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Zi Yi and Zi Ling were astonished when they heard Lin Feng.


Lin Feng could talk to the dead?


But a second later, the two girls were dumbstruck. They saw that the big brother, who was lying on the floor suddenly moved and started crawling. He turned his head around and looked at Lin Feng in a cold and evil way.


The Evil Alpacas’ big brother hadn’t died at all. He had just been injured, nothing more. A moment before, he hadn’t released the slightest bit of Qi and had been holding his breath, feigning death.


“That little boy is right. Lin Hao Jie is strong, but way too arrogant. He thinks that everything will go as he plans it. He didn’t even notice that he hadn’t killed me. His opinion of himself is way too high.” said the big brother sounding cold and detached. He agreed with Lin Feng.


“You are lucky that I was pretending to be dead.” said the big brother and then looked at Lin Feng while saying coldly: “But, Lin Hao Jie has left now. You three are now my toys, you, the little boy, I’m not interested in you, but these two girls will accompany to console me after my brothers’ deaths.”


Zi Yi and Zi Ling’s expression changed. The big brother had broken through to the fourth Ling Qi layer. Even if he was injured, they still couldn’t compete with him.


“Die boy!” said the big brother while immediately attacking. He raised his fist and his fist bombarded the atmosphere, moving straight towards Lin Feng. At that moment, Lin Feng slowly raised his hand, then rapidly pierced through the air like a meteor.


When the glow from his strike disappeared, the big brother’s forehead was covered with blood. He looked at Lin Feng, his eyes were filled with resentment before he died.


Was Lin Feng really lucky that he was playing dead?


“You and Lin Hao Jie are equally as arrogant.” said Lin Feng indifferently. While standing at the same place, he said slowly: “If Lin Hao Jie hadn’t stepped in, nothing would have happened to you girls anyway. Therefore, you don’t owe him anything. Remember that, things are not always as they seem. It’s exactly the same for him, he was pretending to be dead, but was actually waiting for his opportunity.” When Lin Feng finished talking, he immediately started walking towards the exit of the thatched hut. In the blink of an eye, his silhouette disappeared like a ghost.


When Zi Yi and Zi Ling saw Lin Feng disappear, they were astonished. Lin Feng had just killed the big brother, he had proved that he could protect them. Even if Lin Hao Jie hadn’t attacked, nothing would have happened to them.


As far as what Lin Feng’s last words, they were deep and profound. Things were not always as they seemed just like Lin Hao Jie, who was showing a certain aspect of his personality, but in the end wasn’t showing his true colors. The same was true for Lin Feng. The two girls despised him, thought that he was weak. But in the end, with a simple attack, he could kill a cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer.


“Zi Yi sister, Lin Feng seems extremely strong.” whispered Zi Ling after remaining silent for a moment while staring at the corpses on the floor.


“He’s just extremely arrogant. If he was as strong as he said, a moment ago, why did he wait for Lin Hao Jie to stop them? Why didn’t he take the initiative? Besides, when Lin Hao Jie was here, Lin Feng didn’t dare say a word against him. Lin Hao Jie is much stronger than him and Lin Feng was clearly afraid of him. His heart is just filled with jealousy.” said Zi Yi in a bad mood. She remembered Lin Hao Jie’s softness and tenderness, her heart was still beating faster when thinking about that. Lin Feng certainly had nothing to do with Lin Hao Jie.


“But he just attacked once with his hand and killed a cultivator of the fourth Ling Qi layer. Besides, that resplendent glow looked like it came from a sword.” said Zi Ling with lights unceasingly flas.h.i.+ng in her eyes. She was making great efforts to try and remember Lin Feng’s attack.


“It’s only because the big brother was too negligent. The big brother was pretending to be dead in front of Lin Hao Jie but didn’t care when in front of Lin Feng. It is obvious at a glance who is strong and who is weak. Besides, do you think that glow looked more majestic and more powerful than Lin Hao Jie’s Golden Rain Sword?” said Zi Yi as stubborn as before. However, all her reasoning seemed to be flawed.


Outside of the hut, a strong wind was blowing and penetrated into the hut. The fire that Lin Feng lit went out because of the strong wind. In a flash, the thatched hut became dark and cold.


Zi Yi and Zi Ling’s hearts started pounding. Immediately after, they firmly grabbed each other’s hands. They realized that there was cold sweat on the palms of both of their hands.


“Zi Yi, sister, actually, if Lin Feng was here, it would be much better.” said Zi Ling in a small voice. She had just realized that she had underestimated Lin Feng. Zi Yi had criticized Lin Feng for having lit a fire and they both now realized that without it, it was very cold….


“Zi Ling, we can go up the mountain tonight.” said Zi Yi surprising Zi Ling. Zi Yi then continued: “Lin Hao Jie is also going up now, isn’t he? If we leave now, we may have a chance of catching up with him.”


“What about Lin Feng?”


“What, do you care about him?” said Zi Yi coldly.


“Alright, let’s go.” said Zi Ling. Immediately after, the two girls left the hurt and immediately jumped on their Qian Li Xue horses. They immediately started galloping up the Golden Zi Mountain.


A short time after they left the hut, Lin Feng appeared on a horse and followed them.


On the top of the Golden Zi Mountain, there was a majestic palace, which was famous within that region. It was the location of the Zi Government.


In the Zi Government, there was someone who had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. In Mo Yue and Xue Yue, people had the same opinion, a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer could be defined as an extremely strong cultivator. Even members of the monarchy would consider them as cultivators worthy of respect. Cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were rare.


Outside of the Zi Government Palace, there were two huge pillars which had a huge wooden board across with an inscription. The two words “Zi Government” was engraved in huge letters on this wooden board.


At that moment, Zi Yi and Zi Ling were approaching these two huge pillars. Lin Feng was calmly following them. The three of them were galloping at full speed on the mountain road, but it was pitch black outside. They had needed two hours to climb the mountain.


“We are from the Zi Wei Mountain, here are our invitation cards.” said Zi Yi while taking out invitation cards and handing them over to the guards.


The guards opened the cards and saw that, they were from Zi Wei Village, they then nodded and let them pa.s.s.


The three of them entered the vast and immense palace. It was so huge that they didn’t know where to go.”


Zi Yi and Zi Ling, even though they were blood-related to the people of the Zi Government, had never gone there before. It was their first time. Being blood-related to the Zi Government was nothing special, the really strong and powerful family members were all disciples of the main clan.


Besides, even though people were pa.s.sing them, Zi Yi and Zi Ling knew n.o.body. Besides, as it was still late at night, they didn’t have a place to rest and had no choice but to aimlessly wander around the palace.


“Master Lin, please come this way.” At that moment, in the distance, two silhouetted were speaking as they walked through the palace.


Zi Yi and Zi Ling raised their heads and looked in that direction. The person who had just been called “Master Lin” was Lin Hao Jie.


“Master Lin.” shouted Zi Yi while looking at him. Her voice was filled with joy and surprise.


Lin Hao Jie looked in their direction and immediately saw Zi Yi and Zi Ling. A tender and soft smile appeared on his handsome and delicate face. He walked over to them and said: “It seems like I Lin Hao Jie, am very lucky to meet you girls again.”


“Master Lin, my name is Zi Yi.” said Zi Yi while pretending to be shy.


“Master Lin, is that your friend?” when the girl who was leading Lin Hao Jie saw that he knew Zi Yi, she couldn’t help but ask.


“Yes, she is” replied Lin Hao Jie while nodding.


“So that’s how it is, Miss Zi Yi, may I ask you where you are staying?” asked the girl, when she heard that she was Lin Hao Jie’s friend. She remained polite as she was one of the maids of the palace. Lin Hao Jie was Zi Qiong’s good friend and Zi Qiong was the heir to the Zi Government. Besides, Lin Hao Jie was also very strong and came from a wealthy family. Since he knew the people from the Zi Government, he was respected by the servants.


“Where….?” Zi Yi felt awkward. She saw that Zi Ling was getting angry and said: “We are related to the Zi Government, we are from the Zi Wei Mountain Village. We have come to pay our respects to Zi Qiong. We don’t know where exactly we’re going to stay yet.”


“Zi Wei Mountain Village.” whispered the maid. Immediately after, she smiled as if she understood. She said: “Since you are friends of Lin Hao Jie, I will help you with your accommodation issue.”


If they had just come to pay respects to Zi Qiong, the maid wouldn’t have helped them find accommodation. The three of them had arrived so late in the night. Whether they were blood-related to the Zi Government or not didn’t matter.


Besides, she had also ignored the fact that they were from the Zi Wei Mountain Village. That didn’t give them a high status. Them being friends with Lin Hao Jie was much more important than them being from the Zi Wei Mountain Village, it granted them a much higher status. She also had to give Lin Hao Jie face and help his friends.


“No need. Tomorrow is the big wedding ceremony, which we will both be attending. There is s.p.a.ce in my room. I would have nothing against letting two beautiful girls sleep in my room tonight.” said Lin Hao Jie with a big smile on his face. He, once again, ignored Lin Feng.

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