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Chapter 829: Demon Seal Plate

Those beasts were all staring at Lin Feng like he was food, their death Qi was extremely thick. 

Lin Feng condensed his own pure Qi, but he couldn't move fast enough as a powerful death Qi crashed onto his body.

Lin Feng thought about it quickly and realized that condensing pure Qi would open the doors for death Qi to penetrate a cultivator’s body. 

“The cultivator's bane…” Lin Feng seemed understand why everyone died here. Cultivators could only rely on their physical body and strength, which usually was underdeveloped.

“Crrrr….” a ferocious beast threw itself at Lin Feng. Lin Feng tested whether he could use the strength of the Herukas and found that he could. Suddenly, Lin Feng looked delighted.

His hand turned into a gigantic hand and a.s.saulted the beast. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the beast was propelled away. Lin Feng's hand felt numb after the exchange. 

“Why was its body that hard?” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes and stared at the beast. Its body looked like steel, just like Lin Feng's body did after using the Heruka skill.

“Rrrrr….” the beast roared in a low voice as it stared back at Lin Fen. Its four paws stomped on the ground and it jumped towards Lin Feng. All the beasts around him were releasing death Qi as well. Lin Feng felt extremely uncomfortable, like he was suffocating from their strength.

“Crrrr…. crrrr….” many beasts threw themselves at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s eyes turned black like those of a demon. He made the strength of the Herukas rotate at its maximum potential.

“Go away!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He started punching in every direction. Rumbling sounds spread in the air as the strength of the Heruka was rolling in waves.

“Boom boom…..” the strength of the Heruka crashed on their bodies and propelled them all backwards. However, the more terrifying beasts got up again. Their bodies seemed indestructible.

Those beasts were way too strong. 

He looked at the beasts and they looked back at him in a cruel way. Lin Feng cursed out loud as he released his demon seal plate. Now a terrifying and oppressive Qi emerged.

The looked terrified and emitted cries of alarm when they sensed that oppressive energy. All of them ran away.

“What a strange valley…” whispered Lin Feng. Those beasts were all Xuan level beasts and on top of that, they were not high level Xuan beasts. Even so, it was impossible to kill them with his physical strength.

“It could be that the legends were true. If those beasts have a demoniac soul, then it would explain why they fear the demon seal plate.” Thought Lin Feng while gazing into the distance. He could sense the demon sword's energies the closer he got the center of the valley.

Lin Feng was walking with difficulty towards the depths of the valley because of the oppressive void. 

Void, that was death. 

There were many ferocious beasts in the valley and they all possessed death Qi. Lin Feng lungs burned from breathing in the death Qi, Lin Feng was dying slowly. Because he wanted to avoid further trouble, he took back out his demon seal plate to repel the ferocious beasts.

Lin Feng was walking when suddenly a wind picked up and a black silhouette appeared in the sky. Lin Feng raised his head and became afraid. 

There were crows everywhere so much so that he couldn’t even see the sky anymore. Their death Qi entered Lin Feng’s body and he turned black. Now he was dying even faster.

The death Qi from the millions of crows was incredibly oppressive. Lin Feng could understand why it was so difficult to survive the valley while only relying on pure Qi. Using pure Qi just accelerated the process.

Lin Feng turned into a Buddha Shakyamuni and diffused magnificent golden lights all around. He looked pure and omniscient. The death Qi was quickly banished and Lin Feng could inhaled a little bit of fresh air.

However, the Buddha’s lights seemed to enrage the death Qi which turned into a hurricane and began to erode the Buddha’s lights. 

Lin Feng continued to rotate the strength of the Herukas. At the same time, he continued running deeper into the valley.

The crows above him didn’t intend to let him off. They all followed him deeper inside. Lin Feng was getting desperate as he pulled out the jade emperor’s heart. He threw it in the air and a terrifying imperial Qi invaded the atmosphere, blocking the crows. Lin Feng hid under the palace while he ran forwards. 

Bones were becoming more common the deeper he went inside. Those cultivators were probably eaten by the ferocious beasts.

Lin Feng was controlling the jade emperor’s palace with his left hand and the demon seal plate with his right. Lin Feng was pulling out all the stops this time.

“I’m very near.” Lin Feng could sense his sword. He continued moving forwards as a terrifying demon Qi became palpable. It seemed like the pressure was becoming too intense for the jade emperor’s palace to handle. Lin Feng’s Buddha lights became darker, as well as the demon seal plate.

A peak could be seen in front of Lin Feng. That peak was actually a huge stone plate, as large as a mountain. 


Lin Feng stopped in his tracks and read the word “seal” on the tablet. That tablet seemed like it could seal anything and it contained an infinite explosive power.

Besides, in front of that huge stone was a sword. It was gigantic. It was the demon sword!!! 

“Demon Seal Plate!” whispered Lin Feng… it was the real demon seal stone… It was infinitely more powerful than the small one he had and it contained a terrifying power to match its size!

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Chapter 830: The Silhouette down the Mountain!

“The legends were right, there is a demon seal tablet in the valley.” thought Lin Feng while looking at it. It could oppress incredible evil energies. There seemed to be ghosts crying here, as if their souls were filled with infinite rage. Lin Feng frowned, those ghostly sounds unbearable. 

In the antiquity, the demon seal tablet was a gigantic stone. At some point, it broke into several pieces. Lin Feng had only obtained a small piece previously.

“Death and life, souls, everything turns into void eventually. Nothing can change this in this world.”

A voice rang inside Lin Feng’s head. It was a pleasant voice and Lin Feng suddenly felt very comfortable. Then the atmosphere became calm again. The ghosts stopped crying and the temperature in the valley seemed to become a little bit warmer.

At that moment, Lin Feng frowned and looked around. Where did that voice come from?

Lin Feng stared at the demon seal stone. Qi kept rolling in waves out from it. Was there someone inside the stone?

“Who?” shouted Lin Feng. His voice spread to everywhere in the valley. 

In the legends, n.o.body could live in the valley. But now someone was speaking to Lin Feng. 

“How many years has it been… I would have never thought that anyone would come to the Death Valley again. How many people have died here…?” said the voice again. Lin Feng frowned as he stared at the mountain. That wasn’t a hallucination, the voice really came from the stone. 

“Where are you? Please tell me.” asked Lin Feng while looking at the mountain. 

“Boom boom boom!” Rumbling sounds spread in the air, startling Lin Feng. The ground was cracking as the stone moved. It moved! It was moving rather slowly as the ground continued shaking. The stone was rising higher into the air.

Lin Feng ran over to the demon sword, but it was also shaking and emitting buzzing sounds.

Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at the foot of the mountain. An incredibly oppressive pressure was spreading in the air. Lin Feng suddenly felt like suffocating. His Buddha and his Demonic energies couldn’t withstand the pressure anymore. The demon seal mountain's strength was too great. 

Dazzling lights were flas.h.i.+ng in the air as the terrifying pressure rose. A golden and gentle light appeared, it was a Buddha’s light. Lin Feng was astonished, could it be that the legends were false and that the one controlling that gigantic stone wasn’t a demon, but a Buddha? 

Lin Feng walked towards the stone and looked down into the fissure in the ground. There was a silhouette sitting cross-legged. They looked incredible, majestic and was surrounded by a dazzling light. Even though there were oppressive energies everywhere, they seemed undisturbed. They looked pure as if their heart hadn’t the slightest iota of hatred, standing aloof from worldly affairs.

Buddha! It was a Buddha! 

Lin Feng was shaking from head to foot. In the Death Valley of all places, where there was an omnipresent death Qi, there wasn’t a demon but a Buddha, an omniscient Buddha! 

However, the Buddha’s skills seemed to be oppressed by the demon seal mountain. 

That Buddha had probably been there for thousands of years and yet still looked healthy. Wasn't eternal life a demonic art?

Lin Feng had studied the strength of the Heruka and could use real Buddha Qi, but that wasn’t enough to withstand the Death Valley. Comparatively, that Buddha had probably mastered all the Buddha skills, even if they were oppressed right now.

“Sir, why is the demon seal stone sealing your powers?” Lin Feng asked, confused. 

“The demon seal plate is a demon stone, it uses an incredibly oppressive power. When a Buddha owns it, it can seal a demon’s powers, when a demon uses it, it can seal a Buddha’s powers.” explained the Buddha in a gentle voice.

Indeed, if Buddhas used the stone, they could seal demon’s powers and vice-versa. It was an incredible weapon so this actually made sense. 

“Sir, how long have you been here?” asked Lin Feng. 

His interlocutor shook his head and said slowly, “As a Buddha, you can practice cultivation anywhere. You have to pay attention to the place you practice though. I came here because I can witness the many horrors and suffering of the valley. I can progress everyday by processing this scene.” 

“I cannot see his cultivation level.” thought Lin Feng while trying to sense his interlocutor’s cultivation level. The Buddha’s voice sounded like mantras and it seemed to influence Lin Feng’s emotions. Lin Feng felt a little inferior.

“Sir, I can help you break the demon seal stone so you can leave.” Lin Feng offered to help the saint. 

"That stone contains an incredible demoniac force, the word carved into it bares its soul. With that sword, you may be able to succeed, but I doubt it." the interlocutor calmly explained, obviously referring to the demon sword.

At that moment, the sword was calm and silent. Even though it had a strong temper, it seemed to be oppressed inside the Death Valley.

Lin Feng grabbed the sword and it shrunk to match his size. It was actually letting Lin Feng control it now without putting up a fight.

Lin Feng jumped up in the air and arrived next to the word “seal”. 

“Boom boom boom!” A terrifying demon Qi invaded the atmosphere and exploded like thunder. Lin Feng rotated the strength of the Heruka and sword Qi launched out as well.

Lin Feng slowly raised both of his hands and attacked the word “seal”. The sword Qi crashed onto the word, but the sword Qi was quickly oppressed and the word “seal” started twinkling. Its oppressive power was becoming increasingly heavy.

There were terrifying black clouds above Lin Feng’s head as if a storm was about to start. The Qi from the demon sword dashed to the skies as Lin Feng attempted to use even more strength.

“Boom boom boom!” Black clouds rolled in waves. The earth and the sky were roaring. However, a sound spread in the air. Although the sword was still there, it didn’t look as majestic as a few seconds before. So much so that its Qi seemed to disappear.

That incredible sword Qi disappeared without a trace, as if it never appeared in the first place!

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Chapter 831: Awareness

Just as his sword was about to reach its target, Lin Feng decided not to attack.

He slowly flew down to the ground where the silhouette bathing in Buddha’s lights was. The Buddha wasn't surprised as he said, “You should give up, the demon seal stone is way too powerful. Keep up your strength for danger lurks at every corner here. I sincerely hope that you will get out of here safely.”

“Do you really think mean that?” Lin Feng asked while looking back at the stone.

“Of course.” the silhouette said, nodding.

“Okay, since that’s what you want I will leave now.” Lin Feng said while waving at the Buddha. He then turned around and started leaving.

“Wait, wait.” shouted the Buddha after Lin Feng had already ran a thousand meters away. Lin Feng turned around and looked at that almighty Buddha. Then, Lin Feng asked, “Is there anything you would like to talk about?”

“Death Valley is a very dangerous place. It is easy to come in but difficult to leave. I have been oppressed here for a very long time and I’ve never met anyone who managed to leave Death Valley alive. The fact that you made it here and found me already is a miracle. If you leave, the horrors of the Death Valley will never stop. You should try and break the seal again. If you break it, Death Valley would disappear. If you really can’t, then I’ll teach you a monstrously powerful skill which should enable you to break it.” said the Buddha in majestic way, still bathing in Buddha’s lights.

“Thank you for your good intentions but I have to refuse. Even though I am an ordinary person and my powers can’t be compared with yours, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am unable to leave Death Valley. Goodbye.” Lin Feng sounded rather self-confident. The Buddha’s eyes twinkled for a few seconds, but then he looked normal again.

“You only came here to take your treasures back and now you’re leaving. It wouldn't be very kind to leave someone in distress, now would it?” the Buddha sounded a little bit cold.

“Are those words a Buddha would spout?” Lin Feng was smiling coldly now.

The interlocutor stared at Lin Feng before saying, “How did you notice?”

“You seemed too impatient. You said Buddhas could practice cultivation anywhere and didn’t care about where they were. You said sitting cross-legged here was an opportunity for you to bring peace to all those suffering souls and for you to constantly surpa.s.s yourself. When I tried to break the seal stone, you seemed to have forgotten those words and became impatient, thus contradicting yourself.”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” said that person as calm as before.

“Maybe you're right, but it still proves that you are impatient. Therefore, I can see and hear some darkness in you. Buddhas can influence mood, they could drive me to become like them and listen to them. I trust them. If your voice didn’t contain that iota of darkness, I would trust you right now but those strange elements influenced my determination and made me doubt your intentions. At the moment when I attacked the stone, you actually looked so greedy. It was then that you clearly showed your true colors.” Lin Feng stopped talking for a few seconds before adding, “What I don’t understand is why your Buddha Qi is so pure, I can tell that you’re not pretending. Considering the fact that you managed to reach such a high cultivation level as a Buddhist cultivator, those dark elements don’t make sense.” Lin Feng could clearly sense his interlocutor’s Buddha Qi and it was absolutely pure. The Buddha’s face looked captivating, his voice sounded gentle and pure. Luckily Lin Feng’s determination was strong and he hadn’t obeyed the Buddha.

“Interesting, interesting…” said the Buddha while smiling in a strange way. He didn’t look as calm and detached as he had before. The Buddha lights disappeared and the Buddha’s silhouette became blurry. His silhouette was flickering, sometimes he looked like a Buddha and sometimes like a demon. Golden Buddha lights and darkness kept alternating like the flickering flame of a candle.

Finally, a terrifying demon Qi appeared. Even though it was oppressed by the demon seal stone, it was still incredible. A terrifying and boundless Qi was burning. “A demon, it really is a demon.” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes while staring at the silhouette in front of him.

“Since you found out about my secret, I don’t need to beat around the bush anymore. Attack the stone and do as I said, break the seal.” the demon said in a deep and loud voice.

Even though his power was oppressed, he was still monstrously strong and despised most ordinary cultivators.

“Do you think that I would?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly.

“If you don’t, I will attack you.” In a flash, a terrifying black light rose up in the sky and aimed for Lin Feng's head.

Lin Feng unsheathed his sword as rumbling sounds spread in the air. However, his sword couldn't pierce through the black light.

The black light looked like a sword made from intent, but it immediately pierced through Lin Feng’s head and penetrated into his brain. Lin Feng's head felt like exploding. He released a million broken souls and turned them into a million indestructible swords.

“Boom boom” explosion sounds were resonating in Lin Feng’s brain. His opponent was too strong, what kind of intent was that black light? Luckily, Lin Feng had his broken soul technique which was able to maintain the defensive.

“Eh?” the demon was looking at Lin Feng in a furious way. He felt humiliated. His goal, by aiming at Lin Feng’s head was initially to take control of Lin Feng’s body, but he had failed.

“Crrrr…. crrr…” The black lights were now devouring Lin Feng’s awareness. How could Lin Feng give him this chance? He immediately made the strength of the Heruka and of the Buddha rotate. His myriad of broken souls emitted whistling sounds like a million sharp swords.

“Boom boom boom boom” his terrifying attack continued to a.s.sault Lin Feng who felt like he was becoming paralyzed. If it was someone else, someone who didn’t have a terrifying intent and powerful soul, they would have died. Of course, if the demon seal stone hadn’t been there, Lin Feng would have died already. In the blink of an eye, the demon could have, without moving a single finger, taken control over Lin Feng.

“Very good. I will see how long you can resist.” said the demon while groaning coldly. Rumbling sounds continued spreading in the air. Lin Feng’s demon sword started shaking violently as a terrifying demonic energy surfaced. Lin Feng could only watch as his awareness was consummed by the demon sword. He was turning into a demon again.

“Crrr…” sword Qi dashed to the skies. Lin Feng was unable to hold his sword, his treasure and now his opponent was going to take it.

“So my sword came here because of you.” thought Lin Feng. He actually couldn’t control the sword because it was still too strong.

“So what? Lend me your sword.” the demon said coldly. His demon energies were rotating in the  atmosphere. The demon sword then rose up in the air and began moving towards the demon seal stone.

“p.i.s.s off” Lin Feng sounded furious as he jumped up into the air while holding his own demon seal stone.

“Boom” the demon seal stone oppressed the demon sword which immediately came back to him. Lin Feng jumped in front of the stone.

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Chapter 832: Three Lives Emperor

“It’s not so strong.” thought Lin Feng, sensing the strength of the demon sword while sealing its energies. Even though the demon could control the sword with his awareness, the seal stone was constricting his full strength.

“It seems like you won’t be able to break the seal on your own.” Lin Feng said. The seal stone was infinitely powerful and a small piece of that stone was already enough to control the demon sword.

“Maybe we can make a deal then.” said the demon reluctantly. Lin Feng smiled and said, “First, give me back my demon sword.”

“Okay, it's no problem because I don’t need it.” said the demon calmly. Lin Feng grabbed the sword, and stabbed it back into his body, sealing it with the stone again. If the sword didn’t come out, the demon wouldn’t be able to take it.

Lin Feng went back to the ground and faced the demon. Even though his strength was oppressed, Lin Feng could still sense some of it. If the demon was freed, he would probably destroy the world.

“Let’s make an exchange.” said the demon.

“What do you want to exchange?” Lin Feng asked back.

“You studied the broken soul skill which is a part of the wisdom from the three lives. I can teach you the real three lives skill if you help me break the stone.” said the demon. The offer sounded very tempting..

“The three lives skill…” the demon surprisingly knew about the three lives skill. In the Jade Emperor’s hall back in the mysterious world, Lin Feng had studied the Three Lives Emperor and the strength of the Heruka started rotating in his body. Could the strength of the Herukas be related to the three lives skill?

“Who are you? Why would you even know about the three lives skill?” Lin Feng didn't quite trust the Demon.

“Hehe… Mwahahaha!” the demon started laughing frantically. His entire body was surrounded by an infinity of demon Qi. Rumbling sounds were spreading everywhere and the ground started cracking apart. It seemed like everything was going to collapse.

The gigantic demon seal mountain began shaking violently. Some cracks started to appear on it as it really looked like it was going to break.

“Break!” shouted the demon furiously. Rumbling and explosion sounds were booming. Lin Feng ran back quickly as he watched.

However, at the last moment, the word “seal” on the mountain started emitting dazzling lights and it released oppressive energies which surrounded the demon. He was unable to break the stone beyond that point, the broken quickly repaired themselves now.

“How terrifying.” thought Lin Feng. It seemed like even the Great Sage Equal of Heaven wouldn’t have been able to destroy that mountain.

“I wonder who made that stone.”

“Did you see? I almost broke it. You asked me where I learnt the three lives skill, I will tell you, Wu Ming the Three Lives Emperor taught it to me.” said the demon slowly. The strength of the Heruka was rotating around him, he was a half Buddha and half demon.

Lin Feng smiled and said, “I’m leaving. Goodbye.”

After that, Lin Feng turned around and started leaving.

“Wait wait, I am not done talking.” shouted the demon. “It seems like you already know a lot about the three lives skill, maybe you already knew that it was the three lives emperor’s skill. One life becomes three. The body can turn into a Buddha, a Demon and a cultivator. All three in one body. I am the demon of the three lives skill so I am extremely familiar with the skill.”

“The demon of the three lives skill.” Lin Feng stopped and slowly turned around. Maybe he wasn’t lying. Because he could share a body with the Buddha, he had learnt how to use Buddha’s purity and could use authentic Buddha intent.

“The real three lives demon’s power ended here with his powers sealed?”

“The three lives skill is incredible. You studied the broken soul skill so you must have sensed how incredible it is. Imagine, if you practiced the three lives skill you would have three bodies. You would be indestructible. Now, because you will free me, I will teach it to you and you will someday become an emperor.”

The demon’s offer sounded very tempting, but Lin Feng groaned and bit his lips, “Don’t try to tempt me with your evil intent, otherwise I’ll leave!”

“Hehe, no problem. Anyways, imagine it, you’re a little n.o.body right now and you have the opportunity to obtain the three lives emperor’s skill book, why are you still hesitating?”

Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. He had to ask, “We still have to agree on how we will negotiate. If I free you first, you’re probably going to kill me. If you give me the book first, I might leave without freeing you. What should we do?”

“I’m the three emperor’s demon, I don’t care about your life because you’re only an insect to me. Why would I care? If you free me, not only will I teach you the three lives skill but other skills as well to express my grat.i.tude.”

“I don’t believe you.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. How could he trust a demon?

“You fooled me with your Buddha Qi once. Then you tried to pollute my intent, why should I trust you? If I release you, killing me would be simple. Just like you said, I’m an insect in your eyes.”

“You don’t believe me still? So even if I give you the book first, will you still not trust me then?” asked the demon.

“I suppose there are no solutions.” Lin Feng said indifferently.

“Therefore, you should trust me.” shouted the demon furiously.

“Okay, then trust me too and give me the book first.” said Lin Feng determined.

“You’re really annoying. Okay, I will give you the book but I will only teach you one third of the skill. If you’re happy with it I will teach you the entire skill.” the demon looked happy, almost as if he was still hiding something.

“I agree.” Lin Feng was excited now.

“The three lives skill is incredibly powerful. It contains a myriad of mysteries. I will have to enter your awareness to teach you the skill and carve it in your memories.” said the demon. The demon was monstrously strong, he could use his own awareness like a sword and kill people without being seen. Letting him enter his brain was extremely dangerous. If he wanted, he could immediately take control of Lin Feng’s body and steal it.

“Think carefully, the three lives skill is monstrously powerful. I can’t even describe how powerful it is with words.” the demon continued to tempt Lin Feng when he saw that he was hesitating. He didn’t look so impatient though, he remained calm now. He was certain that Lin Feng wouldn't miss such an opportunity.

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Chapter 833: Too Many Requests!

Lin Feng didn’t reply immediately, instead he slightly frowned.

Lin Feng didn’t know how strong the demon was. Maybe he had hidden some skills and would be able to kill Lin Feng with one attack. Lin Feng was hesitating but if what the demon was saying was true, Lin Feng would regret it for the rest of his life.

The demon didn’t look impatient and wasn’t putting pressure on Lin Feng. He was giving him time to think it over.

“When a cultivator breaks through to the Tian Qi layer, they control their own soul. Apart from a stronger soul, they can also attack other’s awareness and will possess a better defense, right?” asked Lin Feng.

The demon nodded and said, “Indeed, Tian level cultivators can fuse together with the sky and Earth. A divine power fuses together with their soul and their awareness becomes G.o.dly. With that G.o.dly awareness, killing becomes easier. One thought is enough to slaughter your enemies.”

“G.o.dly awareness must be understood to become powerful, one must also possess powerful offensive and defensive skills, especially Tian level skills. Am I right?” Lin Feng asked. He had encountered many Tian level cultivators but even though their cultivation level was high, none of them had G.o.dly awareness. It wasn’t because they didn’t wish to, it was because they didn’t know how to use such powers.

“Indeed.” said the demon nodding. G.o.dly awareness enabled cultivators to kill in an even more ferocious way.

“If you want inside my brain, I need to understand those things. Do you know what I mean?” Lin Feng said calmly. The demon smiled and said, “You are very smart. You noticed that I was attacking you with my awareness so now you want to learn how to do that. If you learn how to attack with your awareness, coupled with your incredibly strong soul, average Tian level cultivators will have a hard time fighting against you."

“I hope you can teach me that.” said Lin Feng, bowing in front of the demon. Lin Feng wanted to become even more powerful. He had the three lives emperor’s demon in front of him, missing the chance to learn from him would have been such a pity!

“Alright. I will teach you the G.o.dly awareness skill as well, but as before, I need to penetrate into yours to teach it to you.” the demon remained indifferent. To Lin Feng, such a skill was priceless but to the demon, those skills were futile. He didn’t mind teaching those skills to Lin Feng.

“Learning the G.o.dly awareness and the three-lives skills should only take a minute, right?”

“You’re quite prudent. A minute is enough to print the skills in your brain, yes.” said the demon.

“Okay, thank you sir.” Lin Feng said while closing his eyes. He couldn't act careless now so he released his broken souls which condensed in his brain to protect himself. Anything could happen and Lin Feng had to use all his strength to avoid an accident.

A second later, Lin Feng sensed the demon entering in his brain. The demon’s G.o.dly awareness was incredible and contained a mighty power, but because his strength was sealed his G.o.dly awareness was much weaker than what it should have been. Otherwise, Lin Feng’s awareness would have been crushed.

Lin Feng’s awareness was transforming. Suddenly, a silhouette appeared and that person was smiling darkly. Immediately after, they left Lin Feng’s awareness. Lin Feng opened his eyes and was very pleased.

“The G.o.dly awareness skill is incredible, now my soul is extremely powerful. G.o.dly awareness could create a copper bell whose ring could stun people and even erase their soul. At the same time, it can turn into a copper bell used for defense. Even though you haven’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer yet, your soul is already extremely strong and you can fuse together with the Earth, therefore you can already start practicing it, but its power won’t be as strong compared to if you broke through to the Tian Qi layer. If you want to practice it now, I can wait.” the demon explained. He was an incredible cultivator, he obviously understood why Lin Feng wanted to learn the G.o.dly awareness. His first reason was to be stronger in the future, his second reason was to protect his awareness and prevent it from being attacked or stolen.

“Thank you for your understanding.” said Lin Feng nodding. His silhouette flickered and he moved a few kilometers away and sat down cross-legged. Then, he started practicing the G.o.dly awareness skill.

Just like the demon said, Lin Feng hadn’t broken through to the Tian Qi layer yet. Even though he could rely on his powerful soul, he wasn’t able to deploy the maximum power of the skill. His awareness couldn’t move too far away from his body. Unless his opponent was directly in front of him, Lin Feng couldn’t attack them. However, he could always use it for defense.

That skill, even though it was quite good, it wasn’t an unfathomable skill. Otherwise, Lin Feng wouldn’t have been able to learn it. After three days, Lin Feng stopped practicing it, stood up and walked towards the demon.

That demon was patient but to him, three days was nothing. He had been waiting there for so many years. All in all, even those years had pa.s.sed by quickly because was practicing cultivation the whole time.

“How do you like it?” asked the demon. Even though the demon was surrounded by evil lights, he actually looked like a normal old man now. It was as if he had become less evil after staying under the influence of the seal stone for so many years, or maybe he had just grown old.

“Master, I have another request. Forgive me for being so demanding.” said Lin Feng, bowing in a very respectful way. The demon suddenly looked tense and uncomfortable, “What is it now?”

As if Lin Feng hadn’t sensed his interlocutor’s unease, he said slowly, “Master, releasing you will be something earth-shattering. Therefore, please teach me a powerful agility technique so that I can leave quickly once you’re free.”

“You’re a sly boy. You really know how to take advantage of somebody’s misfortune.” the demon looked annoyed. Lin Feng was clearly taking advantage of his misfortune but that was understandable. Lin Feng was even more shameless than the demon.

“Master, please be magnanimous enough to forgive me.” said Lin Feng, very respectfully bowing again. The demon was furious but he had no choice but to accept Lin Feng’s request.

“Okay, I will teach you a powerful agility technique. It is a technique created in the antiquity as well. It is the Xiao Yao Step agility technique, it is found in the Xiao Yao agility technique book. But now you have to promise me something, that this is your last request.” said the demon feeling uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, the demon wanted to teach him the Xiao Yao agility technique. The same Xiao Yao agility technique book which Tang You You had heard about in the mysterious world. It contained a technique called the Xiao Yao Step technique that was supposedly incredible. Lin Feng and Tang You You had even stolen it from an opponent but it was an incomplete version. What the demon wanted to teach Lin Feng was probably the complete version. Lin Feng was very excited but his facial expression didn’t reveal his feelings. He looked just as calm as before.

“Thank you very much, Master. I promise you that it is my last request.” Lin Feng slowly bowed and walked backwards. Just like a moment before, the demon entered Lin Feng’s awareness but this time Lin Feng could protect himself with his broken souls and the awareness bronze bells.

But the demon didn’t try anything tricky, he just entered Lin Feng’s brain and pa.s.sed on the Xiao Yao step technique onto him.

When the demon left Lin Feng’s awareness, Lin Feng saw the technique and was delighted. As expected, it was the Xiao Yao Step technique and it contained one more page than what Lin Feng obtained before. As expected, the technique was complete.

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Chapter 834: Infinite Demon Print

The Xiao Yao Step contained eighty one different sorts of steps of which each possessed different variations, 361 variations to be exact.

“My cultivation level is still too low…” thought Lin Feng, studying the agility technique. As he was learning more and more powerful skills, he was realising that his cultivation level remained a problem. He couldn’t understand the variations of the last step so he couldn’t really learn the skill. If Lin Feng managed to master the entire authentic and antique Xiao Yao agility technique, he would become impossible to hit. No cultivator of the Tian Qi layer would dare stand in his way.

However, Lin Feng possessed a very strong soul. He entered his dark world and fused with the Earth. In his vast consciousness, there was a silhouette using the Xiao Yao agility technique as if they were trying to teach it to Lin Feng. And, Lin Feng was unconsciously following them. Strangely, it seemed like that silhouette was himself, Lin Feng.

Two days later, Lin Feng stopped practicing. His eyes were closed as his silhouette started flickering about. The Xiao Yao Step technique allowed him to move freely and so quickly that multiple shadows appeared in the air. No one could see where he actually was because it was impossible to distinguish Lin Feng from all the silhouettes in the air.

After seven days, Lin Feng could move with incredible speed. Coupled with his wind intent, he was now faster than any cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng was convinced that his cultivation level was now comparable with that of the legendary roc. Perhaps he was even faster than the roc.

A silhouette appeared in front of the demon seal mountain. The demon was still there and of coa.r.s.e, the stone was oppressing his powers still.

“Did you learn it?” asked the demon while smiling. Lin Feng nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Okay, now, open your awareness, I will teach you the first  part of the three lives skill. After you save me, I will teach you the complete version. You will then be able to combine three lives into one. You’ll become a Buddha, a demon, as well as yourself. n.o.body will compare to you anymore with that skill.” said the demon in a tempting way. Lin Feng’s heart was beating faster but he remained cool-headed.

“Please.” said Lin Feng while sitting down cross-legged and opening his awareness. He was still using his bronze bells to protect himself. If the demon attacked him, Lin Feng would be able to wake up. He couldn’t give the demon any opportunities.

The three lives skill was much more valuable than the Xiao Yao agility technique. The demon’s awareness entered Lin Feng’s awareness and began printing the skill on Lin Feng’s soul.

Finally, the skill was so powerful that it made Lin Feng shake. His bronze bell remained intact so he wasn’t injured. Lin Feng was very determined to get this skill.

After a long time, the demon finally came out. Lin Feng was motionless, still sitting down cross-legged and was inspecting the memories.

The first part of the skill was the demon portion and it was vast and brutal. It contained the explosive power of the Earth and the sky.

Lin Feng started practicing. Lin Feng was a drop of water in an ocean of awareness. He made the strength of the Heruka rotate with an incredible force, it wasn't long before his flesh became as hard as iron. He then turned into a demon while sitting in an ocean of demon energy.

The demon Qi became more potent. Demon lights started twinkling all around Lin Feng and dashed to the skies.

“Everlasting through the ages.” a mystical voice spread in the air, it was that of a demon. Lin Feng looked calm while surrounded by the incredible demonic Qi.

“Reigning over the universe.” said the demon in a strange and mystical way again. His entire body was diffusing an infinite amount of light.

“Everything is evil, I am the beginning and the end. There is nothing that I cannot do. There is nothing that is forbidden. I can kill all deities.” said the demon. The demon Qi made Lin Feng’s body rise up.

“The power I lend you is for me to crush the entire world! Infinite Demon Print, kill!” shouted the demon furiously. The terrifying pure Qi of the Earth and the sky turned into demon Qi which could destroy the very Earth and the sky. Lin Feng had completely turned into a demon!

“Infinite Demon Print, kill!” shouted a terrifying voice again. This time the terrifying demon Qi was released. There were no rumbling sounds, but the sky and the Earth were collapsing. The terrifying demon print turned into a mountain carved from domonic energies.

“Boom!” the demon print crashed onto the word “seal” on the demon seal mountain, which suddenly became distorted. The mountain suddenly started shaking violently and a crack appeared.

“Mwahahahaha, mwahahaha!” the demon raised his head towards the sky and laughed frantically. He began grabbing pieces of that mountain and throwing them around.

At that moment, Lin Feng opened his eyes and became normal again. He looked down at his hands, he was lost.

When he had practiced the three lives skill, had felt like he couldn’t control himself. He turned into a demon and carried out a terrifying attack.

When Lin Feng saw the mountain, he understood. No wonder that the demon had listened to and obeyed him, he even taught him the G.o.dly awareness and the Xiao Yao Step technique. The demon never trusted Lin Feng, so how could he put his destiny in Lin Feng’s hands? He taught him the demon part of the three lives skill so Lin Feng could turn into the exact same demon as him. A moment before, the voice Lin Feng was hearing was the demon's, both of them had been in symbiosis and Lin Feng was unable to control himself. The demon had borrowed Lin Feng’s body to attack the mountain.

Lin Feng had, in the end, acted as a puppet for the demon.

“I’m off.” Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique, his silhouette flickered and he disappeared into the distance. He didn’t want to stay there any longer.

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Chapter 835:

“Boom boom boom!” terrifying rumbling sounds spread in the air as the Earth and sky seemed to collapse. The animals in the Death Valley were crawling and those which could fly couldn't fly very high in the sky.

Cracking and explosion sounds kept spreading in the air and gigantic cracks were appearing everywhere in the valley.

The most terrifying part were the black clouds covering the entire sky. No only the valley, the clouds were reaching into the outside world.

At that moment, outside the Death Valley, there were several people from the East Sea Dragon Palace. They were almost sure that Lin Feng would die inside but just in case he stayed at the periphery to run away, they had to wait.

At that moment, they raised their heads and saw the black demon clouds expanding outwards with incredible force.

What was going on?

That Qi seemed to be coming from the depths of the Death Valley.

They glanced at each other looking scared.

n.o.body could survive inside of Death Valley. There was, according to legends, a gigantic demon seal stone in the Death Valley and a demon whose powers were sealed.

But those were only legends and n.o.body really knew what was inside. However, at that moment, it seemed like the legends were true. It really seemed like a demon Qi was emanating from Death Valley.

“Boom boom boom!” explosions sounded, the ground was shaking violently, and even those outside of the Death Valley could sense it clearly.

“Hahahaha, I, the Three Lives Demon have finally emerged! My powers have been sealed for thousands of years, but now I’m going to take back everything that belongs to me!” said the demon extremely loudly. His voice resonated thousands and thousands of kilometers away into the distance.

The Three Lives Demon has come back!

They all looked in the direction of the valley, there was a pitch black silhouette in the sky surrounded by black clouds.

The black silhouette then jumped higher up in the sky and entered the hurricane made of black clouds. And then no one could see it anymore

Lin Feng finally came to halt, he was drenched in sweat from running away.

He had stopped to look at the sky. The demon had left, surprisingly. He lent him his strength to break the seal and then left…

Before the demon left, Lin Feng sensed that the demon looked at him with murderous intentions. Lin Feng was sweating from fear. He knew he couldn’t rival the Three Lives Demon.

Maybe the demon considered Lin Feng too inferior and couldn’t be bothered killing a n.o.body. Or maybe he was grateful that Lin Feng lent him his body to break the seal. Lin Feng didn’t know why the demon spared him, but it no longer mattered.

He had obtained incredible skills and techniques.

Lin Feng looked back at the broken demon seal stone and ran towards the broken pieces of stone.

Two minutes later, Lin Feng arrived where the demon had broken the stone. The gigantic demon seal mountain had exploded,  pieces of it were everywhere. Even though it was completely broken, Lin Feng couldn’t help but admire that incredible stone. Even though it was broken, it hadn’t turned into powder..

Lin Feng grabbed a piece on the ground. It was broken but upon closer inspection it seemed like it could heal itself. What surprised Lin Feng was that a word had appeared on the stone: “seal”, and it still contained an oppressive energy.

No wonder the stone was considered a priceless treasure, it could even heal itself.

Lin Feng grabbed the stone and looked at the place where the demon was trapped. There was a huge hole where a large, evil-looking tree was now growing.

Several Bodhi were hanging from the tree, they were black and contained a terrifying demon Qi.

Cultivators of the Tian Qi layer, when practicing in seclusion and if their intent was strong enough, could produce intent crystals. Zun cultivators, when practicing could understand abstruse energy and if they practiced long enough, they could produce abstruse crystals.

The Three Lives Emperor had practiced there for a thousand years. He was demoniac so of course, it wasn’t possible for him to produce intent or abstruse crystals when practicing. Instead, these demon bodhi were formed.

From the legends dating back to antiquity, the strongest cultivators in the world could produce precious treasures while practicing. They could produce Buddha bodhi, while demons produced demon bodhis.

“Those are treasures to those who practice demon skills.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes were twinkling resplendently. He immediately grabbed all the demon bodhis.

“Bzzzzzz.” a terrifying death and demon Qi surrounded these demon bodhi. Lin Feng grabbed some more demon seal stones, small ones, big ones… Afterwards, he looked around him and found that he was surrounded by animals. The demon was gone and he had left behind the demon bodhi. Those animals had sensed them and had rushed over. Surprisingly, there was nothing there now, only a human being.

“s.h.i.+t.” cursed Lin Feng. Those animals’ bodies were like iron. Lin Feng couldn’t win against them and they possessed death Qi to slowly widdle him away. Even though they were low leveled, with their death Qi, they could still kill seasoned cultivators. If Lin Feng hadn’t sensed their death Qi when he went into the depths of the valley, he would have died. Fortunately, he had sensed their Qi and used his palace to protect himself.

If someone else had gone into the valley, even someone stronger than Lin Feng, they probably would have died.

“Bzzzz….. bzzzz….” there was a terrifying wind as Lin Feng suddenly felt like suffocating. Lin Feng frowned and looked at a gigantic beast approaching.

“What a terrifying crow.” Lin Feng narrowed his eyes. That crow must have been the king of the crows. When Lin Feng first came into Death Valley, the king of the crows hadn't appeared. Maybe because he thought too little of a tiny cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, Lin Feng didn’t deserve its attention.

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