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Chapter 1715

Chapter 1715: Trading?

“Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.” Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor frowned and looked at Lin Feng. What was Lin Feng saying? He had the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song? “Lin Feng, did the Netherworld Demon Emperor truly transmit the Song of the Nine Netherworlds to you?” asked Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor.

“I have no reason to lie to you,” said Lin Feng, smiling. In the distance, Cang Ling, the modern leader of the Heaven Clan looked down at Lin Feng with a glint in his eyes.

The Moon Palace had the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, but unfortunately, they were not complete.

“Lin Feng, my boy,” said Cang Ling, smiling at Lin Feng politely.

“Master Cang Ling, what can I do for you?” asked Lin Feng when he saw that smile, smiling back.

“Lin Feng, my boy, you’re too polite. Call me uncle, we’ve spent so much time together,” replied Cang Ling, smiling widely. Lin Feng was amused on the inside, Cang Ling was at least a thousand years old, so grandpa would have been more adequate than uncle.

“Master, what do you want from me?” asked Lin Feng.

“I’ve heard that the Netherworld Demon Emperor disappeared thousands of years ago, and now he has reappeared here. This has to do with The Past Life Scriptures, so how did you meet

the Netherworld Demon Emperor before?” asked Cang Ling.

“Master, look and you’ll know.” said Lin Feng smiling. Then, his facial expression suddenly became ice-cold and an aggressive demon Qi rose up in the air. Then, it penetrated Cang Ling’s brain, turning Cang Ling’s eyes dark.

“The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song!” Cang Ling s.h.i.+vered.

“Lin Feng, my boy, you control the Song of the Nine Netherworlds! Unfortunately, you haven’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer, that’s really a pity. I have some Ancient scriptures, and they’re not bad either, I can give you some with the hope that you can use them to break through to the Huang Qi layer,” said Cang Ling. Lin Feng smiled thinly.  Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor and the professor in golden purple clothes looked at him in a deep and meaningful way, this sly old man…

Lin Feng shook his head, “I’m a demon cultivator, although I can level up using other spells and techniques, I prefer only using powerful demon skills and techniques. The Moon Palace has the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, which isn’t bad, but unfortunately, I can’t have them. The Netherworld Demon Emperor is already here, so I could never trade his Song for something else, ” Lin Feng explained, sighing.

Cang Ling didn’t insist, but said, “If we obtain the

the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, would you like to trade them, Lin Feng, my boy?” Cang Ling said, while walking away and smiling. Suddenly, some terrifying energies formed and instantly oppressed Lin Feng, a gigantic hand from heaven.

“Cang Ling, you’re the leader of the Heaven Clan, so what do you think you are doing?” asked Lin Feng. He couldn’t fight against a great emperor, and he couldn’t resist one’s oppressive energies either.

Cang Ling looked at Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor in a cold way and walked away. Lin Feng’s heart was pounding violently, as if it was going to explode.

“Don’t blame me little boy, I just wanted to see what kind of body you had to see if you could actually break through to the Huang Qi layer,” said Cang Ling with a smile. “You didn’t give me an answer.”

“Master, if you manage to get the demon scriptures, I would be willing to exchange them,” Lin Feng replied. He was a bit surprised, ‘trying to see what kind of body he had’? Ridiculous, if the Animal World didn’t protect Lin Feng, Cang Ling would have immediately kidnapped him.

“Alright, then I’ll do my best to obtain the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures,” said Cang Ling. He rolled up his sleeves and started running.

“Lin Feng, be careful, Cang Ling will

Ling will take the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures, but I’m not sure he’ll exchange them. He might even attack you. Even though the Animal Clan protects you, those Ancient Holy Clans are mysterious, and some people are ready to do anything,” said Duan Mu the Celestial Emperor.

Lin Feng nodded. If he agreed to trade his scriptures with Cang Ling, Lin Feng knew that he would steal the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song from him. Of course, Lin Feng had already thought through all of this before.

“Empress Xi,” said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan, Cang Ling was next to him.

“What?” asked Empress Xi.

“I am interested in the Indestructible DevMara Scriptures. I can even trade the Celestial Heaven Scriptures for them,” said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan.

The crowd looked at him in a strange way. Why did the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan suddenly say he wanted to exchange the Celestial Heaven Scriptures for an incomplete demon scripture?

“Now?” asked Empress Xi.

“Indeed. Now, you and I can trade the scriptures immediately,” said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan.

“Alright.” Empress Xi nodded, and they both released their G.o.dly awareness. They were both terrifying cultivators, so they could do that without having anything to fear.

They started trading scriptures, and because they had so many memories, it only memories, it only took a few seconds.

After a few seconds, the strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan smiled, “Alright, we’re off.”

Then, he ran away, but didn’t leave. He ran towards Lin Feng, making Lin Feng frown. He hadn’t thought they’d react so fast. Did he have to transmit the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song to him now?

“Lin Feng, my boy, let’s go to the Heaven Clan,” said the strong cultivator of the Heaven Clan with a smile, but deep in his eyes, one could see the coldness.

“I have things to do, another day perhaps,” replied Lin Feng, with a non-committal smile.

“Why another day? You really wanted the scriptures so I hurried to make you happy. Let’s go,” said the strong cultivator, as a gigantic hand descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.

“Stop!” shouted Jun Mo Xi in a cold way. Qing Feng had also broken a talisman.

“Stop!” said the strong cultivator from the Heaven Clan to Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye. “Lang Ye, my little boy, and Jun Mo Xi, come to the Heaven Clan, too. You’ll be our guests of honor.”

“Master Demon Emperor!” shouted Lin Feng. He was calling the Netherworld Demon Emperor his master. “Master, I found some of your belongings in the small world, and now they want to steal them from me!”

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