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Chapter 645-Letting You Live

Translator: ryangohsf

Editor: Nora

As the top expert of Somalia, Farrah naturally possessed some skills. Both sides fought neck and neck, exuding killing intent.

Both of them charged forward and backward; outsiders could only hear the sounds of the weapons clas.h.i.+ng and did not know who was at an advantage.

Even if someone wanted to help out, they could not interfere. A fight between experts would bring with it a zone of aura. If one touched this, they might end up suffering injuries.

No one could approach within three meters of them.

With that, the members of the Hunting Leopard Mercenary Group could only give up and focus on attacking the Shanhai City sailors.

A ma.s.sacre occurred onboard the s.h.i.+ps.

With the Divine Martial Guards in charge of Dragon Head, the enemies could not gain the upper hand. On the other wars.h.i.+ps, it was the navy soldiers up against the heavy attacks of many, so they could only try their best to hold on.

When the soldiers hidden in the cabins heard the shouts, they wanted to help out. However, without receiving the orders, they could only grit their teeth and hold on.

On the alliance army wars.h.i.+ps, the Somalia players similarly killed till their eyes turned red.

The betrayal of the Hunting Leopard Mercenary Group had infuriated the players, and they wanted to chew them up and drink their blood. Their hate for them slowly became a regret and a feeling of sorriness toward the Shanhai City Squadron.

How righteous were they?

The Somalia players could only hope that they could kill off the enemies in front of them soon and help the Shanhai City warriors. The battlefield was just so magical. After fighting together, although they were unable to communicate, their fates were tied together.

The killing on the seas had reached its climax.

The blue ocean was slowly dyed red and corpses floated on the surface. The wreckage of s.h.i.+ps were everywhere. Some of the lucky survivors that fell into the ocean were on top of these wreckages.

The cruelty of this naval battle was evident.

On the deck of Dragon Head.

After exchanging only forty moves, Farrah was already facing defeat and wanted to leave. Under the relentless a.s.sault of the Tianmo Spear, if he was not careful, he would definitely die.

There was already some regret growing in his heart.

On the forums, some people had spread the rumors that Shanhai City Lord Qiyue Wuyi was not only proficient at strategy, he was also great at martial arts. The best expert in Singapore, Chen Guang, was defeated by him in less than forty moves.

This was something that Farrah did not believe, and he even looked at the people who spread such news with disdain.

The attempt of the black clothed men verified his deductions.

"The Lianzhou Lord only has average skill, and he was only able to escape our attacks through luck." The leader of the black clothed men had reported as such.

How would Farrah know that even in an unfamiliar place, among the messy alleys, facing the sneak attack of archers and many secret weapons, Ouyang Shuo had still managed to display his strength.

300 of their most elite were buried on that night.

If it was a head on battle, those would not have even been able to make Ouyang Shuo activate the devil bloodline. How could they possibly heavily injure him and nearly kill him under normal circ.u.mstances?

The leader had reported as such to avoid the blame. He did not tell Farrah that when Ouyang Shuo activated the devil bloodline, he would not even dare to fight him.

Farrah did not know how true the report was, but the key was that his opinion had clouded his judgment. He bought into his own idea that since a person only had a limited amount of time, a Lord who needed to be busy with the territory would not have the time to cultivate.

If Farrah knew that Ouyang Shuo would take out two hours a day to train, be it in the hot summer or the cold winter, be it in the Lord's Manor or while traveling, he would not have made that conclusion.

Experts were obviously not trained in a day!

Even though Ouyang Shuo was talented and possessed vast resources, without hard work, he would not have reached his current level of attainment.

Numerous nights of lonely cultivation would hide behind the flashy skills of any expert.

The moment Farrah was distracted, Ouyang Shuo noticed it. How would he let go of such an opportunity?

After Ouyang Shuo's spear technique took shape, the Tianmo Spear became much easier and more comfortable to use. The Tianmo Spear Code and the Tianmo Spear were like brothers, unable to be separated from one another.

The spear technique lacked any fixed strokes; whatever came out depended on Ouyang Shuo, and it was extremely flexible.

The Tianmo Spear thrust upward, pus.h.i.+ng away Farrah's longsword. At a lightning quick speed, it changed into a stab and directly pierced Farrah's heart.

As the strongest player in Somalia, Farrah had inhuman reactions. At the last moment, he tilted to the side, just barely dodging by a few inches.

The Tianmo Spear's a.s.sault did not stop as it stabbed through Farrah's shoulder and pierced his bones.


Farrah could not help but cry out; his left shoulder had fractured, basically making him a handicapped person.

Ouyang Shuo did not stop there; he made use of the chance that Farrah was injured to continue his attacks. He suppressed Farrah and pushed him on the back foot. There were numerous times that Farrah was close to dying on the sport.

However, he was resilient and had a strong will to live, dissolving Ouyang Shuo's killing moves time after time. Although every time his body would be left with some scars and marks, he still survived miraculously.

When Ouyang Shuo saw this situation, his eyes turned cold; he did not want to drag this on for any longer. The longer this went out, the worse it was for Shanhai City. Ouyang Shuo went on an all out offence, totally giving up on defending.

Such a method definitely resulted in weaknesses being revealed.

Farrah's eyes focused when he noticed this change, and he retaliated. He recognized a breakthrough point, and his longsword pierced out like lighting, the sword tip actually glowing white. Obviously, this was also a killing move.

When Farrah struck out, the Tianmo Spear also similarly stabbed out at him.

Both players fighting like this meant that they were destined to be unable to dodge the attacks of each other. Now, it was just a battle to see who had the courage to get closest to dying.

In Farrah's eyes, A Lord like Ouyang Shuo would definitely cherish his life, so he would definitely hesitate at the last moment. On the contrary, he was giving it his all to retaliate. After all, if he failed, he would die anyways.

Furthermore, he also had a trump card in his hands.

Victory was in his grasps.

How would Farrah know that Ouyang Shuo was wearing a G.o.d armor. Close to a month had pa.s.sed since Ouyang Shuo had killed Chen Guang. The ultimate move of the Twin Dragons Swallow the Heavens Armor could be used once more.

The so-called dying together was not going to happen.


The Tianmo Spear and the longsword basically stabbed out at the same time.

Weirdly, both of them remained okay.

Ouyang Shuo had his armor, and Farrah also had a treasure armor. Although it could not grant a body protection light like Ouyang Shuo's G.o.d armor, it was also impenetrable. It could even block the G.o.d weapon Tianmo Spear.

The only difference was that the Twin Dragons Swallow the Heavens Armor had used its energy to protect Ouyang Shuo's body. Consequently, the longsword did not even touch his skin.

On the contrary, Farrah's armor relied on absolute hardness and toughness. Under the ma.s.siveimpact of the Tianmo Spear, along with the fact that it was a definite hit, Farrah fell to the ground.

No matter how slow Ouyang Shuo was, he would not give up such a chance. He did not even keep his Tianmo Spear, simply gliding forward. With a light raise of his spear, he placed the tip by Farrah's neck.

"If you move, you die!" Ouyang Shuo said coldly.

Farrah could feel the chill from the spear tip, so he placed down the longsword in his hands, "Why not directly kill me?" As expected from a capable person, even in such a situation, he could find a way to survive.

"Ask your men to stop, and I'll let you live."

Ouyang Shuo knew that if a pinnacle adventure gamemode player like Farrah was forced to revive, the losses would be immeasurable. Unless they had some great fortuitous encounter, rising up again was impossible.

Hence, these players feared for their lives a lot.

That in itself was a weakness.

As expected, when Farrah heard these words, a light lit up in his eyes, and he asked hopefully, "Are your words true?"

"I never say false words."

To Ouyang Shuo, what he cared about was the outcome of the entire battlefield. As for whether or not he liked Farrah, it did not matter. Personal grievances meant nothing in front of a war.

"Lianzhou Lord, you win!"

Farrah had admitted defeat, taking out the conch sh.e.l.l once more.

The unique conch sounded out once more, causing the noisy battlefield to freeze. When the members of the Hunting Leopard Mercenary Group heard the signal, they quietly broke away from the battlefield and gathered together.

Zheng He also received the news and ordered the Shanhai City soldiers to focus on the pirates.

With the Hunting Leopard Mercenary Group backing off, the voyage squadron soldiers finally obtained some breathing room.

The scales of victory once again tilted toward the alliance army. When the Somalia players saw that, they could not help but cheer out. After those cheers, an even intenser slaughter started.

"Lianzhou Lord, it's time for you to fulfil your promise." Farrah reminded.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head, "Stop struggling and trying. When the pirates back off, you will live."

Facing such an opponent, Farrah felt helpless.

Zheng He, who was commanding the army, observed the battlefield and decisively ordered, "Attack!"

The moment the military order was given, a special drum beat sounded.

All of a sudden, the tens of thousands of archers hidden in the cabins charged out with vengeance and killing intent, sneak attacking the pirates.

They used the cabins as covers to accurately shoot at the pirates on deck. Every time, they would be able to kill one pirate.

Efficient and merciless.

With that, the pirates were thrown into chaos. They wanted to charge into the cabins, but they were stopped by the sword-s.h.i.+eld soldiers.

The balance of the battle was now totally skewed.

Pirates were never iron warriors who would fight till their deaths. When the battle went smoothly, they were as fierce as wolves and leopards; when things were not going smoothly, they would be like dogs, backing off decisively.

'Knowing the situation, knowing when to advance and when to retreat' was their motto.


Tens of thousands of pirates came like a flood and left like a flood.

"You want to leave? It will not be that easy." Ouyang Shuo muttered.

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