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Chapter 1866

Chapter 1866: Fury

The man wanted to die, he had lost his will to live. He knew that his son had been killed. He had also realized that there were more and more strangers in all the surrounding villages. He also realized that more and more people were dying. He wanted to poison them. He had even tried to poison Lin Feng.

Unfortunately, he had failed. His poison was useless against such powerful cultivators. Then they had killed his daughter. His life had become meaningless. Lin Feng was transmitting some life energy to him but still he had his eyes closed. He wanted to die.

Lin Feng didn’t blame him. He was a very ordinary man. His children had died. Life had become pointless.

“Kill everyone in the villages!” ordered the young man who had killed the man’s daughter icily. Lin Feng was furious.

“Do you hold a grudge against the villagers?” asked Lin Feng icily.

“They are just annoying and keep getting in our way. You will die too, though.” A gigantic black hand moved towards Lin Feng, containing powerful death energies. He was a medium-level h.e.l.l emperor! Lin Feng had guessed right, those people were here to kill people from Great Imperial Song City. Now, there were invaders everywhere and they all wanted to kill people from Great Imperial Song City.

The four other groups were

also hiding in the villages. Initially, they were calm and composed, but now they started killing the villagers too.

The gigantic hand exploded. The young man was stupefied and stared at Lin Feng, “Are you a local, or are you on Great Emperor Song’s side?”

“I’m the one who’s going to kill you!” said Lin Feng icily. Then, he flashed forwards, releasing death Qi to surround his enemy.

“You can’t kill me!” sneered the young man when he sensed Lin Feng’s death strength. He smiled coldly, punching out in Lin Feng’s direction. It was a gigantic black hand, and it made the air tremble.

People who came from the outside to the small world were all from incredible armies. This battlefield was the medium-level h.e.l.l emperors’ battlefield. They were all extremely strong.

When Lin Feng was standing on the low-level h.e.l.l emperors’ battle stage in the city, that was already impressive, but now things were different.

Lin Feng had seen many things in life, he had battled a lot. But in the end, he was still a human being.

Some world strength emerged. It was very strange. His spirit started shaking. A page appeared.

“Slash, slash…” Sword energies whistled. A Nine Kalpa Swords attack filled the air. His enemy was stupefied. It was as if he had appeared in another world, the beautiful woman was here, Lin Feng was here.



“Die!” shouted the young man suddenly at Liu Fei. However, Liu Fei remained motionless and the young man was surprised. What was going on? His death energy couldn’t rotate…!

A strong wind started blowing. That cultivator was stupefied. He waved his hand and a h.e.l.l hand appeared and streaked across the sky. He tried to release cosmic energies, but it didn’t work. He couldn’t use his cosmic energies properly in here. He could only use his body’s cosmic energies.

It was his first time in Lin Feng’s world. But while  Lin Feng was used to using cosmic energies in the outside world, the young man was not familiar with using cosmic energies in such circ.u.mstances!

Lin Feng continued filling the air with his attacks. He was getting closer and closer to his opponent. A cage appeared around the cultivator. Lin Feng looked at him icily.

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His DevMara Kalpa strength blanketed everything. His opponent’s expression changed drastically. Energy attacked the cage.

At that moment, a sharp dazzling sword light beam appeared, blood splashed.

The opponent was stunned as another silhouette emerged and a.s.saulted him. A destructive strength exploded in his body, and he turned to ashes.

After killing him, Lin Feng took Feifei back to Xue Yue in his soul. The small world was his hunting area.

Lin Feng left his world and suddenly reappeared in the

in the village. Horrible shrieks kept spreading in the air. Lin Feng looked furious.

He moved as fast as lightning, his dazzling Tian Ji Sword appearing above his head. It looked alive and kept whistling furiously. It could sense that Lin Feng was furious.

“Eh?” Someone saw Lin Feng and looked at him icily. A hand moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. Lin Feng shouted furiously, “p.i.s.s off!”

The Tian Ji Sword whistled furiously. It pierced through the hand attack. Lightning, fire, and other energies exploded.

“Hmph!” that cultivator groaned icily, retreating with his hands in front of him. A golden circle appeared. The Tian Ji Sword pierced through it as if it were made of mud.

Lin Feng jumped and waved his hand. The cage reappeared. He appeared not far from the cage. A mysterious world strength emerged and surrounded the cage, and suddenly his opponent disappeared.

The Tian Ji Sword cut the air with a whistle of speed, moving in another direction. Lin Feng ignored the man he had sent to his small world. His silhouette flickered and he followed his Tian Ji Sword. After a short time, he appeared in front of another strong cultivator.

“Who are you?” shouted that person icily. Lin Feng said nothing at all. He released empty s.p.a.ce and wind energies which surrounded him and at the same time his silver wings appeared silver wings appeared on his back, flas.h.i.+ng towards the cage. He could make his opponent disappear very quickly.

Very quickly, people noticed Lin Feng in the villages, as he was up in the sky with his silver wings and Tian Ji Sword. People rose up into the air one after another. However, very quickly, they seemed to shake, and suddenly only a few people were left.

“Where are the others?” thought the astonished crowd. They couldn’t see the others!

Lin Feng flapped his wings, and his Tian Ji Sword whistled. He glanced around and saw corpses everywhere in the small villages. So many people had died! For these medium-level h.e.l.l emperors, those people’s lives didn’t matter.

“Who are you?” asked the emperors, staring at Lin Feng. So many people had disappeared, it probably had something to do with Lin Feng-!.

“The one who will destroy you.” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword lunged at that person as he sensed a powerful energy. Lin Feng punched out in his direction, a cage appeared around him, and then he disappeared.

The crowd was astonished. They could sense that Lin Feng wasn’t that strong, he couldn’t kill them easily, but he could easily make them disappear. Where did he send those people?

Even with a powerful treasure, it was impossible to do that! All they sensed was a little bit of Qi!

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