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The crowd was staring at Lin Feng looking uncertain, everybody remained silent.


Feng Xiao was at the peak of the sixth Ling Qi layer but Lin Feng could cripple his cultivation using one finger. The fact that Lin Feng was extremely powerful was obvious. Besides, he was using a terrifying battle energy, fighting against Lin Feng was extremely dangerous.


At that moment, energy arrived on Lin Feng’s body which surprised him. Immediately after, he looked at Yue Tian Chen.


“You want to fight?”


Lin Feng who could feel Yue Tian Chen’s energy asked him with a cold tone.


Yue Tian Chen didn’t reply. He was staring at Lin Feng as killing intent flashed in his eyes.


Even though Lin Feng had broken through to the sixth Ling Qi layer, it couldn’t be that easy for him to defeat cultivators of the seventh Ling Qi layer. Yue Tian Chen had broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer.


However, if Yue Tian Chen lost, Lin Feng wouldn’t let him off easily. He might even cripple his cultivation just like he had done to Feng Xiao or Meng Chong. If Lin Feng crippled his cultivation, his future would be ruined and even if he managed to have Lin Feng killed after, he would still suffer.


In Yue Tian Chen’s eyes, Lin Feng’s life was worthless and couldn’t be compared to the worth of his cultivation.


Even if he won that battle, he wouldn’t exactly gain any prestige. He was the member of one of the three biggest clans. His social status was high. If he fought and won, it would just be another victory for him amongst all his other accomplishments, nothing more. Many people were not worth fighting for him. Lin Feng’s social status and reputation were low. He couldn’t take the risk of fighting against him. When he thought about this, the energy around his body disappeared and he stopped looking at Lin Feng. He lowered his head and continued drinking.


The crowd was surprised. They had also sensed the energy emerging from Yue Tian Chen’s body and then it had suddenly disappeared. He didn’t want to take the risk and fight against Lin Feng so they were even less willing to take that risk.


For a while, the pavilion was drowned into absolute silence. Not a single voice was to be heard.


“Hehe.” the second prince, Duan Wu Ya, laughed softly breaking the silence. He looked at Duan Xin Ye, who was sitting next to him, and said in a low voice: “Xin Ye, what do you think of Lin Feng?”


At that moment, Duan Xin Ye looked at Lin Feng. She felt that there something different about Lin Feng. Even though he was wearing tattered clothes, he seemed domineering. In her heart, she secretly had a good sentiment for him. Lin Feng was a proud and domineering young man.


However, such a proud and domineering young man had initially refused to battle against Feng Xiao. Maybe the fact that he was wearing tattered clothes was the same reason for which he had refused the challenge, because Lin Feng didn’t care about such petty things.


Suddenly, Duan Xin Ye was stupefied by Duan Wu Ya’s voice. She turned towards him and looked at him as if the situation was funny. She couldn’t help but lower her head and said: “Brother, what’s wrong?”


“Haha, what’s wrong, little sister? You’re suddenly lost in thought. You’re even blus.h.i.+ng.”


Duan Wu Ya was laughing making Duan Xin Ye feel even more embarra.s.sed. Even though she was a princess, she was a woman above all. Just like any other woman, talking about such things was embarra.s.sing.


The crowd was stupefied. Some of them had piercingly cold expressions on their face as they glanced at Lin Feng.


Among them, many of them wanted to become Duan Xin Ye’s husband. Even though they didn’t really have feelings for her, they still hoped to marry her.


If they could get married, their future would be filled with a wider range of opportunities to increase their status.


At that moment, Duan Wu Ya was talking to Duan Xin Ye about Lin Feng in a favourable way. Inevitably, the others were looking at Lin Feng in a cold way.


Lin Feng frowned and lowered his head and there wasn’t the least bit of joy in his heart, it was rather coldness. He then turned towards Duan Wu Ya and looked at him with indifference.


“Alright, everybody clearly knows why I invited you today. Since there is nothing to say anymore, you can all leave.” said Duan Wu Ya while looking at the crowd. After ordering for guests to leave, he looked at Meng Chong and Feng Xiao who were lying down. He then said: “Please take away these two as well.”


“Lin Feng you stay here, I have some things I would like to discuss with you.”


Duan Wu Ya said while looking at Lin Feng which stupefied everybody else. They coldly looked at him as they left, they had no choice but to leave. Duan Wu Ya had already ordered for them to leave. They had to be obedient.



Wen Ao Xue looked at Lin Feng with a deep meaningful look, he then gently tapped his shoulder as he walked past and left the pavilion.


A short time after, in the pavilion on the lake, the atmosphere had become especially quiet. Duan Wu Ya, Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng were the only people left.


“Your Highness, what do you need to discuss with me?” asked Lin Feng with indifference.


“Hehe.” Duan Wu Ya laughed softly. He looked at Lin Feng and said: “It seems like you’re not in a good mood.”


“Your Highness, do you think that I have a reason to be in a good mood?” asked Lin Feng in a cold and detached way. Duan Wu Ya didn’t take notice of his tone and was still warmly smiling.


“Brother, you two can chat, I will leave now.” said Duan Xin Ye while standing up. She wanted to leave but Duan Wu Ya prevented her from leaving and said: “Xin Ye, I am your brother and have nothing to hide from you. Stay here. Don’t be so impatient to leave.”


Duan Xin Ye’s beautiful face revealed an expression of uncertainty but she then gently nodded her head. Immediately after, she slowly sat down again and calmly stayed for their conversation.


“Lin Feng, what makes you unhappy?” asked Duan Wu Ya while kindly and warmly smiling at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng looked at Duan Wu Ya and slowly said: “Since Your Highness wants to listen to me, I will speak.”


Lin Feng clearly understood that Duan Wu Ya was well aware that he wasn’t happy.


“Your Highness, a moment ago, in front of everyone else, you asked one question to the princess. You asked her what she thought about me. Were you not voluntarily trying to draw everybody’s attention towards me? Your Highness seemed to think that I did not already have enough attention and asked me to stay here with you and the princess. I fear that now, everybody thinks that Your Highness’ purpose is to help me to marry the princess. I also fear that now, even the people with no enmity towards me will hate me. With every single influential family after me, I am a dead man.” said Lin Feng coldly.


Duan Wu Ya thought that it would make Lin Feng happy. However, it was clear to Lin Feng that it didn’t put him in a favorable situation. He didn’t have a high social status and wasn’t part of a huge clan like the others. They were all interested in the princess to the extent that some of them were determined to fight over her, for example, Yue Tian Chen.


Duan Wu Ya had created a false impression in front of everybody. He had led everybody to believe that Princess Duan Xin Ye was interested in him and he was going to act as a matchmaker, which had made Lin Feng become the target of every person who targeted the princess. None of them would forget this and they would make him pay.


Each and every single one of these n.o.ble young men would devour people without status and not even spit out their bones. They engrave Lin Feng into their memories. He would then be unable to take a single step inside the Imperial City ever again.


Duan Wu Ya was causing a great harm to Lin Feng.


“Lin Feng, you are, as expected, just as smart as I thought.” said Duan Wu Ya while laughing softly. He was very satisfied by Lin Feng’s answer. As he asked the princess what she thought about Lin Feng, Duan Wu Ya had paid close attention to Lin Feng. If an ordinary man had heard that the princess could be interested in him, he would have been delighted. However, Lin Feng hadn’t been delighted at all. His facial expression had immediately changed and revealed coldness. Lin Feng’s face had immediately expressed his disagreement.


Lin Feng shrugged. He didn’t understand what Duan Wu Ya meant.


“Lin Feng, how many enemies do you have in the Imperial City?” asked Duan Wu Ya.


Lin Feng thought for an instant and then, while shaking his head, said: “I have many enemies.”


The Yu Clan, the Bai Clan, Duan Tian Lang and his son, the Nie Clan etc. Lin Feng had offended many influential people because of his beliefs, too many. He didn’t even know how many exactly.


“What about their strength, how powerful are they?” Duan Wu Yan continued asking.


“Powerful, extremely powerful.” said Lin Feng honestly.


“Since you already have so many enemies, does it matter if you have a few more?” said Duan Wu Ya while laughing softly which stupefied Lin Feng.


“Hehe.” Duan Wu Ya saw that Lin Feng was speechless. He slightly smiled and said: “Lin Feng, today, I made you come here, because I had, of course, antic.i.p.ated everything. If she likes you, I will not be offended at all. Both of you would even receive my support. If you became the husband of the imperial princess, who would dare to attack you? In other words, my purpose wasn’t to make even more people become your enemies, rather, my motivation was wholehearted and pure.”


Duan Xin Ye and Lin Feng were both surprised. Even Lin Feng and Duan Xin Ye looked at each other for a second, she immediately looked in another direction again. Her face was filled with shyness and excitement.


“If I could really marry such a woman, I would really be lucky.” thought Lin Feng. He really didn’t understand why Duan Wu Ya was treating him so kindly, to the extent that he had personally introduced the princess to him.


Of course, Lin Feng clearly understood that even if the princess and he were willing to marry each other, it would be impossible for a person who doesn’t have a high social status.


For him it was impossible.

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