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When Lin Feng heard what Chen Xing had said, he was even more furious.


Before, he was a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect and was respected by everyone. These days, he despised the Yun Hai Sect.


Because he was only interested in saving his neck, he had betrayed the Yun Hai Sect. So he had gone and sought refuge with Duan Tian Lang and to make thing worse he let anyone violate the bodies of his former fellow disciples.


Chen Xing was a beast, an animal. He did not deserve to live.


“Duan Tian Lang is not worried about letting a piece of trash like you manage the Yun Hai Sect?”


When Chen Xing heard the evil and cold voice that came from behind the mask, he was stupefied. He stared at Lin Feng and asked: “Who are you calling a piece of trash?”


“Chen Xing, you used to be the best of all the ordinary disciples. however you betrayed the Yun Hai Sect and allowed others to humiliate and violate the bodies of your former sect member. What gives you the right to look so proud and arrogant?”


Lin Feng had spoken with an ice-cold tone which made Chen Xing shrink back. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.


“Who are you?”


Because of the bronze mask, Lin Feng’s voice sounded a little different. Lin Feng’s body gestures were a bit different as well. Therefore, Chen Xing was unable to recognize Lin Feng even though he was standing before him.


“You betrayed the Yun Hai Sect and now you’re trying to act like a little boss here. Do you even have a sense of shame?”


Lin Feng questioned him yet again. His sword started to glow while releasing a strong Qi which created a whirlwind.


When that Qi reached Chen Xing’s body, he started shaking violently. His pupils shrank and he was breathing heavily and very quickly.


“Lin Feng. That’s Lin Feng and he surprisingly still dares to come back to the Yun Hai Sect.”


Chen Xing was stupefied. Almost all the elders and Nan Gong Ling had died in the battle in order to save Lin Feng’s life. Chen Xing would have never thought that Lin Feng would dare to come back. Duan Tian Lang was looking for Lin Feng everywhere, if he found him, he would make him die in the most horrible conditions.


But because everybody thought that Lin Feng would never dare come back to the Yun Hai Sect, Duan Tian Lang hadn’t bothered staying there. He had just asked Chen Xing and two other cultivators of the first Ling Qi layer to stay there and guard the territory of the Yun Hai Sect.


These days, all the strongest cultivators had gone to the Imperial City to join the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. Duan Tian Lang was excited by that major event.


Lin Feng was strong enough to walk freely within the territory of the Yun Hai Sect.


A horrifyingly strong Qi crashed onto Chen Xing’s body. His back was soaked with cold sweat.


“It seems that you want to know who I am.”


When Lin Feng saw Chen Xing’s reaction, he laughed evilly. It seemed like he was becoming more and more evil. The two people standing next to Chen Xing were oppressed by Lin Feng’s sword Qi as well but were not brave enough to retaliate in any way.


“Let me off. I do not have the power to do anything.”


Chen Xing was begging Lin Feng. He was terrified by the idea that he would die here after escaping the ma.s.sacre.


“You can’t do anything? But you did manage to betray the Yun Hai Sect. You also managed to let the smaller sects come to humiliate and disrespect the corpses of your former sect. You had the power to stop them but you didn’t. How can I tolerate such disgrace?”


Lin Feng took a step forward while his sword started glowing with a magnificent sword force.


“I don’t want to…”


Chen Xing’s weak voice spread in the atmosphere. Suddenly, Lin Feng’s sword disappeared from sight and three different trails of blood gushed up in the air.


n.o.body had been able to resist to Lin Feng’s sword.




When Lin Feng looked at the three corpses, he exhaled a deep breath.


All of those who had come to steal items and treasures from the corpses of the sect had left or were among the corpses. Only Lin Feng was left alive while surrounded by the endless corpses.


Lin Feng looked around at all the corpses of his former sect members. He was looking at these corpses lying on the ground with eyes filled with sorrow. Some of them had had their heads split in two, some had been attacked multiple times in the back as they retreated… the more Lin Feng looked, the more his determination increased.


Lin Feng had decided to take the risk to come to the Yun Hai Sect to see these corpses for one last time… and to see the setting sun refracting on that river of blood.


He never wanted to forget that the blood was flowing because of hatred, jealousy and other evil intentions.


He wanted to remember that the weak were bullied and killed and that the strong ruled in the world. Lin Feng was furious and anger welled up within his heart.


Lin Feng definitely wanted to avenge all the deaths of his former sect members. He would never forget that these people had sacrificed themselves to save his life. He was bearing the weight of too many people on his shoulders. All these dead people had put endless faith in Lin Feng.


“Broom vroom, broom vroom vroom….”


At that moment, the ground started to shake. It was even shaking more and more intensely. The sound of the shaking ground was also getting louder and louder.


“Chi Xie armored cavalry!”


Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. Without hesitating, he quickly moved towards the edge of the gorge. He could hear the sound of the incoming heavy cavalry.


“Moonlight Feather Agility.”



Lin Feng stabbed his sword into the cliff in order to propel himself to the top faster. In the s.p.a.ce of a few deep breaths he reached the top.


“Let’s go quickly.”


When Lin Feng sensed the ground shake even more, he was stunned. These Chi Xie armored horses were so quick. It seemed like they needed only one breath to gallop over a dozen meters.


Lin Feng couldn’t afford to think too much. He grabbed Meng Qing’s little hand and left at full speed.


When she felt Lin Feng’s hand holding her hand, she had a strange sensation but considering Lin Feng was anxious and in a hurry, she let him take her hand.


Lin Feng had reacted quickly. However there was no way to escape. At that moment, Chi Xie armored horses were arriving at full speed. Lin Feng stopped in his tracks.


The cavalry on the Chi Xie armored horses were also wearing armor which looked imposing.


When Lin Feng saw the Chi Xie armored horses move nearer, he held Meng Qing’s little hand even tighter. She also held Lin Feng’s hand tighter. But Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to that, he didn’t even notice it. What troubled him the most is that he hadn’t expected the Chi Xie armored horses to come to the Yun Hai Sect and especially at full speed like this.


“Could it be that they know that I have returned?” thought Lin Feng.


The Chi Xie armored horses were moving closer and closer. They hadn’t stopped galloping at full speed.


“How handsome.”


When Lin Feng looked at one of the riders, he couldn’t help but be amazed.


It was a middle aged man. He looked handsome and had the most das.h.i.+ng eyebrows. However, he looked extremely sad like something sorrowful was haunting his heart.


He was wearing a beautiful armor plate which looked quite spectacular. His grey hair was floating in the wind. He looked slightly strange though.


The Chi Xie armored horses galloped past Lin Feng and surprisingly didn’t even look at him. Lin Feng couldn’t help but be a bit scared. Maybe he was wrong after all and they were not here for him. They possibly didn’t know that he was Lin Feng.


When he thought about it,  Lin Feng relaxed a little. When he turned around and saw the Chi Xie armored horse neigh and then jump straight down from the top of the gorge. That looked extremely dangerous.




Lin Feng was impressed by the Chi Xie horse’s power. He then turned around and went back to the edge of the gorge and looked down at the scene.


At that moment, Lin Feng saw the man with the grey hair stand on the highest fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena. He looked like a statue. He was calmly looking at all the corpses.


His gray hair was still floating in the wind. He looked lonely and sad.




Lin Feng was stupefied. The gray-haired man suddenly kneeled down on the fighting stage of the Life and Death Arena and while kneeling down, his knees had made a loud cras.h.i.+ng sound when they slammed into the arena floor.




A loud voice had interrupting him, the voice was spreading through the air and making the atmosphere shake.


Immediately after, the other cavalry all got off their Chi Xie armored horses and stared at their General. Some of them kneeled down. He looked like he was injured and his eyes revealed an immense sadness.


Lin Feng’s heart was pounding.


Lin Feng found it amazing that the other cavalry seemed to care about their General so much.


Lin Feng suddenly thought about a name. If the rumors were true, he really looked like that.


“Divine Arrow, Liu Cang Lan!”


Lin Feng was sure that it was Liu Cang Lan. Except for him, who would kneel down in front of the dead disciples of the Yun Hai Sect. Besides, wasn’t he one of the generals within the army?


No wonder Protector Bei felt proud each time he mentioned Liu Cang Lan’s name. Such an outstanding student definitely deserved such recognition.


“This is my own business. Stand up everyone.”


Liu Cang Lan’s voice was loud and resonated in the gorge. His voice didn’t sound imposing or bossy. On the contrary, it sounded friendly and clear so that everyone could hear properly.


“General, please take good care of yourself.”


When Liu Cang Lan had learnt that his army had been ordered to exterminate the Yun Hai Sect, he had disregarded everything and headed to the Yun Hai Sect. He had immediately put the harness on his horse and had ridden it for three days and three nights without sleep to arrive at the Yun Hai Sect as soon as possible.


All the other cavalry wanted to follow him on their own free will.


“I order you to stand up.”


Liu Cang Lan’s voice was still calm. When they heard him, the cavalry stood up.


They would never disobey Liu Cang Lan.


“When I was seven years old, I joined the Yun Hai Sect. I received a teacher and was respected but then I left and abandoned them for the sake of the Xue Yue Country. I will never forget the affection I received from other Yun Hai Sect members. I will never forget my dear teacher either. But now, the Yun Hai Sect has been destroyed and my army has played a big role in that ma.s.sacre. I will never forgive myself for that.”


When Liu Cang Lan finished talking, he started kowtowing in front of all the corpses and hitting his head against the ground of the fighting stage. Suddenly, a noise emerged.


“General, Duan Tian Lang had been premeditating this event for a long time. We have all been fooled!”


One of the cavalry troops said that to Liu Cang Lan.


“I know that Duan Tian Lang is a monster. He even ordered Fei Fei to convince the best disciples of the Yun Hai Sect to go to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. But it is useless to try and find excuses, I have played a big role in this affair as well. I have been unfair to the Yun Hai Sect and played a part in it’s destruction.”

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