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PMG Chapter 805

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 805: Path of Truth

Those from Jade Heaven Imperial Palace were the first to enter the palace. Somewhere in the palace, the young and strong cultivators of the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan had all stopped.

“Why? How!” Huang Feng was upset and pulled a long face. In his hands was a golden map, the map was so dazzling that it was difficult to say what it was made of. It even contained ancient, imperial Qi.

“Back then, the great emperor was chased by the demoniac emperor. He escaped and entered a world without an exit to leave his blood in this world. This map is sealed by the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan and contains memories belonging to our ancestors, amongst which there is an incredible book called the “Jade Scriptures.” Unfortunately, our ancestor was not strong enough back when so he couldn’t transmit the memories to us. That’s why he created the scriptures which have been pa.s.sed down from generation to generation. The Jade Heaven Imperial Clan members know that they have to look for the Jade Heaven Tomb, where they would find the Jade Scriptures, which would enable them to conquer the world.”

Huang Feng thought it out for a moment and he came up with a plausible explanation.

“Now, a thousand years have pa.s.sed and the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan has been quiet. From generation to generation, we have been searching for the Jade Heaven Tomb. When we find it I want all the members of pir clan to benefit from those Scriptures. But it seems things have changed since back when the demoniac emperor chased the great emperor. There was a great war, so the map of the palace isn’t accurate anymore.”

He understood that the last one who entered the palace was the demoniac emperor, after their great battle some paths became blocked. There were holes in walls and so on, the palace was falling into ruins.

“What should we do?” asked Duan Wu Dao.

Huang Feng remained silent for a few seconds and said, “Everybody separate into five groups, remember that our goal is to find the Jade Heaven Palace, you can leave the rest.” said Huang Feng. The Jade Heaven Palace is a holy place for the Jade Heaven Imperial Palace, it also used to be where the Jade Heaven Imperial Palace’s people lived. Besides all of that, there are the ancient Jade Scriptures!”

In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, becoming a monstrously strong cultivator was the only condition to be part of an imperial family and only members of imperial families could use advanced skills. If the Jade Heaven Imperial Clan managed to find their ancient Jade Scriptures, they would become infinitely stronger. They would conquer the Gan Yu Region, enter the Holy City and become as prestigious, splendid and as glorious as they used to be.

The Jade Heaven people were feeling all-conquering. In a thousand years, they were the first ones to enter their ancestors grave.

Lin Feng and the others looked around after they entered. Things didn’t look as domineering and majestic as they thought, instead it looked like ruins. Everybody seemed to have similar disappointments.

“There has been a great war here.” people thought. Lin Feng and his friends were the only ones who knew what was going on. They knew that back then, the great emperor was chased by the demoniac emperor. So they immediately understood what happened here after a first glance.

“Oh my… there are intent crystals everywhere.” someone shouted. They were breaking walls and finding twinkling stones everywhere, a terrifying strength exuded from them.

n.o.body was worried about fighting for the crystals because there were stones everywhere, the walls were made of intent stones.

Everyone was mining with a frenzy, they needed those intent stones for when they broke through to the Tian Qi layer. Then they would have amazing effects, or they could be traded for other amazing items. Intent stones were precious treasures for people of the Tian Qi layer and below. However, for extremely strong cultivators, they were just ordinary stones.

“You guys can go ahead.” Lin Feng said to the people of Tian Chi. If someday Lin Feng became the leader of Tian Chi, he had to make sure it was powerful. They should take as much as they could now so future cultivators could benefit.

“Okay.” said the others while nodding. They all started gathering intent stones.

“Huang Fu Long, how do you feel?” Lin Feng and Tang You You both took out some healing pills for Huang Fu Long's severe injuries. Even after a few healing pills he wouldn't recover completely.

“I’m okay, go ahead and pick some intent crystals, take some for me as well.” said Huang Fu Long, smiling in a free and natural way.

“Don’t worry, we’re in the great emperor’s palace. To us, intent crystals are precious treasures but for the great emperor, they are ordinary stones. There must be treasures much more valuable than those in here."

Indeed, they were in the great emperor’s palace so how could it lack intent crystals? There were probably monstrously powerful items as well.

“Hehe, you’re right but it would be better to have some, so why not seize the opportunity now? I’ve never used such good items. And even if I can’t use them, I can sell them.” Huang Fu Long was giggling. He made an effort to collect some of the crystals, ignoring his injuries.

“That guy…” said Lin Feng, smiling and shaking his head. Even now he only thought about his friends, they were true friends.

They all began picking intent crystals as well. Huang Fu Long was right, why not seize that opportunity? Even if those crystals were nothing for the great emperor, they were treasures to them.

At that moment, everyone was busy picking those treasures without thinking about anything else. Whenever someone felt like they had had enough, they would leave towards the inside of the palace. Weren’t there even more amazing treasures awaiting for them in other places of the palace?

Lin Feng and his friends soon started walking deeper into the palace. Everybody was hunting for treasures, and quite a few found abstruse crystals.

Apart from intent and abstruse crystals, others found some extremely powerful ingredients and weapons, while others found pictures. The walls of the palace had those mysterious veins for which an energy had been flowing for a thousand years.

Lin Feng and friends come across a hall with a door that looked old and simple. At the top, there was writing: “Path of Truth!”

“Ask questions and understand… that was where the great emperor sought the truth.” said Lin Feng. While opening the door, a strident sound was heard. Inside the hall, there was a precipice and a few statues which looked alive!

PMG Chapter 800

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 800: The Omniscience of the Stars

“Roar…” Huang Fu Long roared furiously, It sounded like he didn’t want to finish yet. He wanted to throw his dragon axe at them from a the distance.

“Huang Fu Long!” shouted Lin Feng. Huang Fu Long turned his head and asked, “Are we not chasing them?”

“No need, we will meet them again.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. Ao Jiao and Huang Feng were the leaders of Jade Heaven and the East Sea Dragon Palace groups. Lin Feng watched as the three silhouettes in the horizon left discontent. It was unfortunate that they hadn’t managed to kill all of them, otherwise Lin Feng would be overjoyed.

Lin Feng broke the healing pill and shared it with the others. They all took the medicine, and as expected, they recovered quickly. Jun Mo Xi and Yun Fei Yang knew that Lin Feng used that same medicine back during that crucial moment of the Great Compet.i.tion.

“Lin Feng, your black lotus is even more terrifying. If you used it against me, I would die without contest.” said Jun Mo Xi, smiling wryly and shaking his head. Lin Feng’s power was really monstrous.

“Yep, even with my ancient bell, I would die in a flash.” agreed Yun Fei Yang nodding. They sensed Lin Feng’s black lotus as it struck and it left an impression. How terrifying! Nothing could stop it, not even Ao Jiao’s dragon and Huang Feng’s boundless imperial Qi. They had all almost burnt as well.

“What are you guys talking about? Haha! Lin Feng would never do you any harm.” giggled Huang Fu Long. Yun Fei Yang and Jun Mo Xi laughed as well. Lin Feng’s fire was becoming even stronger. Lin Feng and his three friends were safe in the mysterious world if they stayed together.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently while looking at the blood pool, there were bubbles and foam on the surface. Tang You You came out of the pool, a bright red light was twinkling on her body.

“You You, how are you?” asked Lin Feng. He had already bathed in the blood pool and became stronger. His muscles and blood vessels were so strong that he could kill people of the eighth Xuan Qi layer without making pure Qi flow. Coupled with his Heruka’s strength, he could easily destroy ordinary cultivators of the ninth Xuan Qi layer. Besides, his spirit had changed after the bath. He was convinced that if he had another opportunity to absorb essence, it would be extremely beneficial for his spirit.

“That blood pool doesn’t really suit me but my muscles and flesh still became stronger.” replied Tang You You.

“That’s already good then. At least, it will be even more difficult for you to be injured by ordinary attacks.” said Lin Feng while smiling. The blood pool couldn’t suit everybody to the fullest.

“I found this in the blood pool as well.” said Tang You You, opening the palm of her hand and revealing a dazzling golden light.

Tang You You had a scale in her hand, it was large and possessed an incredible Qi.

“It’s a …dragon scale!” Lin Feng was surprised. That dragon scale was releasing an incredible Qi.

“It does look like a dragon scale, so maybe it belonged to the Zun cultivator.” said Tang You You. Lin Feng was captivated. In his previous world, dragons were legendary creatures. In the world of cultivation, there were many incredible creatures. Maybe someday he would be able to see a real dragon.

“Huang Fu Long, it’s for you.” said Tang You You, throwing the scale at Huang Fu Long. He caught it and looked at it. He then smiled and said, “There is a great power in that thing but it would be a waste for me to keep it, I wouldn’t know how to use it. Lin Feng, keep it and maybe you’ll be able to use it someday.”

Lin Feng accepted it. He gave it a quick glance and put it away. He didn’t think about it too much. Just like Huang Fu Long said, it seemed to contained an incredible strength, but if he didn’t know how to use it then it was just a waste.

“Huang Fu Long, what do you intend to do with the blood pool?” asked Lin Feng. It might have belonged to his ancestor so Huang Fu Long could actually decide how to deal with it.

“There is still more strength inside and it was made by an extremely strong cultivator, I don’t want to waste that power.” said Huang Fu Long. Lin Feng nodded, Huang Fu Long was quite careless and usually adopted a detached att.i.tude, but he seemed to give this thought.

“Three palaces have been found, so there is still one left.” They hadn’t heard anything about the great emperor’s grave, so they had to find the fourth underground palace.

“Look there”, said Tang You You, pointing behind Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw some starlights in the horizon. Lin Feng immediately recognized that they were Yu Tian Ji's.

Has Yu Tian Ji found something?

“Let’s go and see.” Lin Feng jumped in that direction, the others immediately following him.

“Wait, wait! I’m not done speaking.” shouted Huang Fu Long, but the others were already too far away. He had thought, “If we find the four palaces and use their teachings, we might find the emperor’s grave but nothing is guaranteed.”

Huang Fu Long’s silhouette flickered as he hurried to catch up with the others.

In the distance, Yu Tian Ji was standing at the entrance of a palace. There were many corpses in front of him and the starlights in his eyes looked dazzling.

Yu Tian Ji turned around, bowed in front of the entrance and whispered, “Thank you, I am infinitely grateful. I will always follow my principles and walk on the right path.”

Yu Tian Ji then stomped on the ground and the palace started collapsing on itself, unable to appear again.

Yu Tian Ji raised his head and looked at the starlights disappearing. He then whispered, “I’ve always believed in the stars.. It has been a thousand years, was this fate? The four Zun cultivators’ palaces were found so the great emperor’s grave would likely be found as well, but by whom?”

Yu Tian Ji wanted the omniscience of the stars, but he couldn’t obtain it yet. He was just a cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer. Could the great emperor be immortal? Why did he have a grave then?

Yu Tian Ji took out a star disc and put his hand on it. Even though he wasn’t omniscient, his star skills were incredibly powerful. At least, he could estimate an approximate location of the great emperor’s grave.

The Great Bear’s lights were reflecting on the star disc. Seven rays of light started revolving, four of them stopped on the four locations where the Zun cultivators’ palaces were.

The three others kept moving, surprising Yu Tian Ji.

“Baaaannngggg….” His star disc had broken!

Yu Tian Ji shook his head and smiled wryly. His silhouette flickered, now he could only rely on luck. The four Zun cultivators’ palaces were found so he was convinced that the great emperor’s grave would appear very soon!

PMG Chapter 806

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 806: Eternal One

“Boom!” They stared at the statues. Their brain's felt like they were going to explode as if something had placing a huge pressure on them. Their souls were even shaking, their entire body seemed like it was going to explode.

“How scary…” whispered Lin Feng. He stopped looking at them and moved towards the center of the hall. There were four statues and a few scriptures on the back wall.

Lin Feng raised his head again, this time with sharp lights twinkling in his eyes he stared at the statue. He suddenly felt suffocated, his body couldn’t stop shaking, he couldn’t breathe anymore, his throat was burning.

The statues had an extraordinary intent!

“Are those the great emperor’s statues?” Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi, Yun Fei Yang, Tang You You and Huang Fu Long were all there. Yu Tian Ji decided to explore alone.

The first statue held a sword in its hand, it looked like it despised the entire world. Its facial expression could shake the entire world while its eyes defied both human and divine laws.

As Lin Feng looked at that statue, involuntarily, his level six sword intent emerged. However, when it neared the statue, it was immediately destroyed and vanished without leaving trace. Lin Feng’s sword was extremely weak in front of the emperor’s statue. The energy contained in the sword of the statue seemed to be infinite. If the statue wanted to kill him, it could do it in the blink of an eye.

“The supreme sword emperor, reigning over the entire continent, afraid of n.o.body. No one wants to be his enemy because he can kill them with one sword attack. He stands high above the ordinary world and looks down on it. I put this statue here for the glory of swords and to help those who seek the truth on the path of sword cultivation.”

A few words were carved in the back. Even after a thousand years, those words still looked distinct. Everybody could sense an incredible energy emerging from the words. They suddenly felt incredibly powerful, they were imagining themselves as the extremely strong cultivators from ancient times.

The second statue was an incredibly beautiful woman. One couldn’t look at her without falling in love at first. However, she wasn’t beautiful in a vulgar way, she looked like a n.o.ble woman whom one wanted to respect.

“That woman looks so n.o.ble, she would definitely be reigning over the world if she existed…” whispered Lin Feng.

Lin Feng and his friends read the text behind the statue, “Xi Huang, so many men have come to court her with the hopes to marry her. The emperor also had the wish to marry her, that would have been his greatest joy. Unfortunately, after becoming emperor, she aged and wasn’t as beautiful anymore. She practiced cultivation diligently without caring about anything else. She chose loneliness for the sake of cultivation. n.o.body knows when she is going to become an empress. Unfortunately, even if she does, she won’t have the beauty of her youth.”

That text was filled with sorrow.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why she decided to singularly practice cultivation. He also didn’t understand the meaning of the following sentence. She died, so how could she become an empress? Finally, the last sentence was just as fishy, the beauty of her youth?

n.o.body understood the text. Could cultivators use an incredible power before dying to reincarnate and continue practicing cultivation?

Lin Feng couldn’t understand such things, he was too weak to compare with the emperor. The emperor was almost a deity.

Lin Feng turned to the third statue and s.h.i.+vered, that statue looked familiar.

Even though it was a statue, it diffused rays of light as if it was moving. It looked like a demon and a Buddha at the same time.

“The nine rotations of the Heruka!” Lin Feng suddenly remembered why it was so familiar. Lin Feng’s strength of the Herukas began rotating on its own causing Lin Feng to shake.

Could the owner of the statue have anything to do with the Heruka and its nine rotations?

Lin Feng turned around the statue and read the description: “Three Lives Sovereign is incredible and very mysterious. Using his body, he combined evil and good, one body turned into three and three bodies are one. Thus the creation of the incredible skill “Three Lives Skill”, three lives, three people, and three bodies which have their own life. If none of them dies, then the Three Lives Deity is invincible. In our vast and wonderful world, the Three Lives Skill is the most particular skill I’ve ever seen.”

Lin Feng's heart started pounding, three lives skill… Buddha, a demon and a regular person. Is that the strength contained in the nine rotations of the Heruka? Could the nine rotations of the Heruka have been created by the ancestor who created the three lives skill?

Lin Feng’s thoughts were chaotic. If someday he could acquire the three lives skill and turn into three, he would become invincible.

Besides, the Three Lives Sovereign had the t.i.tle “Sovereign”. Were the t.i.tles of “emperor” and “sovereign” equal? Or could only extremely powerful emperors give the t.i.tle of sovereign to others?

Lin Feng didn’t understand these things. The emperor placed the four statues there to borrow their incredible strength, he used to consult them. After reading the scriptures, one could see that the emperor feared those statues.

Lin Feng looked at the last statue, it was the most ordinary one with nothing particular. From an aesthetics perspective, one could notice an incredible pride. One could see that the material world held no substance by looking in its eyes, those two dark pupils resembled a demon's, even the vault of heaven could be covered by their darkness. That statue was ego, whoever offended it would pay with blood.

“A demon!” Lin Feng’s pupils shrank, that was demon intent. Despising the vault of heaven, smiling slyly, that unruly deity wanted to step on Earth and crush it fearlessly.

“Demoniac Emperor!” Lin Feng suddenly remembered those two words. According to the legend, the demoniac emperor chased the great emperor and killed him!

“Eh?” Lin Feng was startled, it seemed like his spirit was shaking suddenly. His heavenly book spirit was acting up after remaining calm for so long!

Lin Feng frowned, why was the statue exciting his book spirit?

Lin Feng looked at the description behind the statue, “Continent of the Nine Clouds, the eternal one. Peerless, named the Demoniac Emperor, a myriad of people are terrified by him. He is the first incomplete emperor, but can kill other emperors!”

“Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Eternal One!” Lin Feng s.h.i.+vered.

Lin Feng became excited, his heart was pounding as he imagined himself as a heroic cultivator. That was the real Demoniac Emperor, n.o.body would dare offend him!

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