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PMG Chapter 1670

Chapter 1670: Moon Imperial Palace

Thousands of meters away from the World Clan, three people were riding a sword. Lin Feng was one of them, but he was silent.

Next to him was Qiu Yue Xin who was holding his hand and caressing it. She knew that Lin Feng had been through a lot with Meng Qing and that she couldn't replace her. This time, Lin Feng was very sad to leave her behind.

"The World Clan will not disappoint you." said Lang Ye. He knew that Lin Feng was sad.

"I decided to let her stay there, and I trust the World Clan. This isn't something I could avoid." said Lin Feng, smiling. Lang Ye nodded, "This time, we're going to the Vast Celestial Ancient City, which is one of the eighteen main cities of the Region of the Dark Night. We'll find many strong cultivators there, so we need to remain determined and practice cultivation diligently. We need to break through to the Huang Qi layer as soon as possible."

Lin Feng smiled but didn't talk much, he knew Lang Ye was right.

Lin Feng's Tian Ji Sword was extremely fast, of course, it couldn't compare to the boat, so they'd have to spend more time travelling. While on the sword, they practiced cultivation and looked at the landscapes, there were many tribes, cities, beautiful landscapes, clouds.

Sometimes, people glanced at them, but Lin Feng and the others just ignored them.

The Vast Celestial Ancient City was one of the eighteen main cities of the region, so there were many powerful sects and clans there. Outside of the ancient city, there was an old lake where the water was always calm.

At that moment, outside of the Vast Celestial Ancient City, near the gigantic lake, the sound of music wafted through the air. Someone was playing the zither. With the pavilions, boats, and people who were nicely dressed, the scene resembled a painting.

Above the water, Lin Feng and the two others were still riding the sword.

"Those people know how to enjoy themselves." whispered Lin Feng. He heard music, people's conversations and laughter, it was great.

"The musician looks relaxed, but I'm sure he is extremely determined." Lin Feng knew music, so he could easily determine what the soundwaves contained.

"He's determined, he's a real professional." whispered Lang Ye, opening his eyes. Then, he walked towards the center of the lake.

"Vast Celestial Ancient City." Lin Feng gazed into the distance, then he looked at Qiu Yue Xin and smiled, "Let's go and see."

"The landscape is incredible." thought Lin Feng. He glanced around, noticing a group of beautiful women dancing. Lin Feng sighed, those beautiful women were extremely strong, they were all cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"The moon in the celestial sky. Going to the city, one dance." Lin Feng listened to someone singing. He turned around and saw a young man. That young man was wearing white clothes and was playing his instrument with ten fingers.

"I really don't deserve so much praise, thank you." said one of the women when she saw that everybody was looking at her with admiration.

"Beautiful and talented." said a young man. He looked elegant and smiled thinly, "How are things at the Moon Imperial Palace? When I have time, I'll have to come and visit."

"Mister Bai, would you like to join the Moon Palace?" asked the woman. From her eyes, she seemed to look surprised.

"If you let me join the Moon Clan, I wouldn't refuse." said the young man, smiling. The Moon Imperial Palace had disappeared for a thousand years and now they were back playing music and dancing. That woman proved they hadn't disappeared completely.

The young men around them were all famous, so when they heard that young man, they knew that the Moon Imperial Palace was still in existence.

"The Moon Imperial Palace." Lang Ye repeated. Even though the Moon Imperial Palace wasn't as strong as the World Clan, they were very famous in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, known for their many beautiful women.

Lin Feng didn't understand much about influential groups in the Vast Celestial Ancient City. He had the impression that the Moon Imperial Palace couldn't be compared with the Moon Palace in his previous life.

"In three days, we'll come back to the Vast Celestial Ancient City." said the girl. She slowly stopped playing and took her instrument back. After a short time, the girls disappeared.

n.o.body thought it was strange.

"They're gaining power again." said Lang Ye. Even though the Phoenix Pavilion had disappeared, they never stopped playing the zither.

Some people accelerated on their boats towards some distant music. Then, some music talismans appeared, causing waves to roll in the lakes, almost sinking some boats.

A terrifying Qi appeared in the air, and then the waves stopped.

People could still hear the zither from the talismans, they each turned into golden imprints.

One young man got closer and the deadly energies turned into destructive energies. As the young man was inside those energies, all the talismans broke apart around him.

"Boom!" the talismans exploded, sinking the boat, and throwing Qi out in all directions.

"Those people are enthusiastic." thought Lin Feng smiling.

"Many young people from the Vast Celestial Ancient City are here, and they want to fight. Some of them plan to go to the Moon Imperial Palace in a few days." said someone.

"Strength is strength, it's the most important thing in this world." said Lin Feng, laughing indifferently.

That person looked upset when he heard Lin Feng.

Lang Ye looked at him in a deep and profound way, causing that person to shudder unconsciously.

"Let's go to the ancient city." said Lang Ye, rising in the sky. The lake was just on their path, initially.

However, as they flew away, a strength suddenly emerged. They heard zithers and an ancient music getting louder. Suddenly, imprints moved towards them at full speed.

Lang Ye shook his hands and a terrifying strength appeared, containing world lights. The s.p.a.ce around them became distorted as a vortex appeared, which surrounded everyone.

"How strong." the crowd was wide-eyed.

"The World Clan." whispered the musicians, smiling. Things were going to be fun this time at the Vast Celestial Ancient City.

PMG Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671: The Heaven Clan

Vast Celestial Ancient City was enormous, filled with many heroic cultivators, the sect of the ancient capital resembled an ancient beast which opened its mouth towards the sky.

Lin Feng and the others were in the ancient capital city sightseeing.

Vast Celestial Ancient City had many different influential groups, therefore, there was a high demand for beautiful architectural projects. People wanted lofty, original, creative buildings for their groups.

"Lin Feng, you were the one who wanted to go to Vast Celestial Ancient City, so was there somewhere in particular you wanted to go?" asked Lang Ye.

"There is one place but it's not the right time to go, but if there is an opportunity, I'll go." said Lin Feng indifferently. Apart from becoming stronger, he had another goal for coming to Vast Celestial Ancient City.

"Alright, good. Let's go and find a Master, we'll know more about the city and everything if we ask them." said Lang Ye. He had a king body, so he was a Master too.

Lang Ye was from the World Clan, and their friends were all terrifying groups of influence who thought highly of Lang Ye.

"Alright." said Lin Feng. He wasn't going to refuse. Since he was in Vast Celestial Ancient City, why not hang out with the strong cultivators?

Lang Ye was young and had traveled a lot in the past. He hadn't stayed in the World Clan the whole time. In the past, he used to hide his true ident.i.ty whilst traveling, but now, he decided to travel with the status of a king.

The Heaven Clan one of the existences in Vast Celestial Ancient City, one who has been there for a very long time. They were an ancient clan, like the World Clan. Because those clans had existed for so long, they used to be called Ancient Clans and they had habits and customs which were seen throughout history. Some ancient clans were also called Holy Clans, which meant that they had a Holy Great Emperor.

At that moment, Lang Ye and Lin Feng were in the Heaven Clan.

Lang Ye told Lin Feng a few of these things about the Heaven Clan before they arrived.

Lin Feng and the others were in the periphery of the Heaven Clan, at the very entrance, there were guards of which adorned white gloves, armors, and were all cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

"In the small worlds, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer are incredible cultivators, but in the Heaven Clan, cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer are simply guards." thought Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

"Tell Master Cang Ling that Lang Ye is here and came to see him." said Lang Ye to the guard. One of guards frowned and looked at them coldly. Cang Ling was their current leader, so who would dare ask to to see him!

But when he saw Lang Ye's imposing appearance and that Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin also looked extraordinary, the guard didn't try to offend them. People who p.r.o.nounced their leader's name like that could be from terrifying influential groups or disciples of Holy Clans.

"Please wait a moment." said a guard, glancing at them before he went back into the territory of the clan.

That person had just entered the core territory of the Heaven Clan when the group of young people appeared. The guards frowned and looked at Lang Ye and the others, so they really were from an incredible clan, at least it must be the case considering that the most incredible disciples of Heaven Clan came out.

The one in the front was wearing clean, thin clothes, he looked nice yet rigid. Amongst cultivators of the Zun Qi layer and under, he was the most outstanding one: Cang Xiao. The others with him were all core disciples too, but they still hadn't broken through to the Huang Qi layer, just like Lang Ye.

"The leader of the clan talks about you all the time, Lang Ye, I'm happy to see you." said Cang Xiao, smiling in a warm way. He walked to them and said, "Brother Lang Ye, you came from so far away, please come in. The leader has already started preparing everything for a party."

Then, Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin smiled and nodded. They didn't say anything, and since they were with Lang Ye, they were also guests of honor.

"Cang Xiao." said Lang Ye.

"I wouldn't have thought that you'd remember me." said Cang Xiao, walking ahead. The guards sighed.

The Heaven Clan was an ancient Holy Clan, so it was no surprise that their territory looked incredible. There was a flight of stairs with one-hundred and eight steps. There was a vast area with tables and alcohol waiting for them at the top.

"Little Ye." said the leader, Cang Ling, smiling at Lang Ye and the others. Lin Feng didn't sense any of his Qi, so he couldn't see his cultivation level either.

"Long time no see, you are an incredible host." said Lang Ye, smiling back. The two organizers of the banquet smiled, "Master, you're too polite."

"Come, we're happy to have you here in the Heaven Clan." said Cang Ling, smiling. He pointed at a seat just under the leader's seat, reserved for guests of honor.

Lang Ye nodded and walked there. Lin Feng wanted to follow but Cang Xiao came to them and said, "You two, come with me."

Lin Feng was surprised, Lang Ye wanted to say something, but Lin Feng smiled and said, "Alright."

He already knew he couldn't sit with them, after all, he wasn't from the Ancient World Clan like Lang Ye.

He nodded at Lang Ye and Lang Ye didn't say anything. He walked to his seat as Cang Xiao took Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin to a place where most other young people from the Heaven Clan also sat.

A beautiful woman was seated above Lin Feng. She faced Cang Xiao, as if they had the same social status.

"My name is Cang Yue, what is yours?" asked the girl to Lin Feng, smiling in a gentle way.

"Lin Feng."

"Are you from the World Clan as well?" asked Cang Yue.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, "I'm not."

"You're not?" Cang Ye looked surprised and said, "How come you were with Lang Ye?"

"We met on the way and decided to travel together." said Lin Feng.

"Then which ancient clan are you from?" asked Cang Yue. Lin Feng understood what was going on, he had been placed there because they wanted to learn more about him, and it was easier if a girl asked him these questions.

"I'm an ordinary cultivator, not from any ancient clans." said Lin Feng smiling. Then, he downed his gla.s.s. Cang Yue laughed when she saw that but didn't ask anything more.

At that moment, Cang Ling and Lang Ye were chatting.

"The Moon Imperial Palace are making a reappearance in Vast Celestial Ancient City, so they will probably rise again. Their people are about your age I think."

"They have disappeared over a thousand years, so many Ancient scriptures disappeared with them." replied Lang Ye.

"Of course. The Moon Imperial Palace had incredible disciples, and they had many Ancient scriptures. They had some very powerful ones at that. Some of the better ones they had was the incredible shattering and destructive holy scriptures." said Cang Ling smiling.

"They're just not determined enough." said Lang Ye calmly.

"Haha, many people think that. Of course, Lang Ye, you're from the World Clan, so you're better than most." said Cang Ling smiling. The young people from the Moon Imperial Palace had indeed hurt many outstanding people, but they had their reasons. In the past, the Moon Imperial Palace had offended a Holy Clan, thus forcing them to disappear for a thousand years.

PMG Chapter 1672

Chapter 1672: In the Middle of the Night

Nothing happened during the banquet, Lin Feng just listened to people and tried to learn more about Vast Celestial Ancient City. Since he was there, he had to understand the customs of the city, and who the strongest groups in the city were.

Lin Feng wasn't Lang Ye, he didn't have a dazzling background, so n.o.body talked to him except for Cang Yue who only exchanged a few sentences with him.

After the banquet, Cang Ling took Lang Ye around the Heaven Clan. He had also prepared a place for Lin Feng and Lang Ye to stay.

"Brother Lang Ye, did you know that the Moon Imperial Palace came back to the Moon Imperial Palace? They haven't appeared here for a thousand years, so they might be strong now. They might also have beautiful women, maybe you could find yourself one there." said Cang Xiao.

"Since they're here, we should get to know them." said Lang Ye calmly.

"I think so too. Some other young people from other Holy Clans are sure to come, so you should meet them too." said Cang Xiao.

"Has anyone from the Chu Clan broken through to the Huang Qi layer?" asked Lang Ye. Cang Xiao knew why Lang Ye asked that, the Chu Clan and the Heaven Clan were both Holy Clans, and even though the strongest young man they had possessed the intent of an emperor, he didn't have a king body.

"Not yet. I've heard that the Chu Clan has prepared 72 emperors' intent for him so that he can break through to the Huang QI layer though." said Cang Xiao. Lang Ye nodded indifferently.

"No need to stay with us all the time." said Lang Ye, indicating that he wanted to rest. Cang Xiao smiled and nodded, "If you need anything, just ask me. Make yourself at home."

"Alright." said Lang Ye nodding. Lin Feng interjected, "Can we get a map? We don't understand Vast Celestial Ancient City."

Cang Xiao glanced at Lin Feng and smiled. He released his G.o.dly awareness and transferred a map to Lin Feng.

"Thank you very much." said Lin Feng.

"You're welcome." replied Cang Xiao, then he said to Lang Ye, "I'm off."

When Cang Xiao left, Lang Ye smiled at Lin Feng and said, "Do you want to go to town?"

"I do, I'd love to visit the ancient capital. Besides, I don't like it when there are so many people with me all the time." said Lin Feng.

"I'll come with you." said Lang Ye.

"There's no need, I'll just have a walk and come back." said Lin Feng politely. Lang Ye was surprised, he didn't understand. He smiled but asked nothing. Lin Feng had things to do in Vast Celestial Ancient City apparently, but he also said he'd come back, so there was no need to worry.

"If you need anything, just call me." said Lang Ye, then he left. Lin Feng smiled at Qiu Yue Xin and said, "Go to to the room and have a rest. I'll come back late tonight."

Vast Celestial Ancient City was a lot larger than Celestial Qi Castle, so if Lin Feng wanted to cross the city, a few days still wouldn't be enough. Luckily, the place he wanted to go wasn't too far.

"Alright." Qiu Yue Xin nodded and went to a room. Lin Feng started leaving.

"Brother Lin, where are you going?" asked Cang Yue, she was smiling as always.

"I've never seen the city, so I want to travel around." said Lin Feng.

"I can come with you." said Cang Yue.

"There's no need, I'm used to traveling alone." said Lin Feng as he accelerated. Cang Yue frowned. An ancient imprint trailed behind her as she accelerated.

"Brother Lin, why wouldn't you want a beautiful woman next to you?" Cang Yue asked.

"I told you, I'm used to it." said Lin Feng. Then, he moved exceptionally fast, holy marks even appeared behind him. He was trying to get rid of Cang Yue.

Cang Yue could only watch as Lin Feng disappeared into the distance. She stopped and smiled, "That guy is so fast. I wonder how strong he is."

Lin Feng left the Heaven Clan and went to the South-Western part of the city. Even though he traveled with incredible speed, most people didn't even care about him because there were too many strong cultivators already there, that young man was just a pedestrian to them.

Later that night, Lin Feng stopped and looked at his surroundings. It was hard to imagine that there could be such an abandoned area in Vast Celestial Ancient City.

"It must be here." thought Lin Feng, glancing around. He had stopped at some ruins which seemingly hadn't been lived in for quite some time.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards the ancient palaces, noting a demonic energy there.

"Stop." said someone at that moment.

He turned around and saw a middle-aged person. He said, "You're still too young, you can't go there. Many people die there, so you shouldn't go."

Then, the middle-aged man left. Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered, that person was an emperor.

"Ancient mysteries." thought Lin Feng. He could sense deployment energies, so maybe there was an illusion ahead.

"It is probably the Everlasting Celestial Emperor's memories that I'm thinking of." thought Lin Feng. Unfortunately, he didn't know if he could go there or not, he just knew that it was there.

Lin Feng continued getting closer. At the same time, his eyes slowly turned black and he began to look like a demon.

He looked at the palace, but he couldn't see inside because it was surrounded by pitch-black energies.  It seemed that even with his pitch-black eyes, it wasn't enough.

"Go!" Lin Feng shook his hands and an illusion-like mountain descended from the sky, making the ground quake some. Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed a coldness surround him, and then demon lights appeared inside the darkness.

"Who's inside?" thought Lin Feng, those eyes looked like they belonged to a young person.

n.o.body replied to him and the eyes disappeared. Lin Feng was sure that somebody was inside.

Quickly, Lin Feng sensed a hand filled with death energy moving towards him. He moved back at full speed, but the death Qi was quick to surround him.

"Life!" Lin Feng released life energy and continued moving backwards. He also released sword energies to break the death Qi apart. However, the energies which had already invaded his body were starting to corrode him from the inside out.

Lin Feng continued moving back until he was very far away, feeling a bit relieved. He took a deep breath and absorbed the death energy from a distance.

"Who's that? Even though his death strength is powerful, it's not a strength I can't block. However, I don't know how strong that person really is." thought Lin Feng.

PMG Chapter 1673

Chapter 1673: Celestial Evolution Holy Clan

But that person could go inside, which meant they were at least outstanding.

"I can't go in, it's too dangerous. I'll have to think about it some before I come back." thought Lin Feng. He initially just intended to scout it out anyways. Maybe he could ask Lang Ye about it.

"I wonder who's inside though." whispered Lin Feng. Then, his silhouette flickered and he went back to the Heaven Clan. Lang Ye was outside his room, his eyes were closed and he was absorbing strength of the Earth and the sky as world energies surrounded him.

Lin Feng landed next to him, making him open his eyes and say, "You came back."

"I did." Lin Feng nodded and then sat down next to him and asked, "Do you know anything about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?"

"Celestial Evolution Holy Clan." Lang Ye looked surprised.

"Of course I do. A thousand years ago, they were a very aggressive Holy Clan in Vast Celestial Ancient City, unfortunately, they were destroyed back then. Their territory still exists here, but there's nothing left besides ruins." He was surprised that Lin Feng mentioned such a group.

He had learnt from some memories that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had obtained some things from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, and then had become a great emperor afterwards.

"Of course, many people want to get the Ancient scriptures of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, even some Holy Clans. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan didn't study any ancient scriptures but the evolution scriptures." Lang Ye continued to explain.

"If the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was so strong, who destroyed it?" asked Lin Feng.

"Everything is a mystery now, but according to rumors, it could be the three lives great emperor." said Lang Ye. Lin Feng unconsciously s.h.i.+vered, the three lives great emperor? He knew so much about him already!

"Few people know how strong he really was, and n.o.body knows how old he is. Most people don't even know who he is." said Lang Ye after he saw that Lin Feng looked confused.

Lin Feng remained silent. He had the three lives scriptures with him, so he already knew how terrifying they were. If anyone knew he had the three lives scriptures, they wouldn't hesitate to kill him.

"Even in this world, most people don't know who he is." thought Lin Feng.

"I'll practice the three lives scriptures, and I'll make sure that n.o.body knows about me either." thought Lin Feng.

"Why are you asking me about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?" asked Lang Ye.

"In the Dark Night Region, a Celestial Emperor received deployment strength from someone there, which is why I came to Vast Celestial Ancient City." Explained Lin Feng.

"The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan has disappeared for so long, but you still received something concerning them, that's interesting." said Lang Ye smiling.

"Yesterday evening, I went there, and I noticed that there was someone hiding inside." said Lin Feng.

"That's even more interesting. Considering the Moon Imperial Palace are showing themselves, and now someone appeared inside the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan." whispered Lang Ye.

"What was the link between the Moon Imperial Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?"

"No idea, but a thousand years ago, the rumors said that the Moon Imperial Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were close to each other, that the Moon Imperial Palace had obtained powerful ancient scriptures, the evolution holy scriptures." Lang Ye said.

"Indeed, that's interesting." whispered Lin Feng. The three lives great emperor, the Moon Imperial Palace, the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, something linked those groups.

"Of course, it's just interesting, nothing more. This morning, Cang Xiao came by and said that some monstrously strong cultivators from the other main cities are on their way to Vast Celestial Ancient City too. Some of them even have terrifying body types." said Lang Ye to Lin Feng excitedly.

Lin Feng could tell that Lang Ye wanted to fight, which made him smile.

"King body type, there can't be that many people with king body types in the Dark Night Region." whispered Lin Feng. He realized that Jun Mo Xi's imperial immortal body was something unheard of in the small world, so the people there didn't value him as much as they would here.

"I wonder how Jun Mo Xi is doing. It's been so many years, he must be so far." thought Lin Feng. He had been in the great world for seven-eight years already.

"And what about You You? If she misses me, why doesn't she look for me?" thought Lin Feng, sighing. She was only interested in cultivation, so she couldn't stay with friends all the time.

Lin Feng didn't leave for two more days. He stayed with Yue Xin and they didn't do much besides cultivating and relaxing in the room. Lin Feng was worried when Qiu Yue Xin became controlled by her other personality, he almost felt scared of her at times.

On that day, at the main city gate of Vast Celestial Ancient City, a young man was standing at the top, gazing into the distance. He was surrounded by 360 ancient imprint lights which contained a terrifying strength.

At the same time, in the ancient capital, there were scorching suns which forced people to raise their heads and squint their eyes.

In another place, someone else appeared, he was surrounded by a grey Qi which acted as a fog, cloaking him along with his black robe.

All sorts of people landed in Vast Celestial Ancient City. They came from places all over the region of Dark Night. Outside of the city, above the lake, a silhouette appeared wearing a Taoist robe, with the demeanor of a transcendent being.

He didn't seem to be a Taoist monk though, his look seemed fierce and aggressive like a warrior.

"Good Heavens!" the Taoist smiled and continued flying towards the center of Vast Celestial Ancient City.

PMG Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674: Many Strong Cultivators Together

Outside of a room in the Heaven Clan, Lang Ye and Lin Feng were gazing into the distance. They watched some silhouettes land by a lake inside the Heaven Clan territory.

After a short time, Cang Xiao came to Lin Feng and Lang Ye, smiling at Lang Ye and saying, "The Moon Imperial Palace has appeared by Ice-Moon Lake."

"Let's go." Lang Ye nodded and followed. Lin Feng looked back at the room to Qiu Yue Xin.

Lin Feng nodded at Qiu Yue Xin, then he also left with the others. Qiu Yue Xin watched them disappear, looking sad.

"The feeling is getting more intense, will she appear?" thought Qiu Yue Xin after she sensed the terrifying Mercilessness energy around her.

The Ice-Moon Lake was a gigantic lake in Vast Celestial Ancient City. The water resembled a moon, and it was ice-cold, hence the name.

In a pavilion near the lake, there were some beautiful women dancing, looking like illusions.

The crowd listened to the music and saw a silhouette approaching in the distance, that person was holding a zither.

"Prince Qin Shang." the crowd recognized the prince. Prince Qin Shang wasn't very strong, he hadn't even broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, but he was famous in Vast Celestial Ancient City.

Qin Shang landed by the lake, he had his ten fingers resting on his instrument, "Celestial creatures dancing, I would like to enjoy the show from inside the pavilion."

Someone laughed, "Prince, don't be too impatient, the celestial beings need to dress up first. When a free boat comes by, you can have your fun then."

"Alright, good. I can't wait." said Qin Shang in a gentle way.

"Bai Qi from the Bai Clan is here too." thought the crowd, gazing towards some powerful energies in the distance.

The energies disappeared, but suddenly, it became extremely hot, like a sun was approaching them.

"The Holy Sun Clan is here too." Qin Shang looked at his ancient zither, not even glancing at the person who had landed.

"Of course, the Moon Imperial Palace is here." said the young man in the sky.

In the northern part, a silhouette in grey clothes flew forwards, not releasing any Qi at all.

"The Ancient Witchcraft Clan is also interested in seeing the Moon Imperial Palace." the young man from the Holy Sun Clan was looking at the person in the grey clothes.

The person in the grey clothes nodded at him before he put his hood down, showing his face. He was very young, very pale, and looked erudite.

"The Heaven Clan is here too." thought the crowd. Cang Xiao was there, Lang Ye and Lin Feng were with him.

"Who are those people next to Cang Xiao? They're not from the Heaven Clan." thought some people. When the young man from the Chu Clan saw Lang Ye, he looked surprised. A king body type traveling.

"Look over there." There was a young man wearing a seven-colored robe, and there were dazzling vines around him which looked like imprints.

"It's Dugu who never loses." said someone in the crowd. It was said that Gudu the Winner possessed the imprint king body, which meant that after breaking through to the Huang Qi layer, 3,600 imprints would appear around him.

Apart from them, more and more geniuses appeared, but they weren't as heroic as those people.

Amongst those people, the most prestigious one was the guy from the Chu Clan. Cang Xiao, Prince Qin Shang and Bai Qi were still weaker than him. The young man from the Holy Sun Clan was not from Vast Celestial Ancient City, so n.o.body knew exactly how strong he was. The young man from the Ancient Witchcraft Clan was also quite mysterious. n.o.body knew Lin Feng or Lang Ye either.

Lin Feng was standing next to Lang Ye, glancing around. He felt excited after seeing all those geniuses appearing. Being surrounded by so many strong cultivators was incredible, and helped Lin Feng better understand just how strong those clans really were.

Beautiful women were still dancing, but one of them broke the mold, she smiled and jumped onto an ancient boat. After traversing the waves, she arrived on the sh.o.r.e.

The beautiful woman smiled at the crowd and said, "There are many ancient groups here, but only nine people can get on the boats, so apart from me, only eight people can join. Who would like to join me?"

"If only eight people can get on the boat at a time, will it come back and forth a few times?" asked someone.

The woman smiled and shook her head, "There aren't so many girls in moon palace, so we can't receive too many people. Sorry for the inconvenience."

The crowd looked dejected, the moon palace was too cruel. On the first day, only eight people could join them? There were so many people from Holy Clans there, so how could normal people have a chance?

"Holy Sun Clan, Yang Yan." the young man of the Holy Sun Clan walked forwards and jumped onto the boat.

"Chu Clan, Chu Chun Qiu." the young man of the Chu Clan jumped onto the boat.

"Dugu Clan, Dugu the Winner." the young man with the imprint body jumped onto the boat.

"Ancient Witchcraft Clan, call me the Ancient Sorcerer." said the young man from the Ancient Witchcraft Clan. Quickly, there were already four people on the boat.

"Let's go." whispered Lang Ye. Then, Lin Feng, Lang Ye, and Cang Xiao were above the boat.

Qin Shang and Bai Qi glanced at each other, there was only one spot left.

The two of them jumped onto the boat at the same time. They were now ten people on the boat with the girl from the Moon Imperial Palace.

"Someone needs to leave the boat." said the girl as she smiled thinly.

Many people were looking at Lang Ye and Lin Feng because they didn't know who they were. Many people were even angry, those two strangers dared get on the boat with those outstanding individuals from the Ancient Clans?

Yang Yan and the others looked at Lang Ye and Lin Feng. Cang Xiao had brought those people.

"Heaven Clan, there's someone who needs to leave." said Yang Yan to Lang Ye.

"Ancient World Clan, Lang Ye!" said Lang Ye in a calm and serene way. People frowned, that guy was also from an Ancient Clan.

"Lang Ye from the World Clan!" Yang Yan was surprised. Lang Ye had a king body, so n.o.body could argue with him.

PMG Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675: Fighting Against Yang Yan

"The World Clan has been discreet for so many years, but finally, they're starting to make an appearance again." thought some people. The World Clan was mysterious, having disappeared from the world for such a long time. They had been gone for even longer than the Moon Imperial Palace, and now one of their disciples with a king body had appeared in Vast Celestial Ancient City.

"Surprisingly, a guy from the World Clan with a king body is here, there are two people with king bodies now! Apart from them, Chu Chun Qiu was strong too, n.o.body could kick him out."

Lin Feng looked calm even though he knew that everyone was looking at him. In terms of wealth, he couldn't compare to those young people, but he was interested in the relations.h.i.+p which existed between the Moon Imperial Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, he wanted to know more about that. Since he was in Vast Celestial Ancient City, he was bound to face some challenges at some point, and he didn't intend to get off the boat, so he knew what came next.

At that moment, Cang Xiao looked at Lin Feng and smiled indifferently, "Lin Feng, you can come next time."

Cang Xiao smiled politely and nicely because Lin Feng had come to the Heaven Clan with Lang Ye. He was a guest of honor in the Heaven Clan, but Lin Feng wasn't Lang Ye, he wasn't from an ancient clan.

When the others heard him, they remained silent and looked at Lin Feng calmly as well. Since Cang Xiao had asked him to get off the boat, it meant that Lin Feng wasn't important enough to stay on it, which meant that he was probably going to get off the boat. In their opinion, Cang Xiao, Lang Ye and Lin Feng had come together, so Lin Feng had to listened to them.

But Lin Feng slowly turned around and smiled at Cang Xiao. He looked very friendly but not very polite. He felt uncomfortable though, he had come with them, so why didn't Cang Xiao try to make the others leave? What did he have against Lin Feng?

Even if he had talked politely, it was still humiliating for Lin Feng. Cang Xiao had no reason to make Lin Feng leave and even Lang Ye frowned. Lin Feng had come with him, and they were good friends. Cang Xiao was being rude and impolite, but Lang Ye didn't say anything, however, it wasn't something too dramatic, Lin Feng could solve the issue himself.

Lin Feng smiled at Cang Xiao indifferently and said, "I'm not waiting until next time."

Cang Xiao's smile suddenly turned rigid.

"Alright, as you wish." Because Lang Ye and Lin Feng were friends, Cang Xiao couldn't argue with him. He was just annoyed.

"Name, and where are you from?" ased Yang Yan to Lin Feng, a gigantic sun was already moving towards Lin Feng.

"Lin Feng, I don't belong to any group." said Lin Feng, his eyes were pitch-black.

"Oh?" Yang Yan's fire was getting more intense. Suddenly, the fireball exploded. Lin Feng found the energies to be a bit painful, forcing him back a little.

"He doesn't have a group and still dares to get on the boat?" said Yang Yan, the corner of his mouth curled upwards.

The others remained silent and calm as they looked at Lin Feng. That guy had to understand that he had to leave the boat.

Lin Feng looked at Yang Yan and suddenly, he started moving like the wind.

"Huh?" Yang Yan was surprised that Lin Feng was attacking him. Flames of fury emerged from Yang Yan's eyes and his suns became incomparably bright.

"Die!" said a voice carrying demon intent. Lin Feng was fearless as he faced the gigantic sun.

"Break!" shouted Lin Feng. The sky shook as the sun broke apart. Lang Ye also started moving and world lights appeared, making so that the boat didn't swing at all.

"Boom boom!" the two people moved away from each other. Yang Yan jumped off the boat, floating in the air. It felt like his hand was broken from their previous exchange.

Lin Feng was still on the boat, inside Lang Ye's world lights. Lin Feng smiled at him indifferently, "The only decent thing about you is the name of your clan."

"Kacha!" Yang Yan summoned another sun which surrounded him. Then he shouted, "Come here!"

Lin Feng slowly rose up in the air and faced Yang Yan.

"Interesting." thought many people who looked amused. Yang Yan had studied the Sun Ancient scriptures, so it wasn't surprising that his attacks were so explosive.

Yang Yan stretched out his arm, and another gigantic sun streaked across the sky.

"Yang Yan's sun scriptures are a lot better than the cosmos-burning sun technique I studied, but that's not surprising because they were only Tian level scriptures." thought Lin Feng.

The lights from the sun were blinding as they neared Lin Feng, at the same time the sun was moving, Yang Yan also moved, a red sun appearing in his hand as he ran towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn't know how to react to this onslaught. He couldn't only rely on his demon strength, otherwise, he'd have no chance of winning. It was rare for him to face such strong people.

He stretched out his hand and destructive energies flushed, making his hand look black and thick.

"Die!" Lin Feng's lights and the sun collided.

Right after the exchange, Yang Yan moved his other hand and another sun appeared. If it reached Lin Feng's head, his head would explode.

"Celestial Death Curtain." said Lin Feng, moving his other hand as well. Terrifying energies moved towards the sun again, then the hot and death energies collided and exploded.

"Your attacks aren't bad." said Yang Yan, smiling coldly. He released another sun, even more terrifying than the previous. Around him, several more suns appeared too.

"You're from a Holy Clan and yet, you're only an average fighter." Lin Feng mocked. Suddenly, he released sword energies.

Back on the boat, most of the group were surprised. Lin Feng was quite strong, he could even compete with Yang Yan. Besides, he didn't look scared at all.

Even Cang Xiao was surprised. Lin Feng really was terrifying. Was he a hermit? Otherwise, he couldn't have come to the Heaven Clan with Lang Ye.

"Please stop fighting." said the girl from the Moon Imperial Palace. She slowly rose up in the air and smiled at Lin Feng and Yang Yan, "You can't get hurt because of such a small thing. We'll make an exception, you can both come on the boat."

Yang Yan looked at her and smiled, "Alright, it would be rude for me to offend the Moon Imperial Palace, so I won't kill him."

Lin Feng was surprised, kill him?

"It's good when people know how to behave though." Lin Feng retorted, making Yang Yan look furious again.

"Alright, please don't fight anymore." said the woman, smiling wryly.

"Hmph!" Yang Yan groaned coldly. Then, they all landed back on the boat. The woman smiled and asked Lin Feng, "Prince, you used several types of abstruse energies before, do you have a special body?"

"My body type allows me to learn ten types of abstruse energies!" replied Lin Feng, smiling. Then, he landed on the boat.

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