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Chapter 1795

Chapter 1795: Evil Lin Feng

“I’ll fight this time,” said Qin Wu icily, and he jumped onto the battle stage.

Lin Feng looked at Qin Wu. He had spent half a year in the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan, and had studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He didn’t know how strong Qin Wu had become. Could he win? If Yu Wen Jing fought, she could definitely defeat Qin Wu. After all, initially, Qin Wu was the 28th student. After joining Tiantai, Hou Qing Lin had taken some people abroad to gather experiences, and then they had studied the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. Maybe he was now in the top twenty.

Yu Wen Hou looked at Qin Wu icily. Back then, Ji Chang’s Club was in charge of the new students. He really hoped that people like Qin Wu, Qiu Ming, and the others would join Ji Chang’s Club, but then, Qiu Ming and Bai Qi had refused to listen to him. After the exams, Qin Wu had decided to spend time with Lin Feng and then had decided to join Tiantai, not Ji Chang’s Club.

“Wuyou!” said Yu Wen Hou icily. When the crowd heard him, they were stupefied, Ji Wuyou, Yu Wen Hou was surprisingly calling Ji Wuyou.

Ji Wuyou jumped up, dragon chants rose and energies rolled in waves. The whole battle stage was surrounded by energy. The crowd’s ears hurt. Qin Wu could sense the oppressive energies, he could barely breathe and his heart was pounding. Ji Wuyou was extremely strong, he was the first ranked student!


A cyan light dashed to the skies, a Cyan Dragon Totem appeared, the crowd s.h.i.+vered, Ji Wuyou was impressive, he had to do all he could to win.

Ji Wuyou was fixedly staring at Qin Wu. Qin Wu could sense his willpower shake. Ji Wuyou waved his

hands and strength rolled, a dragon brandished its claws and charged at Qin Wu. At the same time, Ji Wuyou also threw himself at Qin Wu. Ji Wuyou knew that Qin Wu wouldn’t accept to battle to the death, so instead of talking nonsense, he had attacked immediately. Even though he couldn’t kill him, he could still injure him.

Qin Wu raised his fists and light beams appeared. The air shook as two gigantic ancient cauldrons appeared. There were marks on them containing a powerful strength.

“Die!” The claws crashed onto Qin Wu, he was bleeding severely but he continued attacking without flinching. The crowd was amazed, he was very brave. Surprisingly, he dared confront Ji Wuyou directly.

Ji Wuyou shouted out, cyan dragons roared furiously and surrounded the cauldrons to attack them. The cauldrons shook violently and then crashed back onto Qin Wu’s body. He was slammed backwards violently and crashed onto the ground away from the battle stage.


A strong wind blew, Lin Feng jumped and grabbed Qin Wu. He coughed up blood, which splashed onto Lin Feng’s robe. Lin Feng was furious.

He released some life Qi which flowed through Qin Wu’s body. Lin Feng whispered, “Are you alright?”

“I’m alright,” sighed Qin Wu. He looked disappointed. He hadn’t thought that the difference between him and Ji Wuyou was so large. He said to Lin Feng, using telepathy, “Lin Feng, you’ll fight against him sooner or later. He’s extremely strong, be careful.”

Qin Wu knew that the most crucial battle for Ji Chang’s Club and Tiantai was the battle between Lin Feng and Ji Wuyou.

Lin Feng nodded and then he looked at the battle stage, he looked at Ji Wuyou, Ji Wuyou was also looking at him. Dragon chants spread in the air, by looking at each other, it was as if they had been

been fighting already.

“Next battle.” Lin Feng looked away and then looked at Yu Wen Hou.

Ji Wuyou went back to his group. Yu Wen Hou looked at someone behind him and that person landed on the battle stage.

“I’ll go and crush him!” said Tantai, clenching his fists furiously.

“Tantai!” shouted Lin Feng in a low voice. Tantai hesitated and looked at Lin Feng. “I’ll go this time,” said Lin Feng. He moved like the wind and landed on the battle stage in an eyeblink, staring at the other cultivator calmly.

“Give up now, get off the stage. You still have time,” said Lin Feng calmly. He looked indifferent. However, one could sense his disdain. Even though he was cannon fodder for Ji Chang’s Club, he wasn’t weak. He was in the ranking list, how could he accept being humiliated by Lin Feng like that?

Yellow energies rose. That person walked slowly towards Lin Feng, each of his steps released some oppressive energies. Earth cosmic energy condensed into a mountain and surged towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng also walked towards him. Each time he made a step, marks appeared on the stage. The earth energy and the marks collided on the stage and intertwined. Lin Feng’s marks turned into patterns. Lin Feng’s opponent was not rea.s.sured. Lin Feng was extremely strong, but he had already agreed to fight so he couldn’t flinch, that wasn’t what strong cultivators did.

“Celestial Mountain Imprint!” shouted that cultivator furiously. He didn’t do anything superfluous. A gigantic imprint dropped from the sky, the energies were as oppressive as a mountain.

Lin Feng condensed DevMara Kalpa strength in his fist and punched out furiously. The mountain imprint broke apart. At the same time, Lin Feng ran forwards, a cage appearing and surrounding his opponent, who shouted in surprise. However, he was trapped and couldn’t move. Lights

move. Lights appeared around him.

“You dared come onto the stage with such a cultivation level,” Lin Feng said calmly. His voice was sharp and pierced through his enemy’s ears and heart, driving him insane. But the lights were becoming more and more intense and the man couldn’t move anymore.

The man shouted furiously again, waving his hands. An ancient imprint appeared again and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng let the imprint hit him, it crashed into him and broke apart. Lin Feng then punched out in the direction of his opponent’s head. If that punch reached his opponent’s head, it might explode.

However, Lin Feng’s fist stopped in the air. He didn’t punch his opponent, he just fixedly stared at him icily. The Nine Netherworlds Source appeared in his eyes and a demon song resonated in his opponent’s head.

“Cultivators are determined, they only think about cultivation, you are so weak, you’re not talented and you decided to help Ji Chang’s Club only because you hoped they’d give you gifts, or maybe because they threatened you. What are you doing on the battle stage? Shame on you,” whispered Lin Feng, releasing cursing strength. That cultivator’s heart was pounding madly.

“You are so weak, how can you even call yourself a cultivator? People like you should give up. Even if you were lucky to become a student at Champion University, you’ll always have to depend on other people, just like the members of Ji Chang’s Club. People will always despise you, you’re like a little dog. No, a little mouse, or even worse, a small gra.s.shopper!”

Lin Feng’s cursing energies were carried by his voice and echoed in his opponent’s brain. His opponent was going insane, a mouse, a dog, a gra.s.shopper… He didn’t deserve to be a cultivator.

“Shut the h.e.l.l up!” shouted that person furiously. The air furiously. The air rumbled as Lin Feng suddenly threw a casual overhand punch at his opponent, who fell to his knees violently. Lin Feng lowered his head and put his foot on his opponent’s face, staring at him.

“The members of Ji Chang’s Club are looking at you, and I’m looking at you. You’re on the battle stage, don’t you feel pathetic?” said Lin Feng mockingly. That person put his hands on his face, he had the impression his head was going to explode, he was going insane.

“p.i.s.s off now and think about what just happened,” said Lin Feng disdainfully.

The cultivator got up shakily and walked away before stopping and shouting, “No…!”

He suddenly rose up into the air and shouted furiously, he was going insane.

How cruel, thought the crowd, especially the members of Ji Chang’s Club. How cruel, indeed. Lin Feng had put his foot on that guy’s face and told him he wasn’t worth calling a cultivator. He was merciless.

Ji Chang’s Club’s members were staring at Lin Feng. They hadn’t thought that Lin Feng could be so cruel, even Tiantai’s members were surprised and sighed as they looked at Lin Feng’s back. That guy was their friend, he was like a brother to them, it was strange to see him so cruel. He looked like a demon!

Lin Feng glanced at the members of Ji Chang’s Club icily. People who helped Ji Chang’s Club were his enemies. n.o.body could blame him for being cruel.

“I know that many of you weren’t members of Ji Chang’s Club before. I could partic.i.p.ate in any of the following battles. If you are smart, you’ll just leave. Otherwise, I’ll show you what you’re worth to me, as well,” Lin Feng said aggressively.

Did they all want to be treated like the guy Lin Feng had just humiliated?

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