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PMG Chapter 943

Edited: OddManOut
Chapter 943: Difficult Times for Tian Shu Zi

Lin Feng's silhouette flickered as he arrived in the middle of the seven snowy peaks. Qiong Qi was breathing heavily, he was exhausted. As Qiong Qi had said, such deployment spells were difficult to cast for a Tian level beast.

"Are you alright?" asked Lin Feng.

"Deployment spells are simple, of course I'm alright. If I had the same cultivation level as I used to, I could cast it in a few seconds." said Qiong Qi proudly. Lin Feng was apparently worried for nothing, it'd be a wonder if something happened to Qiong Qi.

"Alright, I'm going to put you away then. No need to expose you, otherwise, everybody will start guessing things." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi nodded. Indeed, if someone knew that an ancient animal could cast deployment spells, they would guess he used the body capture technique and it would draw strong cultivators' attentions.

Lin Feng put Qiong Qi away and ran back to the entrance of Tian Chi. Now that the deployment spell had been cast, attacking Tian Chi would be difficult.

The seven leaders of Tian Chi looked at Lin Feng.

"Little Lin Feng, what's going on?" asked the snow Zun cultivator. He also sensed the explosive Qi which condensed in Tian Chi.

"Teacher." said Lin Feng nodding at the snow Zun cultivator. He then looked at everyone and said, "Teachers, you can bring everyone back to the snowy peaks. Nothing will happen to Tian Chi now."

"Eh?" the crowd was surprised. The snow Zun cultivator's eyes twinkled as if he had understood something. He recalled the mysterious marks in Xue Yue and on the stage at the great sect meeting. He couldn't ask anything right now though.

"How insolent. If we go back to the snowy peaks, do you think you can defeat all those people alone? Don't forget that all those people are coming for you. If anything happens to Tian Chi, you'll be the first one to blame." said Tian Shu Zi coldly.

Lin Feng glanced at him with compa.s.sion. He smiled coldly. He would cry soon..

"Tian Shu Zi, if you want to remain here and protect Tian Chi here, I don't mind." said Lin Feng with a nice smile. He then looked at the leaders and said, "Teachers, I put some precious items everywhere in the mountains. Those items contain deployment spells. n.o.body in their right mind would enter Tian Chi now. You can all go back to your snowy peaks because Tian Chi is protected."

The crowd was curious, Lin Feng sounded so confident. It now made sense that that Qi was emerging from the mountains.

"Alright!" said Mister Tian Ji nodding. He stood up and said to the crowd, "Go back to your snowy peaks."

He then said to his own people, "Tian Ji's people, follow me, we're going back to Tian Ji Mountain."

He nodded at Lin Feng and left.

The snow Zun cultivator stood up as well and said, "Tian Xuan people, follow me too, we're going back to Tian Xuan."

The leader of Tian Quan also brought his people back to his snowy peak. Quickly, everybody disappeared except Tian Shu Zi. He was staring at Lin Feng with murder.

"If you don't want to leave, I can't force you." said Lin Feng indifferently, and then he also left for Tian Xuan.

Tian Shu Zi pulled a long face and finally stood up. He also brought his people back to his snowy peak.

Everybody went back to their snowy peaks and sensed the strong Qi emanating from the mountains. When they sensed it, they were astonished to find that it was… abstruse Qi!

How did Lin Feng do that? With that amount of abstruse Qi, their snowy peaks had turned into holy cultivation places.

"Lin Feng, this is an incredible gift." said Mister Tian Ji from very far away. His voice echoed everywhere in the mountains. The snowy peaks of Tian Chi had turned into holy cultivation places. Lin Feng hadn't used any ordinary items to do that.

"Haha, indeed. Lin Feng, it will only be a few years until Tian Chi becomes the leader of Gan Yu." said another voice coming from another snowy peak.

"Now that Tian Quan has turned into a holy cultivation place, I will only let people who truly believe in our philosophies practice cultivation here. That way I we can avoid traitors." said a voice coming from Tian Quan.

"Lin Feng is a real believer. He contributes to making Tian Chi strong. We pledge to always protect Lin Feng for Tian Chi. We're infinitely grateful and we have no way to thank Lin Feng enough."

In Tian Xuan, the snow Zun cultivator, the fire Zun cultivator and the sword Zun cultivator were next to Lin Feng and smiling in a radiant way. They were proud of their disciple.

"Alright, enough compliments. That abstruse Qi contains an explosive energy, Lin Feng, tell us how you cast that spell." said Mister Tian Ji. With their cultivation level, they sensed what the spell was capable of.

Lin Feng hadn't lied to them, inside of Gan Yu, n.o.body could attack Tian Chi anymore.

Many people were breathing deeply in Tian Chi, they were so happy. Everybody was happy. Tian Shu Zi's facial expression looked even worse. The disciples of Tian Shu were not that happy either. From what everybody said, it seemed like Lin Feng had contributed to making all the snowy peaks turn into holy cultivation places, but apart from a strong deployment spell, there was nothing for them.

It seemed like Lin Feng hadn't offered Tian Shu the same benefits as the other snowy peaks.

That was normal though. Everybody knew that Tian Shu's people didn't like Lin Feng. Each time Tian Shu Zi talked about Lin Feng, it was to say that they should expel him and steal his treasures. How could he give anything precious to Tian Shu? All the other snowy peaks had received something apart from them. Tian Shu was going to become the weakest snowy peak of Tian Chi now.

Tian Shu Zi was speechless and furious. Lin Feng hadn't given him anything, would he have to steal it from them then? Unfortunately not, everybody liked Lin Feng in Tian Chi, if he did anything to him, he would be considered a traitor.

"Lin Feng, what did you obtain in the mysterious world…" Tian Shu Zi's eyes narrowed as he gazed into the distance. He looked greedy and envious. He knew that Lin Feng hadn't cast that spell. He could only manage something like that with an item.


At that same moment in Gan Yu, the six influential groups arrived in the Tian Chi Empire and they were running towards Tian Chi.

People in the valleys were concerned. Who were those strong cultivators? They were going to destroy Tian Chi. The citizens of the Tian Chi Empire looked desperate, they truly loved their empire. All they did was for their empire.

Tian Chi was their religion.

"Kill them." many Tian Chi citizens were running towards the city. Mie Qing attacked them and released abstruse energies.

Those people on the ground raised their heads and turned deathly pale. They looked desperate.

"Boom boom boom!" A terrifying energy crashed onto the ground and a crater appeared. All those people on the ground were killed.

Mie Qing groaned coldly as if he had just killed some insects in his house. He was merciless.

"No need to be impatient, Mie Qing. Tian Chi's people are in their city, you'll be able to kill them soon enough and once you do, it will be a bloodbath." said King Dragon indifferently. They all had cruel smiles on their faces. Tian Chi was doomed!

PMG Chapter 944

Chapter 944: Looking for a Scapegoat!

It was snowing a lot in Tian Chi. It looked calm and peaceful.

At the entrance of Tian Chi, there were many strong cultivators. They had murder in their eyes and they looked like hunters.

They had finally arrived. They traveled all the way from Asoka to Tian Chi. They looked impatient to destroy Tian Chi.

Besides, all the treasures of Tian Chi would become theirs.

After destroying Tian Chi, they would kill Lin Feng. No matter where he was, they would find him.

"Have Tian Chi's people turned into turtles, hiding in their" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect mockingly.

"You're funny. Maybe they just ran away because they were afraid." said King Dragon indifferently. The crowd laughed cruelly.

"Let's go. Let's destroy Tian Chi." said Mie Qing impatiently. Shen Gong had been destroyed. Now, he wanted to his revenge.

The others glanced at each others and smiled indifferently.

"How come you didn't inform us that you were coming?" said a voice very far away. Everybody was surprised as they gazed into the distance. The voice came from the seven highest snowy peaks.

"As expected, they gathered together in their seven main snowy peaks, but it's useless." thought the crowd. The seven snowy peaks were going to turn into a battlefield.

"Since you already knew we were coming, we didn't need to tell you anything." said King Dragon loudly while looking at Mister Tian Ji in the horizon.

"When you destroyed Shen Gong, you didn't think that someday Tian Chi would be destroyed as well?" said Mie Qing with murder in his eyes.

"I think I should destroy Shen Gong once more." said Mister Tian Ji calmly and indifferently.

Duan Mu looked at the people in the seven snowy peaks. He was impatient to kill them. "I admire you for remaining so calm on your judgement day."

"I think that when people know they're going to die and when they have time to think about it, it's easier for them to accept it. That's why they stayed. They're just waiting to be killed." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Tian Chi, an influential group in Gan Yu, is going to be completely annihilated today. It will remain an important date in our history." said the patriarch of the Necropolis Sect. He then added, "Lin Feng ruined the great sect meeting, where is he hiding now?"

"Indeed, where is Lin Feng?" Many people were wondering where Lin Feng was. It would be better if he was there because then they wouldn't need to hunt him down.

They wanted to destroy Tian Chi mainly because of Lin Feng, or more precisely because Lin Feng probably had some incredible treasures.

"You all miss me that much!" said a voice from the distance. They glanced around and saw a handsome young man in the sky above a snowy peak.

"Lin Feng!"

The crowd looked at him with a cruel smile. Lin Feng was in Tian Chi. Wonderful. So many strong cultivators, Lin Feng would never be able to escape.

"Lin Feng!" said a voice at that moment. It was Prince Tian Lin. He then added coldly, "Is that you?"

Prince Tian Lin only knew the young man with a yellow face.

"Imperial cultivation disciple?" said Lin Feng smiling mockingly. "Don't look at me that way. I told you, if I were at the same level as you, I would kill you like a pig. Calling you a genius is a humiliation and a disgrace to real geniuses. I really wonder how a piece of trash like you can act so proud."

"It's you." said Prince Tian Lin while narrowing his eyes. Only Lin Feng would humiliate him like that.

"Empty words." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

"Old dog, you're still barking. That piece of trash needs your support, how miserable." said Lin Feng mockingly with a big smile.

"Shen Gong, the East Sea Dragon Palace, the Xiao Yao Sect… the great and powerful groups of Gan Yu… Haha, how ridiculous! You came to Xue Yue and you failed big time. Many of your strong cultivators died in then, and now you want to destroy Tian Chi. Come then, I'm here and I'm waiting." Lin Feng said while pointing at those people. "Today, you pieces of trash and you old dogs are going to die. I'm going to slaughter you all!"

A ridiculous cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was humiliating them, so of course they were furious.

"I didn't know you wanted to die so quickly. We'll just need a few seconds to kill you." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect mockingly.

"Old dog, you only know how to bark. I'm still here waiting. Come and kill me then!" said Lin Feng provokingly.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect released a terrifying amount of Qi and condensed it. He wanted to torture Lin Feng and kill him slowly.

"Those snowy peaks are weird, he's trying to provoke you. Can't you see it?" said Yu Xiao at that moment. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was surprised.


Indeed, Lin Feng was provoking them.

He released his G.o.dly awareness and inspected the seven snowy peaks. Indeed, they had something strange.

They had thought it'd be easy to destroy Tian Chi with as many strong cultivators they brought. They hadn't thought the seven snowy peaks would be filled with abstruse energies.

The strong cultivators glanced at each others. Destroying Tian Chi wouldn't be so easy now.

Lin Feng looked at Yu Xiao. Yu Xiao had tried to kill him, luckily Hou Qing Lin had intervened. Now, Yu Xiao was ruining Lin Feng's plan.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect turned around and looked at the crowd.

"Who's going to capture Lin Feng?"

Was it a joke? Lin Feng was in the middle of the seven snowy peaks now. Even though he was very far from all the snowy peaks, for strong cultivators, it wasn't a great distance.

n.o.body wanted to take such risks alone.

"What? Don't forget our agreement. Since you stayed at the great sect meeting, it means you're all willing to help. You must obey orders, otherwise we'll kill you!" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect coldly. Some people had regrets, d.a.m.n agreement. Who would agree to go and act as cannon-fodder?

"Patriarch, there are four snowy peaks around Lin Feng, in front of him, and on his left. If we attack him head-on, we'll die. It's too difficult." said someone calmly. Many people started talking at the same time. Tian Chi cherished Lin Feng, they wouldn't let him die that easily.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect groaned coldly and looked at Tian Xuan. "Alright, we don't need to capture Lin Feng. Let's just go to the nearest peak then. You go first, alright?"

They all looked upset again, but what could they do? The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect would be furious if they didn't listen.

"Patriarch, please follow us closely. We have to attack together. Once we're done with the first peak, we'll have access to all the others."

"Don't worry, I will protect you!" said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect indifferently. He wanted to see if the abstruse energy in the snowy peaks was dangerous or not.

PMG Chapter 945

Chapter 945: Stars of Destruction

The group of people obeyed the patriarch's orders and moved towards Tian Xuan with gloomy expressions on their faces. Now and then, they would turn around to see if everybody was following.

Luckily, everybody listened to the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. They were moving together towards Tian Xuan. They knew that those snowy peaks were ma.s.sive and would be difficult to destroy.

Very quickly, they arrived near Tian Xuan. They looked at the summit and saw many people cultivating at the top. Someone said, "It is Tian Chi's final day. No need to resist."

Tian Xuan's people looked at them but didn't say anything. They just smiled indifferently.

Tian Chi's final day?

"Very often, people die because they are too greedy and because they overestimate their own abilities. I'll give you one piece of advice, leave now. If you attack, you will all die." said the snow Zun cultivator coldly.

Many of those people were strong but were they strong enough? They were just dreaming. They were greedy so they had come to Tian Chi with hopes of stealing treasures.

"We don't care about your advice. Tian Chi is going to be destroyed on way or another." said someone furiously. They then started releasing a powerful Qi.

"Very well." said the snow Zun cultivator while rising up in the sky and releasing ice energies outside Tian Xuan. The atmosphere around Tian Xuan seemed to freeze.

"Since you want to attack Tian Chi, don't blame me for being merciless. Tian Chi, freeze!" said the snow Zun cultivator. He released abstruse energies and froze the whole crowd.

"Slash, slash." a terrifying sword Qi emerged. The sword Zun cultivator was attacking as well.

"Die!" said the sword Zun cultivator with a sharp voice. An infinite number of sword lights appeared and cut through the ice statues.

Two Zun cultivators had attacked and the whole group had died.

Those who were behind that group stopped moving. They only now realized how strong Tian Chi was. They had incredible Zun cultivators so Tian level cultivators had no chance. Only the Zun cultivators who were with them could put up a fight.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was furious. He had sent people to Tian Xuan to see if it was dangerous but he had failed, those people had died before arriving. He had to send Zun cultivators to test waters it seemed.

"We can't wait anymore. If we want to destroy Tian Chi, we have to join hands and attack altogether. First, let's get close and then let's attack at once. That snowy peak should be easy to conquer." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect.

Everybody started moving together. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was also surrounded by several Zun cultivators of different levels. This time, Tian Xuan wouldn't be able to withstand their a.s.sault.

The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect stopped about one kilometer away from Tian Xuan when he sensed the terrifying Qi inside the mountain.

A hundred people were on the patriarch's side, they also all released terrifying energies.

"I am convinced that we can destroy Tian Chi." said the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect. Everybody released energies at the same time, it should work this time.

"Rise!" shouted Lin Feng at that moment. A dazzling light beam emanated from Tian Ji and it contained abstruse energies.

It appeared from all the snowy peaks, including Tian Shu, but not including Tian Xuan.

"Eh?" People frowned. What were they doing? What was happening? Abstruse energies had suddenly enveloped Tian Chi.

"There…" at that moment, someone saw that the six light beams joined at one point, where Lin Feng was.

The enemies couldn't see anymore as the lights had become too dazzling.

"Slash, slash…" the crowd stared at the strength condensing into a dazzling star.

What a terrifying strength. Was it a group spell cast by all the strong cultivators of Tian Chi?

"Bzzz!" the dazzling lights illuminated Tian Xuan. The sword Zun cultivator jumped in the air and his sword also illuminated the atmosphere.

The snow peaks were all very far from each other, but at that moment, they looked like they were connected.


"Hurry up and move back!" shouted people furiously. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect was the first one to run away as he flew backwards using his Xiao Yao agility technique.

"Die!" shouted the snow Zun cultivator furiously. The sword energy illuminated the whole atmosphere. There was no sword, only lights, razorblade-like lights. That sword contained the strength of the seven snowy peaks.

"Slash, slash." Many people in the sky were unable to avoid the attack and died. The strong cultivators of six snowy peaks had joined hands and had lent their energies to the sword Zun cultivator. That was a terrifying attack.

The enemies were astonished. They were fixedly staring at those lights taking their friends' lives.

After that, the snow Zun cultivator continued attracting energies to Tian Xuan. The energies of the seven peaks condensed.

At the same time, on Tian Quan, terrifying energies appeared. They were dazzling too and had turned into a star.

This time, Mister Tian Ji used his sword which turned into a thousand lights. The enemies looked terrified.

"Slash, slash…" those stars were destroying everything. King Dragon, Mie Qing and the others turned deathly pale. What kind of spells were they using?


Many people were shouting. Their friends were dying and they were powerless. They couldn't do anything.

PMG Chapter 946

Chapter 946: Tian Shu Peak

Horrible shrieks were coming from the mountains. Many people had died but some were still alive, they were suffering and shouting with pain, though.

"You want to destroy Tian Chi, but can you?" said a loud voice in the distance. They had all really thought that Tian Chi was doomed. A moment later, they had lost so many people. Tian Chi could condense the strength of the seven snowy peaks to attack, how terrifying.

The Xiao Yao Sect patriarch's heart was pounding. The deadly star had almost killed him.

"What can we do, what can we do?!" he thought. He was frantic. They had organized the great sect meeting in order to plan the attack, so that nothing unexpected would happen. This was definitely something unexpected.

"If you continue avoiding the attack, we will all die off. We need to attack the same target and at the same time. If we managed to destroy one peak, they won't be able to cast that group spell anymore." said Yu Xiao to the crowd aggressively.

If they dispersed and attacked, they had no chance. There were too many strong cultivators, if they attacked together, they had a chance to win. Together, they could destroy the peaks one by one.

"Stay together and we will have an easy time." said Yu Xiao. However, he looked at the seven peaks with some apprehension. He hadn't thought that there were such strong cultivators in Gan Yu.

"Easy?" Lin Feng looked at Yu Xiao and said,, "You said easy? Well then come and try!"

"Eh?" Yu Xiao frowned and looked at Lin Feng with murder in his eyes, "Excuse me, are you talking to me?"

"You and Prince Tian Lin are the same, you are only pieces of trash. You only bully people whose cultivation levels are lower than yours. I humiliated Tian Lin and Hou Qing Lin humiliated you. To me, you are a piece of trash, just slightly stronger than Tian Lin." said Lin Feng indifferently.

Yu Xiao couldn't stand it! A c.r.a.ppy Tian level cultivator was humiliating him?! Lin Feng was the same as an insect to him.

"Don't look at me so arrogantly. Prince Tian Lin looked at me in the same way and you personally saw what happened to him. If I were at the same cultivation level as you, you would be the same as Prince Tian Lin, a piece of trash, an animal." continued Lin Feng. "If you're so strong, come and kill me. I'm waiting."

Yu Xiao looked at him. Go and kill him? Lin Feng was in the middle of the deployment spell. He was lucky he hadn't been goaded in a moment before.

"I will slaughter you." said Yu Xiao coldly.

"Are imperial cultivation disciples only capable of running their mouths? I'll definitely kill you, sooner or later." said Lin Feng. Yu Xiao was becoming even more furious. He looked at the crowd and said, "Gather together and listen to me. If you do, we'll manage to destroy Tian Xuan together."

Yu Xiao wanted to destroy Tian Xuan even more.

"Hurry up. Everybody gather together, battle formation, from top to bottom and from left to right!" shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously. Everybody mobilized quickly and now looked like an army.

"Die!" On Tian Xuan's side, more deadly star lights appeared.

"Together, let's kill them!" shouted someone furiously.

"Slash, slash…" sharp sounds spread in the air as a star appeared. There were whistling sounds and a strong wind accompanied it.

The enemies looked at the star, but didn't know what kind of attack it was and didn't know how to block it.

"Slas.h.!.+" a sharp sound pierced through their eardrums. Those who were directly facing the star turned deathly pale.

"Slash, slash, slash…" after the light beam pa.s.sed through the crowd, a crater appeared behind them. Those who took on the brunt of the attack were already dead.

"So many people are dying…" thought the crowd. The patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect shouted furiously again, "We weren't done condensing our energies. This time, remember to attack at the same time and move further ahead. We'll manage to destroy that mountain together. After that, it'll be easy to destroy Tian Chi."

Boom boom boom, they kept moving forwards, but they were surrounded by terrifying energies.

"You want to die!" said Lin Feng coldly. He then said, "Condense."

The light beams condensed again. Abstruse energies were rolling in the sky as seven stars appeared.

People from other territories in the Tian Chi Empire could also see those lights in the sky. Was their capital city being invaded? It seemed like there was a great war.

The seven stars fused together and penetrated into Tian Xuan. Tian Xuan started s.h.i.+ning brightly and was emitting dazzling lights. Even the strongest cultivators were trembling in fear.

The snow Zun cultivator, the sword Zun cultivator and the fire Zun cultivator were all proudly standing at the top of Tian Xuan peak, bathing in abstruse energies. They looked like incredible arch-mages, standing above the world.

"Attack and kill them!" shouted the patriarch of the Xiao Yao Sect furiously. Everybody attacked. Explosion sounded as well as thunderclaps. It seemed like the Earth and sky were going to be destroyed. They were all attacking Tian Xuan together as the three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan released abstruse energies.

The sword was lacerating the universe, the fire was burning it and the ice was freezing it. The fusion of their abstruse energies was deadly.


"Ah… no…" many people were giving horrible shrieks. The sword had mowed down too many people. The ice had froze so many people to death, and the fire burnt the rest alive. Many people collapsed and died, one after the other.

At the same time, many others continued attacking Tian Xuan. The ground started shaking as Tian Xuan appeared to be breaking apart. However, a star appeared up above and its light enveloped Tian Xuan. It seemed like the seven snowy peaks were connected by something unfathomable as a myriad of stars appeared and fused together.

What a terrifying spell.

After the stars fused together, the new dazzling star moved behind Tian Shu. All of Tian Shu's people were now concerned.

b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Lin Feng was a b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

"Boom boom boom!" Cracking and explosions sounded as Tian Shu was now shaking. Everybody had started to panic as huge stones were exploding. Tian Shu Zi was upset, d.a.m.n Lin Feng!

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