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PMG Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681: Great b.e.s.t.i.a.l Emperor

"What terrifying b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi, that must be a great imperial beast." thought Lin Feng. The Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures have attracted a lot of strong cultivators.

"That beast is a gigantic and ancient lion. He's from one of the three incredible b.e.s.t.i.a.l clans of Vast Celestial Ancient City. The other two haven't arrived yet it seems." Lang Ye explained.

"The animals with him are terrifying, and that girl…" Lin Feng saw a beautiful woman. She was wearing a cyan dress, she had a beautiful figure, thin straight hair, and her eyebrows looked like crescent moons. She had a nose similar to Xue Ling Long. Not to mention that she had beautiful lips and b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

"If I'm not mistaken, that must be Qing Feng. I've heard that she possesses phoenix blood." whispered Lang Ye.

"Indeed, that's Qing Feng. n.o.body really knows what kind of body she has though. In any case, she is extremely talented. Apparently, she can control several types of energies, and is considered the holy woman by most people." Dugu the Winner explained.

"Everybody, let's join hands and see if we can deactivate the deployment spell!" asked a strong cultivator.

"Alright." said the crowd.

The weaker people moved away, not wanting to stand in the middle of those people's energies.

Lin Feng and Lang Ye also moved away. This time, several great emperors were going to join hands, so the energies that spilt over might kill them.

"Let's start!" shouted a strong cultivator. A gigantic hand descended from the sky, at the same time, the strong cultivator from the Chu Clan released destructive imprints.

The beast emperor roared furiously, all these destructive energies a.s.saulted the central palace. Nothing could be heard except for the continuous explosions. The lights brought about from the energies were so bright that the crowd couldn't see either.

When things finally calmed down, the looked at the palace which was already destroyed, reduced to ashes. However, the deployment spell still hadn't disappeared, it was distorted and fluctuating, but in the end, it stabilized and turned into the ancient chessboard again.

The chessboard was twinkling, rays of lights were intertwining on it.

"How many layers are there in that Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell? One layer has been destroyed, and the palace appeared, so why did the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell appear? Could that chessboard be the entrance to the small world of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan?"

"We're wasting our time here." said the beast cultivator unhappily. They couldn't break the deployment spell, that was now a fact. They rose up in the air and disappeared.

The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell was surrounded by strange energies.

"Without a holy great emperor, we can't break the deployment spell." said Dugu the Winner. He didn't know why either though.

"Qing Feng, why are you not leaving?" asked the ancient beast to Qing Feng. However, Qing Feng landed in front of Dugu the Winner, Lang Ye and the others.

"Dugu the Winner, I've heard that a cultivator who can control ten different sorts of abstruse energies appeared in the ancient capital. Who is he?" Qing Feng asked. Lin Feng was standing right next to Dugu the Winner, but he didn't know what to say. Qing Feng was looking for someone with a body which allowed him to understand ten different types of abstruse energies, but why?

Dugu the Winner pointed at Lin Feng, then Qing Feng turned to Lin Feng. she said, "You have a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies?"

"Indeed." Lin Feng nodded.

"Come with me." said Qing Feng in a gentle way. Then she turned around and started walking away. Lin Feng was startled and asked, "Where are we going?"

"To the Beast Clan." said Qing Feng. Lin Feng was under a lot of pressure with the great beast emperor there.

"Master, please know that Lin Feng is a friend of the World Clan." said Lang Ye to the ancient beast. The ancient beast glanced at him and muttered, "Ancient World King Body."

"Don't worry, Qing Feng just wants to invite him as a guest, so we won't kill him." said the ancient lion. Lang Ye nodded and said, "I trust you, of course."

Then, Lang Ye nodded at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had no choice anyways, so he followed Qing Feng even though he didn't know why they were looking for someone with his abilities.

"Little boy, if you're in danger, just say that you have a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies." said Yan Di to Lin Feng using telepathy.

The Beast Clan was at the periphery of Vast Celestial Ancient City. Their small world was vast and filled with forests, gigantic mountains, nature…

Lin Feng followed Qing Feng silently.

They arrived on a flight of stairs which led to a beast palace. Many young people were looking at Qing Feng, seemingly with amus.e.m.e.nt.

"Are you a human?" asked a young man whose fur was made of flames.

Lin Feng nodded. That young man frowned, "Why did you come here?"

"She took me here." replied Lin Feng, shrugging. The young man looked at Qing Feng and asked, "Qing Feng, why did you bring a human being?"

Qing Feng glanced at the young man and said coldly, "Mind your own business, will you?"

"Of course, but you know he hates it when you hang out with humans." said the young man.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Qing Feng aggressively. Then he moved away while still looking at Lin Feng in a cold way.

They arrived in a great hall filled with oppressive energies. A lion king looked at Lin Feng and asked, "Do you have a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies? Show me how many types of abstruse energies you control."

Lin Feng said nothing and released abstruse energies: Demon, Earth, death, flames, wind, and so on.

The lion looked stoical and asked Qing Feng, "What do you intend to do?"

"I'm taking him with me." said Qing Feng. The great emperor nodded and said, "Follow Qing Feng to her room."

PMG Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682: Geniuses Cooperate

Qing Feng lived at the top of a mountain. Her house was simple-looking, situated near a lake. There was a wooden bridge over the lake which led to her house.

"Animals must like simplicity. Seeing how Qing Feng is a phoenix, she should like trees. But even though there are trees here, they don't seem that suitable for phoenixes." thought Lin Feng. He was wondering what kind of animal Qing Feng really was. She was beautiful, slim, and Lin Feng was standing next to her but had the feeling that she was very far away.

On the lakeside, Qing Feng stopped and looked back at Lin Feng. She said in a gentle way, "Show me the attack you used against Yang Yan."

Lin Feng looked at her in a strange way and said, "I'm not an actor."

Qing Feng was surprised after she heard him. "If you don't like acting, then let's fight." said Qing Feng. Then she became like water and turned into an illusion. She raised her hands and moved towards him at full speed. However, Lin Feng didn't sense wind energies, rather empty s.p.a.ce energies had surrounded him. He probably couldn't escape if he tried.

"Great Earth Destruction!" the ground cracked. Lin Feng didn't hesitate and used a powerful attack. Their fists collided, and even though Qing Feng's fist was small and delicate, Lin Feng felt that he had punched waves of water which pushed him back.

"Wind, empty s.p.a.ce, shadow, water, Earth, and what else?" Lin Feng was amazed. He could use several types of abstruse energies, so he could recognize when other people used several types.

"Will you show me your energies, or do I have to continue making you use them?" asked Qing Feng. Her cyan clothes and her hair were still fluttering in the wind. Lin Feng had many thoughts. She had taken him there, and she could probably control ten types of abstruse energies too, but it was strange, was she relying on a special body type like him? Why did she need him?

"Do you really want to see?" asked Lin Feng, smiling. His interest was piqued.

"I want to see all the types of energies you can use." said Qing Feng indifferently.

"Alright." Lin Feng nodded and condensed sword energies in his hands.

"Wind-Thunder Laceration!" said Lin Feng, sword lights which contained both wind and thunder energies then rolled in waves.

"Desolate Ksana, Nirvana Sunya Destruction, Desolate Explosion, Vayu Death…" Lin Feng used all his sword attacks. In a short time, he carried out twenty different sword attacks using all sorts of energies. A web of sword energies were left in the air, not dispersing for a while.

Lin Feng then used his Deadly Demon Punch, Great Earth Destruction, Earth Punch, and so on.

Qing Feng was watching, looking surprised.

Lin Feng stopped and smiled at Qing Feng, "Is that enough?"

He was convinced that she hadn't brought him there only for him to show her what he could do.

However, at that moment, Qing Feng jumped onto a gigantic stone and closed her eyes. Then she was motionless, her hair was fluttering in the wind. In her brain, she visualized Lin Feng's attacks in slow motion.

Lin Feng was surprised, what was Qing Feng doing?

She remained like this for a very long time, completely motionless, surrounded by a pure holy Qi.

"I better not offend this animal clan." thought Lin Feng. He was annoyed, but he went to a higher point and gazed into the distance.

Bang! Suddenly, something happened. Lin Feng turned around and saw terrifying energies.

"That's Ksana strength is just like my Desolate Ksana attack, but this one is even more explosive." thought Lin Feng. Qing Feng didn't entirely use the same energies as Lin Feng, she used wind and empty s.p.a.ce energies like he had but changed the others.

"She's using my energies to practice cultivation. Maybe her special body allows for mimicry?" thought Lin Feng. After a short time, Qing Feng carried out a second attack which was similar to his Vayu Death attack.

She looked delicate and gentle, but her attacks were terrifying. She carried out attacks one after the other without stopping, her movements were fluid, and she was agile.

Bang! A cyan light shot out towards an ancient tree in the distance. The tree exploded and turned to ashes.

"That's…" Lin Feng was stupefied, that was a fusion of his Desolate Ksana and his Great Earth Destruction. Qing Feng had created a new attack, and not just that, it was perfect!

"Desolate Ksana and Great Earth Destruction fusion." Lin Feng's eyes became pitch-black. His celestial book spirit appeared, and he also closed his eyes. He played back the attack in his mind.

His Desolate Ksana attack consisted of Ksana strength and the main types of abstruse energies used for that attack were empty s.p.a.ce and wind abstruse energies. His Great Earth Destruction was an explosive attack, since it used speed too, it was also related to Ksana strength, which was purely related to speed. Lin Feng reviewed the attack in his head several times, then he tried different sorts of strength, he also modified the abstruse energies, but nothing worked. Then, he tried releasing wind and empty s.p.a.ce abstruse energies to surround the Great Earth Destruction attack.

Finally, he opened his eyes and gazed into the distance. The explosive and Ksana energies didn't disperse for a while.

"I'll call that one Nihility Ksana Waves." Lin Feng looked excited and happy. He was smiling in a resplendent way. It had been some time since he last understood energy fusions.

Lin Feng looked at Qing Feng, she was also looking back at him, but she was surprised. He could also use the attack she had created.

Lin Feng moved towards her and landed on the gigantic stone next to her. Qing Feng frowned, she didn't feel comfortable, but seeing Lin Feng's magnificent smile, she felt relaxed. He looked kindhearted and extremely happy to study cultivation. That kind of honest expression put her at ease.

"Let's help each other." said Lin Feng, smiling at Qing Feng. He had the feeling that they could become stronger if they helped each other.

Qing Feng looked surprised, she had taken Lin Feng there to help her practice cultivation, and she succeeded, but he had also learnt from her.

"I can make more energies fuse together, and then we can continue learning from each other. It's a win-win relations.h.i.+p." said Lin Feng smiling. Qing Feng remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded, she agreed.

PMG Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683: Meeting Again

Lin Feng and Qing Feng continued trying different types of energies, studying diligently. Lin Feng was already convinced that Qing Feng also had a special power which allowed her to study ten different types of abstruse energies, but he didn't know how. In any case, she was a genius too.

"That death sword comes from your Deadly Demon Punch, but if you added wind, it'd be even more terrifying. You can try creating a new deadly sword attack like that." Qing Feng and Lin Feng were seated cross-legged on a gigantic stone conversing.

"Use the abstruse energies you use for your death sword and make them fuse together with your Vayu Death attack. At the same time, use your Vayu Death abstruse energies and make them fuse together your death sword. Try combining these bit by bit until it works." said Qing Feng.

Lin Feng listened to her carefully, but it was difficult to pay attention to what she was saying because she was so beautiful. She was even more beautiful than the girls from Moon Imperial Palace.

Qing Feng stopped talking after she noticed that Lin Feng was staring at her. She looked surprised and turned her head.

"You look too beautiful." said Lin Feng, smiling. She didn't get angry when Lin Feng complimented her. She knew he wasn't a pervert, besides, they had spent a few days together already and they had lots in common.

"Let's continue studying." said Qing Feng. Lin Feng nodded and they continued studying. Time pa.s.sed slowly. In the meantime, back in Vast Celestial Ancient City, many strong cultivators were inspecting the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan's palace, trying to understand how to break the deployment spell.

Great Emperors, emperors, and young geniuses were all talking about the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.

Sometime later, someone wearing a golden-fire robe and a helmet walked towards Qing Feng's place. It was a young man. After he arrived at the top of the mountain, he saw Qing Feng and Lin Feng on a stone, talking and sitting close to each other. They almost looked like a couple, which made the young man upset.

Boom! A fireball appeared. He had always thought that Qing Feng would be his future wife, especially considering that she had never made friends with men. What was this supposed to mean?

"Wu." said Qing Feng, frowning. Then, she said coldly, "How come you came to my place without telling me in advance?"

"Who is he?" asked Wu, looking at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng was thinking that Wu's fire was even more terrifying than Yang Yan's.

"Mind your own business!" said Qing Feng.

"You're my future wife." said Wu firmly. Qing Feng replied, "You're the only one who thinks that way."

"My grandfather and the lion ancestor will go to your father and ask him for us to marry." said Wu, fixedly staring at Qing Feng.

"Hmph!" Qing Feng groaned coldly and said, "What do you want from me?"

"The Prince of Sadness and all the outstanding young people from Vast Celestial Ancient City are going to try and break the Deployment spells together. We should go and show them that beasts shouldn't be underestimated." explained Wu. Lin Feng was reminded of the great oriental greenfinch roc when he heard Wu, they had the same voice. Lin Feng could guess that this guy was probably an arrogant bird too.

"Is Suan coming?" asked Qing Feng.

"Suan is already there, we're just waiting for you now." said Wu. Qing Feng nodded and stood up. In Vast Celestial Ancient City, beasts and animals lived together, but they did have prejudices against each other, they just didn't show it. It was a constant compet.i.tion for each generation.

"Lin Feng, come with us." said Qing Feng. Lin Feng nodded, he had nothing to do here if she left.

"Are you the one who has a body which allows you to understand ten different types of abstruse energies?" asked Wu, his eyes were bright and golden, just like two suns.

"Is there a problem?" asked Lin Feng indifferently. That guy really looked like the great oriental greenfinch roc, and he was an arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d who considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.

"You better not spend time with Qing Feng again, otherwise you'll have to bear the responsibilities." said Wu while releasing fire energies. Then he turned around and left.

Qing Feng and Lin Feng caught up with him and after a short time, but there was another young man with him. His Qi was like the great animal emperor, so he was probably a lion as well.

Suan looked at Lin Feng. He didn't look as arrogant or as sharp as Wu, but he seemed aggressive and imposing.

The Prince of Sadness was a love maniac who enjoyed breaking women's hearts, but he was also quite strong. He was the descendent of a Holy Clan, but n.o.body really knew how strong he was because he never fought anyone, and n.o.body dared belittle him.

The Prince of Sadness was gentle, especially when it came to women, so it wasn't surprising that he didn't have many enemies. He was probably one of the most outstanding young people of his generation.

At that moment, the Prince of Sadness was in the House of Sadness, accompanied with several women. All the women were very young and they all looked incredibly beautiful.

There was also a gigantic chessboard in the House Sadness, and it looked like the chessboard from the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell.

"The Prince of Sadness is really skilled and outstanding. Surprisingly, he's even interested in deployment spells." Qin Shang was playing the zither on the side.

"You're much more talented than me." said the Prince of Sadness, smiling at Qin Shang.

"Stop pretending." said Bai Qi coldly.

"I'm not interested in deployment spells, but I'm interested in seeing everyone who comes today." said Yang Yan enthusiastically. "The Prince of Sadness is close to the Moon Imperial Palace and invited them personally, so how could I miss that. I also want to see the outstanding people from Vast Celestial Ancient City."

"Brother Yang Yan, I feel honored that you came." said the Prince of Sadness, smiling in a gentle way.

"Sister Cang Yue, brother Cang, brother Lang Ye, welcome!" Cang Xiao and Cang Yue from the Heaven Clan, as well as Lang Ye had arrived.

"Prince of Sadness, you're so elegant, you always mention women first in your sentences." said Dugu the Winner. Lang Ye had a king body, while Cang Xiao and Cang Yue were both the most outstanding young persons from the Heaven Clan, but still, the Prince of Sadness mentioned Cang Yue first in his sentence.

The Prince of Sadness just smiled. After that, Chu Chun Qiu, the Ancient Sorcerer, and after a while everyone else arrived.

A moon appeared in the sky, nine celestial creatures appeared and descended from the sky, captivating the crowd.

"The celestial creatures from the Moon Palace came, what an honor."

"So beautiful, they never change. I missed them!" thought Yang Yan. Where had the Moon Imperial Palace found those extremely beautiful women?

Yi Ren Lei glanced around, but she didn't see Lin Feng, which suddenly made her worried. Yang Yan went to her and smiled, "I could never forget you."

Yi Ren Lei calmly glanced at him, but she didn't try to turn him on this time, she even looked a bit cold. She just nodded at him indifferently.

"We should have a gla.s.s, Yi Ren." said Yang Yan.

"I'm sorry." said Yi Ren Lei, refusing. Yang Yan could only remember how s.e.xy she looked back on that day, he really wanted to see her like that again.

PMG Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684: Who Can Break That Deployment Spell?

"You're making me even more interested." said Yang Yan as he stared at her body. He didn't act discreetly either, he just stared at her like a pervert, practically drooling.

"Good for you." said Yi Ren Lei indifferently. She didn't mind, this wasn't her first time dealing with someone like him.

Even more talented people arrived at the House of Sadness. The Prince of Sadness had invited all the most outstanding young people in Vast Celestial Ancient City, not just those from Holy Clans, but also those from ancient clans. He also invited some deployment spell casters.

"Prince of Sadness, can we try to break the deployment spell whenever we want?" asked a young man wearing fine clothes.

"Of course, anytime you want." said the Prince of Sadness, smiling.

"Is it really the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell?" asked someone.

"One-hundred percent! Though, it's only a simplified form. We couldn't make the authentic Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell." said the Prince of Sadness, smiling.

"Alright, I'll give it a try." someone rose up in the air and moved towards the deployment spell. Suddenly, lights invaded the palace and the chessboard started shaking violently. A destructive strength surrounded that person and attacked him.

Boom! That person was propelled away, but the chessboard didn't move.

"The Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell contains several types of strength which keep metamorphosing it seems. There's no way of breaking it." thought the crowd. Waves of energies were rolling, and that person from before was struggling. He looked like he was in pain, but he smiled and said, "Prince of Sadness, that deployment spell is very strange. I can't break it."

"It's alright." said the Prince of Sadness, smiling before adding, "I can't break it either."

That person looked skeptical. Was he just trying to give him face?

"You don't understand deployment spells at all. What you did was entirely useless." said someone else.

Four people appeared in the distance, and each of their Qi was extraordinary. There was a girl among them, and she looked drop-dead gorgeous.

"That's Qing Feng from the animal clan. She's even more beautiful than those celestial girls from the moon palace." thought the crowd. Qing Feng and three young men arrived. One of the men was surrounded by golden-fire energies, he looked both sharp and sly. Lin Feng was there too, but many people had already seen him before.

"The geniuses of the animal clan are here!" thought the crowd.

Yang Yan slowly rose up in the air and looked at the crow. Yang Yan practiced sun cultivation, and that beast was a sun beast. If Yang Yan could absorb the crow's fire, it would be extremely beneficial for him. However, inside Vast Celestial Ancient City, he couldn't even consider that option with his current strength. Even if he was stronger, he still wouldn't dare. Their clan was enigmatic and unfathomable.

The crow glanced at Yang Yan and said coldly, "You dare look at me because you also study sun cultivation? How insolent!"

Fwoosh… a sun instantly started moving towards Yang Yan. Yang Yan suddenly raised his hands and several suns appeared. Explosions sounded as they collided, but there were still two suns in front of him.

"p.i.s.s off, p.i.s.s off!" the two suns continued moving forwards, making Yang Yan ran away. The crow looked at him and said, "You must blame yourself for your ignorance, you dared look at me!"

"You can't compete with me." said the golden crow. Then, he glanced at the deployment spell and then at Qing Feng. Could Qing Feng break it? He wanted everyone to know that they were the strongest because they were animals.

Yang Yan looked at Lin Feng coldly and asked, "Since when are you with the animal clan?"

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently. Yang Yan had just been humiliated and now he wanted to vent his anger.

"Pieces of trash always talk s.h.i.+t." said Lin Feng, smiling. Yang Yan frowned, Lin Feng didn't even glance at him.

Lang Ye glanced at Lin Feng, he wanted to tell him that his wife had disappeared. However, he didn't say anything right now, there'd be a better time later.

"I'll go and try." said Dugu the Winner, walking towards the deployment spell. He then started releasing dazzling energies which intertwined with each other.

"If you don't move, the pieces won't move either it seems." thought the crowd.

Dugu the Winner made two steps, and suddenly, a terrifying strength attacked his imprints.

"The first guy who tried kept running on the chessboard, so the situation became chaotic. With each step Dugu the Winner makes, the chessboard changes." said a strong cultivator who knew about deployment spells.

Finally, after having tried a myriad of times, Dugu the Winner gave up.

After that, many other people tried and failed, however, the deployment spell was wearing down each time.

"If some deployment spell casters go in and control the energies, maybe they can try to control the entire deployment spell." said an emperor who was standing next to Yang Yan.

"Hehe, you must understand deployment spells, I'm thinking the same thing as you." said another person.

Prince of Sadness smiled indifferently and said, "Anyone can try and break it."

"Qing Feng." said Wu. He was wondering if she had noticed anything.

Qing Feng was captivated, that deployment spell was too mysterious, she couldn't understand it at all.

She turned to Lin Feng whose eyes were slightly closed. She was surprised. She had spent some time with Lin Feng and she could tell that he was thinking about something. Did he understand deployment spells?

PMG Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685: Killing an Emperor

The Everlasting Celestial Emperor's most powerful deployment spells were evolution deployment spells and the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell was precisely an evolution deployment spell.

The memories Lin Feng had obtained from the Everlasting Celestial Emperor contained pieces of information concerning Vast Celestial Ancient City, so maybe they had something to do with the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan.

At that moment, Lin Feng was visualizing a gigantic chessboard. He could see each piece distinctly. Since that chessboard deployment spell couldn't be destroyed by brute force, it meant that there was a special method to do it. The caster had definitely carved it so that someone could destroy it.

"Lang Ye, don't you want to try the chessboard?" Lin Feng asked.

Lang Ye looked at Lin Feng in a strange way but he still nodded. He started walking on the chessboard, and each time he stepped on it, a strength emerged. The strength was more and more mysterious as he moved further along. Even Lang Ye, who controlled world strength, quickly had to jump off it.

"What do you think?" asked Lang Ye.

"It can't be broken with just one person." said Lin Feng. Everybody suddenly looked at him.

"Maybe we should try four people, including a deployment spell caster. Each of them should get onto the board from four different sides." said Lin Feng. "You must have noticed that each time someone tries, the deployment spell strength becomes increasingly mysterious as people move further along. So I'm thinking that if four people go for it, the pieces will stop moving, and if all four of those people managed to get to the center, the deployment spell would be broken."

They could use the smaller deployment spells to try and study it, but the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell would be much more complicated to break. n.o.body wanted to try it because they could die. Besides, people didn't know how similar that small one and the real one were.

"Arrogant little boy." said one of the deployment spell masters from the Holy Clan, glancing at Lin Feng in a cold way. The deployment spell masters hadn't found a way to break the deployment spell and Lin Feng dared say he had an idea. How arrogant could he be?

"That deployment spell is based on the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell, so if you think it's so easy, then try it yourself!" said another strong cultivator. He had remained discreet and had tried not to say anything ridiculous until now, but Lin Feng had dared tell them what to do, so he couldn't hold himself back any longer.

"Would you dare go onto the Celestial Evolution Great Deployment Spell?" asked Lin Feng to the strong cultivator in a cold way.

"Hmph! breaking the deployment spell is not as easy as you think." the same guy said again.

"You know nothing. How old are you, baby boy? Do you want to teach elders?" said the deployment spell caster from the Holy Sun Clan mockingly.

Yang Yan laughed and said, "That guy is very ignorant, indeed."

Lin Feng glanced at them and then he immediately jumped onto the chessboard.

"Deployment spells aren't about age, even strength has nothing to do with age. You're both emperors but you are ignorant, shameless, and ridiculous." said Lin Feng, standing on the chessboard. "In any case, you just have to observe and try, then you'll see if I'm wrong or right. So why the need to humiliate me?"

"Ridiculous boy."


Those emperors were furious. Surprisingly, that little boy was saying that he knew more than them.

"Go. If you have the opportunity, kill him." said Yang Yan to the emperor next to him. Lin Feng was acting recklessly, so if they could kill him with the deployment spell, that'd be for the best.

"Alright." said that strong cultivator, nodding. Then, he jumped onto the chessboard as well. As expected, when he landed on the chessboard, there was no light.

Boom! The strong cultivator from the Holy Sun Clan stepped on the chessboard, and as he did, holy marks started twinkling. It seemed that the strength from the strong cultivator modified the holy marks, causing an explosive strength to move towards Lin Feng.

"As expected, when someone who knows deployment spells steps on the chessboard, it's a different story. They can borrow the strength for themselves." thought the crowd.

Lin Feng made two steps, then dazzling lights illuminated the board. Lin Feng made another step, and explosions sounded. Lin Feng had blocked the opponent's attack.

"He surprisingly remembered all the pieces." thought Qing Feng. She had also memorized the chessboard, so she knew that someone who didn't know how to cast deployment spells couldn't do such a thing.

"Hmph!" his opponent groaned coldly. He made a few more steps, then holy marks started twinkling and shaking violently. They contained all sorts of strength as they moved towards Lin Feng.

"Boom!" Lin Feng jumped. The holy marks were intertwining as he used the power of the chess pieces again to block the attack.

"He wants to kill me!" thought Lin Feng. The enemy was trying to use deployment spells to kill him.

"You only know some abstruse energies and yet you still dare act so arrogantly." said that emperor. He released fire energies and took a few steps.

Lin Feng was slowly understanding the mysteries of the chessboard, making him wonder who had made it.

He looked at the intertwining holy marks, then he made three steps leftwards, two steps backwards, and one step rightwards. The crowd didn't notice how subtle his deployment spell was, they only saw a terrifying strength emerge.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He started running forwards at full speed. People couldn't see him clearly because his agility technique was too fast. However, as he started running, he realized that some terrifying energies were approaching him on his left. His facial expression suddenly changed, he didn't have time to react to deployment spells anymore.

A terrifying fire suddenly exploded. That person's cosmic energies turned into fireb.a.l.l.s and exploded. Luckily, that deployment spell weakened the cosmic energies so he didn't manage to kill Lin Feng. After that, he started running towards Lin Feng, deciding to use pure strength to attack him.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" said Qing Feng furiously. But she didn't move, she knew that a low-level emperor couldn't kill Lin Feng that easily.

"Hmph!" Lang Ye groaned coldly. That emperor was useless, he was attacking Lin Feng openly now.

Lin Feng moved back like the wind, closing his eyes. He could clearly see the entire chessboard in his head.

Lin Feng suddenly stopped moving backwards and started running forwards again. Each of his steps made the marks twinkle and intertwine, causing the lights around the Holy Sun Clan's cultivator stop.

Lin Feng started attacking the opponent unceasingly. The crowd couldn't see much because of the dazzling lights, but Lin Feng looked like a madman at that moment. He kept running in circles while releasing energies. He was extremely fast and yet, it seemed like he was in perfect control of the situation.

A gigantic sun appeared as the emperor rose up in the air. However, while he was rising into the air, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and punched the air in his direction.

Bang! The crowd saw the emperor's head explode. Their hearts started pounding violently as if they had just realized what was going on. Then, the remnant fire energies began dispersing.

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