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Published at 5th of July 2018 09:54:20 AM Chapter 1703

Chapter 1703: Animal World

“He vanished in a puff of smoke!” the crowd was speechless . The strong wind was still blowing after he crushed the great emperor .

“Even great emperors can die tragically sometimes . ” they thought .

The crowd realized that life as a cultivator was never easy . That terrifyingly strong cultivator had killed a great emperor to show anyone else who held ill intentions towards Lin Feng, that he’d kill anyone, including great emperors .

However, Lin Feng had been abandoned by the G.o.ds, why would he want him to be his son-in-law?

“The animal clan wants a son-in-law who has been abandoned by the G.o.ds?” thought the crowd . They couldn’t believe it . Even though Lin Feng was strong and talented and controlled seven types of cosmic energies, he couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer . What was the point of protecting someone had had plateaued like that?

Maybe the animal clan just wanted someone they could use for their own purposes? In that case, Qing Feng could concentrate on cultivation . Or maybe Qing Feng had fallen in love with Lin Feng?

“Indeed, things must be that way . ” thought some people .

Lin Feng was dumbstruck too, though his eyes were pitch-black, making him look unperturbed .

Qing Feng looked at Lin Feng and blushed . The old man hadn’t warned her he’d use that as an excuse, let alone in front of everyone like he had . The old man cared less about social conventions than most .

“Master!” said the great emperor from the Holy Sun Clan, a cold sweat was forming .

“Does the Holy Sun Clan want to attack him too?” Of course, he was talking about Lin Feng .

If he said yes, what would happen? He didn’t dare imagine .

But if he didn’t reply, that wouldn’t only be a humiliation for himself, but for the entire Holy Sun Clan .

“I’m talking to you!” shouted the holy emperor . The great emperor from the Holy Sun Clan shook even more . He was still thinking, “The slightest mistake and I could die, besides, offending the World Clan is not worth it . Yang Xiao and Yang Yan died, but if the Holy Sun Clan offended the World Clan, even more would die . The Holy Sun Clan should understand my position . ”

“I wouldn’t dare . ” said the great emperor, humbly .

“That’s good . Now, p.i.s.s off and go back to your clan . If anyone from the Holy Sun Clan dares touch him, I’ll destroy it entirely . ” said the terrifying cultivator .

“Master, what about the sun disc of our clan…” said the great emperor in a weak voice .

“p.i.s.s off!” said the old man, even though the great emperor hadn’t finished talking . The great emperor looked even more scared as he said, “See you, Master . ”

“Thunder Clan . ” said the old man aggressively . He smiled coldly, “p.i.s.s off now, and if the Thunder Clan dares act recklessly again, I’ll wipe it off the map as well . ”

The cultivators from the Thunder Clan looked depressed . They knew that the old man wasn’t joking, he could easily destroy a clan like the Thunder Clan .

Then the Thunder Clan’s people left too .

“That guy is quite lucky in the end . Even though he was abandoned by the G.o.ds, the Animal Clan accepted him . ” thought the crowd .

“He’s lucky . ” thought Cang Xiao . He really wanted to kill Lin Feng but what could he do now? Killing Lin Feng was impossible .

But in any case, it didn’t really matter . Lin Feng couldn’t break through to the Huang Qi layer, so the difference between them would continue to widen until someday when they’d just forget about him entirely .

“Vast Celestial Ancient City has rules, so don’t forget them . Battles between people of different generations are forbidden . ” the old man was warning the entire city .

Of course, very powerful groups could do as they wished if they had enough power .

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