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Chapter 1981

Chapter 1981: Four Ancient Holy Clans Under Pressure

At that moment, people from Champion University raised their heads in surprise. What was going on? The university hadn’t had an alert for a thousand years!

The four universities of the Holy City had existed for a countless number of years, the Ancient Holy Clans respected them and didn’t dare offend them. Tensions between universities and Ancient Holy Clans were almost non-existent. Ancient Holy Clans also sent cultivators to universities all the time. Therefore, there were rarely problems in universities, and it had been a millennium since a university had been in a state of alert!

“Nine lights, King Type Alarm Bell. Oh my, what’s going on?” some old men of the university wondered. This was a red alert, the highest state of alert. Many students who had been at university for a very long time didn’t even know what it meant!

Even Lin Feng looked up at the sky, not understanding what was going on as he didn’t know all the rules of the university. However, at the same time, in the celestial mountains of Champion University, a terrifying Qi rose to the skies. Some silhouettes came out of the celestial mountains. People who were practicing cultivation stopped what they were doing.

“Whose Qi?” At that moment, Lin Feng realized he was being constricted by some strong cultivators’ Qi. After a short time, in the distance, threads of Qi rose up in the air. Four people who looked like kings had appeared, moving almost invisibly quickly.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. People’s hearts were pounding violently. Mister Xiao had guessed right, they had been watching him! Those four people were terrifyingly strong!

“Lin Feng!” said one of them icily. He waved his hand and suddenly a terrifying strength oppressed Lin Feng. He could barely move.

“Who dares attack him!” shouted a thunderous voice. Rumbling sounds spread in the air and a terrifying and oppressive Qi filled the air.

Ancestors Xuan Tian and s.h.i.+ Tian appeared and descended from the sky. They stood above Lin Feng and glared at the cultivators icily.

“Ji Clan, Yu Wen Clan, Ying Clan, Pei Clan, you’re joining hands to capture the students of Champion University now?” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian furiously. Qi kept pulsing around him. Suddenly, more and more people appeared around them. These people were all strong cultivators who practiced cultivation in the celestial mountains. When they heard the bell, they rushed over and found the place with their G.o.dly awareness.

Many people were shocked because of the bell and were rus.h.i.+ng over. Four Ancient Holy Clans, four Holy Great Emperors had come to Champion University to capture Lin Feng? What a terrifying army!

“Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, we didn’t come here to cause trouble for no reason. Lin Feng joined hands with Xiao Wu Tian to kill Ji Qing Song, a Celestial Emperor from the Ji Clan. He also controls Ji Jiang and used him to kill Ji Jiang’s uncle. I had no choice but to come to capture him. Please forgive us,” said the Holy Great Emperor of the Ji Clan calmly. Four Holy Great Emperors were oppressing Champion University.

Lin Feng frowned. Those people knew everything, that was impossible, how?

“So that’s about the Ji Clan, what about the three other clans?” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian indifferently.

“Ancestor, you know that there are tensions between the Ying Clan and Xiao Wu Tian. Lin Feng was with Xiao Wu Tian and that girl there, and then suddenly Xiao Wu Tian disappeared,” said the Holy Great Emperor of the Ying Clan. Xiao Ya’s face turned deathly pale in fear.

“Back then, Lin Feng came to Yin Rui’s birthday and after that, he killed some people of the Yu Wen Clan and the Ji Clan, some young people. We have to settle accounts too,” said the Holy Great Emperor of the Yu Wen Clan.

“And my clan, the Pei Clan,

Clan, and the Yin Clan organized a banquet and Lin Feng came to cause trouble. He threatened us to ruin our marriage alliance ceremony,” said the Holy Great Emperor of the Pei Clan. Those four Holy Great Emperors all accused Lin Feng of various things, they showed their arguments were not groundless. Lin Feng couldn’t defend himself.

“So four Holy Great Emperors came because of those things?” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian icily. He knew perfectly well these people were being sly.

“A Celestial Emperor of the Ji Clan died because of him, that’s not a small thing.”

“And Xiao Wu Tian!” replied the Holy Great Emperors of the Ji Clan and the Ying Clan. More and more strong cultivators of Champion University were appearing there. The students were astonished, their hearts were pounding. n.o.body dared offend Ancient Holy Clans like that! Lin Feng had joined hands with Xiao Wu Tian to kill a Celestial Emperor, then he had killed some young people from the Ji Clan and the Yu Wen Clan, he had gone too far! If he wasn’t talented, Champion University wouldn’t protect him. But the four Ancient Holy Clans had reason to attack him!

“Ridiculous,” spoke up Lin Feng at that moment, smiling coldly.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian looked at Lin Feng and said, “There is no harm in saying what one thinks, Lin Feng.”

“First, I didn’t ruin your marriage alliance, the cultivators of the Pei Clan are just greedy and said they would cancel it for precious items. Then, the Yin Clan canceled the wedding because of you! I don’t see why Holy Great Emperors would intervene because of that!

“Second, I did kill people from the Yu Wen Clan and the Ji Clan, I admit, but those people were chasing me and trying to kill me. Initially, after Yin Rui’s birthday, I wanted to come back to university, but they kept chasing me. Should I have let them kidnap and kill me?

“Third, Ji Qing

Ji Qing Song died, I plotted against him, indeed, but why would have I wanted a Celestial Emperor of the Ji Clan to die? Because that Celestial Emperor tried to use a powerful dream illusion on me to make me fall asleep and steal the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures from me. Then, he made my friend fall asleep and forced her to tell him my secrets. Then he threatened me and tried to force me to give him the Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures!

“Fourth, I do know Xiao Wu Tian, so what? Because I know him, the Ying Clan sends Holy Great Emperors to kill me? Are you blaming me for the tensions between the Ying Clan and Xiao Wu Tian?”

Lin Feng admitted everything. Since those Holy Great Emperors were in Champion University, he had to tell the truth. He couldn’t lie anyway, he had reasons for everything he had done!

“Everybody knows what happened between the Pei Clan and the Yin Clan, so a strong cultivator of the Pei Clan coming here to kidnap my people is pathetic and insolent. You despise Champion University. Then, regarding the Yu Wen Clan and the Ji Clan, you sent some people to kill Lin Feng, he protected himself, there’s nothing bad about that. And regarding Ji Qing Song, a Celestial Emperor, he attacked two young people! If I had known, I would have killed him myself! And the Ying Clan, Lin Feng is not the person you’re looking for. I also know Xiao Wu Tian, do you want to capture me too?” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, icily supporting Lin Feng.

“You are not welcome in Champion University. Please leave now,” said Ancestor Xuan Tian indifferently and calmly.

“That little boy said three words and now you think the situation is solved? It’s not that easy! We’ll take Lin Feng away and carry out a proper investigation. If it has nothing to do with him, we’ll bring him back,” bring him back,” said the Holy Great Emperor of the Ji Clan, calmly yet firmly. Their goal was to oppress Champion University, if they couldn’t stand the pressure, they’d give up!

“What do you think Champion University is? Your playground?” replied Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian icily.

“Champion University has existed in the Holy City for many years. Our Ancient Holy Clans respect Champion University, and we even send students to Champion University. But Lin Feng infuriated so many people, we’ve forgiven him a few times, now it’s too much, he went too far, you are also going to far by protecting him like this!”

“What you mean is that I should hand over my students to you just because you’re giving us an order?” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, grunting coldly.

“What about Ji Qing Song, his son, Ji Jiang and the others, and what about the members of the Yu Wen Clan and the Ying Clan? They died for nothing?” retorted the Holy Great Emperor of the Ji Clan coldly.

“I told you, they died because they deserved it. Leave now,” answered Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian, rolling up his sleeves.

“Alright, it’s Champion University, we’re giving you face, we respect you. We won’t cause trouble here. But if Lin Feng and people who connected to him leave Champion University, we’ll do what we have to do. You can protect your students, but the Ji Clan can also protect its people!” said the Holy Great Emperor of the Ji Clan icily.

“The same applies to the Yu Wen Clan.”

“And the Ying Clan. I will make sure to investigate about the relations between Lin Feng and Xiao Wu Tian!” swore the Holy Great Emperor of the Ying Clan icily.

“Champion University is protecting people who commit offenses, no problem.”

The Holy Great Emperors then turned around and left. They were furious. They wanted to oppress Champion University, but they had failed. Now, Lin Feng was stuck in Champion University, he wouldn’t be able to come out!

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