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PMG Chapter 773

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Chapter 773: The Mysterious Marks in the Dark World

“I’m here.” Lin Feng said without fearing the dark. 

The eerie silence and the darkness of that place was giving a dreadful sensation to the cultivators. Someone had attacked another person and ended his life in a flash, his spinal cord had been shattered. How terrifying! People didn’t dare act recklessly.

“Lin Feng.” Tang You You was relieved to find Lin Feng. He stretched one hand and touched Tang You You, they held hands as Lin Feng said, “Stay next to me.”

Lin Feng was circulating the strength of the Herukas in his body. His corporeal body was so solid that almost n.o.body could hurt him. Tang You You could stay behind him and would be safe.

“Where are we?” asked Jun Mo Xi, providing some vital energy of righteousness to his body. Immediately, some weak lights started flas.h.i.+ng but it seemed like those lights were constricted by the darkness. His energies could only illuminate his surroundings up to ten meters.

Lin Feng could clearly see that some people were looking in their direction and their eyes were twinkling gloomily. He clearly understood that everybody in the mysterious world was a potential enemy. 

The dark world was vast, with only the weak lights diffused by Jun Mo Xi’s energies, it was impossible to see the edges.

Lin Feng and his friends were glaring at everyone else, making them look elsewhere. They knew that Lin Feng was strong. 

With Yun Fei Yang and Huang Fu Long behind Jun Mo Xi, the five friends were back together. 

“It is too crowded here, let’s move to the aside.” the other four followed Lin Feng in a direction. They soon come upon a strange wall.

Jun Mo Xi continued to release his energy of righteousness to illuminate the atmosphere. Slowly, his energy illuminated the different parts of the facade. There were strange marks on the walls, it seemed like those marks were alive and had their own will. 

“Those marks are so strange.” Yun Fei Yang and everybody else agreed. Using the faint lights diffused by Jun Mo Xi, they looked at the marks with more detail. They had the impression that these weren't simple marks but geysers of monstrously strong energy which could erupt at any moment.

“Let me try something.” Huang Fu Long sounded excited. Pure Qi emitted from his body as faint lights. He illuminated one of the strange and enigmatic marks from the beginning to the end with his Qi. 

A terrifying physical strength appeared, Huang Fu Long’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. How strong, those marks contained a terrifying strength. 

“Don’t go too hard on it.” Lin Feng interrupted Huang Fu Long, who then stopped releasing his pure Qi. The terrifying strength disappeared right away, leaving Huang Fu Long puzzled. What was going on?

“Ahhhhh…….!” A horrible shriek broke the eerie silence of the dark world, surprising their group. They turned around and saw that the wall had released some deadly energy which penetrated someone’s body who had done what Huang Fu Long just did, killing him on the spot. 

“Pfeww…” Huang Fu Long took a deep breathe, his mouth was dry as he looked back at Lin Feng. 

“How dangerous…” if Lin Feng hadn’t interrupted Huang Fu Long, he would have been the one who died.

They now knew that the walls were dangerous, to a terrifying level.

As expected, each step in the mysterious world was dangerous. n.o.body knew where or when danger was awaiting them.

Many others paid attention to before so they gradually all left the walls and headed towards the middle.

But, Lin Feng and his friends didn’t leave because they understood that if they didn’t attack the walls with pure Qi, nothing would happen. Besides, Lin Feng was really interested in those marks.

What kind of marks were those? What gave them such a power? Lin Feng’s intuition was telling him that there was more to this wall. 

Lin Feng touched the marks with his fingers and then whispered to Jun Mo Xi, “Maybe if we copy those peculiar marks we can gain something. Or maybe we could use them in some way.” 

“That’s exactly what I was thinking.” Jun Mo Xi nodded. Those marks held such strength, not attempting to understand them would be a pity. They were in the palace of the emperor… Could things be that easy? 

Lin Feng nodded at Jun Mo Xi who seemingly understood. Jun Mo Xi stopped illuminating the surroundings and everyone else guessed they left. 

Lin Feng put his hand on the wall and started sensing the marks under his hands, very quickly, he he touched the marks and tried to remember the patterns. 

“Oh no, I can’t remember all of them, surprisingly.” thought Lin Feng. After putting his hand away, he couldn’t remember the patterns. He was puzzled because it seemed like he had forgotten half of the pattern. 

After a short time, the others gradually told him that they couldn’t remember the patterns either. 

“Those marks are quite mysterious.” said Jun Mo Xi. Even though they should have been able to remember the whole pattern, each time they moved their hands away, they forgot at least half of it. 

Cultivators could memorize things very easily, having learned to use their heart and brain. But this task strangely seemed beyond them.

“It seems we can’t gain anything from those marks.” sighed Jun Mo Xi. 

“Let me try again.” Lin Feng was upset. He looked at the pitch-black wall and suddenly, ice-cold lights appeared in his eyes. They looked emotionless and expressionless.

Lin Feng’s eyes revolved in their orbits. Immediately after, a picture appeared in his eyes, as if his brain held a hard-copy picture. 

“Copy!” His eyes were twinkling while using his celestial spirit. It seemed like lights were emerging out of his eyes and scanning the surface of the wall as images kept appearing in his brain. He didn’t forget them this time. 

“As expected, my celestial spirit enables me to overcome this difficulty.” thought Lin Feng whose eyes were twinkling with delight. The others gradually turned to him, Lin Feng’s abilities seemed endless… He could do everything.

Lin Feng continued moving towards another wall, he then inspected the marks of that wall and another complete image appeared in his brain. 

Lin Feng looked absent-minded and exhausted. Surprisingly, using his celestial spirit to inspect the wall was very tiring, it felt like his vitality was being absorbed. Those marks in the wall had something particular yet difficult to grab.

“What scary marks, Could it be that the emperor of the rumors carved them himself?” thought Lin Feng who had never heard of such marks. Lin Feng continued inspecting the three other walls. 

In the end, Lin Feng had only been able to detect five walls filled with those mysterious marks! 

PMG Chapter 774

Edited: OddManOut

Chapter 774: Sacrificial Altar

“So Lin Feng, what did you find?” Tang You You couldn’t help but ask. 

“Those marks are way too mysterious. With my cultivation level, I can only inspect five walls. Now I need to see if I can understand them.” Lin Feng said in a deep and forceful voice. Even if he had finished inspecting the walls, he was unable to understand the marks with his current cultivation level,. When a.n.a.lyzing the images in his brain, he couldn’t focus on them and immediately felt exhausted. He was still too weak. 

“It's okay, being able to inspect five walls is not bad already. I can't even inspect one.” Tang You You rea.s.sured, smiling wryly. Jun Mo Xi and the others were the same, they couldn’t remember the patterns either. There was a peculiar force in those patterns, those patterns were either too difficult to understand or their cultivation level was too low.

They continued moving forwards while others stayed and tried to understand the patterns. They too discovered the patterns, but they had the same problem as Lin Feng and his friends, they couldn’t understand them. They couldn’t even remember the patterns formed by those marks. 

A faint light appeared on the walls made of pure Qi. Because someone had died before, many had moved away from the walls, but now there were people who felt like trying again. However, each time they sensed the extremely powerful deadly energy, they stopped.

Lin Feng and his friends moved forwards and continued exploring the area. Since they couldn’t understand them, they didn’t feel like wasting too much time thinking about them.

An extremely powerful Qi then emerged, making Lin Feng nervous. In front of him was an extremely powerful energy filled with the strength of the mysterious marks. 

“Die.” said an evil voice. Some pure Qi lights appeared in front of them and then the walls were covered with pure Qi light. Deadly energy spread in those mysterious marks which looked like veins and arteries. 

“Lie down!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, listening to his own instinct. With incredible speed, he threw himself backwards and fell flat. 

“Crrrr….” A purple light emerged in the air and pa.s.sed before of Lin Feng’s eyes, that light was dazzling.. Lin Feng’s eyes felt painful, some blood even dripped out. 

“Ahhhhh!” A terrible shriek spread in the atmosphere, that purple thunder immediately beheaded someone. Two trails of blood splashed in the air. His eyes were wide open at the moment of his death, he didn’t even know how he died.

“Lin Feng.” Tang You You was stunned holding him. She sensed that Lin Feng’s hands were on his eyes. His eyes were burning, he felt like he was blind from the pain.

Pure Qi revolved in the air and rose up to his hand, it moved into his eyes and relieved a bit of the pain. He slowly opened his eyes again. 

At the same time, Jun Mo Xi and Huang Fu Long had already thrown themselves to the one who had attacked Lin Feng. In the darkness, there was an ice-cold energy like ice or snow that emerged. Some rumbling sounds spread in the air. 

Huang Fu Long and Jun Mo Xi moved back to where they were standing before, they were furiously glaring at the person. 

“The elders of Tian Chi said that we couldn’t attack each other! Against all expectations, you people from Tian Shu dare sink to such levels… You’re really shameless.” Huang Fu Long was p.i.s.sed. The one who had just attacked the wall with pure Qi was the young man who was defeated by Lin Feng the other day. 

n.o.body replied as the stepping sounds became faintly discernible. The opponent had moved farther away, n.o.body knew where he went.

“Lin Feng, are you alright?” asked Jun Mo Xi, releasing some vital energy of righteousness to see Lin Feng clearly. 

“I almost went blind but I’m alright.” said Lin Feng shaking his head. The energy of the mysterious marks was terrifying. With a little bit of pure Qi, the walls could release a terrifying energy.

“Were those people from the Tian Shu group?” Lin Feng wanted to know. 

“Indeed, it’s the one who attacked you the other day, Ling Xie is probably the one who bears the responsibility for that.” Huang Fu Long was still furious. It seemed like they had overestimated other's integrity. Even though the elders had warned them not to attack each other and to do everything for the Tian Chi Empire, those geniuses were used to acting arrogantly. Last time, Lin Feng had humiliated them and they hated him for that, and now they almost killed him. 

“Since it’s that way, don’t blame me for being rude.” said Lin Feng while gazing into the distance. 

“Look at the walls.” Lin Feng hadn’t thought that people could use the walls to attack others. Only those who were really sly and evil could think of such cheap methods to attack others. 

Now, everyone knew that they could use the walls to attack others. They all walked towards the walls and put their hands on the walls. They released some pure Qi as the walls released deadly energy in response, it seemed like the walls were about to kill. Immediately, those in the dark felt oppressed by the deadly energies. 

However, n.o.body attacked. If they killed other people, maybe they feared retaliation. 

The pitch-black tunnel seemed endless, like an authentic tomb. The crowd continued to walk for a very long time until they finally arrived to a place with light. 

The light was gradually getting brighter. The crowd could see a gigantic tombstone in front of them, and around the tombstone were strange marks which looked like veins and arteries. 

Those marks looked like the marks on the walls in the tunnel. However, they were much more complex, they criss-crossed together to form interweaving patterns. It seemed like a sea of vasculature was connected to that tombstone.

Actually, it didn’t look like a tombstone, but more like an altar. 

“These mysterious marks contain deadly energy as well, but they are interweaving so the strength released will probably be much more powerful than those in the tunnel.” thought Lin Feng. He still couldn’t understand those marks though. 

Lin Feng glanced around him, there was no other exit. There was only a network of mysterious marks around the tombstone. It seemed like the only way of moving forward was to destroy the tombstone. 

“Look, that tombstone has some flaws, some parts are missing.” someone was pointing at the tombstone. Indeed, many people could see some holes as if it had been attacked many times. 

“This is not an altar and even less a tombstone.” someone contemplated coldly. People looked in the direction where the voice had come from and saw Yu Tian Ji wearing purple clothes. He never thought that such a thing really existed, except in rumors. 

“If it’s neither an altar nor a tombstone, then what is it?” someone was upset that he didn't spill all the beans. That Yu Tian Ji seemed like he was just showing off, as if he had been smarter than the others.

“Just sense it and you will see.” Yu Tian Ji was smiling in an enigmatic way. He walked forwards and wiped the dust off the stone. It seemed like it had been there for millions of years. 

He released pure Qi onto the stone which flowed into those strange vein-like marks. The crowd sensed an oppressive energy invade the atmosphere. They had the impression that the molecules in the air were starting to move chaotically. s.p.a.ce felt like it was moving around them. 

“According to rumors, some incredible cultivators could travel over hundreds of thousands of meters in a flash using a tool which turned into a sacrificial altar and modified s.p.a.ce. Could it be the sacrificial altar from the ancient scriptures?” Someone speculated this when he sensed the molecules in the air moving in a chaotic way. Many people suddenly remembered that they had already read such a thing in ancient books. For these supreme beings, the laws of s.p.a.ce and time were inexistent and they could manufacture a sort of sacrificial altar which enabled others to do the same. 

“Could it be that the so-called palace, or tomb or whatever it’s called, of the emperor is not here. On top of that, we’re supposed to go to another place to get there?”

PMG Chapter 775

Chapter 775: Crossing s.p.a.ce

“If that’s a sacrificial altar, are we supposed to use it to get to the tomb of the emperor?” somebody was curious. A lot of people frowned, there were more than a thousand people here and the altar could only send a hundred at most.

The altar probably existed for millions of years, what if there was a problem with the time-s.p.a.ce? They could get lost and die.

Some were harboring unfathomable motives, who wished to cross s.p.a.ce with enemies?

“It seems like we have to go to the emperor’s tomb and that’s the only solution we have.” Yu Tian Ji was indifferent.

“Since everybody is scared, the people of Tian Chi will give it a try first.” Yu Tian Ji said smiling. He stepped forwards and entered the sacrificial altar. Yu Tian Ji was considered a strong cultivator, someone others followed. When he entered the altar, others followed him.

“No…” Many people had doubts when they saw Yu Tian Ji’s enigmatic smile. Someone couldn’t help but say, “Since our ancestors have already been to the emperor’s tomb, nothing can happen. If they arrive first they will get the treasures before us!

“Indeed, why should people from Tian Chi go first?” others chimed in.

“If I don't volunteer you all have doubts, but if I go in you also have doubts. What do you want me to do? I am asking everybody, who is willing to go in first? Tian Chi doesn’t necessarily have to be the first group to enter!” Yu Tian Ji was upset.

“Let them go in first. First or last, does it matter!?” someone tall from the East Sea Dragon Palace wearing a dragon robe and looking quite strong decided.

Ao Jiao was the strongest young cultivator from the East Sea Dragon Palace, he was the leader of his group. Even Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were his a.s.sistants. After all, Ao Jiao had always been a member of the East Sea Dragon Palace. Duan Wu Dao and Di Ling were strong but were new so the East Sea Dragon Palace didn’t completely trust them.

“You go first.” someone wearing white clothes said, carrying a sword. His facial expression looked as sharp as a sword.

They were from the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the young man who spoke before was Kong Jiu Ye.

Everybody remained silent, letting the Tian Chi Sect enter first, shouldn't cause them harm.

Yu Tian Ji saw that everybody remained silent and smiled. He released his pure Qi which floated around his body and started flowing into the mysterious vein-like marks. s.p.a.ce and time began undulating and everything became bright.

“Oh no… I have the feeling that I’m going to get swallowed by s.p.a.ce and time too.”  The altar was diffusing a light which enveloped everybody.

Lin Feng stared at Yu Tian Ji, he only saw him smiling in a mysterious way. Without further hesitation, Lin Feng said to Tang You You, “let’s go in.”

Jun Mo Xi and the others followed suit.

“Bzzzzz……” The crowd's thoughts were chaotic, they were terrified. It was as if their world was cras.h.i.+ng around them.

A terrifying hurricane emerged. People were scared to death, they were crossing s.p.a.ce and time and buzzing sounds were resonating in their head. The deadly energies around them kept flowing which reminding them of ritual sacrifices. Could people die if they touched it?

“Ahhhhh!!!!” Immediately after, a terrifying sound spread in the air as a black hole appeared, swallowing somebody.

Hearts were pounding when they saw that, was that person going to die?

“Ahhhhh….. Ahh………..” Now, many started producing horrible and bloodcurdling shrieks. The atmosphere kept undulating and changing, rumbling sounds kept piercing through their eardrums, every horrible shriek made everyone else shake even more intensely. It meant that someone else was swallowed by the black hole.

The crowd was going insane, all those extremely strong cultivators were being swallowed except for the Tian Chi people who were in the light diffused by the altar, like a bubble. There was no exception, no matter how strong they were, they couldn’t resist.

Lin Feng thought about how powerful s.p.a.ce and time were above the altar. That place was supposed to be the emperor’s tomb, but that emperor, how strong was he? What was his cultivation level?

Lin Feng didn’t know the answers to those questions.

Everyone except for those who were in the light were swallowed, rumbling sounds spread in the air in front of them, the atmosphere was changing as the lights disappeared. Suddenly, they were falling from the sky.

“Boom boom boom!” They had no time to react as gravity crashed them into the ground, creating a deep crater.

Lin Feng was no exception, he had also been terrified, his heart pounding rapidly. The buzzing sounds in his head were unceasing. He had no time to react, falling on the ground head first.

Lin Feng’s corporeal body was extremely solid, so he took his head out of the ground and looked at the others.

“f.u.c.king sacrificial altar!” cursed Huang Fu Long, crawling up and scratching his head.

“How strong is that guy…” Thought Lin Feng while glancing back at Huang Fu Long who seemed to have no injuries. The others were all more or less injured.

From the five of them, Tang You You was the most wounded, with bruises and wounds everywhere. She was the weakest of all of them.

“Those who had been swallowed by the black hole probably didn’t die, it is more likely that those who are in the altar can cross s.p.a.ce together while the others must have been thrown around in various places randomly.” said Jun Mo Xi while looking at the new place. It was a vast area, it appeared dreary and contained an ancient death Qi.

The other groups from Tian Chi were there as well, nothing too critical had happened to them either.

“We all stood on the altar and traveled through s.p.a.ce together. Now that we have the advantage of staying together, we can easily hunt and kill others.” Yu Tian Ji's face was filled with murder, but he looked absolutely calm and confident.

“But I guess some people's heart is filled with evil intentions and are not willing to do so.” a member of the Tian Shu group accused Lin Feng and his friends.

“Right, some people suddenly decided to become citizens of Tian Chi, how can we be sure that they are not evil?” someone else chimed in.

“We have to put these tensions aside, don’t forget about our initial goal. We represent Tian Chi, we are not seven different groups, we have to stay united.” said Yu Tian Ji.

“I have no objection but I am afraid that the people who became members of Tian Chi at the very last minute could cause us trouble.” someone else said mockingly.

Lin Feng glared at the people from the Tian Shu group, “Rabid dogs like to bite other people.” Lin Feng hadn’t settled accounts for what happened back in the tunnel. Surprisingly, he hadn’t even mentioned it, and yet someone was taking the initiative to provoke him.

PMG Chapter 776

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Chapter 776: Inner-battle

“Hmph, I know why those people joined our group, it's because they only harbor evil intentions! As soon as they entered the mysterious world they showed everyone what their true colors were.” someone said while staring at Lin Feng coldly. They were the ones who had almost made Lin Feng become blind. He continued, “You joined Tian Chi because you needed to come to the mysterious world and steal the treasures, but you didn’t want to give it to the group who sent you there. You’ve never considered yourselves as citizens of Tian Chi or members of our group.” 

“Look Yu Tian Ji, we came to the mysterious world to join hands to fight against enemies. The Zun cultivator asked this but it seems like some people are trying to destroy our cohesion and unity. Those people have a dubious background so we should kill them, if we don’t something catastrophic might happen to our group.” someone else said with aggression. They wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends.

The other members of the Tian Xuan group frowned, the Tian Shu group wanted to kill Lin Feng and his friends. The other members of the Tian Xuan group would be in a critical situation if such a thing happened. 

“b.l.o.o.d.y liar, you’re all disgusting, shut your filthy mouth.” Huang Fu Long was still furious at Tian Shu. He  continued to shout, “You’re all shameless, you attacked us by surprise in the dark and wanted to kill us, yet you dare talk in the name of the elders.” 

“Shut the h.e.l.l up, we listen to the Zun cultivator. We never tried to attack you by surprise, we would never act in such a cowardly and slyly way. Now, you’re just trying to change the topic, that’s fine. Why do you need to find so many excuses?” He looked at the crowd and said, “Everybody, did you see that? If those people stay alive, they will be a source of great problems for us later.” 

Huang Fu Long started releasing some terrifying Qi, silver lights were twinkling in his eyes, and his voice sounded like thunder, “What a bunch of b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! You are evil and sly, just a bunch of losers! How shameless!” 

“You’re showing your true colors now…” said his interlocutor with a cold smile.

“No time to waste my breathe on you.” Huang Fu Long started circulating his physical strength in his body as a terrifying strength which seemed to come from ancient times rose up in the air.

“Everybody, look who is not listening to the Zun cultivator’s instructions? He wants to attack us, if he really wanted to maintain the unity and cohesion of the group and collect treasures in peace with the rest of the group, he wouldn’t threaten us like this. We have to kill them.” they continued. They were speaking as if they were the ones who were benevolent. 

Ling Xi just calmly watched and remained silent. It seemed like what was happening had nothing to do with him. He was staring at Lin Feng and his friends indifferently.

“If I don’t kill you, I don’t deserve to be called Da Hai Chong!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. He lunged forwards, the ground shook and some rumbling sounds spread in the air. The ground even broke under the pressure. Huang Fu Long raised his fist and attacked the one who was spouting poison. Indirectly, he also wanted to avenge Lin Feng.

“Surprisingly, he wants to kill us! He really despises Tian Chi!” said another member of Tian Shu while smiling coldly. One of the Tian Shu members who had a huge hat threw himself at Huang Fu Long’s dragon fist, two people were attacking Huang Fu Long at the same time. 

“Boom!” A terrifying and extremely brutal energy which seemed to have the power to crush a mountain, emerged from Huang Fu Long. Out from Huang Fu Long’s body slowly emerged a dragon which pushed them back. He was too strong! 

“How audacious, you’re trying to kill my people.” said a third one while attacking. Some snow and ice condensed in the air and turned into an ice sword aimed for Huang Fu Long.

“p.i.s.s off!” shouted Huang Fu Long furiously. Dragon Qi emerged, making the last attacker feel febrile and weak. His ice sword shattered into pieces.

“How impressive, how brutal, how violent!” thought the crowd. They hadn’t thought that Huang Fu Long, who looked dull and stupid, was that strong. He could resist three opponents, three geniuses of the Tian Shu group. 

“Die!” someone else attacked Huang Fu Long, his hand was shot out with incredible speed. That fist contained terrifying ice energy. The atmosphere was filled with a terrifying force as the wind created by the fist sent s.h.i.+vers down Huang Fu Long's spine. 

“Enough!” said Lin Feng coldly as he moved like the wind. The ice wind crashed onto his body now that he was directly facing the one who last attacked.

“Four fighting against one, how incredible! As expected, you really listened to the Zun cultivator’s instructions.” said Lin Feng while staring down the opponents. That person wanted to move back, but then he saw Lin Feng raise and stretch out his hand. Lin Feng grabbed his arm as a terrifying physical strength invaded his body. 

“Die!” shouted someone furiously while releasing ice intent straight towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surrounded by ice in a flash, however, he released some terrifying sword energy. It was as if he had unsheathed a peerless sword as the ice disappeared without a trace. 

Another member of the Tian Shu group was getting ready to attack but Lin Feng turned his head, looked at him coldly, and opened his mouth, “Lacerate!” 

A terrifying sword light at the person, who retreated back trying to dodge.

“Boom!” Lin Feng’s fists crashed onto the shoulders of the person in front of him. That person emitted a horrible shriek as his shoulders were crushed. 

An ice-cold Qi spread in the air. Every member of the Tian Shu group felt like they had to attack when they saw that Lin Feng went on the offensive.

“Everybody, don't you see? He wants to kill the people of Tian Shu! If we didn’t fight back, we’d just be cowards!” said Ling Xie indifferently, emphasizing every word. He actually thought he could get away with his sly words against Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long. 

“Since you’re saying that we want to kill the people from the Tian Shu group, I will indulge you.” said Lin Feng, glancing back at Ling Xie and releasing some terrifying, deadly energy. He jumped forwards as his energy crashed onto the person who just talked, blood splashed out of his mouth. A terrifying physical strength then crushed his internal organs, breaking them. Needless to say, that person immediately died.

At the same time, an incredible quant.i.ty of ice energy moved towards Lin Feng. The people of Tian Shu were all attacking Lin Feng at the same time. The skies suddenly filled with snowflakes as everything began to freeze.

“Do you intend to sit there and watch?” Lin Feng was trying to involve Tian Chi Xue and the others.

“Lin Feng, you shouldn’t have killed him.” said Tian Chi Xue coldly. Lin Feng had killed someone from Tian Chi, that was a crime. Now they had an excuse to kill him. 

“What you mean is that I should have let them come and kill me?” said Lin Feng calmly. Tian Chi Xue was surprised yet remained silent. 

“You don’t deserve someone like Da Hai Chong, he’s too good for you.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He then decided to ignore Tian Chi Xue. It was the first time that someone told her that she didn’t deserve someone. In the Tian Chi Empire, every young man liked her and considered her as a G.o.ddess, they all wanted to marry her.

“The people of Tian Shu have been plotting against me and then that wild dog started biting. He p.i.s.sed me off so bad, he even tried to kill me! Well then, come and fight, try to kill me.” Lin Feng challenged all of them. The only thing that mattered here was strength.

Snowflakes were pouring down. These snowflakes contained snow and ice intent, Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long's blood were already starting to freeze. If they had been a little bit weaker, they would have died from the difficulty. 

“Die Die Die!” All the members of the Tian Shu clan were attacking, a terrifying ice intent fell on Lin Feng and Huang Fu Long’s bodies. Huang Fu Long’s pure Qi almost stopped flowing, his entire body was under too much pressure. 

Lin Feng’s fists were covered with a layer of ice when a terrifying fire ignited and melted the snow instantly, leaving only a puddle on the ground

“Do you think that you can stop all of us, even if your fire intent is strong?” they continued attacking together as they increased the power of their ice intent, they really wanted to kill Lin Feng. 

“Crrrr…. Crrrr….” Now a terrifyingly sharp sword Qi spread in the air, scaring the ice and snow cultivators. That terrifying and peerless sword was about to cut through their bodies. They suddenly felt tiny and insignificant, even their intent was cut to pieces.

PMG Chapter 777

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Chapter 777: Who Can Stop him!

“Level six sword intent…” thought the crowd watching Lin Feng. They were suddenly terrified as a certain coldness spread through their spinal cords. Their hands were shaking, how terrifying! They couldn’t resist someone who’s sword intent already reached level six. 

“I really don’t know what makes you think that you are so strong.” Lin Feng remained standing in the middle of those snowflakes as they flew around chaotically, but unable to reach him. His sword intent cut them before they could get close. The crowd was terrified that they were going to die at any moment. 

“Die!” Lin Feng shouted furiously while his sword light descended from the sky. The one standing closest to him immediately condensed some snowflakes but blood started dripping on the ground from between his eyebrows, tainting the snow red. 

“Am I dying….?” that person died with his eyes wide open. He had become a genius in Tian Chi, he had been chosen to go to the mysterious world, but he hadn’t the opportunity to see the emperor or acquire treasures. On top of that, he had died in the hands of someone from his own group, what a pity!

Lin Feng jumped forwards with the wind, it seemed like he was controlling the air around him. 

“Wind intent…” thought the crowd stunned. First, he had used fire intent, then he used a terrifying sword intent, and now he was using wind intent. He moved like the wind, it was the only explanation. Lin Feng, alone, could use three different intents. Besides, he was extremely skilled at using all of them, especially sword intent which ranked at level six. 

“Condense!” Lin Feng stretched one finger in which he condensed a terrifyingly sharp sword energy, it seemed like his body contained millions of swords. He crashed into someone who was reduced to powder. 

They couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. 

“You want to kill me, but can you?” Lin Feng looked at the crowd, anyone whose eyes met Lin Feng's immediately looked elsewhere. They didn’t dare look at him, the sharp lights twinkling in his eyes were too dazzling and painful. 

Lin Feng continued moving forwards and looked at the one who had been plotting against him. How come? How come Lin Feng was that strong? How was it possible? How come Lin Feng’s intent could make him feel so weak? 

“First, you plotted against me, then you wanted to kill me, then you wanted to kill my friend. It is not that I didn’t listen to the elders, it’s because you are sly and evil that I must kill you.” Lin Feng jumped forwards. That person ran back, terrified. However, Lin Feng had also broken through to the ninth Xuan Qi layer and with his wind intent, there was no chance of escape. Lin Feng caught up with him, his sword streaked across the sky as it took a life. 

Another extremely strong cultivator had died!

Lin Feng could kill cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer as if he had been killing simple insects.

Lin Feng had killed three people already but didn’t stop. The people from the Tian Shu group had said twice that they wanted to kill him, they had attacked him by surprise in the tunnel and again in this new place where they had started again. Since it was that way, Lin Feng couldn’t show any mercy, he had to make an example out of this group.

Lin Feng turned his head around as sword lights illuminated the sky, they were pointing at the cultivators from the Tian Shu group.! 

“Back!” The cultivators of the Tian Shu group were terrified. A million sword lights were facing them and they felt that their judgement day had come…

“How is that possible? He’s a monster!” their hearts were pounding violently.

“Why are you running? I thought you wanted to kill me?” Lin Feng was smiling coldly now. His ten thousand sword lights were moving faster towards them, the colors of the Earth and sky were changing, his sword lights were whistling furiously.

“Condense and kill!” Lin Feng stopped toying with them. His ten thousand sword lights condensed into four swords. The whistling sounds disappeared as the four deadly swords made their way. 

Although they retreated, they knew they couldn’t resist anymore. The lights shot straight through them as blood dripped from between their eyebrows.

Of the eight geniuses from Tian Shu, only one remained: the leader of the group, Ling Xie! 

Huang Fu Long looked delighted, yet stunned and speechless. He opened his mouth to say something to Lin Feng, but nothing came out. He never thought that Lin Feng could be so terrifying.  

Ling Xie couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng could become so strong. n.o.body was able to stop him..

“You killed everyone from the Tian Shu group and betrayed Tian Chi!” Ling Xie was gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth. 

“I betrayed Tian Chi?”Lin Feng seemed to find humour in this. “You originally wanted to kill me, but I instead killed you all when push came to shove. What fault is there in self-defence?” 

Lin Feng took a step forwards.

“We came as a group representing Tian Chi with one rule, not to betray our country. You exterminated the Tian Shu group… Only an incredibly evil person could think to get away with this treason!” 

“You’re ridiculous, so ridiculous that it’s sad! You tried to kill me but failed, so I killed you. I am convinced that the elders of Tian Chi will side with me.” Lin Feng was done arguing. He condensed some sword intent which was vast like an ocean, emitting whistling sounds as it whipped about.

“That’s enough! You've killed enough of them already. Do you really want to exterminate the entire Tian Shu group?” someone was furious. They person was from the Yao Guang group. Ling Xie was the last member of the Tian Shu group, it would be difficult to explain if the group came back like this. 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the leader from the Yao Guang group. 

“Indeed, Lin Feng, you killed seven of them, that should be enough.” someone else decided to chime in as well.

“I think you went too far! You are a member of the Tian Xuan group but you broke our one rule! You betrayed Tian Chi!”

Everybody was suddenly criticizing and blaming Lin Feng, but his heart was unshakable. He smiled coldly and said, “they plotted against me and you all know it. The Tian Xuan group is always getting bullied and maltreated, and n.o.body protects us when it happens. The only reason you are all getting angry is because you are scared that the Tian Xuan group could rise. You want to keep us under control so your groups can instead s.h.i.+ne in the future.”

“How audacious…..” 

“You are really impudent and arrogant!” 

Everybody was refuting Lin Feng’s words. Lin Feng slowly turned around and didn’t look at them, “Those who want to kill me must die.”

Countless swords appeared in the sky again as Lin Feng attempted that Tian level skill of average quality. He had only done it once before, but coupled with his level six sword intent, he was completely confident. A sword fell down from the sky as the leader of the Tian Shu Group, Ling Xie, immediately died. He didn’t even have time to react! It didn't matter if you were the leader of the Tian Shu group or any other genius, there was only one result when facing Lin Feng.

The crowd was tense now that the Tian Shu group died.

“Alright, alright… Lin Feng, let's travel the mysterious world together. We can a.s.sure you that we won’t upset you anymore… Let’s listen to the elders…” 

“Unite and join hands?” Lin Feng looked back at the crowd. “You think that you are strong enough to join me? You can continue alone!”

Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and left looking heroic! They were in the mysterious world so no one could challenge him below the Tian Qi layer!?

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