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Chapter 1665

Chapter 1665: Guest of Honor

“According to legends, their men and women are extremely attractive and possess a celestial Qi. I wonder if that’s true.” said Lang Ye, looking at the old man. “Could it because of her that the ceremony failed?”

“It should be. If she wasn’t from the Snow Clan, she couldn’t have interrupted our world ceremony.” said the old man.

“But I’ve heard that to interrupt ceremonies using counter energy was something only people who had a certain body type could do. Seeing how the Snow Clan have a celestial body, do they possess counter energy too?” asked another old man, walking towards Meng Qing.

“I don’t understand.” said the old man indifferently. “Do you have the celestial body of the Snow Clan?”

Meng Qing’s eyes twinkled, Snow Clan? Celestial Body? She didn’t understand, all she remembered since her birth was having grown up in the small world and then meeting Lin Feng and becoming a human being.

“She can’t agree.” said Lin Feng without waiting for Meng Qing to reply.

“Are you sure?” said the old man indifferently. “If she doesn’t want to because of you, I’ll kill you. We don’t need you.”

“Kill us both then!” said Meng Qing coldly. The old man looked at Lin Feng calmly, “A member of the Snow Clan would die for you, you’re so lucky. Which clan are you from?”

“I’m an ordinary person. I

don’t belong to any powerful group and I have no clan.” said Lin Feng in a calm way. “Your blood is ordinary indeed. You’re incredibly lucky to be with a girl from the Snow Clan.”

“Lang Ye, what do you think?” asked the old man to the young man.

“Forget about it, I don’t like stealing women from other men.” said Lang Ye. The old man nodded, then he looked at those who were fighting: the young man and the professor in the golden-purple clothes.

“Imperial weapons are treasures, but you must know how to use them. If you only use them to block attacks, they’re useless. However, if you use them to supplement things you can’t do yourself, then they can be useful.” explained the old man in a calm way. “Stop now.”

“Why do you want to capture him?” asked the old man to the young man.

“He has received the teachings of the Everlasting Emperor, so I must bring him back.” said the old man.

“It’s your problem if other people receive the teachings from your ancestors. Leave, now.” said the old man. The young man looked upset. He had traveled so far and now they asked him to leave without Lin Feng? How could he explain coming back without anything?

“if you don’t leave, would you rather die here?” asked the old man. “I’m off then.” The young man immediately left.

left. He couldn’t offend the World Clan.

“Pfew…” the professor took a deep breath and said to the old man, “Thank you very much, Master.”

“Don’t thank me. You and your people must leave as well.” said the old man, annoyed.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Why were those people so strange? They had threatened him a moment before, and then they had expelled the young man from the Everlasting Palace.

“You two, stay here for a while, you’re our guests of honor.” said the old man to Lin Feng and Meng Qing. Meng Qing and Lin Feng looked extremely surprised. What was going on?

The professor in the golden-purple clothes was even more surprised. Snow Clan’s people… He hadn’t thought that a member of the Snow Clan was with Lin Feng and was disguised as a man. He knew that the women from the Snow Clan were astonis.h.i.+ngly beautiful.

“Lin Feng is very talented, he even killed an emperor with just the strength of the Zun Qi layer. Some incredibly powerful women are with him and apparently, they are a couple. Lin Feng’s future will be phenomenally brilliant as long as he doesn’t die prematurely.” thought the professor.

It was only normal that the World Clan had invited Lin Feng and Meng Qing, they wanted to be closer to the Snow Clan by making friends with them.

The World Clan had existed for a very long time,

long time, so they were proud too. That was why they didn’t respect Gold-Fire Tower. The girl from the Snow Clan was around the same age as Lin Feng and they were also around the same age as Lang Ye, so they could become good friends.

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng looked at the old man. If he refused, they could get angry. Besides, Lin Feng was very interested in their clan too.

“Thank you for inviting us, but Master, she’s my wife too, so she must come.” Lin Feng said, pointing at Qiu Yue Xin. The old man from the World Clan was surprised, but smiled, “Alright, of course.”

“Lin Feng, we’re going to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, so if you come later, you can still find me.” said the professor, then they left with their boat.

“Lin Feng.” said the old man smiling, “Let’s go, we rarely receive outsiders.”

Lin Feng and the others flew in the sky before eventually landing on the ground. There were dark clouds looming overhead, covering the entire mountain range in darkness. The World Clan had done that on purpose because they wanted their territory to be hidden, for it to look like a desolate mountain range.

“Lin Feng, what do you think about our clan, the World Clan?” asked the old man. They had arrived in a castle already.

“Terrifying.” said Lin Feng. Zun Lin Feng. Zun cultivators were the weakest cultivators in that place and there were emperors everywhere.

“Have you ever been to the Snow Clan?” asked the old man smiling.

Lin Feng shook his head, he knew nothing about the Snow Clan.

“You must have some information about the Snow Clan, right?” asked the old man to Meng Qing.

“Do you want to hear the truth?” asked Meng Qing to the old man. He was surprised and smiled, “What interesting young people. Of course I want to hear the truth.”

“I’ve never been to the Snow Clan.” said Meng Qing. The old man was astonished. Had she been expelled?

Impossible, she had developed a counter strength which could interrupt their World Ceremony.

“But do you have the celestial king body of the Snow Clan?” asked the old man.

“If you are referring to Xue Ling Long, I do.” said Meng Qing. The old man was astonished again, as expected, she had Xue Ling Long’s body.

But how come she had never been to the Snow Clan? The old man couldn’t believe it. However, he quickly thought of a solution.

“Lang Ye is back, and he hasn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer?” thought many people, intrigued. Amongst all those people, there was a young man who was fixedly staring at Lin Feng and the others.

“Master, who are they? Why are they allowed here?” asked the young man who looked particularly unhappy.

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