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Chapter 1876

Chapter 1876: Endless Strong Cultivators

“What is the criterion to take the Challenge of the Celestial Country?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious, as he hadn’t known there was such a place in h.e.l.l.

“There’s no criterion. If you have broken through to the Huang Qi layer, you can go. However, it is an independent place cut off from the world. You cannot use treasures from outside there. You can’t use other people’s G.o.dly awareness, either. That place is filled with a strange strength. It’s called the Challenge of the Celestial Country because people go there to practice and challenge themselves,” s.h.i.+chuan told him.

Lin Feng was startled. He looked at s.h.i.+chuan and asked, “Master, is it possible to go partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country anytime?”

“The pa.s.sage is opened once a year. When you go there, you have to stay for a year. It’s very dangerous. You can’t use ancestors’ G.o.dly awareness there. Even if people kill you there, n.o.body will know about it,” s.h.i.+chuan explained to Lin Feng politely.

Lin Feng nodded, he understood. No matter who went there, everybody was the same in there. A person’s social status didn’t matter there, n.o.body could protect them. It was probably a chaotic world, however, people called it a Celestial Country…?

“When will the next opening happen?” asked Lin Feng.

s.h.i.+chuan answered, “Soon. That’s why I’m selecting people in the Uptala army among those who are willing to go.”

“Once every year.” Lin Feng’s eyes shone, he looked at Minister Uptala and said, “Minister, I want to partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country this time.”

Minister Uptala was surprised and looked at Lin Feng, “The Challenge of the Celestial Country is extremely hard. You have to stay there for

one year once you’re there. There are many powerful people there. Some of them are already at the top of the Huang Qi layer! Wait until you’re a high-level h.e.l.l emperor, and then you can go. If you don’t want to wait that long, you still need to stabilize your cultivation. After all, you’ll have the opportunity every year.”

“Danger is part of a cultivator’s life. When facing danger, you can surpa.s.s others! I have already made my decision, I am going to partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country!” swore Lin Feng insistently. He didn’t have much time. He needed to become stronger and then he needed to find the exit to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. If he partic.i.p.ated in the Challenge of the Celestial Country this year, he’d become much stronger!

Minister Uptala remained silent for a few seconds and finally nodded. “Since you have already made your decision, I won’t prevent you from going. But you have to remember, stay safe, there aren’t only strong cultivators from h.e.l.l there.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng was astonished and stared at Minister Uptala. “Minister, are you saying that people from other worlds partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country?”

“Indeed. You need to know about that. You’ll understand when you go there,” Minister Uptala said mysteriously. However, Lin Feng was astonished, his heart was pounding violently. People from other worlds partic.i.p.ated in the Challenge of the Celestial Country?

Maybe he would find a solution to go back to the Nine Clouds Continent from there!

For Lin Feng, that was an extremely important piece of information! After all, he wouldn’t be able to meet any of the Ten Yama Courts’ kings within a short period of time.

time. So for the time being, finding another way to go back was the best thing to do.

“Lin Feng, since you decided to partic.i.p.ate in the Challenge of the Celestial Country, stay here and practice cultivation really hard these days. When the right time comes, s.h.i.+chuan will come and take you there,” said Minister Uptala.

Lin Feng nodded and replied, “Alright, thank you, Minister!”


After that, Lin Feng practiced cultivation calmly. He also had a few walks in the different Uptala territories. He went to the library and read books. Lin Feng didn’t study them really hard, but he memorized some things. Reading books was always beneficial, anyway.

Lin Feng came out of the library and sensed that someone was looking at him. Someone’s eyes were glittering, but that person continued walking.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, as if nothing had happened. It wasn’t the first time someone had looked at him. Lin Feng knew that someone was spying on him, he just didn’t know who it was exactly. However, he knew that since w.a.n.g Zhuo was dead, w.a.n.g Zhen didn’t like him, and he had said that w.a.n.g Zhuo’s father, w.a.n.g Xiao, wouldn’t accept his son’s death.

But w.a.n.g Xiao and w.a.n.g Zhen couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng in Uptala. After all, he had been invited by Minister Uptala to come there, and he had also relied on his own self to obtain privileges. If something happened to him in the city, then, it could have serious consequences.

They couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng in the city.


Some time pa.s.sed. Lin Feng went to an ice mountain in the Uptala world. He looked around as life and death lights glittered while he controlled the air around him. It was an incredible

an incredible display.

At that moment, a silhouette came up next to Lin Feng and looked at Lin Feng strangely, “This young man controls life and death strength, no wonder that the Minister thinks highly of him. He’s very talented.”

Lin Feng opened his eyes and smiled. “Master s.h.i.+chuan, is the Challenge of the Celestial Country going to start?”

“Indeed. Let’s go,” nodded s.h.i.+chuan. Lin Feng stood up and rose up into the air, following s.h.i.+chuan. After a short time, they landed on another mountain range. There were many other strong cultivators present, and they all looked extraordinary.

The Challenge of the Celestial Country was extremely difficult. As Minister Uptala had said, heroes partic.i.p.ated in the Challenge of the Celestial Country. Ordinary people couldn’t go there, they’d die within a few seconds if they did. Even some people from rich and powerful clans didn’t dare go there.

Minister Uptala looked over the crowd and asked, “Is everyone ready?”

“Minister, don’t worry. We are a big team, in case of danger, we’ll help one another!” spoke up someone.

Minister Uptala smiled and said, “Please be careful. Don’t be obsessed with success. You are all heroic army members. I hope you’ll come back safe and sound. Even if you don’t progress a lot, it doesn’t matter. Just come back!”

“We understand!” replied everybody, bowing before Minister Uptala.

Minister Uptala looked at Lin Feng and said, “Lin Feng, you are very weak. You have to be extremely careful. During the Challenge of the Celestial Country, there were will be many extremely strong cultivators, some of them are abnormally powerful!”

Lin Feng nodded, “Minister, I know about that.”

“Since it’s that way, I’m not saying anything else. I’ll wait for you to come back like heroes!” said Minister Uptala. Everybody looked solemn and looked solemn and respectful. They would very possibly die during the Challenge of the Celestial Country.

“Let’s go!” said s.h.i.+chuan, waving his hand. Everybody followed him to another location. Very quickly, they arrived in Minister Uptala’s headquarters and left. Lin Feng realized that people from everywhere in the city seemed agitated. There was no restriction to partic.i.p.ate to the Challenge of the Celestial Country, all emperors could partic.i.p.ate. Members of all the armies could, as well. All the Ministers sent people to the Challenge of the Celestial Country.

The entrance to the Celestial Country was in Challenge Mountain. It was where the ten cities of h.e.l.l had a common border. s.h.i.+chuan led the way.

It took them a month of travel to get there. Lin Feng was amazed at the size of Great Imperial Song City’s territory again. s.h.i.+chuan was a great emperor, and could travel really fast, but it still took them a month!

Outside of Challenge Mountain, there was a seemingly endless number of strong cultivators, from all ten cities of h.e.l.l. Some of them were soldiers, some of them were individuals, some of them belonged to powerful groups in h.e.l.l, but in any case, they were all emperors. There were many medium-level h.e.l.l emperors and high-level h.e.l.l emperors, there were only a few low-level h.e.l.l emperors.

These people seem so strong!, thought Lin Feng, gazing over everyone. These people were terrifying, and all of them were emperors. It was hard to imagine!

“After arriving in the Celestial Country, many strong cultivators will be waiting for you there. Those people don’t want to leave the Celestial Country. They are all terrifyingly strong. They want to stay there to continue becoming stronger,” s.h.i.+chuan said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded his understanding.

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