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PMG Chapter 619: Heruka Body Transformation

Chapter 619: Heruka Body Transformation

When Lin Feng and Tang You You saw Yu Mo, they stopped and calmly stood a.n.a.lyzing the situation.

At the same time Yu Mo's arrival, others were rus.h.i.+ng over still. But when they saw Yu Mo they all stopped and stayed far away from him. They didn’t dare get too close. Maybe Yu Mo would go crazy and kill them too. They would lose their seeds!

Mysteriously, they didn’t know how strong he was. They did know he was one of the most outstanding young cultivators of the four empires of Xue Yu and he had a strange eight trigrams eyes spirit…

“You all want to take advantage of the weak I see!” said Lin Feng while glancing around. They didn’t dare get close, they were all glaring at him like a tiger watching his prey. Lin Feng had fifteen seeds… Acquiring fifteen stars, having only to kill one person would be an amazing opportunity… With fifteen seeds, they would be able to go a temple and obtain some incredible treasures, how could they control their greed?

“Get lost, all of you.” said Lin Feng calmly. Those people were first alarmed and then smiled coldly. Lin Feng was quite audacious and arrogant. He surprisingly dared them to get lost… If Yu Mo hadn’t been there they would have taught Lin Feng a good lesson already!

n.o.body moved. They despised Lin Feng. Yu Mo didn’t hurry to attack either. So many people were around so he was trying to think about a way to obtain as many seeds as possible in this situation. There were Lin Feng’s seeds but also those of all the others around. If he managed to obtain all those seeds, he would be able to learn the best skills of three or four temples… How tempting! n.o.body would ever be able to stop him after that.

Greed, he was greedy because he wanted to become stronger. And he was becoming greedier and greedier each second. He wouldn’t only take Lin Feng’s seeds but those of everyone else as well.

When he saw that the crowd wasn’t moving any, Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled with cold lights. He then whispered something, some mysterious mantra in Sanskrit and some golden texts written in Sanskrit were coming out of his mouth and floating in the air. More and more prayers continued to appear like that in the air.

A golden light was revolving around Lin Feng’s body, it seemed like many shadow hands were appearing.

“One Thousand Buddha Hands, die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. The infinity of small Sanskrit letters in the air turned into golden hands and moved in all directions! They were so fast that people didn’t have time to react!

“Boom boom boom!”

A thousand Buddha hands killed some people instantly, the weakest cultivators couldn’t stop the attack and their blood had splashed everywhere. The strongest ones managed to stop the attack but had the feeling that the bones in their arms were broken. That thousand Buddha hands attack was monstrously powerful and contained terrifying physical strength. Not to mention it was as fast as lightning.

“You You, help me!” shouted Lin Feng. Tang You You reacted immediately.

“One thousand dream shadows!” shouted Tang You You and a thousand clones appeared in the air.



All her clones kept attacking and so many people collapsed, they were dead.

“Back back!! Quickly!” Many people were trying to escape at that moment but those who had just been attacked by Lin Feng couldn’t move back. And Tang You You’s clones were extremely fast, they moved around like hurricanes and surrounded the remainders. When Tang You You moved back to her initial position, five or six people had already collapsed and she had ten seeds between her eyebrows.

Lin Feng had shouted her name and asked for help but Tang You You perfectly understood that Lin Feng had just been nice. He had given her those people! He had just injured them with his golden Buddha hands and purposely left them alive.

Lin Feng glanced at Tang You You and then at the remaining enemies coldly which made their hearts start palpitating. They had underestimated Lin Feng.

Those thousand Buddha hands contained a physical strength of the seventh Xuan Qi layer, how terrifying! With that speed and that strength they didn’t have the time to react.

“That’s what he obtained in the temple…” The crowd was astonished. They were greedy and had neglected the fact that Lin Feng could have obtained an incredible skill in the temple.

“Temple…” Yu Mo’s eyes were twinkling. The stronger Lin Feng was, the more excited Yu Mo was. So that was the real power of the skills he could find in the temples…

“Fifteen plus ten, that’s twenty-five…” said Yu Mo while counting Lin Feng and Tang You You’s skills. Then a magnificent smile appeared on his face. He had the impression that he already possessed those twenty-five seeds.

“They’re all mine!” exclaimed Yu Mo, while releasing some terrifying, whistling, pure Qi. His hair and clothes were chaotically fluttering in the wind.

He jumped forwards and disappeared from his initial position. But Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with sharp lights, Yu Mo appeared in front of him in a flash.

“Wind!” Lin Feng then moved like the wind and disappeared from his original position.

At the same time, golden lights were twinkling all around his body.

“Do you think you can escape?” mocked Yu Mo coldly. His pupils slowly turned white and gray and had the form of the eight divinatory trigrams.

Lin Feng had the impression that the atmosphere was distorted, he was caught off guard. He had the impression that he was walking in a swamp, he had fallen to a hallucination.

“Come back!” shouted Yu Mo while raising his hands. Waves of pure Qi rolled in the atmosphere and surrounded Lin Feng, slowing him down drastically.

That was a skill that Yu Mo had obtained from a temple which coupled with his two trigram eyes. They complemented each other very well.

“Die!” In a flash, Yu Mo appeared in front of Lin Feng and his two hands tore through the s.p.a.ce between them. His hands hadn’t reached Lin Feng yet but he could already sense that Yo Mo's pure Qi could break his bones and tear his flesh apart.

“Indestructible golden body!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Some words written in Sanskrit emerged out of his mouth, and he raised his hand. Then a gigantic Buddha hand moved towards Yu Mo.

“Boom!” Both attacks collided and the golden Buddha hand was destroyed, it then turned into countless small golden stars. Yu Mo’s hands were not hindered, they were still moving towards Lin Feng.

“Die!” However, at the same time, an ice-cold voice pierced through Yu Mo’s ears. A hand filled with deadly energies was moving towards his back. It was Tang You You!

“Get lost!” shouted Yu Mo furiously. A distortion immediately appeared in the s.p.a.ce behind him and eight trigrams appeared. Tang You You was blocked.

“Boom!” Yu Mo’s hands and Lin Feng’s body collided as some crackling sounds spread in the air again. His golden body was breaking apart.

“Destroy!” Lin Feng’s body was projected backwards. A terrifying and painful, scorching hot energy had spread in through Yu Mo’s hands at the moment he had hit Lin Feng.

Yu Mo frowned and condensed some pure Qi but the fire was particularly hot. He wasn’t able to make it go away immediately.

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi emerged out of Yu Mo’s body and surrounded the flames. Then he turned around and his fist rocketed towards Tang You You’s body, which projected her flying backwards.

Lin Feng was standing in the air and blood was flowing out of his mouth. He was fixedly staring at Yu Mo. Yu Mo had already broken through to the very top of the eighth Xuan Qi layer. He was monstrously strong, as expected from one of the eight most outstanding young disciples of Xue Yu.

Even though Lin Feng’s strength of the Heruka could rotate six thousand times, and even though he had an indestructible golden body, he still couldn’t rival with Yu Mo.

“Heruka’s strength, Heruka body transformation!” said Lin Feng looking calm and solemn. The strength of the Heruka started rotating in his body at full speed, it kept changing and evolving. Lin Feng’s body was sometimes golden, sometimes pitch-black. Sometimes he looked benevolent, other times malevolent. He seemed to be both good and evil.

Heruka Body Transformation!
Will Lin Feng survive or will Yu Mo obtain the seeds of power and conquer the world? Find out next time on P..M..G..!…

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