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Chapter 1995

Chapter 1995: Agitation in Dark Night

Lin Feng understood things were not that simple, and realized something was going on. He asked, “Ancestor, you made me come because something is happening in Qi Tian Dynasty?”

“Of course.” said Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian nodding, “The Qi Tian Dynasty is now divided into many Dynasties. They are all in Qi Tian Holy Town, they are very mysterious and secretive. Every hundred years, those dynasties invite the most outstanding disciples from the academic establishments of the eighteen main cities to go to Qi Tian Holy Town.”

“I see, so now it’s time, and what is the purpose of this invitation?” asked Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood he was invited.

“You’re right, it’s about time. One of the dynasties, the Tianci Dynasty and Champion University have always had very good relations. Every hundred years, they come to Champion University to invite our students, and now they’re here again. Tianci Dynasty is not the only dynasty to do that, the other dynasties of Qi Tian Holy Town have also dispatched people to the eighteen main cities. Very quickly, the strongest cultivators of the eighteen cities will gather in Qi Tian Holy Town,” Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian informed him. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. How incredible: all the strongest cultivators of the region, not only

of the Holy City?

When Lin Feng said nothing, Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian continued, “This time, someone from Tianci Dynasty would like to invite the top five cultivators of the Celestial Champion Ranking List: you, Ji Chang, Jian Mang, Hou Qing Lin, and Meng Qing.

“And why do they do this? It’s secret, but according to legends, in antiquity there was a big battle, and all the saints partic.i.p.ated in it. They were all astonis.h.i.+ngly strong. People from all branches partic.i.p.ated. They fought for treasures, of course. The battles were explosive. Some people regretted having partic.i.p.ated, some others didn’t because they benefited from it. Some historical remains are also distributed, from what I’ve heard. Emperors partic.i.p.ate, probably because the battles will continue when they’re great emperors.

“After the battles, young people obtain the vestiges of ancestors. Then, they forget about tensions, and join together to obtain historical remains. Some people are greedy and decide to fight. They only join together on the day when the access to the historical remains is granted. They all join hands to access the historical remains.

“But people who enter the ruins and such are terribly violent, and are all killers. Some dynasties fall, some rise. Some people are not determined enough, and some kinds of Dao strength also disappear with time. Some

Some people also need external help,” explained Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

It was an extremely complex issue. Actually, it was impossible to know what happened there or even what had happened in antiquity. Everything was secret. But people probably had to join hands at the right time and then react in case anything happened.

Lin Feng could imagine what such an event would be like.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian continued, “In antiquity, dynasties had good relations with all the influential groups of the Dark Night Region, they needed help to excavate historical remains. Since they needed help, they couldn’t prevent people from going there with them, so they allowed them to battle once inside. As usual in our world, if you’re weak, you get eliminated. If someone kills you, they get vestiges and you don’t.

“Therefore, right now, Qi Tian Holy Town is calling people from everywhere in the Dark Night Region, but only the most outstanding young people,” mused Lin Feng.

Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian nodded. “It’s a win-win relations.h.i.+p. If you are outstanding and accept the risk, you will have the opportunity to see the most outstanding people of the region, it’s a rare opportunity.”

“I understand, Ancestor. I will talk to Hou Qing Lin, Jian Mang, and Meng Qing,” Lin Feng smiled. He would go without hesitation, this was such

was such a rare opportunity. Maybe they would meet Ji Chang, Chu Chun Qiu, Ying Cheng, and some others! How exciting!

“Don’t worry!” Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian laughed. “Lin Feng, it could be really dangerous there, the Holy City is not the only place where you can see people like Ying Cheng or Chu Chun Qiu. You’ll probably meet some people who have king-type bodies and who have reached the very top of the Huang Qi layer. And we’re just collaborating with the Tianci Dynasty, you’re responsible for yourself.”

“I understand,” Lin Feng nodded. He knew the benefits and drawbacks of collaborating with other people.

“Besides, Ji Chang will come with you. Even though you hate him and he hates you, please put that aside. If you fight against one another, you’ll both suffer from losses. You are very talented. You’ll surpa.s.s Ji Chang sooner or later,” advised Ancestor s.h.i.+ Tian.

Lin Feng nodded calmly, he understood that as well. Ji Chang was a pillar in the Ji Clan, all their hopes were on him. Even if Lin Feng could defeat Ji Chang, could he kill him anyway?

Defeating and killing were two absolutely different concepts. If Lin Feng had been able to kill Ji Chang, they wouldn’t have gambled with Ji Chang’s life. Lin Feng didn’t know what treasures the what treasures the Ji Clan had given to Ji Chang to protect himself in case of immediate danger, just like the Ying Clan had given precious items to Ying Cheng to protect him. That was why Mister Xiao couldn’t kill him easily.

Lin Feng went back to inform Jian Mang and Hou Qing Lin. They were extremely excited. They were going to gather with the most outstanding cultivators of the region, how could they not be excited?


The other dynasties went to the other cities to invite people. The news spread very quickly all across the region. Suddenly, the Holy City which had calmed down was buzzing and lively again. People from Qi Tian Holy Town had come to invite people, the most outstanding geniuses of the Dark Night Region. Many people started heading to Qi Tian Holy Town.

Of course, the same happened everywhere in the region, in all eighteen main cities. Many geniuses, in their universities, clans, or sects, started leaving. There were also people from terrifying hidden groups. After all, apart from the eighteen main cities, there were other terrifying groups, but they were more discreet.

On that day, Lin Feng also rose up into the air with the others. They started traveling to Qi Tian Holy Town. Ji Chang also started traveling, but not with them…

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