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The incredible sword illuminated the entire atmosphere, it contained an endless quant.i.ty of pure sword Qi, deadly Qi and even some battle energy was surrounding it.


That sword was an incredibly deadly weapon, its power was monstrous.


Tu Jiu was gasping with astonishment. His ball of pure lightning Qi was bombarding the atmosphere and moving towards Lin Feng’s sword. Crackling sounds were followed by loud roars of thunder. The lightning were colliding with the sword made of pure Qi.


But the ball of lightning made from pure Qi was unable to block the incoming sword attack. Lin Feng’s sword was descending from the sky and piercing towards its target. A cracking sound emerged in the air, the lightning made from pure Qi was pierced. The insanely brutal pure Qi dispersed in all directions creating a shockwave of pure Qi.


“I don’t want the beast essence fire anymore!” Shouted Tu Jiu. He was unable to block the sword made from pure Qi. If Lin Feng didn’t stop his attack, he would really be able to kill Tu Jiu so Tu Jiu had to find a way out.


“He’s giving up, Tu Jiu is giving up.”


The crowd was astonished. The strong and powerful Tu Jiu, who was extremely aggressive, had come to find Lin Feng because he wanted to steal the beast essence fire. Everybody had thought that Lin Feng, even if he didn’t die, would, at least, lose the essence fire.


When they had heard Lin Feng refuse Tu Jiu, they had been convinced that he would die.


But the astonis.h.i.+ng result was that Tu Jiu, who couldn’t be defeated by any other cultivator of the Ling Qi layer, couldn’t rival Lin Feng’s power. Lin Feng had defeated him using his pure Qi sword. At that moment, Tu Jiu, who was at the peak of the Ling Qi layer had given up. He wasn’t fighting anymore and decided that he no longer needed any of Lin Feng’s items.


“Hmm, what to do?” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. Tu Jiu thought that things were really that easy, if he wanted to fight, then he’d fight. He wanted to kill Lin Feng and take the beast essence fire but because he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, he thought that everything would be solved if he just gave up on wanting to steal from Lin Feng.


How could it be that easy? Would he accept if someone did that to him?


Lin Feng had told him to choose, leave or die.


“I am from the Condor Castle of Celestial River, would you dare to kill me and see what happens?” Said Tu Jiu when he saw that Lin Feng’s sword was still falling from the sky. The sword was slowly piercing through the pure Qi and was growing faster and faster. His facial expression had changed drastically.


Tu Jiu dared act aggressively and arrogantly in Celestial River because he was incredibly strong but also because he came from the Condor Castle which had a certain power in Celestial River.


The Condor Castle was a corrupt organization, people who dared offend them were all mercilessly killed. The Condor Castle organization was based within Celestial River territory. They offended many minor people with minor influences in Celestial River but they were unable to react unless they had enough backing.


The crowd was also dumbstruck. Was he going to kill Tu Jiu? They had never thought about such a possibility until that moment.


Even though the Hao Yue Sect was not far from Celestial River, in Celestial River, people of the Hao Yue Sect, and even of the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, didn’t dare offend the people of Condor Castle. The Condor Castle Organization had deep roots in Celestial River, it had existed for countless years and they were truly ruthless. In order to dismantle it, you would need to remove it from the roots, which was almost impossible, so it was best not to anger them.


“Since you wanted to kill me, you should have thought that I might kill you too.” Said Lin Feng sounding cold. The crowd were astonished. The sword made from pure Qi pierced through the last remaining bit of pure lightning Qi. It then moved directly towards Tu Jiu.


“How dare you….” Shouted a voice which resonated through the entire atmosphere.


Tu Jiu looked at the sword that was piercing towards him from the sky. He looked hopeless and his heart was filled with regret. People of the Condor Castle Organization had gotten used to acting imposing and arrogant in Celestial River. Therefore, he had never thought that he would ever be in such a situation, he had never thought that anyone would dare kill him in Celestial River.


At that moment, he was doomed, everything had happened too quickly.




The light from the deadly pure Qi of Lin Feng’s sword was gradually vanis.h.i.+ng. Tu Jiu was standing there, motionless. Immediately after, his body slowly collapsed.


Tu Jiu’s eyes were still open, but between his eyebrows, a sword had pierced his skull and a thread of blood was flowing.


He was dead!


Tu Jiu of the Condor Castle Organization had died. He was at the peak of the Ling Qi layer and had killed by Lin Feng in one sword strike. He hadn’t even been able to touch Lin Feng even though he had the power to use pure Qi which was the power of the Xuan Qi Layer.


The result exceeded all expectations, it was astonis.h.i.+ng, many people were still excited.


Lan Jiao, who was behind Lin Feng, was dumbstruck as well. A moment after, she took a deep breath and looked at the back of the domineering young man. Her beautiful eyes were filled with surprise.


What a unwavering and determined young man.


He wanted to kill Lin Feng so Lin Feng had killed him. Lin Feng didn’t care about his status.


Lan Jiao frowned and started walking. She arrived at Lin Feng’s side and said: “Lin Feng, you should leave as soon as possible, hurry and leave!”




Lin Feng looked at Lan Jiao, shook his head and said: “Why would I leave?”


“You will get killed!” Said Lan Jiao. “Tu Jiu was a member of the Condor Castle Organization. Besides, he had a very high status. You killed him so the members of the Condor Castle Organization will not let you off. They will quickly come for you.”


“The Condor Castle Organization?” Lin Feng frowned. He had an appointment with Mister Huo in the restaurant, he couldn’t leave.


“I am not leaving.” Said Lin Feng sounding indifferent. Lan Jiao was stupefied and insulting Lin Feng in her thoughts. That guy took too many risks for nothing.


“Lin Feng, you just want to die!”” Said Lan Jiao furiously.


Lin Feng was surprised, he looked at Lan Jiao and immediately said: “why are you so worried about me?”


Lan Jiao was stupefied. Indeed, what was wrong with her? Why was she worried about that b.a.s.t.a.r.d? She was supposed to hate Lin Feng. She initially wanted him to die, why was she helping him?


“I’m worried about you but you’re right, if you want to die, it’s none of my G.o.dd.a.m.n business.” Cursed Lan Jiao. She seemed to be revealing her true nature which was completely different from the other night.


Lin Feng looked at Lan Jiao who was leaving furiously. He started walking and went into the Celestial Mountain Restaurant.


People in the crowd were shaking their heads, a beautiful woman was warning him but he couldn’t differentiate good from bad. It seemed like this time, he was definitely going to die.


The Condor Castle Organization was dangerous, they had a lot of influence in Celestial River. Besides, they were comprised of thousands of people and except for the younger generations, they had all broken through to the Ling Qi layer. There were almost no weak cultivators. Besides, the three leaders of the organization had broken through to the Xuan Qi layer. They were extremely powerful, especially the main leader, he had already broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, his power was monstrous to the extent that people who dared provoke him were extremely rare.


Even though Lin Feng was very strong and had high natural talent, provoking the Condor Castle Organization was no better than courting death.


The crowd in the distance hadn’t left  yet. The news that Tu Jiu had died would spread quickly and they wanted to see what would happen now that Lin Feng had decided to not leave.


Just as the crowd had predicted, not such a long time after, rumbling noises emerged in the distance and the ground was shaking from the horses in the distance, it sounded like a small army of horses galloping.


“They arrived!” People’s hearts were pounding. The people of the Condor Castle Organization had arrived very quickly.


“Lin Feng will die!” When the crowd heard the rumbling noises, they understood that it was the Condor Castle Organization who had come to get their revenge. The Condor Castle Organization would definitely kill Lin Feng.


A moment later, a group of cavalry on black horses were galloping towards them. They all looked evil and aggressive. The people of the Condor Castle Organization were all the most evil and ruthless cultivators. They had so much blood on their hands, the numbers of people they had killed  in cold blood would never wash away.


They were like Tu Jiu, if they saw someone who had something that they wanted, if the person didn’t hand it over, they killed them. They were extremely evil and aggressive. They had no principles and no moral values at all.


Many people were rus.h.i.+ng out from the Celestial Mountain Restaurant. They had heard that the Condor Castle Organization had come to avenge Tu Jiu’s death. They would of course hide in the distance to avoid any unfortunate incident.


A short time after, the Celestial Mountain Restaurant had turned completely silent. Besides, in the distance, over a hundred cavalry on their armored-horses had almost arrived. When they saw Tu Jiu’s corpse lying on the road, the leader’s facial expression became ice-cold and his eyes, which looked like those of an eagle, looked extremely sharp.


That person was Tu Jiu’s uncle, once of the vice leaders of the Condor Castle Organization.


“Get out here, you will die!” Said the vice leader of the Condor Castle Organization. They all galloped towards the Celestial Mountain Restaurant and immediately started destroying everything in their path.


“How strong and powerful!”


The crowd was astonished. In the distance, a thick bronze sign exploded. The leader of the Condor Castle Organization had shouted and his voice contained powerful pure Qi.


Inside the Celestial Mountain Restaurant, the atmosphere was absolutely silent, there wasn’t a single noise.


The crowd was silently observing the scene. The people of the Condor Castle Organization had stopped outside restaurant, waiting for Lin Feng and Lin Feng was obviously not going to come out, otherwise he would die, what they were asking was obviously impossible!

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