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Chapter 1925

Chapter 1925: Blind

Many people smiled when they heard Jun Mo Xi and Lang Ye’s words. Jun Mo Xi was the Prince of h.e.l.l, he had an Imperial immortal body, and Lang Ye was a descendant of the World Clan and had the World King Body. They were both humiliating Ji Wuyou because of what had happened before at Champion University.

“Brother Lang Ye and Prince of h.e.l.l, if you want to fight, just tell me. We can bet on the result of the battle,” Ji Wuyou icily challenged Lang Ye and Jun Mo Xi.

Jun Mo Xi looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s clone had been destroyed. If Lin Feng needed him to do anything, he wouldn’t refuse.

“Asking for a battle after what happened in Champion University is shameless. And as Lang Ye says, if you are weak, even with Destructive Dao, you remain a weakling, Destructive Dao is s.h.i.+tty and useless if the cultivator is c.r.a.ppy,” said Lin Feng, lowering his head. The crowd looked astonished and stared at Lin Feng, especially Ji Chang and Ji Wuyou. It was the first time that someone was criticizing both them and their Dao!

“You’re making impertinent remarks!” said someone, rising up in the air.

However, the elder in charge shouted, “Come back!”

That person was startled and stopped moving.

“Today, the Ji Clan invited everybody. We want to understand what the geniuses of the Holy City think. We want to understand them, their cultivation, their views on cultivation. Even if someone despises or criticizes the Ji Clan, so what?” said the elder of the Ji Clan. The man withdrew, but he still stared at Lin Feng icily.

“Prince of h.e.l.l, we don’t know your friends. Which clan do they belong to?” asked the leader of the Ji Clan

looking at Lin Feng calmly.

“I heard about the event so I came with the Prince of h.e.l.l. I don’t belong to any famous clan. If you think I shouldn’t be here, I can leave,” replied Lin Feng equally calmly. The leader didn’t really believe it, a low-level emperor was there and acting that way in front of him, he had to be from somewhere!

“You’re a guest here, we don’t kick guests out. However, how do you explain what you just said? How could Destructive Dao be ‘s.h.i.+tty’?”

“Destructive Dao is good if a cultivator is strong. But for someone as weak as Ji Wuyou, then it’s useless. I didn’t mean the Dao was s.h.i.+tty, I meant it was a waste in the hands of a c.r.a.ppy cultivator,” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Ji Wuyou was furious, he clenched his fists with crackles of bones popping and shouted icily, “d.a.m.n it! So what do you mean? If Xie Yue can’t stand a single of my attacks, then is his Evil Corrosion Dao s.h.i.+tty too?!”

“You’re right, Wuyou. Your Excellency, don’t exaggerate,” agreed the leader indifferently.

“Exaggerate?” Lin Feng smiled icily and looked at Aoxu, “Aoxu, do you want to try and fight against the genius of the Ji Clan? Let’s see how powerful the Destructive Dao is?”

“Alright!” replied Aoxu happily. He rose up into the air.

“Come and attack, I won’t strike back,” said Aoxu to Ji Wuyou extremely loudly.

Ji Wuyou pulled a long face and said, “If you die, don’t blame me.”

He rose up in the air and released his Destructive Dao intent furiously. Rumbles filled the air as his fists turned into giant imprints.


Ji Wuyou’s Destructive Dao crashed onto Aoxu, but it was like he had attacked a golden body. His Destructive Dao intent destroyed Aoxu’s

Aoxu’s clothes, but didn’t affect him at all.

“Now p.i.s.s off!” shouted Aoxu loudly. His aggressive energies surrounded Ji Wuyou, who grunted as he was forced backwards violently and coughed up blood. His face turned deathly pale.

“Your Excellency, your physical body is incredible. Your Dao intent is really astonis.h.i.+ng. My brother Ji Wuyou couldn’t withstand a single attack against you, but it doesn’t prove anything,” Ji Chang said sharply, staring at Aoxu. This guy’s strength was incredible. He could definitely be in the top thirty of the Imperial Ranking List. And Ji Chang hadn’t seen his full strength, he might be even stronger.

Many other people’s eyes shone in admiration. This newcomer was intriguing!

“Forget it. The Ji Clan doesn’t want to admit that Destructive Dao is s.h.i.+tty. Just forget about it,” said Lin Feng. Aoxu looked at Ji Chang, he really wanted to fight. He could sense that Ji Chang was extremely strong.

“Aoxu, don’t be impatient,” Lin Feng said to him using telepathy. Aoxu withdrew his Qi and went back down next to Lin Feng.

Ji Chang looked at Lin Feng and said calmly, “Your Excellency, you’re saying that Destructive Dao is s.h.i.+tty, then what Dao is good?”

“I don’t feel like talking about it,” replied Lin Feng indifferently.

Ji Wuyou jumped forwards and released a fearsome strength which pulsed towards Lin Feng. He was furious. He had been humiliated twice in three years, he was going crazy!

“You’re a s.h.i.+tty low-level emperor and you dare talk that way, I lost because of the difference in cultivation level. If we fought, I could crush you, would it prove anything?” shouted Ji Wuyou furiously.

Lin Feng suddenly raised his head and stared at Ji Wuyou. He smiled coldly and said, “Are you sure?”


“Shut up!” shouted Ji Chang to Ji Wuyou,

Ji Wuyou, interrupting him. His brother kept getting humiliated. He wasn’t as determined as before. People made him angry too easily. Lin Feng looked ordinary, what would happen if Ji Wuyou attacked him?

Lin Feng looked at him mockingly and said, “Ji Wuyou, in Champion University, people call you a genius. They give you face because of Ji Chang. Otherwise, people would have already crushed you like a mere insect. You lost twice in three years, that’s pathetic. You’re a member of the Ji Clan, you’re Ji Chang’s younger brother, that’s the only reason why people respect you. If you weren’t from this clan and weren’t Ji Chang’s brother, do you think you would be here today?”

Of course, Ji Wuyou wasn’t as ridiculous as Lin Feng was saying. Ji Wuyou was everything but weak. But Lin Feng sounded like a demon, he was trying to crush Ji Wuyou’s self-confidence. And Ji Chang had just yelled at him, Ji Wuyou’s facial muscles twitched and looked distorted.

“Jian Mang, an His cultivation level is similar to yours. I think he’s weaker than you. He understands Dao intent too, but he has a bad habit, when he fights, he makes his enemies become like him… blind! Are you interested in fighting against him?” said Lin Feng slowly, pointing at Jian Mang who was next to him. Ji Wuyou looked at Jian Mang. Jian Mang’s eyes were greyish white.

“What will happen if I win?” said Ji Wuyou to Lin Feng.

“If you win, you can fight against me. Even if I die, it doesn’t matter.” said Lin Feng indifferently. “Of course, if Jian Mang makes you blind, the Ji Clan can’t get involved, right?”

“If I lose, I won’t say anything if I am blinded!” said Ji Wuyou, rising up Wuyou, rising up in the air. His Cyan Dragon Totems appeared behind him and his mighty Qi surged forth. Ji Wuyou took a deep breath. If he lost against this guy who had the same cultivation level, he might lose his self-confidence forever.

Lin Feng didn’t say much. Jian Mang rose up in the air and darted towards at Ji Wuyou.

“Die!” shouted Ji Wuyou explosively. A dragon tank appeared, as well as a road which led straight towards Jian Mang.

Dazzling sword lights suddenly appeared, unbelievably fast. The sword light cut the dragon tank in two, and Jian Mang continued moving towards Ji Wuyou.

“How fast…!” Those watching were astonished. Ji Chang’s eyes twinkled. Ji Wuyou was in danger! This guy was too fast.

Ji Wuyou hadn’t expected that Jian Mang would be so fast and would use light energy. He had no time to react.


Ji Wuyou waved his hands, and Cyan Dragons surged towards Jian Mang. He also released Destructive Dao. It was supposed to destroy anything, but Jian Mang hadn’t attacked properly yet.

Suddenly, Ji Wuyou saw dazzling lights moving towards his eyes. He closed them, and white lights glittered. Lin Feng had also noticed how terrifying Jian Mang’s speed was back then.

“Ah…!” a horrible shriek rose. The crowd saw that Ji Wuyou’s eyes had started bleeding. They all started shaking. Ji Chang and the members of the Ji Clan looked stunned.

Jian Mang was injured too. Ji Wuyou’s attack had reached him. He coughed up blood, and his blood was boiling.

Lin Feng knew that Jian Mang wasn’t going to lose, though. He perfectly knew how strong they both were. Ji Wuyou was less determined than before and Jian Mang was cruel and ferocious, and always cold and detached, probably because he was blind.

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