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Chapter 1673

Chapter 1673: Celestial Evolution Holy Clan

But that person could go inside, which meant they were at least outstanding.

“I can’t go in, it’s too dangerous. I’ll have to think about it some before I come back.” thought Lin Feng. He initially just intended to scout it out anyways. Maybe he could ask Lang Ye about it.

“I wonder who’s inside though.” whispered Lin Feng. Then, his silhouette flickered and he went back to the Heaven Clan. Lang Ye was outside his room, his eyes were closed and he was absorbing strength of the Earth and the sky as world energies surrounded him.

Lin Feng landed next to him, making him open his eyes and say, “You came back.”

“I did.” Lin Feng nodded and then sat down next to him and asked, “Do you know anything about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?”

“Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.” Lang Ye looked surprised.

“Of course I do. A thousand years ago, they were a very aggressive Holy Clan in Vast Celestial Ancient City, unfortunately, they were destroyed back then. Their territory still exists here, but there’s nothing left besides ruins.” He was surprised that Lin Feng mentioned such a group.

He had

learnt from some memories that the Everlasting Celestial Emperor had obtained some things from the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, and then had become a great emperor afterwards.

“Of course, many people want to get the Ancient scriptures of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, even some Holy Clans. The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan didn’t study any ancient scriptures but the evolution scriptures.” Lang Ye continued to explain.

“If the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan was so strong, who destroyed it?” asked Lin Feng.

“Everything is a mystery now, but according to rumors, it could be the three lives great emperor.” said Lang Ye. Lin Feng unconsciously s.h.i.+vered, the three lives great emperor? He knew so much about him already!

“Few people know how strong he really was, and n.o.body knows how old he is. Most people don’t even know who he is.” said Lang Ye after he saw that Lin Feng looked confused.

Lin Feng remained silent. He had the three lives scriptures with him, so he already knew how terrifying they were. If anyone knew he had the three lives scriptures, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.

“Even in this world, most people don’t know who he is.” thought Lin

Lin Feng.

“I’ll practice the three lives scriptures, and I’ll make sure that n.o.body knows about me either.” thought Lin Feng.

“Why are you asking me about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?” asked Lang Ye.

“In the Dark Night Region, a Celestial Emperor received deployment strength from someone there, which is why I came to Vast Celestial Ancient City.” Explained Lin Feng.

“The Celestial Evolution Holy Clan has disappeared for so long, but you still received something concerning them, that’s interesting.” said Lang Ye smiling.

“Yesterday evening, I went there, and I noticed that there was someone hiding inside.” said Lin Feng.

“That’s even more interesting. Considering the Moon Imperial Palace are showing themselves, and now someone appeared inside the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.” whispered Lang Ye.

“What was the link between the Moon Imperial Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?”

“No idea, but a thousand years ago, the rumors said that the Moon Imperial Palace and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were close to each other, that the Moon Imperial Palace had obtained powerful ancient scriptures, the evolution holy scriptures.” Lang Ye said.

“Indeed, that’s interesting.” whispered Lin Feng. The three lives great emperor, the Moon Imperial Palace, the Celestial Evolution

Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, something linked those groups.

“Of course, it’s just interesting, nothing more. This morning, Cang Xiao came by and said that some monstrously strong cultivators from the other main cities are on their way to Vast Celestial Ancient City too. Some of them even have terrifying body types.” said Lang Ye to Lin Feng excitedly.

Lin Feng could tell that Lang Ye wanted to fight, which made him smile.

“King body type, there can’t be that many people with king body types in the Dark Night Region.” whispered Lin Feng. He realized that Jun Mo Xi’s imperial immortal body was something unheard of in the small world, so the people there didn’t value him as much as they would here.

“I wonder how Jun Mo Xi is doing. It’s been so many years, he must be so far.” thought Lin Feng. He had been in the great world for seven-eight years already.

“And what about You You? If she misses me, why doesn’t she look for me?” thought Lin Feng, sighing. She was only interested in cultivation, so she couldn’t stay with friends all the time.

Lin Feng didn’t leave for two more days. He stayed with Yue stayed with Yue Xin and they didn’t do much besides cultivating and relaxing in the room. Lin Feng was worried when Qiu Yue Xin became controlled by her other personality, he almost felt scared of her at times.

On that day, at the main city gate of Vast Celestial Ancient City, a young man was standing at the top, gazing into the distance. He was surrounded by 360 ancient imprint lights which contained a terrifying strength.

At the same time, in the ancient capital, there were scorching suns which forced people to raise their heads and squint their eyes.

In another place, someone else appeared, he was surrounded by a grey Qi which acted as a fog, cloaking him along with his black robe.

All sorts of people landed in Vast Celestial Ancient City. They came from places all over the region of Dark Night. Outside of the city, above the lake, a silhouette appeared wearing a Taoist robe, with the demeanor of a transcendent being.

He didn’t seem to be a Taoist monk though, his look seemed fierce and aggressive like a warrior.

“Good Heavens!” the Taoist smiled and continued flying towards the center of Vast Celestial Ancient City.

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