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PMG Chapter 768

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Chapter 768: Making the Situation Worse

Duan Wu Dao was upset because Lin Feng hadn’t died.

Back at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, Lin Feng had defeated him in front of everyone and had finished first. Now that Duan Wu Dao joined the Jade Heaven Imperial Family he was taught various things by some great cultivators. He's made so much progress in making his intent even more powerful. But now, how strong has Lin Feng become?

“Will it be possible to kill him?” someone asked while walking towards a leader of the Tian Qi layer. The cultivators of the Jade Heaven Imperial Family all knew about Lin Feng, they wanted Duan Wu Dao to kill Lin Feng as soon as they entered the mysterious world to avoid further troubles.

“Do you think that people from Tian Chi are helpless?” one of the strong cultivators asked. All the people Tian Chi chose to enter the the mysterious world must be strong. Those cultivators represent their future, do you believe it will be so easy to kill any of them?

“Those seven snow eagles are extraordinary, they’re incredible. If those eagles weren’t so strong, Tian Chi wouldn’t have taken the risk of sending their geniuses here without any protection.” that same person continued. The one who asked the question was moved, he obviously understood what was meant. Killing Lin Feng wouldn’t be easy. People from the Tian Chi Empire wouldn’t let their guard down. 

The dragon-scaled horses continued moving forwards as they emitted rumbling sounds in the sky. They headed in the direction of the snow eagles, leaving trails in the sky behind them.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, trying to control his anger. He had to control himself and act carefully, he couldn’t let his thoughts become chaotic. He had to focus on the advantages that the mysterious world would provide.

“Look at how many people are over there. Have we arrived already?” someone asked in the distance. They could see so many black dots in the distance.

“There are so many strong cultivators who have broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. It must mean the mysterious world hasn't opened yet.” they thought.

Lin Feng opened his mouth. He saw something gigantic in the distance, it looked like a large tomb. A crowd had surrounded it, seemingly protecting it. 

“A tomb…? The tomb of the emperor?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Was what the strong cultivators had told him true…? The mysterious world was the tomb of the emperor? 

“We arrived, that coffin has to be the entrance to the mysterious world.” Everyone was excited, they had finally arrived.

Those who had already arrived at the coffin were looking at each other, trying to guess where everyone was from.

“People from Tian Chi and Jade Heaven Imperial Family have already arrived, how fast.” 

There were still some days to wait before going to the mysterious world and half the forces of the Gan Yu Region were already there. Those who were eligible to enter the mysterious world were there, only a few minor groups hadn’t arrived yet.

The mysterious world was either the palace or the tomb of the emperor, not just anyone could go there. All the strongest forces of the Gan Yu Region had come so people from the other regions would inevitably be rejected. The only force which could put up a fight would be the Holy City because they were monstrously powerful, but they already possessed incredible quant.i.ties of resources. They weren't going to waste time with the tomb of the emperor, some of them were already related to the cultivation emperor.

Becoming a student of the cultivation emperor was something extraordinary which guaranteed a successful future. Some of the strong cultivators were going with hopes of becoming the emperor's student.

Of course, even if people were from Gan Yu, they weren’t necessarily eligible to go to the mysterious world. Only those groups widely recognized were accepted and could send their pupils. 

The seven snow eagles turned into human beings as they landed. Everybody stared at that absolutely normal hill, how could it be the entrance of the mysterious world?

Lin Feng looked at the gigantic hill and the various persons around it. It was then that he noticed someone from before and suddenly released an ice-cold Qi. 

He could see the East Sea Dragon Palace people, their leader was wearing a purple-golden dragon robe. As if he had sensed something, he frowned. He looked in the direction of the people of Tian Chi. How come someone from Tian Chi was acting so hostile? They had just arrived. 

However, he was astonished to see Lin Feng. Apart from the Dragon King who was wearing his familiar purple-golden clothes, two others were now surprised. They had both been chosen to join the Dragon Palace, Di Ling and Duan Wu Ya.

“As Lin Feng yelled, Di Ling couldn’t forget the past, even if Lin Feng’s Qi had changed a lot since the compet.i.tion.

However, Duan Wu Dao was seemingly indifferent. Even though he was surprised, he was smiling. This smile wasn’t warm or friendly, it was filled with evil intentions.

The second prince of Xue Yue was famous for his warmth and friendly demeanour, he was easy to approach. However, he had shown his true colors and was so much more evil than Duan Wu Dao. Hundreds of thousands of troops had died because of him, he had planned on Duan Wu Dao and Lin Feng to fight, then he wanted Shen Gong and the Jade Heaven Imperial Family to fight. Duan Wu Ya had plotted to best benefit the East Sea Imperial Palace succeed and become glorious. He was certainly a master manipulator. 

If Lin Feng had to choose one person to kill, that person would be Duan Wu Ya.

Lin Feng’s murderous intentions were violent. Duan Wu Ya was looking back at Lin Feng and smiling, but he knew that Lin Feng wanted him to die ten thousand deaths. Duan Wu Ya was actually scared of Lin Feng, the past can't be changed now. Against all expectations, his diabolic plan to kill Lin Feng had failed at the last minute when he turned into a demon and almost killed everyone.

But Lin Feng hadn’t died, he was still alive and had seemingly managed to recover from his demonic possession. Lin Feng shouldn't be able to control the evil swords yet but he had managed to recover somehow, he must have had another stroke of luck. On top of that, he hadn’t joined Shen Gong but another group of influence.

The people of Shen Gong had arrived already. They had managed to take some geniuses from the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu too.

“Isn’t the champion of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu supposed to represent you in the mysterious world?” Duan Wu Ya was poking fun at the people of Shen Gong. They looked in the direction of Tian Chi's people and noticed Lin Feng.

Duan Wu Ya was trying to deteriorate the situation between Lin Feng and Shen Gong even more.

PMG Chapter 769

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Chapter 769: Serious Consequences

“Lin Feng!”

“It’s really Lin Feng!” 

Lin Feng had finished first at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and became famous in Shen Gong, especially in Shen Gong North.

Just as there are tensions between the seven snowy mountains in Tian Chi, there are tensions between the different groups in Shen Gong, more precisely between Shen Gong North, Shen Gong South, Shen Gong West and Shen Gong East. Lin Feng was supposed to go to the mysterious world representing Shen Gong North.

After what happened in Xue Yue, Lin Feng had turned into a demon and crazily attacked them. In the end they had given up and abandoned Lin Feng. On top of that, they had given Lin Feng’s free spot to someone else for the mysterious world. After all, he had turned into a demon, what could they do? He was in a murderous frenzy.

However, Lin Feng now appeared again, his eyes were twinkling just like those of a deity. Even though he looked cold, he hadn’t turned into a demon. Surprisingly, he was now representing the Tian Chi Empire. 

Bei Ming and Lei Mang pulled a long face. Since Lin Feng hadn’t turned into a demon shouldn't he represent Shen Gong in the mysterious world. How could he be representing the Tian Chi Empire? 

Apart from Bei Ming, a few others were also staring at Lin Feng. Those people were those who had partic.i.p.ated to the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and had chosen to join Shen Gong. They had thought that Lin Feng was deep and mysterious, especially when they had found out the things going on between Yue Tian Ming and him. Yue Tian Ming obviously knew what had happened in Xue Yue, his grandfather Yue Qing Shan had almost died in Xue Yue.

“Lin Feng.” 

Bei Ming came out from the group representing Shen Gong, “Lin Feng, we were extremely grieved when we heard about what happened to you in Xue Yue. We just had the feeling that those loved by the G.o.ds always died young… We even sent some strong cultivators to save you. We all hoped that you would recover but now it seems that we were too worried. You managed to stay safe, I would like to thank you and allow you to go to the mysterious world as the leader of the Shen Gong group.” 

The crowd looked back at Lin Feng, they didn’t know what social status the young man had, but Bei Ming attached so much importance to him. Bei Ming was ready to make him become their leader! 

The people from the Tian Chi Empire also looked at Lin Feng and realized that the young man who had suddenly appeared in the Tian Xuan group was famous. The group on the dragon-scaled horses knew him, and the people from Shen Gong.

“It seems like he isn’t absolutely unknown, he is already famous amongst several different groups of influence.” No wonder Lin Feng was so strong, he was already famous in other places.

But Lin Feng had already joined Tian Chi, could he join Shen Gong again? Joining Tian Chi was easy, there were no requirements. They even did their best to help geniuses become stronger. However, if Lin Feng joined Shen Gong he would violate the only rule of Tian Chi, which was to betray them.

They were all staring at Lin Feng to see what he would reply.

Lin Feng glanced at Bei Ming, Bei Ming looked indifferent as if he hadn’t noticed that Lin Feng was with Tian Chi. He was just proposing him to become the leader of the Shen Gong group as if it were absolutely normal. 

“Mister, thank you for your generosity. But because of some issues, I decided to represent the Tian Chi Empire and to become one of their citizens. I will not betray my empire, so I hope that you can understand.” Lin Feng seemed final with this, nodding to Bei Ming respectfully. If the Xue Yue incident hadn’t occurred, Lin Feng would have fought for Shen Gong. Unfortunately, nothing could be changed anymore.

“How audacious!” shouted Lei Mang furiously while releasing some thunder. He glared, “Lin Feng, Shen Gong raised you, we even saved your life. And now you’re saying that you’re a citizen of the Tian Chi Empire, don’t you think that's a great offense? You really despise us, don’t you!” 

“If Shen Gong hadn’t appeared the other day, I would have represented Shen Gong.” Lin Feng sounded neither furious nor resentful.

"Lin Feng, if there is anything that makes you unsatisfied with Shen Gong, we can talk about it. We will do our best to make you happy so that you come back to Shen Gong.” Bei Ming wouldn't give up. 

“Some things cannot be changed.” Lin Feng said shaking his head. “On the other day in Xue Yue, people from Shen Gong came and I understood that you were, all in all, only interested in yourself and your own success. You don’t care about me, you don’t care about my relatives and friends. I can even say that you just looked at them getting attacked and killed without doing a thing. Therefore, I will never do anything for Shen Gong.”

“They were confused! I had given them the order to do anything to protect you, I hadn’t thought that they would only protect you and forget about your friends and family members. I made a mistake, my orders weren’t clear enough. If you come back to Shen Gong, I will offer you great skills and techniques, you will become monstrously strong.” said Bei Ming. Now Lin Feng felt even more angry, was he trying to tempt Lin Feng with skills and techniques again? Could Lin Feng forget about his friends and family members because of some skills and techniques? Bei Ming’s words proved that they only cared about their own success. 

“I won’t change my mind. There's no need to talk anymore.” said Lin Feng indifferently, giving Bei Ming no face. Of course, Lin Feng wasn’t going to join Shen Gong, and now he was humiliating Shen Gong.

“Hehe, Bei Ming, you did your best and tried to plan everything. You helped lots of cultivators during the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, but even the champion of the compet.i.tion isn’t willing to join Shen Gong.” the Dragon King was mocking him. His words hurt like daggers. they made Bei Ming feel even worse. He glanced back, “Dragon King, don’t think that I have forgotten about those who plotted against us since the beginning.”

The people from Tian Chi were still staring at Lin Feng, he was the champion of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu? That was why so many groups of influence wanted to have him… Shen Gong even wanted him to become a leader. 

“Dragon King, I know that you’ve been plotting against us this entire time, the Dragon Palace is sly and evil.” Bei Ming continued. The dragon king only smiled coldly, without knitting his brows, and said, “Plotting? Duan Wu Ya is an incredible genius, even though he didn’t partic.i.p.ate at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, he isn’t any weaker than his brother Duan Wu Dao. He accepted to join the east Sea Dragon Palace and collaborate with us, he accepted to help us achieve incredible things. How could the East Sea Dragon Palace refuse such an offer? You should instead think about what happened with Lin Feng and how deal with that problem, what a humiliation.” 

“Did I ask you for advice?” Bei Ming asked coldly. He looked back, “Lin Feng, are you sure that you won’t change your mind?” 

Lin Feng just nodded indifferently without even glancing at Bei Ming. 

“You want to die!” shouted Lei Mang furiously. He jumped forwards and released terrifying thunder energy which drummed across the sky. It seemed like the entire atmosphere was becoming the center of a thunderstorm. However, at that moment, a person in white appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a beast with two wings which issued a hurricane that collided with the thunders.

“Lei Mang, stop immediately!” Bei Ming was furious. Lei Mang reluctantly recalled his thunders. The snow eagle had defended Lin Feng.

“Be very careful.” said Bei Ming to Lin Feng, but Lin Feng looked determined and stubborn. It seemed like he had antic.i.p.ated everything, he showed no surprise on his face. The past couldn’t be changed and he had to bear the consequences, everything held serious consequences.

“Pfewww….” The people from Shen Gong sighed. Back then, at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, Xue Wu Chang had attached a lot of importance to Lin Feng. He had seen him become stronger, step by step, until he became the champion of the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. He had always been aware of Lin Feng’s monstrous and terrifying natural abilities, of course he had hoped that Lin Feng would join Shen Gong. However, Shen Gong failed to make friends with Lin Feng.

“That’s life, things are impermanent. Shen Gong is very sad to lose you.” Xue Wu Chang was furious at Lei Mang. He had sent him to protect Lin Feng and his friends, but because of a small mistake, the guards had the opposite effect. Shen Gong will regret that in the future. 

PMG Chapter 770

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 770: Two Traitors

“Lin Feng.” someone called from elsewhere. It came from a group of people in black chang paos. Their Qi was ice-cold and evil, they looked scary and others were afraid to get close to them. 

“Do the people of the Necropolis Sect know Lin Feng?” thought everybody astonished. It seemed like everybody knew Lin Feng. 

The Necropolis Sect was an evil sect so they weren’t active and dynamic in the outside world. They weren’t like the East Sea Dragon Palace who actively looked for new geniuses all the time. The crowd was surprised to see that they knew Lin Feng. 

“Lin Feng, we would love to have you as a disciple at the Necropolis Sect. You can join whenever you want, and we will choose a great Zun teacher to teach you.” The crowd was astonished, the Necropolis Sect wanted Lin Feng just like Shen Gong. Their proposition was even more tempting, they were ready to offer him a Zun teacher. That was the dream of so many people. 

“Thank you very much for your kindness but now I am a citizen of the Tian Chi Empire and I will not change my mind.” Lin Feng turned down the Necropolis Sect and with certainty. It was no secret that he had turned into a demon in Xue Yue, even the Necropolis Sect knew about it. With the evil sword, Lin Feng was absolutely eligible to join the Necropolis Sect. Even without it, he was still eligible to join them.

“Then forget about it, but our door will always be open for you. You can join whenever you want and we will welcome you then.” said the strong cultivator from the Necropolis Sect.

“Thank you.” said Lin Feng with an indifferent smile on his face. 

“That guy really has endless opportunities… So many strong groups are fighting for him, and they are all offering incredible things to try and tempt him.” thought the people from Tian Chi. Their eyes were twinkling, Shen Gong was offering him some incredible skills and techniques while the Necropolis Sect was offering him a Zun teacher. 

In the distance, there were more ferocious, wild beasts arriving. Someone got off their beast and looked around when they saw the strong cultivators surrounding the gigantic “coffin”, as if they had been looking for their group. 

“Mo Xi arrived.” said Tang You You in a low voice. She had been waiting for him, she felt embarra.s.sed because Lin Feng and her had joined Shen Gong. She wanted to explain the situation to Jun Mo Xi. 

Lin Feng heard Tang You You and he slowly turned around. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang had come together, as if they had sensed something they turned to Lin Feng and Tang You You. Strong cultivators’ perceptions were extremely acute. 

“Lin Feng.” Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were surprised. They felt relieved knowing that Lin Feng had recovered.

They immediately flew towards Lin Feng and Tang You You. Many people were surprised seeing two extremely strong cultivators appearing, especially Jun Mo Xi who had broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer. They seemed to know Lin Feng. Jun Mo Xi looked particularly enigmatic and unfathomable. 

“Lin Feng, are you alright?” asked Jun Mo Xi. The crowd understood that he was one of Lin Feng’s friends.

“Lin Feng.” said Yun Fei Yang while staring at him. He had seen Lin Feng turn into a demon and leave but he had been extremely worried, he feared that Lin Feng would kill everybody. However, it seemed like Lin Feng had recovered and felt much better. They thought that they would never see Lin Feng ever again.

“Don’t worry, I am normal now.” said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Feng had surprisingly managed to recover, what luck.

“Lin Feng, I heard a rumor about a stone plate which could restrict the evil power in your body. It is an incredible treasure with fantastic magical powers called the sealed-evil stone plate. According to the rumors, it was broken and it turned into several stone plates, four exactly, which spread in the continent. They contain a terrifying intent. If you manage to obtain one of those stone plates you will be able to use it to control the evil power in your body.” Jun Mo Xi was smiling. “However, it seems like you don’t need it anymore since you recovered. This means that you already managed to defeat the evilness in your body without using any outside help.”

Lin Feng was speechless as he smiled, Jun Mo Xi had also heard about that stone plate… That was precisely what had helped him. Without it, Lin Feng would have never been able to control the evilness in his body. 

“Mo Xi, you said that the stone plate was divided into four pieces. How can I find one?” asked Lin Feng. 

Jun Mo Xi frowned when he heard Lin Feng and said, “In the Gan Yu Region, there is a valley called the Death Valley. It is said that there are extremely strong demons there, those who go there almost always die. Many years ago, a demon came out of the valley and a monstrously strong cultivator restricted the power of that demon and sealed it in a gigantic stone plate.”

“Do you think that we could obtain such a stone plate? That valley is called Death Valley because anyone who enters it dies, right? So how could we ever get that stone plate? It could be extremely dangerous.” Lin Feng inquired. Jun Mo Xi nodded, Lin Feng was right. The stone plate had been used to seal a monstrously powerful demon. Lin Feng would be in great danger if he tried to steal it.

“Jun Mo Xi, thank you.” said Lin Feng looking grateful. Such information was difficult to obtain, Jun Mo Xi really cared about his friends. 

“You’re alright, that’s the most important thing.” said Jun Mo Xi shaking his head. “By the way, how come you two are here?” 

He had noticed that Lin Feng and Tang You You weren’t with Shen Gong people, they were with another group of people. 

“On that day in Xue Yue, Shen Gong people came and didn’t help. They looked at Lin Feng’s friends and family members getting attacked or killed, but didn't act until Lin Feng was already in great danger.” explained Yun Fei Yang who had also helped Lin Feng on that day. Of course, Jun Mo Xi understood the entire story. Even though they hadn’t directly killed his friends or family members, they watched without doing anything. Lin Feng was right not to join Shen Gong, Jun Mo Xi wouldn’t either.

Jun Mo Xi was surprised to hear the story. Lin Feng had been friendly to Shen Gong, but they were really only interested in their own success. 

“You two can join Tian Chi if you want.” said the Tian Xuan snow eagle to Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang. “We care about our geniuses, what you obtain in the mysterious world remains yours and you don’t have to offer the empire anything. the treasures are all yours and only yours. Besides, we can also help you become stronger. There is only one thing we ask our citizens, they cannot betray us, Tian Chi.” 

“I am the prince of the Dragon Mountain Empire, he is the prince of Mo Yue.” said Jun Mo Xi to the snow eagle.

“That is no problem at all, the Dragon Mountain Empire and the country of Mo Yue can form an alliance. You will just be considered a part of the Tian Chi Empire and you won’t have to renounce any of your other social statuses, for example: prince.” the snow eagle understood what Jun Mo Xi meant. 

“Is the Tian Chi Empire insane? You’re trying to steal my geniuses!” Bei Ming was writhing in anger. He had lost Lin Feng and had no choice but to accept it. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang were also incredible geniuses, Jun Mo Xi had even finished fourth at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. 

“I am just inviting them, they can make their own decisions. You choose, we are not forcing you, we’ve never forced anyone to do anything.” said the snow eagle mockingly. His eyes were twinkling while looking back at Bei Ming, it seemed like he was making fun of Shen Gong. 

“I accept.” said Jun Mo Xi, stopping Bei Ming who was about to say something. 

“So do I.” said Yun Fei Yang. Bei Ming looked extremely upset. 

“Leader, back when Lin Feng was only a half-member of Shen Gong, he hadn’t accepted to join. He said that he would represent Shen Gong in the mysterious world. However, when he went through some incredible hards.h.i.+ps, Shen Gong abandoned him. Because of you, his friends and family had almost died. Back then, Lin Feng still counted on Shen Gong. Considering all those things, how can I be sure that after acquiring fantastic treasures in the mysterious world, Shen Gong will not kill us and steal our treasures? I am sure that getting rid of someone after he has served his purpose is something you’re capable of doing.” explained Jun Mo Xi while releasing some vital Qi of righteousness. Lin Feng had been in great danger and had abandoned him, who knew what Shen Gong was capable of doing? 

Everybody had the impression that Jun Mo Xi was right. Shen Gong was shameless and had no moral values, which was why the situation had changed so drastically for them. People who were blaming Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang for joining Tian Chi were wrong.

“Shen Gong…” sighed the dragon king. The dragon king was actually sighing as a sign of mockery. It seemed like Shen Gong was absolutely incompetent.

“We organized the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and had spent so much time and energy, but in the end we were betrayed.” said Bei Ming, looking at the leader of Shen Gong East in an ice-cold way. Bei Ming was furious. He glanced at Lin Feng and the others while turning around. He didn't want to leave, he wanted to kill them all he was so furious.

PMG Chapter 771

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 771: The Palace

“Jun Mo Xi, how come Qing Meng Xin didn’t come with you?” asked Tang You You. She hadn’t seen Qing Meng Xin appear yet. Back then, Qing Meng Xin and Tang You You were very good friends, they were the most beautiful and strongest female cultivators of Dragon Mountain. She thought that Qing Meng Xin would come with Jun Mo Xi.

“Her teacher didn’t allow her to come.” said Jun Mo Xi. “Her teacher has more ambitions for her. Qing Meng Xin is a member of the Cosmic Pavilion, her natural abilities are much higher than those of her fellow disciples. Therefore, her teacher attaches too much important to her and was afraid to lose her. Coming to the mysterious world is dangerous, there are extremely strong cultivators from empires of average quality. Qing Meng Xin might not be considered outstanding enough in this crowd."

Tang You You understood, her father didn’t want her to come either. There were too many strong cultivators, the mysterious world was so much more dangerous than the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu. The Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu was only about Xue Yu, a region composed of four empires of lower quality… However, the Gan Yu region was vast and incredible.” 

People from Gan Yu despised people from the Xue Yu region. 

“That journey will be extremely dangerous, we all have to be prudent and careful to come out alive.” said Tang You You. n.o.body knew what they would face in the mysterious world. 

“Don’t worry, I will not die because a star is protecting me. My life won’t be that short.” joked Jun Mo Xi while the three others laughed. 

Lin Feng stretched his hand, Tang You You, Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang also stretched their hands and then they rose up in the air at the same time with a show of unity. This was a promise to themselves that they were going to come out alive.

The snow eagles smiled resplendently when they saw their determination and bond. Ferocious beasts were usually emotionless but Lin Feng's group moved them. Usually, the weak were the prey of the strong, it was difficult to find friends in such a world. However, Lin Feng and his three friends were smiling honestly and wholeheartedly, it seemed like nothing could destroy their friends.h.i.+p. 

“They’re simulating their friends.h.i.+p.” Ling Xie from the Tian Shu group was mocking them. He was probably jealous to see that Lin Feng had such good friends. 

Lin Feng glanced at him but ignored him. Why should he pay attention to such insignificance? Lin Feng was a far stronger cultivator.

“Hehe, can I join you guys?” Huang Fu Long surprised them with his idiotic smile. However, Lin Feng slightly smiled back and nodded. 

“Between all the seas of the universe, friends are like brothers. Even if we just met, brother, come and join us.” said Jun Mo Xi cheerfully. Jun Mo Xi was filled with the vital energy of righteousness and could sense good intentions. 

“Indeed, like brothers!” said Huang Fu Long while stretching his hand out as the now five friends made another show of unity. Huang Fu Long a simple-mindedly said, “My name is Huang Fu Long, you can call me Da Hai Chong!”

“Da Hai Chong, that is quite a vulgar name!” joked Yun Fei Yang indecently as the five of them laughed. Huang Fu Long actually liked the name “Da Hai Chong”. Sure it sounded rough but he liked it, so why care? They looked happy and carefree in that world of cruelty and emotionlessness, it felt good to be supported by friends and feel united. 

Groups continued to pour in, for the most part the crowd didn’t pay attention to any of them. They would only stare at the gigantic coffin, calmly waiting for time to pa.s.s.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes, he was calm and serene, nothing could perturb him. 

However, not everybody could remain as calm as Lin Feng, people were increasingly excited or nervous. The moment they could enter the mysterious world was approaching. n.o.body knew what awaited them though, would they benefit from incredible treasures or would they get injured and even die?


“Boom boom boom…..” Suddenly everyone’s hearts started beating faster. Somewhere in the vast area, there was a particular sound spreading. 

“Bzzzzz…..”” A buzzing sound spread in the atmosphere, they could feel their bodies shake along with the sound. However, as soon as they sensed it, it stopped. 

“It is time.” thought the crowd.

The time to go to the mysterious world had finally come!

“Bzzz bzzzz…..!” The buzzing sound started again and the crowd started s.h.i.+vering. 

Everybody looked determined and nervous as they slowly stood up, their eyes filled with willpower and determination. They were staring at the gigantic coffin with clenched fists. They had waited so long and finally, they were about to enter the mysterious world…? 

“Bzzzzz boom boom boom!” The loud buzzing sound then transformed into rumbling sounds. On the ground, stones and sand s.h.i.+fted as if there was an earthquake, however, the atmosphere held only an eerie silence. 

The leaders of the groups started walking forwards slowly, their mission was about to start. 

“Look out for yourself.” said the seven snow eagles as they walked forwards. It seemed like their steps weighed millions of kilograms at that moment. A terrifying pressure invaded the atmosphere as a terrifying Qi emerged out of the ground. 

The Strong cultivators from Tian Chi all moved forwards along with the others.

“Let’s attack together.” someone said. The crowd saw a terrifying strength move towards the coffin. It was ice-cold, swift and fierce. It surmounted to make the top of the mountain break. Sand and stone splashed through the air as the ground opened.

“Boom” a silhouette violently trampled on the ground as dust rose. Then, terrifying lights appeared.

“Sky!” A light beam spread in the air.


“Boom boom!” Another person trampled on the ground which made it shake even more violently. Another light beam appeared!







“Boom boom boom boom!” The earth kept shaking as silhouettes kept jumping forwards. Suddenly, there were light beams everywhere! 

Trigrams appeared in the sky and merged into one transforming into a gigantic trigram structure which looked like profound magical spell.

“These cultivators are all at the Tian Qi layer and can create formation.” thought Lin Feng astonished. He had learnt some magic spells and formations before, he knew how terrifying they were. The mysterious world adventure seemed like it couldn’t start by itself, these strong cultivators knew what to do, as if they had received instructions.

“Boom boom boom!” An infinite number of light beams fused together with the trigram in the sky, the mountain immediately flattened. But it stopped moving, as if there was some restrictive energy.

“Break break break!” The light beams in the sky became more dazzling. The destructive energy rose in the air, the crowd closed their eyes. The ground under their feet was shaking vigorously, the rumbling sounds were terrifying as the eight trigrams pattern in the sky had disappeared and a gigantic palace appeared in the ground. It slowly started emerging out of the ground!  

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