They were very happy. At the same level, n.o.body could fight with him, but because Lin Feng's speed was so incredible, Lang Ye still couldn't defeat him easily.

"Don't dodge, I won't imprison you, I just want to see your most powerful attack." said Lang Ye, condensing more cyan lights. His attack had turned into a gigantic cyan world coffin, with a world forming inside.

"Alright, don't hold back either then, otherwise this will be boring." said Lin Feng, nodding calmly. The members of the World Clan looked startled.

"Hmph! That guy is just acting arrogant. If Lang Ye uses his full strength, Lin Feng would definitely die." said a young woman.

"Arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d, is he implying that Lang Ye's attacks are not powerful enough?"

"Alright, I'll do as you wish." said Lang Ye, just as calmly. A terrifying king formed behind him and his cyan coffin started blotting out the sky.

"His spirit can leave his body." Lin Feng realized. Many emperors couldn't do that, but Lang Ye could.

A demon king appeared behind Lin Feng, it looked like an ancient demon. Lin Feng raised his hands and a black sword appeared. Even when facing such monstrous world strength, he didn't flinch.

"Huh?" the crowd sensed the terrifying sword and demon energies coming from Lin Feng.

"Die!" shouted Lang Ye furiously. A terrifying world strength emerged from the coffin, seeming capable of destroying anything in its path.

"Attack!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. Black lights rose to the skies as Lin Feng also released his sword energies.

Slas.h.!.+ The gigantic black sword streaked across the sky and crashed onto the coffin, instantly causing some cracks t form. Then the sword pierced through it and destroyed the world strength.

Lang Ye was amazed. He shook his hands and said, "Come back."

The cyan coffin dispersed and moved back into his body. The terrifying world king also disappeared, leaving just Lin Feng and Lang Ye staring at each other.

The atmosphere was eerily silent, even the elders of the World Clan were dumbstruck.

"How strong!" after a long time, Lang Ye said those two words and smiled. "You're the second person I've met who's that terrifying."

Lang Ye was looking at Lin Feng in a respectful way!

PMG Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668: World Clan

"Just who is he? How come he can defeat Lang Ye?" thought the crowd. They didn't understand. No wonder what, those three peoples were guests of honor in their World Clan.

Even the elders of the clan were happy with their decision to invite Lin Feng and them in.

"That boy must have a special body." thought one of the elders of the World Clan. He walked forwards and smiled, "Lin Feng, has a very powerful group of people sent you?"

Lin Feng looked at the old man, he didn't trust him.

"I was born in a small place, and I have a special body which allows me to understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies, but I only started benefitting from the body recently. I really come from an unknown family." said Lin Feng. The old man was aghast, "A body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, no wonder I sensed so many different types in your last sword attack, which was perfect I should add."

The old man nodded, "Lang Ye uses world strength, and he already has the strength of a low-level emperor with it. You managed to destroy his coffin, which means that you can already destroy low-level emperors' small worlds."

Now Lin Feng understood what it meant, with his world strength, Lang Ye could make a small world as resistant as the small world of a low-level emperor. That was the reason why Lang Ye could already make small worlds even though he hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer.

"No wonder such a beautiful woman from the Snow Clan fell in love with you. You're strong, you are smart, and you have a body which allows you to understand ten different sorts of abstruse energies. You and the members of the World Clan should become friends and exchange views on cultivation." said the old man who was still smiling.

"I really don't deserve so much praise, Master." replied Lin Feng politely. The old man shook his hands and smiled, "Lin Feng, in the future, you must become even stronger, otherwise you won't be able to protect your wives. You can't imagine how strong the Snow Clan is."

Lin Feng frowned. The Snow Clan was a mysterious and ancient animal clan. They were really scary but why had Meng Qing, a girl who had the celestial body of the Snow Clan, ended up in a small world? The only reason was known by Mother Master.

"Master, how strong is the Snow Clan?" asked Lin Feng.

"You can't imagine. They are going through a flouris.h.i.+ng period now while for us, times are ominous." said the old man.

"With the strength of the Ancient World Clan, they must be even stronger than the Everlasting Palace. I only know a little bit about them, so I can't even imagine how powerful ancient clans are." thought Lin Feng.

"Besides, many people want the ancient scriptures of the Snow Clan. If Meng Qing doesn't fight, people won't pay much attention to her, but if she fights for real, some very strong cultivators will guess what her real social status is and will chase her. If the Snow Clan doesn't protect her, she can't travel freely, and if she encounters other animal clans, things might get dangerous for her." said the old man. Lin Feng's stopped him and asked, "What do you mean, Master?"

"If she accepts, she can practice cultivation here. Besides, our strong cultivators will also help her become stronger. They can even guarantee her safety when she travels." said the old man. Lin Feng frowned, he didn't understand what the old man meant.

Was he trying to make Meng Qing join their clan?

The old man saw that Lin Feng looked skeptical and said, "Lin Feng, you are guests of honor here and you are extremely strong. Lang Ye and you should become friends. I wanted him to go and travel, so you could travel with him while Meng Qing could stay here in the World Clan with us. Wouldn't it be a great relief if she was safe here? With my social status, n.o.body can harm her. It would be a win-win relations.h.i.+p. After all, if the World Clan wants to rise again, we have to collaborate with other people too."

"Of course, if you don't accept, I won't force you. It's just a proposition. After all, having the celestial body of the Snow Clan grants her a very special social status."

Lin Feng now understood. If the World Clan helped Meng Qing, it would be very beneficial for her. After all, the World Clan was an ancient clan like the Snow Clan.

Therefore, Lin Feng was relieved. Meng Qing had no way to become stronger if she stayed with Lin Feng, and with her talent, it would be a pity if she stopped progressing.

"Wouldn't you be worried about Lang Ye's safety if he went traveling?" asked Lin Feng.

"Lang Ye has treasures from the World Clan to protect him in case of danger. Besides, not many people would dare attack a young man from the World Clan who has the king body of the clan." replied the old man. "Lin Feng, I understand you. Lang Ye and Meng Qing's situations are different. Lang Ye has our king body while the World Clan raises him, but in her case, things are different because she has the queen body of the Snow Clan but she has never been to the Snow Clan. I may be wrong, but I'm convinced it must have something to do with the internal situation of the Snow Clan. I imagine things could get dangerous for her if she continued traveling with you."

"She isn't Meng Qing's biological mother, she might just be a servant of the Snow Clan, and her role was only to protect and take care of Meng Qing." thought Lin Feng.

"You can think about what he said. I can guarantee you that our clan won't harm her, and that she'll be happy here." said Lang Ye.

"Let us talk about it first." Lin Feng was looking at Meng Qing. If they were right, then Meng Qing's social status made the situation more complex than they had expected. If the World Clan meant them harm, then letting her stay there would be problematic. Lin Feng had to travel and go to the main cities to improve, but that would make the situation even more dangerous for Meng Qing.

"Of course, you can stay here for a few days, you're our guest of honor, so you can do whatever you want in the World Clan. If you want to leave together, Lang Ye can come with you as well. Our young king should travel nonetheless." said the old man smiling. "Lang Ye, take them for a walk and show them around."

"Alright." Lang Ye nodded, "Lin Feng, it's the first time you're here, so I'll show you the world my World Clan fabricated."

"Thank you very much." said Lin Feng cheerfully. He'll soon break through to the Huang Qi layer, then he would definitely make his own world. With their strength, the World Clan had probably created an extraordinary small world.

"Go." Lang Ye rose up in the air, then Lin Feng and the girls followed him. The old man watched as Lin Feng and the others left.

"You really want to raise the celestial girl of the Snow Clan?" asked one of the old men.

"Of course, we've been silent for so many years and now she shows up. It's still not enough though, Lang Ye also needs friends, the World Clan needs friends. Lin Feng has a body which allows him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, and he's also extremely proficient at using them. In the future, he'll become incredible. Although he still has a long way to go, imagine in a thousand years, he might just be a public figure of the Continent."

"What about the Snow Clan?" asked another one.

"We need to be sincere. We need to make efforts to raise the girl too, even if we fail, she'll still be grateful." said the old man. The others said nothing.

PMG Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669: Decision

Lin Feng had just arrived in their castle and he could already see that there were innumerable powerful cultivators. After some time, he realized that even if the World Clan was extremely powerful compared with other groups, they still had some weaker people. Their blood had been transmitted from generation to generation over a long period of time, so it had naturally weakened. Only the one with the king-type body would have a powerful bloodline.

"Lang Ye, your clan controls World Strength, but do they use other types of strength as well?" asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Lang Ye had become acquaintances already, so he felt comfortable asking this question.

"Of course, we do. But I have the king body of the World Clan, so my other types of strength aren't very good because I mostly practice world cultivation. Many people here also study other types of strength though. It's very convenient for world cultivation, you'll see." Lang Ye replied cheerfully.

"People who are not from the World Clan cannot use world strength to the degree that we can, sometimes they can't control it at all." said Lang Ye, sounding self-confident. "Back then, when my clan was prosperous and powerful, one of my ancestors, a peerless cultivator, had celestial world creation powers. Many small worlds have been created by my ancestors."

"A peerless cultivator, how strong." thought Lin Feng. When the World Clan was prosperous and powerful, it was probably terrifying.

The group continued running until Lin Feng felt things getting very hot.

"What's going on?" Lin Feng asked.

"Come with me and you'll understand." said Lang Ye, smiling.

"Sun." Lin Feng frowned, it was as if a gigantic sun was nearing them.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked up at the sun. Above them, there were more suns than there should be.

Finally, Lin Feng and the others arrived in front of those suns, high in the sky.

"What's that?" asked Lin Feng.

"A world which has been created by one of our ancestors. It's the sun world, we also have ice worlds and so on. Our strong cultivators use cosmic energies and special powers to create these worlds." Lang Ye explained calmly. "This small world contains terrifying fire energies. If you were to put one of those suns in a city, it could destroy it entirely, and if you use the world strength from this world, you could carry out terrifying attacks."

"Do you want to go and see the other worlds?" asked Lang Ye, but Lin Feng shook his head.

"I want to stay here for a few days and then I'll come back to you, is that alright?" Lin Feng asked.

"Alright, I'll wait for you in the city where we were. Don't forget what the elders told you." said Lang Ye. Then, he turned around and left looking carefree.

Lin Feng looked at Meng Qing and smiled, "Meng Qing, what do you think?"

"Lin Feng, you must want me to stay in the World Clan, right?" said Meng Qing. She knew what Lin Feng was thinking, he was worried about her and her safety.

"If you stay with me and do nothing, you won't progress at all. And the World Clan said it themselves, you have the celestial body of the Snow Clan, so traveling is dangerous for you. I think you should stay here and I would come and see you whenever I could." said Lin Feng, smiling.

Meng Qing smiled and nodded, "Alright, I will always listen to you."

Meng Qing didn't want to stay away from Lin Feng, but she couldn't protect him like in the past. She would become a burden if she stayed with him all the time. Since she had the celestial body of the Snow Clan, she had to cherish her body and become strong and, in the future, then Lin Feng and Meng Qing would be a better team.

They also had to learn about her memories, what was wrong with her memory? Why couldn't she remember some things? At least in the World Clan, she would be free. If she missed him too much, she might be able to go and see him.

Lin Feng caressed Meng Qing's face and smiled, he hoped that the World Clan would help her become stronger. He had kept Meng Qing with him like that for so many years, but it was a mistake, she could have become much stronger if she had been in a better environment.

Lin Feng raised his head and his Tian Ji Sword appeared. It immediately started moving around in the sun world.

The Tian Ji Sword had endured millions of attacks to become that powerful, however, it was still just a soul, Lin Feng's soul grew along with the sword's soul. That world was filled with sun fire, which was perfect to cleanse his sword with.

"I'll go and see." Lin Feng rose up in the air and flew towards the sun. The sun began to burn him, but as he got closer, he noticed someone practicing cultivation and swallowing the strength of the sun fire.

Lin Feng forgot about everything, then he closed his eyes and sat down on the sun. He practiced cultivation together with his Tian Ji Sword.

On the seventh day, Lin Feng left the sun world. In the meanwhile, Yue Xin and Meng Qing were together walking in the World Clan's Kingdom. Lin Feng found some special worlds, such as sometimes, he jumped into waterfalls and realized that another world was behind them. Sometimes, he walked on a mountain and suddenly found himself in another world. Lin Feng couldn't sense those energies because he hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet. People could imprison him in such a world in they really wanted to.

Lin Feng and the girls visited the World Clan's territory, taking in the mountains, rivers, and beautiful sceneries. After that, they went back to the castle of the kingdom and looked for the elders and Lang Ye.

"Lin Feng, did you make a decision?" asked the elder. "If you're all leaving now, Lang Ye can come with you."

"Master, please take care of my wife, Meng Qing." said Lin Feng, bowing before the old man. Lin Feng had to be very polite, especially considering that they were going to take care of Meng Qing.

"Alright, you don't have to worry, even though we are not as strong as before, we have existed for a very long time. We will do our best to make the celestial girl stronger, as if she was part of our family." said the elder.

"Thank you, Master. I'll pay you back someday if I can."

"Just become strong." said the elder smiling. "Lin Feng, do you want to leave now or wait a few more days?"

"I want to leave now." said Lin Feng.

"Alright, Lang Ye, go and travel with Lin Feng. Don't come back if there's nothing important happening." said the elder. Some strong cultivators from the World Clan would follow him everywhere secretly, so he had nothing to fear.

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