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Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743: Student Halls

Yu Wen Jing hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would pa.s.s the exam.

“You’re here, surprisingly,” Yu Wen Jing said coldly. Hadn’t Ye Wen killed that guy?

Lin Feng glanced at her calmly, and then looked at the young man with the immortal strength. There were only two people. Champion University was not easy to get in, no wonder its students were terrifyingly strong.

When Yu Wen Jing noticed that Lin Feng had basically dismissed her, she looked furious.

“Princess Yu Wen, are you always so rude?” said Lin Feng to Yu Wen Jing.

She smiled in a cold way and replied, “n.o.body has ever told me I was rude.”

“I just did,” answered Lin Feng lightly. Around them, a cold Qi was emerging.

Bzzz! At that moment, someone else appeared among them. Tantai was stupefied and blurted out, “You’re the b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

The person was wearing a black robe, he was the one who had corroded Tantai’s arm. He looked at everyone coolly and said, “It was the exam, now we pa.s.sed so let’s forget about what happened during it.”

“You’re very cruel,” sniffed Tantai. He couldn’t get his revenge now.

“Your Excellency, you’re here too,” said the newcomer to the young man with the immortal strength.

The young man nodded back. “Bu Lan Shan.”

“Zu Yan.”

“My name is Tantai. We’re now students!” blurted out Tantai, beaming at those two people. n.o.body left, they all continued

waiting. After having waited for a while, n.o.body else appeared there, so they realized that they might be the only ones who had pa.s.sed the exam.

“Let’s walk around and take a look!” Tantai exclaimed. He couldn’t wait anymore. Even though Champion University was a university, it looked like an empire, it was so huge. The four universities were almost worlds in themselves. The entrance was the entrance to a small world!

“Some people are here,” Lin Feng spoke up. In the distance, a group of people appeared. Leading them was Yu Wen Hou, Dan Meng walked behind him.

“Princess.” said Yu Wen Hou nodding at Yu Wen Jing. “Please, come with me.”

“Alright,” agreed Yu Wen Jing.

Tantai glanced at her, his expression scornful. “That’s discrimination.”

“Hmph!” Dan Meng grunted coldly and looked at Lin Feng and the others. “You follow me!”

They all followed Yu Wen Hou. Very quickly, they saw a gigantic area with mountains, waterfalls, and so on. Qi filled the air with gentle waves. The scenery was spectacular, and the Qi felt very pleasant.

“Perfect for the soul and spirit. This place is amazing for cultivators,” declared Bu Lan Shan. Practicing in water and mountains was always better!

“Those are the ordinary student halls. I’ll show you your new places,” Dan Meng said to the group. He said to Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan, “You two can choose a

a territory where you want to live.”

“Champion University is so big that students can live alone in a gigantic field,” smiled Tantai. Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan chose a place.

“Oh and by the way, the door you crossed after the exam wasn’t the main door. You all need a Champion Card to cross the doors, they are not open to the public. Also, many places here require Champion Cards. I will make them soon.” said Dan Meng to the two new students, who nodded and walked over to their private territories. They didn’t enter their residences though, waiting to see where Lin Feng and the others would go.

Dan Meng brought Lin Feng and the others to other residences, that looked old and decrepit. He said to Lin Feng and his friends. “We don’t have any more s.p.a.ce. You can temporarily stay here.”

“What?” Tantai looked at Dan Meng icily. “The three of us in one place?”

“You’re abusing your power to avenge your personal grudges,” Huang Fu Long noted coolly. Living together in one residence wasn’t a problem for them. Even though the residence was old, it was still better than living outside. However, they were furious because of Dan Meng’s behavior, he was clearly getting his revenge.

“I help you find dwellings and you dare be disrespectful? Watch your words!” snorted Dan Meng unhappily. “I’ve been at Champion

at Champion University for many years. Even though we don’t accept many new students, we still recruit students every three months, and it has always been that way. Right now there isn’t enough s.p.a.ce, what should I do? Make other people leave their residences?”

Lin Feng and his friends had killed Shang Yu, it was only the beginning for them. Shang Jun was gone for the time being, but if he knew that they had killed Shang Yu, the situation wouldn’t be the same.

Even though Lin Feng and the others were talented, at Champion University, everybody was talented. Lin Feng had offended Yu Wen Jing and killed Shang Yu, he had also offended Dan Meng. The situation was not bright for him.

Tantai looked furious, he wanted to say something, but Lin Feng spoke first. “Thank you for making efforts, Your Excellency.”

“As long as you realize and admit it, that’s fine,” answered Dan Meng, smiling coldly. He then turned around and left. After a few seconds, he turned around and said to Lin Feng and the others. “Besides, you were not supposed to become students here!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” said Tantai releasing b.e.s.t.i.a.l Qi as he watched the examiner go. He wanted to kill Dan Meng.

“No need to be in a rush. We’re now students at Champion University. We need to abide by the rules After all, he didn’t say anything to us. anything to us. If we offend him, it could get bad for us,”Lin Feng reminded Tantai and Huang Fu Long.

They both nodded and tried to calm down. They still thought that Dan Meng was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, though!

The three of them walked around. Cultivators didn’t really care about having luxurious homes actually, and beds weren’t important either. The problem was that Tantai felt humiliated.

A group of people came over to the newcomers. More examiners!

Qin Wu was in the group of people. He looked at Bu Lan Shan and Zu Yan and asked, “Is that your residence?”

“Indeed!” replied Bu Lan Shan with a smile.

“If there’s any problem, you can come and ask me. By the way, where are the three others?”Qin Wu asked the two newcomers.

Bu Lan Shan gazed into the distance and pointed. “I think they’re there.”

“What?” Qin Wu frowned and asked, “Who a.s.signed you residences?”

“His name was Dan Meng,” Bu Lan Shan remembered absently.

“No wonder.” Qin Wu’s eyes were twinkling. “Did he give you Champion Cards yet?”

“He said he was going to do them…” Bu Lan Shan frowned, he had the sensation something dodgy was going on.

“Hmph!” Qin Wu groaned angrily, and told them. “They already have the cards!. Let’s go and see Lin Feng and the others.”

“Alright…” Bu Lan Shan frowned. They already had the cards? Dan Meng had lied to them? They had a lot to learn.

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