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PMG Chapter 790

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 790: Tian Ji’s ultimate star power

“How strong.” shouted a cold voice. The starlights were destroyed as a coldness invaded the atmosphere. Lin Feng raised his head towards the sky. It was extremely cloudy, to the extent that not a single ray of sunlight could pierce through. Lin Feng suddenly realized how cold he was.

Yu Tian Ji was in the air, the palm of his hand was open and above his head with a gigantic snowy mountain resting on it. At that moment, Yu Tian Ji looked like a G.o.d of ice and snow. He shook his arm and the snowy mountain launched out at Lin Feng, emitting rumbling sounds.

Many people felt like they were suffocating, they followed Yu Tian Ji’s snowy mountain with their eyes. Their mouths were wide open, speechless and astonished. The Tian Chi Empire was initially the weakest middle quality empire, but it had gradually gained prestige and had become influential. Its young cultivators were real geniuses. Yu Tian Ji, one of its young leaders, was extremely strong. He could make a snowy mountain rise and use it to attack Lin Feng.

“Crus.h.!.+” shouted Yu Tian Ji furiously. The snowy mountain fell down towards Lin Feng. It seemed like anything around the mountain would freeze, Lin Feng could only be crushed by the pressure.

“Boom!” The snowy mountain fell down. Lin Feng could sense the gigantic pressure on his head. He was staring at the snowy mountain in suspension above him. A light started revolving around his body, it was the strength of the Heruka. Lin Feng turned into a demon statue, raising both of his hands, which seemed to be able to support the entire sky.

“Boom!” An extremely loud sound spread in the air, the Earth and sky were shaking. Lin Feng was attacking the snowy mountain but it kept oppressing him. He had the feeling he was going to be crushed to death.

Yu Tian Ji jumped onto the snowy mountain and continuously stomped on it violently. A monumental amount of physical strength kept flowing down through the mountain, making it even heavier. Lin Feng became buried under that mountain, it was impossible to see if he survived or not

Many people silently watched the battle, that snowy mountain was incredible… Using a mountain to attack enemies and burying them was an extremely powerful means of fighting.

“Ka… kacha!” Some cracking sounds spread in the air. A fissure appeared in the mountain and it quickly became wider. It seemed like the entire mountain was going to break in two.

“Boom!” An incredible demon Qi rose up towards the vault of heaven. Yu Tian Ji suddenly jumped higher up in the sky. He saw a demon silhouette rise out from under him. The demon made a huge hole in the snowy mountain and was rising towards Yu Tian Ji with incredible speed. That demon’s strength was so monstrous that it seemed like he could destroy the Earth and sky.

“Bury!” shouted Yu Tian Ji furiously. Several snowy hands launched out at Lin Feng, Yu Tian Ji wanted to bury Lin Feng with them. Snow fists kept streaking through the sky at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng made some gestures with his hands as the demon strength kept flowing. His strength seemed infinite and indestructible. He a.s.saulted the snow fists, destroying them one after the other.

Finally, the two silhouettes appeared again in the air. Lin Feng and Yu Tian Ji were staring at each other. An incredible battle energy surrounded them.

“I can see that you have used all your skills.” said Lin Feng in a cold and detached way. The seven stars were supposed to be indestructible but Lin Feng had destroyed them. Then Yu Tian Ji used the snowy mountain but hadn’t managed to kill Lin Feng with it either. What else could Yu Tian Ji do to compete with Lin Feng’s all-conquering sword?

“I have one last method.” said Yu Tian Ji while smiling in a strange way.

“My name is Yu Tian Ji, Lin Feng, I will show you why. I will show you what kind of power a young leader of Tian Chi can have.” said Yu Tian Ji. After that, he raised his hand and in a flash, a hundred suns appeared in the sky. It was the Great Bear’s radiance, illuminating the Earth. It was as bright as the sun.

“So you want to use the power of the stars again…” said Lin Feng in a solemn way. Yu Tian Ji’s abilities were really unique.

Those from Tian Chi raised their heads and stared at the brilliant stars while whispering, “the unfathomable and divine Tian Ji.”

The stars in the sky were becoming brighter and brighter. More snowflakes appeared in front of Yu Tian Ji, the stars were s.h.i.+ning upon those snowflakes.

“Stars, please lend me your strength.” said Yu Tian Ji while joining his hands solemnly, his voice sounded holy. In a flash, an infinite amount of starlight condensed and turned into a terrifying sword light. In that sword light, a fire ignited as well. Yu Tian Ji’s body was seemingly surrounded by a demon light as well. That light was cold and extremely powerful. People’s eyes were twinkling with stupor.

“Eh?” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. What was going on? How was that possible!

Sword intent, an extremely powerful sword strength. Those flames… the fire of the scorching sun… there was that demon Qi as well, Yu Tian Ji had seemingly turned into an ancient demon.

Lin Feng was astonished and speechless, those three skills belonged to him. Yu Tian Ji could borrow the power of the stars, which had borrowed Lin Feng’s strength.

Lin Feng looked at Yu Tian Ji and saw that his eyes were starting to change, they looked evil, not like those of a human being.

“What a terrifying skill.” thought Lin Feng whose heart started pounding. Yu Tian Ji was able to use his opponent’s skills right after having seen them. Yu Tian Ji’s power was unfathomable, it was as if he had been omniscient. The young leaders of Tian Chi were, as expected, unique and very strong.

The young leaders weren’t weak at all.

The lights of the fire and sword condensed, inside that light were some starlights as well. A terrifying Qi was whistling in the air and condensing. It seemed like Yu Tian Ji’s attack was, this time, definitely going to defeat Lin Feng.

Yu Tian Ji started running like a madman at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had to use a stronger attack than all of the attacks he had just used, otherwise, he would lose.

“Yu Tian Ji is going to win now.” some people in crowd though while gazing at the silhouettes in the sky.

“There is no suspense anymore, Yu Tian Ji is way too powerful. His power is unfathomable.”

At that moment, everyone was astonished and amazed by Yu Tian Ji’s power. Everybody thought that the battle was already over and that Lin Feng couldn’t win anymore. There was no way he could use stronger attacks than those he had just used, that was impossible.

Lin Feng stared at Yu Tian Ji in a calm and solemn way. Lin Feng had already reached a point of no return, all he could do was surpa.s.s himself and fight.

Lin Feng closed his eyes. Eighty-one vein patterns appeared, from which energies flowed in his brain. Each vein pattern was different from the next.

A terrifying deadly sword energy appeared around Lin Feng and started revolving with incredible speed. The atmosphere was filled with sword lights. It seemed like there were millions of furious swords in the air, as if a mountain was collapsing, as if the seas had gone insane.

“A real genius.” Yu Tian Ji was staring back at Lin Feng. He would have never thought that Lin Feng would remain fearless  in this situation, and on top of that would be able to release such a terrifying battle energy.

“Lin Feng, don’t worry, I will not kill you. We both belong to Tian Chi, and I am a young leader. You can be my vice-leader. Together, we can reign over the Gan Region.” said Yu Tian Ji sounding indifferent before adding, “Be careful.”

The sword sounded furious, the flames were burning madly, the demon Qi was rolling in the atmosphere, the stars were dazzling, the ice was freezing everything… Yu Tian Ji was releasing five types of energies at the same time.

In a flash, gigantic sword lights filled with fire energy were released in the sky.

Lin Feng wasn't focused, his countless swords became one but it didn't attack. It remained in front of him, in him.. Lin Feng’s body started burning. He then disappeared, and where he was standing appeared a sword. It seemed like there was a human being in that all-conquering sword.

Lin Feng, for the first time, had become a real sword!

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