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Lin Feng looked in the same direction as the other people and saw Bing Yuan. What a cold young man!


In the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, only possessors of ice and snow spirits were accepted. All the skills they practiced were ice skills. When that group of people arrived, it seemed like the atmosphere had suddenly become much colder.


“Ninth Ling Qi layer.” said Ba Dao. Lin Feng faintly nodded. The fact that the Yun Hai Sect had been annihilated wasn’t a random and groundless event. One year before, the Yun Hai Sect was, indeed, the weakest of all the largest sects. It was obvious when seeing the disciples of the other sects.


Bing Yuan and his friends were walking forwards. At that moment, many people were moving aside opening a path for them. Very quickly, Bing Yuan arrived in front of Lin Feng but the crowd noticed that Lin Feng wasn’t moving aside. He was standing in the same place he was before, motionless.




Many people were stupefied. Who were these audacious people? They saw that Bing Yuan and his friends wanted to pa.s.s but these people were making them go around them.


Bing Yuan frowned and some ice-cold Qi moved towards Lin Feng and the two others. The atmosphere around them was surrounded by a layer of white frost. Very quickly, Lin Feng’s body was surrounded by a layer of ice.


Lin Feng was still standing at his initial position looking calm and serene. An invisible strength appeared, Lin Feng’s clothes were fluttering in the air. In a flash, the ice around his body completely vanished without trace, as if there hadn’t been anything at all.


“What’s going on?”


The crowd was astonished, in the blink of an eye, the ice around Lin Feng’s body had disappeared.


“It seems like that person is extremely strong. No wonder that he isn’t moving even though Bing Yuan is trying to pa.s.s.” thought many people at that moment. They were starting to pay attention to Lin Feng. He seemed quite mysterious.


“I’m Bing Yuan of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, who are you?” asked Bing Yuan to Lin Feng sounding extremely cold. Frost was floating around his body.


“Lin Feng.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Surprisingly, when Bing Yuan heard his name, his pupils shrank.


Lin Feng!


He had heard that name many times in his sect. The elders of the sect often talked about him. Half a year before, he had set a city on fire and was famous in the Imperial City for all the his actions. Strong cultivators who belonged to the largest sects obviously knew who he was.


“Lin Feng, I’ve never heard that name. I don’t know which sect he belongs to.” thought people in the crowd. They were puzzled. They didn’t know which sect had an outstanding disciple called Lin Feng


But from Bing Yuan’s facial expression, they had the impression that he knew Lin Feng, he was frowning.


Then, Bing Yuan walked around Lin Feng. People who were with him angrily glared at Lin Feng. They were asking themselves why Bing Yuan hadn’t killed him, he surprisingly dared to act so arrogantly before them.


But Bing Yuan remained silent. His friends had no choice but to follow him and ignore Lin Feng.


At that moment, a strong ice energy flew through the air towards Lin Feng’s body.


Lin Feng smiled coldly and slightly shook his hand.


“Ahhhhh….” at that moment, a horrible shriek spread filled the atmosphere. It came from the disciple who had just attacked Lin Feng by surprise, the arm he had used for the attack was hanging from his shoulder by a layer of skin and cultivation had just been crippled.


All the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village turned around and looked at Lin Feng with ice-cold glares.


“Brother, what’s going on?””


“He attacked me by surprise.” said the disciple whose face was deathly pale. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.


Attacked by surprise?


Lin Feng took a step forward and released swift and fierce Qi. It invaded the entire atmosphere, that person started shaking and then groaned. He was terrified. He was staring at Lin Feng and blood started flowing from his mouth.


“You…dared… kill me….” said that person with a trembling voice. Immediately after, his facial muscles relaxed and he collapsed onto the person who was behind him. He had just died yet his eyes remained open with a shocked expression.


Lin Feng had just killed him in front the group of disciple. They would have never thought he would be so daring.


The crowd was astonished, dumbstruck, and fixedly staring at Lin Feng. How audacious, he had killed that disciple in front of all his fellow disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, including Bing Yuan.


“As if I needed to attack you by surprise.” said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. That guy had just said that Lin Feng had attacked him by surprise. Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting words so he immediately killed him.


Lin Feng was much stronger than him and was not scared of the disciples, he had dared to kill him immediately while they all watched. Had Lin Feng needed to attack him by surprise? The other guy obviously just wanted to slander Lin Feng.


People in the crowd were indiscernibly nodding. Indeed, with Lin Feng’s strength and courage, it was impossible for him to have attacked that guy by surprise. The disciple was just lying.


Lin Feng looked indifferently at the disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, and more precisely at Bing Yuan. What did they intend to do?


Bing Yuan looked glum. Even though he knew that his fellow disciple had provoked Lin Feng first, Lin Feng had killed him in front of everybody else, that was a humiliation for Bing Yuan and for the Ice and the Snow Mountain Village as well.


“Lin Feng, it seems like you don’t care about humiliating me?” said Bing Yuan while releasing some cold energy. The crowd was stupefied, did he want to fight?


“Why would I care about humiliating you?” replied Lin Feng sounding cold: “Since you know me, you also know my background, now, why would I need to care about humiliating you or even your entire sect?”


Bing Yuan was surprised. Indeed, Lin Feng was a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. The Ice and Snow Mountain Village had also contributed to the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect. Its patriarch, Han Xue Tian had even personally gone there to partic.i.p.ate.


Did Lin Feng need to give him face?


“It seems like Bing Yuan knows Lin Feng. It’s just that we don’t know him, we have to remember that name.” thought the people in the crowd. Lin Feng surprisingly dared contradict Bing Yuan, it meant that he was probably extraordinarily strong yet they had never heard his name, that was very strange.


“Bing Yuan, brother, kill him!”


“Yes, brother, he killed our fellow disciple, kill him!”


Each and every single disciple of the Ice and Snow Village Mountain was furious. Lin Feng was too audacious. He had killed their fellow disciple and was still acting arrogantly. They were furious and wanted to kill him.


“Kill me? Are you not done talking s.h.i.+t.” said Lin Feng while glancing at the disciple. Lin Feng was provoking them to try and kill him, he was extremely aggressive. He was inviting these people to attack him and see the results. Their facial expressions were hideous.


They didn’t dare attack him though. Lin Feng had just slightly moved his hand and killed their fellow disciple. Besides, Bing Yuan seemed hesitant. That person was extremely strong, they could only try to convince Bing Yuan to attack, but Bing Yuan did not dare attack either.


“Lin Feng’s power is unfathomable. He has broken through to the seventh Ling Qi layer already and that was over half a year ago, he’s probably much stronger now.” thought Bing Yuan while staring at Lin Feng. He then thought: “Besides, I came to Celestial River for a reason and it has nothing to do with Lin Feng, the most important thing is for me to buy the thing I need.”


When Bing Yuan thought about the situation, he suddenly felt relieved. He had to stay in his peak condition because he had even more important things to do. In comparison with he had to do, the death of his comrade was meaningless.


“Let’s go.” said Bing Yuan as he started leaving.


That move made everyone stupefied. Let’s go?


Bing Yuan surprisingly left. Was he scared to fight against Lin Feng?


The disciples of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village were even more surprised. Bing Yuan wasn’t fighting? Their deceased fellow disciple wasn’t going to be avenged?


“Let’s go!” said Bing Yuan extremely coldly which made them s.h.i.+ver. Immediately after, they glared at Lin Feng again yet left.


They didn’t dare contradict Bing Yuan. In the mountain village, Bing Yuan was extremely powerful and aggressive. Those who dared oppose him were punished. That time, they didn’t know why he wasn’t avenging his fellow disciple. Was he afraid of Lin Feng?


Lin Feng looked at them leave, he looked calm and serene. Immediately after, he continued walking around the Dream Pavilion. A moment later, he arrived in front of an old man’s rug that was selling pill ingredients and squatted down.


“Old man, how much is that spiritual lichen?” asked Lin Feng to the old man. The old man raised his head, looked at Lin Feng and said: “One purity stone of lower quality per stem. Help yourself!”


“I would like a hundred thousand stems.” said Lin Feng. The old man was astonished and was blankly staring at Lin Feng. A hundred thousand stems…. even though spiritual lichen wasn’t extremely valuable, a hundred thousand was a huge number.


“Why do you need so much lichen?”


“To concoct some Spiritual Sanguine Pills.”


“Spiritual Sanguine Pills? What other ingredients do you need?”


Lin Feng’s pupils shrank, he knew that he had found the right person.


“I am making Pure Earth Pills, Spirit Breath Pills and Red Sun pills.”


When the old man heard Lin Feng, he remained silent for a second, lights were flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes. He then said: “Wonderful, then you need some Scorching heat herb, Sanguine plants and Pure Qi grains.”


“Indeed. I need a lot of ingredients.” said Lin Feng while nodding. While walking around, Lin Feng was observing the vendors and their strength. That old man’s strength was unfathomable, Ba Dao hadn’t been able to tell. Therefore, they had come to him, it seemed like he was an extremely powerful cultivator who, on top of that, could also concoct pills!

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