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PMG Chapter 915

Chapter 915: How Can You Be So Proud

"You're not respecting your promise!" said the young woman. Tian Lin said he would attack only once but now he continued the battle. Lin Feng was certainly going to die.

"Hmph!" Tian Lin groaned coldly. His soul appeared again and started rotating like a tornado.

The thought of him putting his entire soul into an attack was scary.

Lin Feng was still standing there as he raised his fist which started glowing. He pushed the demon sealing strength into his fist.

"Seal!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He stretched out his hand and a terrifying strength a.s.saulted the tornado.



Tian Lin shouted furiously. His wind moved through the air with a fury capable of destroying anything.

Such powerful attacks could easily kill ordinary cultivators of the third Tian Qi layer. How could Lin Feng resist?

At that moment, Lin Feng shouted, "Break!"

A fist shadow came out from his hand and fought the wind. Whistling sounds invaded the air as Lin Feng's shadow fist collided with the wind.

"Disappear!" shouted Lin Feng using his demon sealing strength and then the wind broke apart.

Tian Lin's facial expression looked even colder. From his back, the wind was blowing stronger and stronger. He was struggling to kill a trivial cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer and was losing face.

"That's enough." said the brother Hua s.h.i.+. He released some Qi and attacked Tian Lin who was propelled backwards. Lin Feng sensed the energy and jumped back before it could reach him. The young man wanted to put distance between Lin Feng and Tian Lin.

"What the h.e.l.l are you doing?" said Tian Lin glancing at the young man furiously. His wind was still floating in the air.

"If I remember right, you promised you won't let him off if he withstood one of your attacks and he did. Now you're releasing more and more of your soul to attack him. Even a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer would die against such an attack. You're shameless to attack somehow so much weaker. Don't you think?" brother Hua s.h.i.+ said indifferently.

Tian Lin pulled a long face. "He changed his mind and said he wanted to continue. I wanted to show him how strong I am."

"You're not that strong though." said Lin Feng from behind. Tian Lin was aghast and looked back at Lin Feng coldly.

Lin Feng wasn't afraid. He smiled and said, "You should be able to kill people of the first and second Tian Qi layer quite easily. Now, you have broken through to the third Tian layer and you released three layers of your soul and yet, you're still unable to kill me. What a disgrace."

Tian Lin was enraged but couldn't contradict Lin Feng. With the strength of the third Tian Qi layer, he was unable to kill Lin Feng even though his cultivation level was lower. He even released three layers of his soul and still failed.

"Your pride is not founded. When you face weak people, you act all high and mighty. A moment ago, the guy challenged you and you refused, instead you came and challenged me because my level is lower than yours. How dazzling! In the end, you still managed to lose face. You even violated your promise. You said that if I withstood one of your attacks, you'd let me off. You're such a coward." said Lin Feng mockingly. Tian Lin was becoming more and more furious.

"You don't need to look at me that way. You never understood me. You didn't even know how strong I was. You just said you could kill me in one strike because you wanted to show the others how strong you are. In fact, you're not much different from most cultivators. When you fight against weaker people, you win. Can you guarantee that if you use your full power, that is, your whole soul, you can kill me?" said Lin Feng. Everyone was astonished, including the siblings Hua s.h.i.+. Lin Feng seemed quite self-confident. Could he really resist Tian Lin's whole soul?

"Don't try and find an excuse saying that you don't fight against weaker cultivators or something like that. Come and prove that you're strong now. Strong cultivators have defeated their own ego by your level. Really strong cultivators only fight cultivators who are stronger than them, something you must not be used to." Lin Feng said despisingly.

"Since that's what you want. I'll show you my strength and kill you." said Tian Lin. Lin Feng had humiliated him, he was furious.

"If you want to be sure, just use your full power." said Lin Feng while running at him.

Tian Lin heard the brother Hua s.h.i.+ say mockingly, "It seems like Prince Tian Lin can only fight weak cultivators to prove that he's strong. Let's see how this goes."

"You're distracting me on purpose!" said Tian Lin coldly. He then glanced at Lin Feng and said, "Alright, I told him that if he withstood a single attack, I wouldn't kill him. So I won't kill him this time. However, if I see him again, I will not be so merciful."

"Forgive me? You're funny." said Lin Feng shaking his head. Lin Feng really wanted to kill him but the great sect meeting was approaching and that young man's social status seemed quite high. He couldn't use his full strength without drawing attention.

He would have to wait to teach him a lesson.

As they weren't battling anymore, Lin Feng and Qiong Qi left. They soon arrived in a flatland where there was nothing. There was also no sign that it was the place indicated on the old map.

Even if that place was different from everything they had seen in the region so far, there should have been marks or something, but there was nothing.

"What do you think?" asked Lin Feng. Qiong Qi looked around.

"Give me the map." said Qiong Qi seriously. Lin Fen pa.s.sed him the map and Qiong Qi examined it carefully.

"Look, there are other people here. Do you think there's only one copy of that map?" said Qiong Qi. On a beast, that facial expression looked quite strange.

"If they came here, they might have a map too ." replied Lin Feng. Qiong Qi nodded and looked pensive.

"Let's go." said Qiong Qi turning around. Lin Feng asked him "Did you find something out?"

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng, remained silent for a few seconds and said, "Am I not an emperor? A little insect seems to think he can be teach me something. Of course I understood everything! All we have to do now is go and pick up the treasure!"

PMG Chapter 916

Chapter 916: The Teacher Arrive

Lin Feng smiled and said, "Why are the two maps different then and where is the precious treasure?

"How could you understand anyway, you're just a basic cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. Telling you is a waste of breath." It was difficult to get information from Qiong Qi. He despised Lin Feng but he didn't know that Lin Feng secretly despised him too. Qiong Qi made fun of Lin Feng because he was a Tian level cultivator but he was forgetting that he was a Xuan level beast.

"Someone cast a Huge s.p.a.ce spell here." said Qiong Qi. He seemed very serious at that moment.

"A Huge s.p.a.ce spell?" Lin Feng immediately thought of Shen Gong, the mysterious world and Tianya Haige, the world of the picture scroll. Weren't those places Huge s.p.a.ce spells?

"What is a Huge s.p.a.ce spell?"

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng in a despising way and said, "It's a spell used to create a new world out of nothing."

"A spell used to create a new world out of nothing." Lin Feng was perplexed. Shen Gong or the mysterious world could really be Huge s.p.a.ce spells.

"You're so weak, you can't understand what it means. Huge s.p.a.ce spells are used to create small worlds, of  which, there are many small worlds in our world. So many that if there is a small world just next to you, if the creator doesn't want you to know, you will never know unless you're stronger. After reaching a certain cultivation level you'll be able to sense small worlds." continued Qiong Qi.

"What you mean is that the treasure is in a small parallel world, but I can't see it?" asked Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi nodded. He seemed pensive.

"Can you open those small worlds?" asked Lin Feng. That was the most crucial aspect.

"It's difficult. My current level is too low so I need more strength." said Qiong Qi. He seemed annoyed. He knew where the world was and knew there would be incredible treasures in there but he couldn't get them. How frustrating. As a former emperor, it was a tragedy to end up in such a state.

But, if he managed to get into that world and find incredible treasures, he might be able to get back to his normal state. He couldn't miss that opportunity.

"Little boy, I need your help with something else." said Qiong Qi, still talking seriously.

"Eh?" Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi and asked, "What do you need?"

"I can't open that world. I need to borrow some strength from other strong cultivators. It could be dangerous, and the treasure hunting quest could be dangerous and difficult as well. I hope you can help me, only one time." Qiong Qi didn't seem like he was joking and he didn't look arrogant anymore. He looked extremely serious. He almost looked human.

"Alright." said Lin Feng nodding. Qiong Qi was pleasantly surprised. He hadn't thought Lin Feng would accept so quickly.

"Are you sure?" asked Qiong Qi.

"What?" Lin Feng shouted furiously, "I've told you that we're partners now, we're a team! You help me, I help you!"

"Roar." Qiong Qi roared. Lin Feng had his moments it seemed.

"If you find incredible treasures, don't forget about me though." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi just looked at him in a despising and ferocious way. He didn't look as nice as a few seconds before.

"Where are you going?" shouted Lin Feng.

"I need to prepare something. If the little world can't be opened, how will we get in?" said Qiong Qi as it walked into a dark area. Lin Feng wasn't in a hurry either.

In the darkness, Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and started practicing cultivation. The more he practiced cultivation, the more he understood that he wasn't strong enough.

Lin Feng was confident in his abilities. His level was inferior to those geniuses' levels but he hadn't practiced cultivation for such a long time and he wasn't born in perfect conditions to practice cultivation. It wasn't a problem though. He just had to persevere. After all, those geniuses didn't have such a strong skill set as his.

At that moment, from the darkness, someone approached Lin Feng. That person looked like an ordinary old man. He wasn't releasing any Qi. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and released a terrifying amount of Qi. He was ready to attack.

"Little Lin Feng, it's me." said a voice Lin Feng knew all to well. In a flash, his Qi disappeared.

Lin Feng looked at the old man and frowned, he couldn't believe it.

"That's good, you recognized me." said the old man with a gentle smile.

"Teacher?" Lin Feng was speechless. His voice sounded febrile.

"What's wrong? You can hide your face, but I can't?" said the old man giggling. It was Mister Bai, the snow Zun cultivator. His teacher was doing the exact same thing as him, he had changed his face so people couldn't recognize him anymore.

"You couldn't recognize me so I must be good at transforming. People who don't know me that well won't be able to recognize me even." said the old man smiling. He seemed satisfied.

"Teacher, how come you're here?" asked Lin Feng. "Besides, how did you find me?"

Lin Feng was worried. In Asoka Mountain, there were many strong cultivators and the purpose of the great sect meeting was to plot against Tian Chi. It was quite dangerous to be there. On top of that, the one who had taught Lin Feng how to change his face was Mister Xiao, Xiao Ya's grandfather. How could his teacher find him?

"Some people want to destroy Tian Chi, our empire. I can't let my people face that danger alone. Besides, you're here, so am I, is that so surprising?" whispered the Zun cultivator. "Concerning the fact that I found you, don't forget that I am one of the owners of the Tian Xuan stone which you have with you now. With it, I can find you anywhere."

"I see."

Lin Feng hadn't though his teacher could find him because of the Tian Xuan stone.

"Teacher, everything that's happening to Tian Chi is my fault." said Lin Feng. He felt guilty.

"What do you mean? It's not everyday that you have such a great disciple. It's an honor for Tian Xuan. Tian Chi needs you to rise up." said the old man shaking his head, "Don't worry too much about Tian Chi. You need to practice cultivation serenely. Don't let other things influence you. Concerning that stupid great sect meeting, do they really think they can bully Tian Chi that easily? Tomorrow morning, some people are going to pay the price for their actions." said the old man with sharp cold lights in his eyes.

Some people wanted to destroy Tian Chi and one of its disciples, Tian Chi obviously wouldn't let that happen. They never let their fellows down.

"Alright." said Lin Feng with a magnificent smile on his sick-looking face.

PMG Chapter 917

Chapter 917: Beat Around the Mountain to Scare the Tiger

Qiong Qi came back after a long time. The old man was surprised to see that Lin Feng had an ancient beast with him. He stared at Qiong Qi, as if trying to read through him.

Qiong Qi sensed that the old man was trying to inspect him so he roared loudly and lowered his head. He didn't want to stare at the old man.

"That old man is extremely strong, especially his G.o.dly awareness." thought Qiong Qi. He used to be an emperor and still thought that the old man was extraordinary. He wasn't a high level Zun cultivator but his awareness was incredible, his blood too. The old man had a very strong blood strength.

The old man had the feeling that there was something strange about Qiong Qi but he couldn't tell what. He gave up and used telepathy to talk to Lin Feng, "Little Lin Feng, there's something strange about that beast."

"I know. Don't worry, teacher, I know it quite well." He didn't want to hide anything from his teacher but Qiong Qi's story was very sad so there was no need to tell everyone about it. If strong cultivators heard the story, it could get dangerous for the both of them. He was an emperor, that was more precious than any item in the world. If people knew about him, they would go insane.

"Since you know about it already, there's no need to talk about it. I'm off." said the old man. He then disappeared in the darkness of the night.

"My teacher is going into the tiger's den." thought Lin Feng looking at his teaching disappearing in the darkness. He hoped nothing would happen to him and that n.o.body would recognize him.


"Have you heard about what happened to Shen Gong?" someone said in a bar.

"Of course, who hasn't? Tian Chi is a very powerful group and they are rising up it seems. Sending strong cultivators to destroy Shen Gong is an act of bravery. I think it's one of the hottest pieces of gossip in Gan Yu."

"Indeed. Shen Gong was also one of the most powerful groups in Gan Yu but in one night, they collapsed. Apart from Mie Qing and the strong cultivators he brought here, the others were all killed by Tian Chi. As of today, it almost doesn't exist anymore. Getting back to what they used to be will be extremely difficult in the future."

"Tian Chi's people are brutal. Someone from Tian Chi went to Shen Gong and killed so many of their strong cultivators. Then he left without any resistance. He also said that next time, he would come back with more Zun cultivators and that's what he did! He went to Shen Gong and destroyed them completely, in one night!"

Everybody was talking about the same things. Shen Gong had been destroyed by Tian Chi, what incredible news!

“Shut the h.e.l.l up." shouted someone furiously from inside the bar. The walls of the bar were trembling from his voice. People turned around and looked at the one who had just talked. They wanted to make fun of that person but that person's Qi was so scary that the crowd remained silent. That person was probably from Shen Gong, otherwise, he wouldn't have been that furious.

Lin Feng was also in that bar. He heard all the stories about Shen Gong and so on. Finally, Lin Feng understood what price Mister Bai was talking about. Tian Chi had started their a.s.sault.

After news of this spread, many strong cultivators from the East Sea Dragon Palace and Jade Heaven hurried back to their country. They were worried that Tian Chi would do the same to them, destroy their group while they were away.

Many influential groups weren't as confident anymore. They seemed to forget that Tian Chi's Zun cultivators were alive and could walk, if they wanted, they could leave Tian Chi and take advantage of this meeting.

The crowd understood Tian Chi's message, by annihilating Shen Gong, they were telling everyone that partic.i.p.ating at the great sect meeting would make them enemies.

Because Shen Gong was involved in the meeting, many people were starting to leave. They didn't want to end up like them

However, at that moment, an extremely loud voice spread in the air. "The great sect meeting is starting earlier! Everybody go to the meeting point in Asoka Mountain, right now!"

"Early?" people raised their heads.

Shen Gong had been destroyed. The other influential groups were scared and wanted to start the meeting earlier. New problems cropped up unexpectedly because they were wasting time. n.o.body could say that they could defeat Tian Chi on their own, therefore, they needed this meeting.

The voice resonated everywhere in Asoka Mountain and everybody heard it. Although everybody was surprised, they understood that Tian Chi forced some hands to be played.

Everybody walked towards the meeting point. They didn't know how many groups would partic.i.p.ate in destroying Tian Chi.

Lin Feng was in the crowd as well. He remained absolutely silent.

"My friend." said someone who tapped on Lin Feng's shoulder.

Lin Feng turned around and saw a young man and a young woman smiling at him, the Hua s.h.i.+ siblings.

"What's your name again, my friend?" asked the young man. He was talking in a simple way but he looked extremely rich.

"My family name is Lin." said Lin Feng smiling.

"Lin?" the young man frowned and smiled, "Lately, a certain person whose family name is Lin and first name is Feng is at the center of all conversations. Brother Lin, do you know that Lin Feng?"

"I've heard of him but I've never seen him."

"I've never seen him either. There are many rumors about him, I wish I could see him someday."

"Maybe you will see him today." said Lin Feng jokingly.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. What trick did you use last night to release sealing strength and oppress Tian Lin's soul?" whispered the young man. How could Lin Feng who had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer dominate Tian Lin who had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer? That was absolutely rare.

"Haha, that was nothing powerful, you managed to push us both, Tian Lin and I, away. That was scary." replied Lin Feng.

"What are you talking about." said the young man shaking his head, "Brother Lin, if we have great opportunities because of this great sect meeting, I hope that you'll obtain some great treasures as well."

After that, both of them remained silent. The young man seemed like he knew what was going to happen during the great sect meeting.

PMG Chapter 918

Chapter 918: Lose Face

"Brother Hua, you, Prince Tian Lin and another young man are not from Gan Yu, right?" asked Lin Feng.

The young man smiled and said, "Indeed. I come from very, very far away."

"The place where you come from must have much stronger cultivators and geniuses than Gan Yu." said Lin Feng. This made the young man smile indifferently, "I'm not a genius. There are many people who are much stronger than me where I come from. If you ever have the opportunity, you can go and see."

"If you tell me where you're from, I'll definitely go and visit." replied Lin Feng.

"I'm from the Holy City, have you ever heard of it?" said the young man smiling. Lin Feng was astonished. The Holy City was at the center of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, some of the strongest cultivators in the world were there.

"Of course I've heard of it. You come from there?"

"Kind of." replied the young man smiling indifferently. Lin Feng didn't ask much, even though he was curious, his interlocutor didn't seem to want to tell him much. What did he mean by "kind of" though?

Both arrived at the meeting point in the middle of the three peaks and were met by many people.

There were all sorts of people. Some people were unruly, others had just come to see what the meeting was about and to enjoy magnificent landscapes. Would the great sect meeting really work?

"Brother, Jade Heaven, the East Sea Dragon Palace and Shen Gong organized the meeting together but now Shen Gong has been destroyed. Who do you think will act as the leader? Prince Duan Mu from Jade Heaven or King Dragon from the East Sea Dragon Palace?" asked Lin Feng. The young man had a very high status. He might know about these things.

"Perhaps, none of them." said the young man indifferently. This stimulated Lin Feng's curiosity, "Who then?"

"You'll know soon enough, brother." said the young man smiling in a resplendent way as if he knew what was going on behind the scenes.

More and more people were gathering. There were many sects and groups, about a thousand. There were a million cultivators in total. If they had all been flying in the sky, the sunlight wouldn't have found a gap.

At that moment, a dazzling light appeared in the sky. People were surprised. Three silhouettes appeared, King Dragon from the East Sea Dragon Palace, Duan Mu from Jade Heaven and Mie Qing from Shen Gong.

Many people looked at them with admiration. Those three were leaders of powerful groups in Gan Yu. It was an incredible scene to see those three extremely strong cultivators walking together. Of course, there were many extremely strong cultivators in the crowd who didn't look at them with as much admiration. The leader of the Nine Cloud Swords Sect, the leader of the Xiao Yao Sect and the leader of the Necropolis Sect were also there.

There were many, many strong cultivators in Asoka Mountain at that moment.

"We are delighted to see so many people here for the great sect meeting." said the three leaders at the same time. Even though they were satisfied to see so many people, they didn't really show it.

"We don't need to tell you much, you have already heard the news since you're here." said King Dragon before adding, "Tian Chi's people are ruthless and shameless. They destroyed Shen Gong while Mie Qing and some of his strongest cultivators weren't there. All the strongest cultivators of Tian Chi took advantage of the situation and utterly destroyed Shen Gong. Tian Chi is in a killing frenzy and they kill without principles. They're trying to take over Gan Yu by eliminating all their compet.i.tors. Their disciples also killed a great deal of people. Many people disappeared in the mysterious world except for Tian Chi's people. We don't know what kind of trick they resorted to to achieve that. With such people around, we won't be able to protect Gan Yu for long."

The crowd remained silent. They all understood that if Tian Chi took over Gan Yu, then the situation would become dangerous for them too. Of course, another problem was that Lin Feng had a precious treasure which he had received from the mysterious world.

"Ridiculous!" someone said, breaking the silence. Everybody heard that person. Surprisingly, someone dared challenge the King Dragon. He was humiliating the three leaders and all of their backing.

Many people looked around, but couldn't see the person who said that. It was as if the voice had come from every side.

The three leaders in the air were terribly angry. They glanced around but couldn't see anything either. Surprisingly, n.o.body could find who that person was!

"If you're not a coward, come out! No need to hide like a weakling!" shouted King Dragon furiously.

"If you're not even able to find me, then goo searching for excuses." said the voice again. King Dragon looked angrier and angrier. He lowered his head and looked at the crowd. The people who he looked at were terrified and would lower their heads. It couldn't be them.

"You called people to help you destroy Tian Chi. Should they sit and wait for death? The fact that Tian Chi destroyed Shen Gong proves that Shen Gong consists of a bunch of c.r.a.ppy cultivators." said the voice. It was rolling through the sky, coming from every direction.

"If you have b.a.l.l.s, come out to talk." said Mie Qing, again trying to antagonize him.

"Come out and get killed by all the people who will accept to help you? If you're such a c.r.a.ppy cultivator that you can't even find me, don't try and find excuses." said the voice. The crowd remained silent. Someone dared disturb the great sect meeting. Was that person from Tian Chi?

Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling. He couldn't be sure that the person was his teacher but he admired them. However, if it was his teacher, it seemed like he had underestimated his strength.

His teacher went to Shen Gong alone and killed many people, uncontested. He had even killed two Zun cultivators. In the past, he was just his teacher, but now he understood that Mister Bai wasn't an ordinary old man.

The three leaders in the sky pulled a long face. The great sect meeting had just started and someone was already disturbing them. They didn't know what to do or where to look. They felt humiliated.

"That person has an extremely strong soul and understands the strength of the Earth and sky to a high degree." explained the brother Hua s.h.i.+. He wouldn't have thought that he'd see such powers in Gan Yu. Not bad. The three leaders in the sky weren't weak but they weren't strong enough.

The three leaders glanced around. King Dragon said again, "If you have any b.a.l.l.s, there's no need to hide."

However, there was no voice. The one who had interrupted before had seemingly left.

The three leaders looked extremely angry. That person had just played with them as mere toys.

PMG Chapter 919

Chapter 919: Imperial cultivation disciple

The atmosphere remained silent for a long time. The one who had talked wouldn't come out. King Dragon continued talking, "Tian Chi is sly, they are wild beasts. In the mysterious world, everybody disappeared but their members. We don't know what happened to the rest, maybe they're dead, or maybe they are prisoners. They resort to incredibly evil methods to take over Gan Yu. If we don't destroy Tian Chi, we're all doomed."

"We need to destroy Tian Chi, if we all survive, things can go back to normal. If many of us die, we'll avenge them." said Duan Mu.

"If we don't destroy Tian Chi, how could all the other sects keep rising?" said Mie Qing. Tian Chi had destroyed Shen Gong, that was already a tragedy for them.

The three leaders were using strong and biased words to convince the crowd. They wanted to recruit everyone to their side using fear.

"Today, we need to find a leader who will bring everybody together against Tian Chi." said King Dragon. The crowd was surprised. Indeed, a leader was essential. He would lead a thousand sects. The three leaders had organized the great sect meeting, but in the crowd, there were even stronger cultivators. If one of the three leaders led the war, they might fail.

"Of course, the leader can only be someone who is here and they must want to destroy Tian Chi from the bottom of their heart. I know that there are many incredibly strong people in the crowd. Those who don't care can simply leave. Only those who are actually motivated to destroy Tian Chi can stay here." said King Dragon.

"Wow." whispered Lin Feng. Those who had come out of curiosity or for their reputation were treated like good-for-nothings.

"Choosing a leader for such a big undertaking is a normal thing." said the Hua s.h.i.+ brother smiling indifferently.

King Dragon continued talking, "I will give you minute, if you're not really motivated, you can p.i.s.s off and leave this mountain. Those who don't leave will stay here and go to the war against Tian Chi. They will also be able to vote for the leader. If anyone stays and violates our agreement, we'll kill them."

"Indeed. If you're not motivated or if you're a traitor, p.i.s.s off!" said Mie Qing.

One minute. People started talking. If they stayed, they had to go to war against Tian Chi.

If they left, they would lose face. Besides, they wouldn't know who the leader would be. They would also miss the war.

Many people were hesitating. Very few people immediately left because they were too weak. Going to war would be the same as suicide to them.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd. Not many people left which made him feel uncomfortable. It meant people were tacitly agreeing to go to war against Tian Chi.

One minute pa.s.sed. The three leaders looked at the very few people who left and smiled indifferently. Tian Chi was going to be destroyed.

"Since you decided to stay here, it means you will fight against Tian Chi. From now on, we're one army. If anyone wants to leave or betrays us, they'll die!" said King Dragon. Until they annihilated Tian Chi, n.o.body was allowed to leave. They had to annihilate Tian Chi together.

"Alright. Now, I'll now introduce you to a few real geniuses." said King Dragon. People were surprised. Couldn't they choose a leader themselves? Why did he have to introduce the real geniuses? What did the word genius mean to him?

"If you're a real genius, please come onto the stage." said King Dragon. At that moment, the Hua s.h.i.+ brother nodded at Lin Feng and said, "Brother Lin, come onto the stage. Don't decline to shoulder your responsibilities because you think you're not a genius."

"Eh?" Lin Feng instantly understood what Hua s.h.i.+ was telling him. King Dragon, Duan Mu and Mie Qing probably knew who the geniuses were already.

"No need for me to go. You go and stop worrying about me." said Lin Feng politely. How could he go onto the stage.

The Hua s.h.i.+ brother had said that just like that, he couldn't know Lin Feng's background. He nodded at Lin Feng and stepped onto the stage.

Apart from the Hua s.h.i.+ brother, Lin Feng saw Tian Lin. There was also the aggressive young man against whom Tian Lin had refused to fight and the young man with the ice and fire Qi.

Six people but in reality, there were only four, the Hua s.h.i.+ siblings counted as one, Tian Lin and his girlfriend counted as one as well.

The crowd was surprised. They were all extremely young but so strong already. They all had an incredible Qi that people were envious of.

"Those young people come from the Holy City." said King Dragon smiling indifferently. People were all astonished. The Holy City… They knew about it but it was extremely far away. It was the holy place of the Continent of the Nine Clouds where most of the strongest cultivators came from.

The holy city was also surrounded by eight territories, ten cities and incredibly powerful high-level empires. They all harbored extremely powerful cultivators. Surprisingly, some of those people had come for this war.

"Xiao Yao Sect, come here for some introductions." said King Dragon looking at someone in the crowd. That person jumped onto the stage using the Xiao Yao agility technique. It was the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Alright." said the patriarch smiling. He then added, "I don't know all those geniuses, I only know one of them: Prince Tian Lin." He smiled and continued, "King Dragon is right. They're all from the Holy City. Besides, the Xiao Yao Sect is a daughter sect to which Prince Tian Lin belongs. You probably knew about it already if you understood the hierarchy of our sects."

The Xiao Yao Sect was an influential group in Gan Yu, most people obviously understood how the Xiao Yao Sect worked. The main sect was the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect, they had an emperor and possessed incredible powers. The Xiao Yao Sect was just a little sect which depended on the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect.

Tian Lin came from there. No wonder that he was so extraordinary. "Apart from Tian Lin, there are other geniuses. who are all experienced cultivators. Of course, they all have the same social status too, they are all imperial cultivation disciples."

Imperial cultivation disciples!

The crowd was astonished. Imperial cultivation disciples… emperor's direct descendants. Incredible.

Those people were all emperors' disciples? Did it mean that they had the opportunity to see real emperors?

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled as he looked over at Qiong Qi. Qiong Qi was looking at those people in a despising way and said, "Trivial and insignificant imperial cultivation disciples. They don't even have the opportunity to see emperors. What is so good about that? I also had a myriad of disciples in the past but I only knew a few."

Yan Di was still referring to his glorious past, but what did it mean to be an imperial cultivation disciple?

PMG Chapter 920

Chapter 920: Fighting Power

"Do those people really have an emperor as a teacher?" asked Lin Feng.

"It's just a name. Those who really receive the emperor's teachings are rare. It's just a name for glory. Many, many people become imperial cultivation disciples but it's just a way of show off. But they do receive several privileges. Besides, the stronger a cultivation emperor is, the more people will want to become their disciple." whispered Qiong Qi.

He used to be an emperor, for him, it meant nothing, for Lin Feng it was different. For Lin Feng, those imperial cultivation disciples were really lucky. For an emperor, of course, they were just low level cultivators. Those who were particularly skilled and talented could sometimes receive a few private teachings from the emperor and those who were really strong could sometimes become direct disciples of the emperor.

"Then, it can't be only one sect, can it?" whispered Lin Feng. Imperial cultivation disciples were bit like those high-ranking officials in the antiquity who could have their own disciples and schools. Emperors attracted lots of cultivators and many geniuses. Those sects and schools could become extremely powerful influential groups.

"Eh?" Qiong Qi glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was somewhat smart. Imperial cultivation disciples represented a large group of influence with many different schools of thought.

If an emperor had a problem, all the subsequent sects would help him.

When the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect saw people's expressions, he laughed and said, "If some people doubt my words, average Tian level cultivators can come and see the truth for themselves. Of course, it's just to give it a try, the imperial cultivation disciples won't hurt you."

"Average Tian level cultivators." The crowd was in a daze. Those imperial cultivation disciples had, apart from one person who had broken through to the fourth Tian Qi layer, all of them had broken through to the third and second Tian Qi layers, but the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was inviting average Tian level cultivators, which meant of the fifth Tian Qi layer. It seemed like cultivators of the same level had no chance against them.

Many people were hesitating. The imperial cultivation disciples seemed extremely strong, at the same time, they wanted to see how strong they were. They were wondering what the difference between people who came from the Holy City and them was.

"I'll give it a try." said someone proudly while jumping up in the air.

That cultivator had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer. Did that mean that they thought that they were as strong as the imperial cultivation disciples?

"Prince Tian Li, I have also broken through to the third Tian Qi layer. Feel free to offer me your advice." Prince Tian Lin was a member of the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect and an imperial cultivation disciple, being able to fight against him was an honor.

"Alright, let's fight." said Prince Tian Lin. He looked both proud and calm. An ordinary cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer wanted to fight against him, but they stood no chance.

"Alright!" the cultivator's started dancing about. He understood wind intent, level four wind intent in fact. That's why he was so self-confident.

"How fast. Not bad. How will Prince Tian Lin react?" the challenger wasn't bad thought the crowd.

"Bzzz!" a whirlwind appeared behind Prince Tian Lin which contained an oppressive strength.


An explosion sounded and a silhouette flew away. Their clothes were torn apart and the wind was following him.

"You're way too weak!" said Prince Tian Lin mockingly. His wind disappeared and his opponent's wind disappeared.

"What kind of soul is that?" Many people were surprised. They understood that there was never a weak soul, only a weak cultivator.

Prince Tian Lin glanced at the crowd proudly. He was an imperial cultivation disciple and proud of it. He despised all the cultivators of the Tian Qi layer in the crowd and even some Zun cultivators. Prince Tian Lin was fearless and self-confident.

"Hehe." The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was satisfied and smiled. He looked at the crowd and said, "Does anyone else want to try? The best would be for the challenger to have broken, at least, through the fifth Tian Qi layer. Some other geniuses haven't fought yet."

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect really wanted average Tian level challengers. Low Tian level cultivators had no chance.

"Alright, I'll try." said someone else. His fire Qi was terrifying.

That person had broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer.

"Fifth Tian Qi layer, he should be able to compete against an imperial cultivation disciple." thought the crowd.

The young man stepped onto the stage and looked at someone who had long black hair. His robe was particular, half was made of fire, the other half of ice. His fire was scorching, his ice was ice-cold.

"You're also a fire cultivator so you fight." said the the cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer.

The one in the black robe agreed, "Let's fight"

"Alright." That person jumped forwards and explosion sounded. His fire was scorching hot.

The young man was suddenly surrounded by fire. He released both fire and ice energies. His energies surprisingly became smaller and smaller and almost disappeared.

"Fire and ice fusion strength, you can't imagine how powerful that combination is." said the young man indifferently. His energies slowly moved towards the challenger. The energy fused together with the fire from the cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer as if it didn't affect him.

"Fire alone isn't the scariest part, fire is only terrifying when combined with ice." said the young man. Ice reached the challenger's body. The challenger sensed the fire and ice, and then fire, and then ice. It was difficult to react to it. His skin started to crack.

"Ah…" the fire was burning his skin. It felt like a thousand needles. The challenger gave a horrible shriek and jumped backwards. "Stop!"

Many people didn't understand what had happened. Only the young man knew that dual intent was terrifying.

The young man looked calm. His fire and ice intent disappeared as if they were never there from the start. An ordinary cultivator of the fifth Tian Qi layer was a piece of trash in his eyes. His victory was absolutely normal.

The imperial cultivation disciples were terrifying. Cultivators of the same level couldn't compete with them.

Lin Feng's eyes were twinkling. Why did those people use special powers to defeat the challengers? Maybe they wanted to prove to everyone that they should be chosen to be the leader of the war.

PMG Chapter 921

Chapter 921: Looking for Trouble

"No wonder they're imperial cultivation disciples, they don't need to use their full power to win." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. The crowd enjoyed watching the battles. What level did a cultivator need to be to defeat them?

Cultivators of the fifth Tian Qi layer couldn't defeat them, what about cultivators of the sixth Tian Qi layer?

"You won't have this opportunity everyday, does anyone else want to challenge an imperial cultivation disciple?" The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was smiling, but at that moment, everybody remained silent. It was pointless to fight them, they were way too strong. Even cultivators of the fifth Tian Qi layer couldn't defeat them. Besides, the geniuses weren't even using their full strength. It made challengers feel dispirited to fight such people.

"So, n.o.body else?" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect smiling. He looked at everyone and said, "We organized the great sect meeting to plan the war against Tian Chi. We need leaders for that. Gan Yu is really big and it would be difficult to convince everyone, especially since there are so many influential groups in the region. I won't pretend to be a leader either. Those cultivators are real geniuses, they are imperial cultivation disciples. Besides, they have a very high social status so people trust them. As the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, I decide that those imperial cultivation disciples are the leaders. Does everybody agree?"

"What?" The crowd was surprised. The crowd thought that the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect had given them the opportunity to challenge the imperial cultivation disciples to show their strength and become leaders, they hadn't thought that those imperial cultivation disciples would end up the leaders.

"I agree." said King Dragon.

"I also think that it's the best thing to do, it is even an honor for us, Gan Yu's people, to have these cultivators with such a high social status become the leaders of our war against Tian Chi." said Duan Mu.

"I agree too." said Mie Qing indifferently. The three leaders agreed.

"Even though I admit they are talented, the imperial cultivation disciples don't have a very high cultivation level. Aren't they too weak?" many people whispered in the crowd. Many were skeptical.

"They have a high social status and they are talented. We could just listen to their orders, isn't that even better?" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect when he saw people's faces. So… in fact, he wanted to keep them in control.

"How sly." groaned Lin Feng coldly. The three leaders didn't need to say they were the leaders, they just had to put a few talented young people in the front and control them from behind. The imperial cultivation disciples wouldn't decide anything important. But in any case, behind the scenes, there was something going on between the imperial cultivation disciples and the three leaders.

"Indeed." said someone at that moment. Lin Feng turned around and saw a smiling old man.


"Little Lin Feng, shouldn't we cause some trouble together?" said the old man narrowing his eyes and looking at the stage.

Lin Feng's eyes twinkled and he replied, using telepathy, "Teacher, was it you a moment ago?"

The old man smiled and nodded. He was the one who had talked and humiliated those people. Those people wanted to join hands and destroy Tian Chi as if Tian Chi were evil.

"Alright, teacher. Let's have some fun." said Lin Feng. He looked at the stage and said, "Patriarch, why do I have the feeling that this is all staged?"

Everybody was stupefied and looked at him. When they saw that the one talking was a sick looking young man with a yellow face, they looked at him in a despising way. Was he tired of living? It was surprising the accused them of such things.

It was dangerous to offend the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Explain." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect looking cold.

"Patriarch, if you want to be the leader, organize the great sect meeting and tell everyone that you're the leader. Why do you need those imperial disciples? They're talented but that's all." said Lin Feng indifferently. People were astonished, talented but that's all?

"Do you not believe that they're extremely strong and that they're geniuses?" asked the patriarch.

"They have a high social status but they are imperial cultivation disciples so what do they have to do with the Gan Yu's internal affairs? Everybody clearly understands that those people are a bit more talented than average cultivators and that they partic.i.p.ated in a few battles. Is that enough to convince everyone that they should become leaders?" said Lin Feng before adding, "For example, if I challenge a few people and say I'm an imperial cultivation disciples, can I become a leader too?"

The patriarch stared at Lin Feng. He hadn't thought that someone would cause him trouble. How audacious.

"Come onto the stage." said the patriarch.

"Alright. Today is the great sect meeting, I think that you can convince everybody that you are right." said Lin Feng while slowly getting onto the stage.

Tian Lin was staring at Lin Feng in a cold way as he said, "You again."

"Indeed." said Lin Feng smiling at Tian Lin. He then looked at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and said indifferently, "Patriarch, they only fought once, won once and were chosen to be leaders because they possess so much social sway. If I fight against a few people and win, will that prove that I am also extremely talented and will I be able to act as a leader?

"Show us first if you're even strong enough to be standing on this stage." said the patriarch while smiling coldly, "You have only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer. Fight against a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer and if you lose and die, it'll prove you're a piece of trash."

The patriarch looked at the crowd. In a flash, someone stepped onto the stage and stared at Lin Feng. Lin Feng understood what the patriarch meant and that person had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer.

"Since you dare proclaim yourself a genius, I will make things difficult for you. If you lose, I'll kill you for  causing trouble at the great sect meeting." said the one who challenged Lin Feng. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect wouldn't kill Lin Feng but Lin Feng was saying he was a genius, so if the challenger killed him, the challenger would be considered a great warrior.

"Boom!" that person used the Xiao Yao agility technique and it became difficult to track his movements.

Lin Feng looked at that person and released his G.o.dly awareness. Everything around him suddenly seemed very clear and precise. He could see every single movement the challenger made.

"Die!" Lin Feng didn't release any Qi at all, in fact, he remained motionless. When the challenger saw that Lin Feng wasn't moving, he closed the gap. He was moving so fast that it created a strong gusts of wind.


He tried to punch Lin Feng, but Lin Feng grabbed him when he got close enough. The challenger couldn't move any further. Lin Feng was gripping his hand and it seemed like he was going to crush it.

Lin Feng had the strength of the Heruka and the body of a Buddha. Trying to compete with Lin Feng using physical strength was way too dangerous.

"Boom boom boom!" Then, Lin Feng punched the challenger's throat and released some sword energy. It felt like a million swords were penetrating his throat and suddenly, he flew away.

"Initially, it was supposed to be a way of exchanging views on cultivation, but since you threatened to kill me, I can't remain polite." said Lin Feng indifferently. In the distance, a thump was heard. It was the challenger's body which had finally fallen down from the sky, dead.

Lin Feng, a cultivator of the first Tian Qi layer had killed a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer in one punch.

Lin Feng had just proved he was strong.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, "Patriarch, I did the same as them. Since they are leaders, can I be a leader too?"

PMG Chapter 922

Chapter 922: A G.o.dly Awareness Solid as a Rock

"They are imperial cultivation disciples, they have a very high social status and everybody already wants them as leaders. What is your social status? You can fight, so what? You can't compete with imperial cultivation disciples." shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously. Did Lin Feng want to die?

"You're the only one who keeps talking about their social status without regarding that this is Gan Yu's internal affairs, this is none of their business. You want to be the real leader and control things from behind the scenes. There's no need to stage everything anymore." said Lin Feng.

"Shut the h.e.l.l up!" shouted the patriarch furiously while releasing his G.o.dly awareness and attacked Lin Feng's awareness. Lin Feng's G.o.dly awareness shook violently as he took a step back.

"Insolent!" shouted a voice furiously. An extremely powerful G.o.dly awareness spread in the air and aimed at the patriarch.

"Bzzz… bzzz…" the atmosphere was trembling under this a.s.sault. Even the color of the Earth and sky changed.

"What?" the crowd was astonished. Surprisingly, someone actually attacked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

Who was attacking though?

There was no need to look for him this time, suddenly, an old man rose up in the air and he looked majestic. His entire body was surrounded by incredibly powerful energies. He was precisely the one who had attacked the patriarch.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect pulled a long face. He had sensed the old man's G.o.dly awareness and it was terrifying. How come he didn't know him? He knew most of the strongest cultivators in Gan Yu.

"Die!" shouted the patriarch furiously. In front of the crowd, how could he flinch? His G.o.dly awareness turned into many hands which attacked the old man.

"Mountain Like G.o.dly Awareness!" shouted the old man furiously. Bright lights illuminated the whole area. A golden mountain appeared, it was lofty and seemed like it could crush the entire world.

"Boom, boom boom boom!" The Mountain Like G.o.dly Awareness was incredible as it crushed all the hands. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was shaking under this pressure. The golden lights fused and turned into a an ancient mountain.

The crowd was speechless as they looked at the G.o.dly awareness turn into an ancient mountain. What a terrifying G.o.dly awareness. It was gigantic.

Duan Mu, Mie Qing and King Dragon were astonished too. What a terrifying G.o.dly awareness! They had never seen that old man and they had never even heard of such a strong cultivator in Gan Yu. Did the old man come from another region?

"How strong." thought Lin Feng. He never thought that his teacher could be so strong. Even the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was scared.

Qiong Qi's eyes were twinkling. He was in the sky with Lin Feng as well. The old man's cultivation level was lower than the patriarch's, but his G.o.dly awareness was so much stronger.

The patriarch pulled a long face. He looked at the golden mountain and shouted furiously, "Die!"

Many shadows appeared and turned into a gigantic hand.

"Boom boom boom!"

His G.o.dly awareness was extremely fast. The ancient mountain and the gigantic hand quickly collided. The ancient mountain slightly shook but nothing more. The gigantic hand, however, was shaking violently and the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect wasn't any better off.

"Die!" shouted the old man furiously. He moved his golden mountain again. The gigantic hand continued to be pushed backwards. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect kept running backwards too. His face was deathly pale.

He recalled his G.o.dly awareness. His robe was fluttering in the wind. It seemed like he wanted to fight against the old man's Mountain Like G.o.dly Awareness with his strength.

"Hmph!" the old man groaned coldly. His voice was so loud that people's heartbeats accelerated. The golden mountain like G.o.dly awareness turned into a bright dazzling light which was composed of an infinite amount of G.o.dly awareness. Then the old man recalled it.

"Patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect, what kind of social status is that? You dare bully my disciple, do you think you can do that?" said the old man upset. His disciple?

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. So he was his disciple, it was no wonder that he attacked. But the old man was really strong. Surprisingly, he even managed to scare the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect with his G.o.dly awareness.

Lin Feng had accepted a challenge so he could become a leader. The old man was just as aggressive.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect pulled a long face. He had bullied his disciple so he had indirectly humiliated that young man's teacher. Then, the old man had attacked him and he had flinched.

"It seems like you decided to cause trouble here, right?" said the patriarch glaring at the old man.

"Don't blame me. You're a clown who chose a few young people based on the fact that they're imperial cultivation disciples. My disciple is not any less talented than them but you decided to bully him. Do you think all the people who came to the great sect meeting are idiots? Do you think you can play with them as you wish?" said the old man. "You are not the only person who can decide who will be a leader or not. Everybody should have a voice. You could have explained your vision directly. Do you think you can treat people as mere tools?"

The atmosphere turned silent. The old man was audacious but many people secretly agreed with what he said. How could the three leaders give all the orders and force people to obey? Other people should have the right to express themselves. Lin Feng expressed himself and he got bullied, that wasn't fair.

"So what do you think would be fair?" asked the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"If you want to choose leaders according to their talent, then compare people's talent. If you want to choose them according to strength, then compare everyone's strength. Make all the strong cultivators fight. Besides, you don't need that many leaders, one should be enough." the old man said indifferently. Then, he looked at the crowd and said, "You all agree, right?"

"Indeed. To choose a leader, the strong cultivators should all fight."

"Indeed, the strongest one should become the leader."

"Fight, fight!"

After a few seconds, many people decided to speak up. All of a sudden, the whole crowd was shouting. The old man had said exactly what they were thinking.

"You want to fight against me?" The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect looked at the old man and said in a cold way, "Those who want to become a leader, come out. If you don't, you'll have to accept the final leader." the old man smiled. Those three people wanted to control the entire meeting and so many strong cultivators. How could it be that easy? He wanted to see if the leaders would agree to fight as well.

They were all leaders so if they fought, they had to show how strong they were. If they lost, they'd lose face.

If they didn't fight, they'd lose face.

King Dragon, Duan Mu and the others looked at the old man. They didn't know where he came from but surprisingly, he wanted to ruin their plan.

"Since you organised the great sect meeting, you should explain yourselves, especially those of you who came from very far away. We're not idiots. n.o.body is stupid here. You organized the meeting but if you don't tell the truth, then it's useless!" Lin Feng's voice was gentle but he was smiling coldly inside. How would they deal with that situation?

PMG Chapter 923

Chapter 923: The Defeat

"d.a.m.n dogs keep barking!" someone screamed. People turned around, Tian Lin had erupted with anger.

Lin Feng's eyes narrowed.

"Who are you insulting?" asked Lin Feng coldly.

"Do you think that you and the c.r.a.ppy old cultivator can disturb everyone as they wish? You're a piece of trash. Last time, I didn't kill you, but don't think that it's because I can't." said Tian Lin. "You both are c.r.a.p. Who do you think you are? Do you really think you can become a leader?"

"Boom!" a terrifying energy suddenly shot towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng moved like the wind and threw himself at Tian Lin.

"Die!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. A golden light appeared between his eyes as his G.o.dly awareness turned into an ancient bell and moved towards Tian Lin.

Tian Lin's facial expression looked gloomy. Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer and had already understood G.o.dly awareness. Not to mention his G.o.dly awareness was extremely strong.

"Bzzz!" Tian Lin released his G.o.dly awareness from between his eyes. His G.o.dly awareness resembled his soul a bit.

"p.i.s.s off!" Lin Feng arrived in front of Tian Lin and punched him directly. Lin Feng's punch contained the force of the Earth and sky as well as a sharp Qi and physical strength.

Lin Feng punched with all his strength. Tian Lin felt like he was suffocating under that punch. How could Lin Feng's physical strength be so powerful? He had only broken through to the first Tian Qi layer but his punch was as strong as a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer.

  "Boom boom boom!" Their G.o.dly awarenesses collided. The ancient bell emitted buzzing sounds. Tian Lin's G.o.dly awareness was made of wind, and as it was pushed back, it pushed Tian Lin back as well. He didn't have time to think, he raised his fist and wanted to punch Lin Feng.

"Boom, boom boom!" The atmosphere was trembling. A terrifying strength crashed onto Tian Lin's body. Lin Feng was two levels lower than Tian Lin but his punch made Tian Lin move backwards violently. He was propelled backwards so fast that his feet made a loud sound against the ground and two fire trails appeared on the ground.

"Die!" Tian Lin was still pushed backwards but the ancient bell made buzzing sounds again.

"Die!" shouted Tian Lin furiously. He released his spirit and a terrifying wind started blowing.

"Boom boom boom!" Another punch. Tian Lin had just started releasing his spirit but was already punched again.

He kept sliding backwards. When he stopped moving, Lin Feng stopped too. His golden G.o.dly awareness was still floating there. Lin Feng was surrounded by golden lights as he said, "Imperial cultivation disciples? You're just pieces of trash, still sucking on your mother's nipple. Yet you dare talk to me so arrogantly. If I had broken through to the third Tian Qi layer, you would already be dead. I could easily kill you. How can you be so arrogant knowing that."

Lin Feng was so aggressive. Tian Lin pulled a long face. Lin Feng had punched him twice and propelled him backwards violently both times. Tian Lin was a cultivator of the third Tian Qi layer, Lin Feng of the first, so that was a big difference.

"You called me a piece of trash, but your an imperial cultivation disciple, don't you feel ashamed?" continued Lin Feng. He really wanted to humiliate Tian Lin.

Of course, Lin Feng was lucky because Tian Lin was slow. However, it doesn't mean that Lin Feng wasn't strong.

"The imperial cultivation disciples you chose really aren't strong." said the old man indifferently yet jokingly.

"My disciple would be a much better leader." said the old man smiling. The old man and his disciple seemed really close.

"Patriarch, let's play with them." said Tian Lin to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Alright." said the patriarch nodding. He stared at the old man challengingly. Could those two people compete with them?

"If my teacher and I win, will we be the leaders?" asked Lin Feng mockingly. He loathed Tian Lin and the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"You will die today." said Tian Lin aggressively. His wind spirit made whistling sounds as he used more and more Qi of the Earth and sky.

"Is that so? I want to see how an imperial cultivation disciple will kill me." said Lin Feng with a cold smile. He then looked at his teacher and smiled, "Teacher, let's fight."

"Alright." said the old man nodding.

"Teacher, I'll bring them to a place and you should follow me. Don't use your full strength, just protect yourself." said Lin Feng using telepathy. The old man looked surprised but didn't say anything. He just replied, "Alright, you should also be careful. That guy's spirit is extremely strong. Besides, he surely has some amazing skills and techniques."

"I understand." replied Lin Feng. Both were using telepathy so other people couldn't see that they were communicating. They turned around and saw the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and Tian Lin release terrifying energies.

"We'll see if you still act so proud later." said Tian Lin coldly. His spirit was emitting terrifying sounds now that it had surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at that hurricane and narrowed his eyes. He joined both hands to condense energies.

"p.i.s.s off!" shouted Lin Feng furiously. He then started punching the wind faster and faster and it seemed like the wind was starting to disperse.

"Die!" shouted Tian Lin. He released even more of his spirit to attack Lin Feng. The hurricane turned into a black tornado made of strength and it was becoming even more difficult to see.

Lin Feng condensed pure Qi and rose up in the air, but his pure Qi was destroyed immediately.

Lin Feng started running quite far away.

"You think you can escape?" said Tian Lin. He chased Lin Feng, he was extremely fast as well. He also knew how to use the Xiao Yao agility technique since he was a member of the G.o.dly Xiao Yao Sect.

The wind kept roaring as the old man was also calmly protecting himself. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect couldn't defeat him.

The crowd was watching those strong cultivators in the sky.

Lin Feng kept running away in the sky. He was going towards the last mountain of the mountain range.

"Where are you going?" shouted Tian Lin furiously. His soul was was also extremely fast.

"p.i.s.s off!" A shadow fist came out from Lin Feng and attacked Tian Ling and then he continued running.

"What?" The old man saw where Lin Feng was going and frowned. He then started following Lin Feng too.

"Do you think you can save your disciple?" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect while smiling coldly. "If you dare attack the imperial cultivation disciple, we will all join hands and kill you."

Those four people were flying in the sky at incredible speeds. Lin Feng's level was lower than Tian Lin's so who was going to win?

PMG Chapter 924

Chapter 924: Flame Mountain

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng, Tian Lin, the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect and the Zun cultivator ended up fighting in the third mountain, precisely where Lin Feng had wanted to lead them.

"Where are you going?" Tian Lin looked at Lin Feng and released more wind.

"Seal!" Lin Feng used some demon sealing strength. The strength of the sealing stone obstructed the wind.

Lin Feng continued running and used pure Qi to go even faster.

"You want to die, you will definitely die!" shouted Tian Lin furiously. His terrifying wind spirit rose up again and turned into a black cloud. His strength was tearing apart the atmosphere.

"Boom!" Lin Feng looked at that terrifying spirit. He was almost sure that Tian Lin's parents were Zun cultivators now, otherwise, his spirit couldn't be so strong…

"Bzzz!" A beam of light appeared and it moved straight towards the hurricane. A dazzling light also appeared on the ground.

"What?" Tian Lin was surprised. What were those lights?

Tian Lin frowned. His wind spirit suddenly looked much weaker as if he had forgotten that he was fighting.

"What's that?" whispered Lin Feng. It was as if his pure Qi had activated something.

Lin Feng knew what it was, of course, he was just pretending.

Tian Lin's hurricane looked much weaker. His spirit came back behind him. He used more pure Qi and more lights appeared.

"Eh?" Some people arrived, they didn't understand what was happening either. The imperial cultivation disciples were surprised too.

They all started releasing pure Qi. Very quickly, the ground seemed to become brighter. It was as if a picture was appearing on the ground.

"Boom boom boom!" Two marks appeared. The old man and the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect separated too. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was staring at those marks. Was it… going to appear?

Duan Mu and Mie Qing were also looking at that. It was as if they had thought of something.

Lin Feng and Tian Lin weren't fighting anymore. The patriarch and the old man also stopped fighting.

People hurried over, they wanted to see what was happening. Something big was happening.

"You knew, right?" said the Zun cultivator to Lin Feng. Lin Feng nodded and said, using telepathy, "Teacher, we're going to open the door to a small world." The old man was surprised, a small world? What was going on?

"Please help." said Tian Lin to all the leaders. He seemed excited. Why did marks appear? Had a strong cultivator cast a Huge s.p.a.ce spell ther

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