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Chapter 987

Chapter 987: Flowing Backwards

There were many other towers on the island, but the Black Crow Tower was at the center.

At the top of the towers surrounding the Black Crow Tower were many extremely hard black stones. They were so hard that it would be difficult for Tian level cultivators to break them.

Lin Feng was near the river, observing from a distance. There were a hundred people gathered all together.

The fact that the crows were cawing didn't seem to scare the cultivators away. How could they miss an opportunity?

Of course, they were all high-level Zun cultivators. Tian level cultivators should stay below because n.o.body knew what was going to happen. They could just watch from the bottom and see if they could get lucky with some treasures, if there was even an opportunity.

"When the crows caw, bad luck is bound to appear." someone said from the distance. Several more people landed on the tower.

"Three chants, yet you're still so calm, I admire you, guys." the leader looked very young. His Qi was unfathomable.

Lin Feng frowned. That guy had the same smile as Yang Zi Lan.

"Brother Yang Zhan, you already started causing trouble even though you just arrived." someone said. Was that person a member of the Yang Clan?

"Who's that guy, Brother Hua?" asked Lin Feng in a low voice.

"Yang Zhan from the Yang Clan. He's a potential candidate to become the leader of the Yang Clan in the future. Of course, there are other incredible cultivators our age in the Yang Clan who could become leaders. They have to see how strong they will become in the future before deciding. There are many people in the Yang Clan. n.o.body can predict the future, but at this moment, he's the best." replied Hua Zhang Feng.

"What is his connection to Yang Zi Lan?" asked Lin Feng.

"His elder brother, but basically they're of the same generation. You've been here for a short time and have already made friends with the people from the Yang Clan I see." said Hua Zhang Feng with a smile.

Made friends?

Lin Feng shook his head, but said nothing. No wonder Yang Zhan was considered the best for his age. Yang Zi Lan and he were of the same generation but Yang Zhan had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer.

"Hehe." Yang Zhan laughed. They hadn't waited for him. They started because of the crows, nothing more.

"Three chants, should we attack?" asked Yang Zhan.

"Three chants have been heard. The veins of the Earth are strong enough now, let's start. But, be careful not to damage the veins."

Lin Feng frowned and whispered, "Why don't they start? What's the problem?"

"Ignorant." said Qiong Qi in a despising way, he used telepathy to say, "The earth has veins. The force of the Earth and sky we use comes from those veins. That's a precious treasure the G.o.ds have given us. The chants of the dragon is a sign. Making the forces of the Earth and sky unbalanced could lead to huge problems."

"I see." nodded Lin Feng. It was no wonder those strong cultivators were gathering, but not doing anything.

"The veins are solid enough now, so why not start?!" shouted someone extremely loudly.

That person then immediately landed on the Black Crow Tower, the highest one.

"What an arrogant guy." thought Lin Feng. n.o.body was on the highest tower, not even Yang Zhan. The Black Crow Tower was the highest one so it meant he despised everyone else.

The most surprising thing was that that cultivator had only broken through to the Tian Qi layer. They weren't even a Zun culti


"Brother Xuan Yan." Yang Zhan nodded at that guy. That guy was Xuan Yuan. 

Xuan Yuan looked at Yang Zhan and nodded indifferently. He was just being polite.

"Oh no… he's here too." thought many people. He wasn't a Zun cultivator, but he had amazing fighting abilities and his social status sufficed to scare people.

"Xuan Yuan s.h.i.+… That's him!" thought Lin Feng. He's the one who wants to rank first at Emperor s.h.i.+ and Emperor Yu's recruitment process. He also wants to invite the two emperors to his wedding when he marries Yang Zi Ye.

"They keep talking, blablabla! When will they start, d.a.m.n!" Qiong Qi looked impatient. Lin Feng rolled his eyes. There were so many strong cultivators there. Lin Feng didn't feel safe.

"Lin Feng, when you start later, beware of those people and also of the guy on the northern tower." said Qiong Qi using telepathy. Lin Feng looked in the direction of the northern tower and saw a silhouette. It was a cultivator in a black robe, but it was as if n.o.body had noticed him.

Lin Feng nodded. That person was probably very dangerous.

"Do you think I'm going to partic.i.p.ate?" Lin Feng rolled his eyes.

"Are you afraid? An emperor is helping you and will protect you. Don't forget that I'm with you at all times." said Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng turned to Qiong Qi and pet his head with a smile.

"I'm just doing that so that n.o.body notices you." said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi could secretly protect Lin Feng, how kind.

"Will you?" asked Qiong Qi.

Lin Feng smiled and said, "I will."

Since Qiong Qi could protect him, why not partic.i.p.ate?

"Everybody, let's start." said Xuan Yuan. Everybody nodded.

"Alright, let's start." Yang Zhan added. Everybody nodded again and they started releasing Qi.


"Break!" shouted people furiously. The ground started shaking and a tsunami appeared on the gigantic river around the island.

"Bzzz!" There were gigantic waves. Hua Zhang Feng used a technique so the water couldn't get into his boat.

Lin Feng looked at the waves.

"Boom!" the crowd saw some Qi rise up and were surprised.

"Ah…" a horrible shriek spread in the air.

"Up!" shouted Hua Zhang Feng loudly while taking his sister up into the air. Lin Feng and Qiong Qi rose up in the air too. The boat had broken in that exact moment.

"Ah, no…" a horrible shriek spread in the air. Lin Feng and Qiong Qi jumped onto a tower and looked at the river. Desolate Qi was rising quickly.

"Desolate Qi!" The river was flowing backwards and that desolate Qi was concerning!

"The crows caw when the moon goes down!" thought the crowd. How inauspicious!

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