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PMG Chapter 633: Drinking Alcohol Onstage

Chapter 633: Drinking Alcohol Onstage

The crowd outside the Flood Dragon Cave was still was still waiting for someone to appear. And finally, a silhouette appeared. He jumped and immediately landed on the fighting stage outside the cave.

“Who??” People were staring at the silhouette. Who was the first one?

What they saw was a sick-looking person who was rather worn-out at the moment. 

“Huh?” People were astonished. They had never thought that the first person wouldn't be one of the eight. It wasn’t Di Ling, it wasn’t Duan Wu Dao, it wasn’t Jun Mo Xi… And it wasn’t Xue Sha either. They actually weren’t any of the eight most outstanding disciples! Surprisingly, it was Lin Feng, a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer! 

“How’s that possible?? How could he be the first one?” 

The crowd was astonished, that was way too strange! Xue Wu Chang was astonished too! Even if Lin Feng had managed to pa.s.s all the tests, at best he should have finished eleventh or maybe even thirty-first… But in the end, he had come out first! It meant that he had arrived first on the bridge. 

The first to come out was usually the one with the first jade medal, but Lin Feng should have the eleventh or even the thirty-first jade medal. It was impossible for him to have the first jade medal. 

“Pfeww…” The crowd saw another silhouette appear and they were astonished again.

People were constantly surprised. That compet.i.tion was insane! The second person wasn’t one of the people they had expected to see either. It was a beautiful girl, however, she was much stronger than Lin Feng. Even though they were surprised, they were still less surprised than when they saw Lin Feng come out!

“Are you alright??” asked Lin Feng to Tang You You. He didn’t pay attention to anyone else. At that moment, he only cared about Tang You You who was looking pale with blood flowing out of her mouth. She had used the thousand clones too much and was suffering the kick-back.

“I’m alright, it was worth it anyways.” said Tang You You while smiling. She raised the second jade medal. Lin Feng had arrived first and Tang You You had arrived second… Those two would be able to select their opponents.

“You made great efforts.” said Lin Feng to Tang You You, his heart felt warm. If Tang You You hadn’t been there he wouldn’t have been able to pa.s.s through the ninth person’s barrage. But Tang You You had been able to block him. And even worse, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to compete with Duan Wu Dao or Di Ling in the pa.s.sageway. He wouldn’t have finished at all without her.

After all that, Tang You You still gave him the first medal… Even though the first and the second jade medals were the same in terms of advantages, the meaning was different.

“Boom boom!” Some terrifying Qi spread in the air and the crowd looked at the exit again. This time, finally, some people they had expected came out: Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao. 

Di Ling and Duan Wu Dao looked furious. They glanced at Lin Feng and Tang You You coldly. They had stolen the first and second jade medals!

But immediately after, they relaxed again. They both walked towards the edge of the area and sat down cross-legged, as if the outside world had nothing to do with them. 

In the end, they had also won. Even if Tang You You and Lin Feng had arrived first and second, strength was the most important thing now. They weren’t going to drive themselves crazy for such a futile prize. n.o.body could defeat them and n.o.body dared to try.

Xue Wu Chang was extremely curious, he looked at Lin Feng and asked, “Is your jade medal the twenty-first or the thirty-first?” 

Lin Feng was stupefied, he looked surprised. Twenty-first? Thirty-first?? 

Even without Tang You You, he had managed to defeat eight people and could have finished eleventh… Of course, Xue Wu Chang didn’t know about that. So the fact that he was asking was normal.

When the crowd heard him, they were confused! Was there a rule that they couldn’t understand?

“You probably abandoned after the sixth or seventh person right? Or did you get the eleventh jade medal…??” asked Xue Wu Chang again, when he saw that Lin Feng wasn't saying anything.

“Abandoned after the sixth or seventh person…?” The crowd was astonished again. Lin Feng had come out first but he wasn’t necessarily the first one?? How come? 

Lin Feng and Tang You You glanced at each other and laughed. Tang You You looked amused. They looked like they were close friends. Lin Feng looked at Xue Wu Chang, raised his hand, and slowly opened his hand in which appeared a jade medal… On that s.h.i.+ny jade medal, there was one number…. ONE! 

“FIRST????” Xue Wu Chang was absolutely astonished. He was staring at Lin Feng’s jade medal. Lin Feng hadn’t arrived twenty-first or thirty-first… Not even eleventh… 

Lin Feng had taken the first medal…

The crowd felt normal again. Indeed, he was the first one to come out and had taken the first medal. 

“I knew it!” said Xiao Ya in the crowd while giggling. Po Jun and Han Man clenched their fists, he was the first one… Lin Feng was astonis.h.i.+ng. Even though it was only the second round, Lin Feng could really be proud of himself! 

“Interesting.” thought Yue Qing Shan while looking at that strange and mysterious young man who had said he was from Xue Yue… Surprisingly, he had finished first… Everybody remained surprised.

“I wonder where Yue Tian Ming is and which medal he will get.” thought Yue Qing Shan at that moment. 

Besides, Yu Liu Shui and the people from Tian Feng were upset, they were furious. That Lin Feng was too lucky, after the compet.i.tion they would strip him of his luck! 

“Your name is Lin Feng, right?” asked Xue Wu Chang. Lin Feng nodded. He was surprised that the old man knew his name… 

“Lin Feng, that jade key is extremely useful. You have to onto it dearly.” said Xue Wu Chang. Lin Feng realized something, that jade medal had incredible advantages? 

Could it be used for anything else?

Xue Wu Chang was, on top of that, talking about a jade key now. But before the second round, he had talked about jade medals and not jade keys… 

A key…? 

Those were keys?! Actually, they did have the shape of keys. 

“I will.” said Lin Feng nodding. Xue Wu Chang didn’t add anything else. 

Lin Feng glanced at Tang You You and they both moved aside. 

“Will your injury affect your fighting abilities?” asked Lin Feng to Tang You You. She looked calm and serene. From outside, one couldn’t see that she was severely injured… 

“I’m a member of the Tang Clan, do you remember?” said Tang You You smiling resplendently. Lin Feng was surprised and smiled. Indeed, he had forgotten, Tang You You was a lady from an incredible clan. 

A few bottles of alcohol suddenly appeared.

“Do you like drinking Hot Unit?” asked Lin Feng, with a devilish smile. He then opened and chugged some Hot Unit. 

Very quickly his pure Qi started flowing at full speed in his body. He was moaning with pleasure. The Hot Unit was flowing in his body and increasing his body temperature. He felt great as his face turned red.

“How comfortable and pleasant!” said Lin Feng, breathing heavily. His Qi felt like it was burning. 

“Is it that good?” said Tang You You in a low voice. She opened one too and immediately drank a bottle. Her face turned red as well.

“Cough cough!!!” Tang You You coughed while staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was speechless, he hadn’t forced her to drink.

Hot Unit was good for him but it didn’t seem as good for Tang You You. If it had been good for her, the Tang Clan would have made her drink it before!

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