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Grand Monarch Ash Bone wasn’t surprised that Nie Tian was unscathed.

After all, he hadn’t come all the way from the Void World to deal with Nie Tian’s true soul. His targets were Nie Tian’s true form and the third-generation Tree of Life, which was still young, in the Floragrims’ main realm.

“I’m not here to fight you,” Grand Monarch Ash Bone said with an icy look in his eyes before turning his head, giving rise to scary cracking sounds, and lunging towards the three Ancientspirit grand monarchs clutching the Bell of Death.

He was targeting Chatvic, Scotte, and the Golden-feathered Divine Finch.

At the same time, his ultimate death bloodline power burst forth.

WHOOs.h.!.+ WHOOs.h.!.+ WHOOs.h.!.+

Numerous rays of pale, sparkling light seemed to weave into sigils that embodied the magical laws of death in the starry river.

The three middle tenth grade Ancientspirit grand monarchs’ immense flesh aura seas were instantly infiltrated by the magical laws of death, and became powerless.

Death power had a terrifyingly strong effect on Ancientspirits and outsiders that relied on vigorous flesh auras as the source of their power.

Just as Nie Tian was about to make a move, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons took a step forward.


The entire area was filled with his raging flesh aura.

The unfathomable, mysterious Blood Purgatory Sea in the Demon realms seemed to be summoned by Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory, and manifested in this part of the starry river.

The surging dark purple sea appeared to be filled with the blood of billions of lives, with bloodcurdling shrieks echoing from it, making people’s hair stand on end.

“With the Spirit Scepter, your true soul can suppress Netherspirits rather well,” Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory said with a stern expression. “And the Bonedrudes’ death power can’t really threaten you, since you’re in a pure soul state. However, I... can incinerate your true soul.”


Purple bolts of lightning suddenly flew out of the Blood Purgatory Sea.

Each and every one of them was vested with soul-eliminating power, with purple crystalline particles visible within them.

“Purgatory Karmic Flames!” As soon as Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory exclaimed, the sparkling particles within the purple lightning bolts started burning violently, and emanated a power that could incinerate souls and any intangible existences.

Apparently, Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory was the one who was responsible for killing Nie Tian’s true soul.

Nie Tian sensed danger from the purple lightning bolts and flames. Right now, he couldn’t use many of his killer moves, not without his true form. All he could use was his soul power.

However, whatever soul spell he cast would most likely be neutralized by the purple lightning bolts.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory snorted and said, “Nie Tian, the era of you humans has come to its inevitable end. Over the years, you’ve invaded the Spirit World more times than we can count. You even wanted to invade the Void World. Do you really think you can just do whatever you like across the three worlds?”


As Nie Tian brandished the Spirit Scepter, the Nether Rivers engraved on the scepter manifested in the starry river.

However, under Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s precise and subtle control, the purple lightning bolts managed to circle around the Nether Rivers and avoid the infiltration of the Spirit Scepter’s power.

In the blink of an eye, the lightning bolts reached Nie Tian.

“Go deal with Grand Monarch Ash Bone.” Dong Li’s voice came from within the Realm of Middle Continent at this very moment.

Immediately afterwards, endless darkness spread out from the Realm of Middle Continent.

While the Realm of Middle Continent remained unaffected, a vast area of the starry river outside of it seemed to be slowly covered by an incomparably large heavenly curtain.

Everything was enveloped in darkness!

Even the tolls and death power released by the Bell of Death were engulfed and drowned by the darkness.

All of the G.o.d domain human experts and Ancientspirit grand monarchs, whose hearts had been infiltrated by the death power released by the Bell of Death, became unrestrained, and recovered their power.

“Dong Li!” Yin Xingtian exclaimed softly, unleas.h.i.+ng the G.o.dspan Sword Formation once again. Innumerable sword lights and sword intent flew out towards Grand Monarch Bloodl.u.s.t and Ophelia by relying on his fading perception.

In the endless darkness, Dong Li stood like an ancient G.o.ddess of darkness, with the Dark Aureole spinning over her head.

Gracefully and slowly, she floated towards Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons.


The so-called Purgatory Karmic Flames Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory had released seemed to be snuffed out one after another by large hands made of pure darkness.

As this happened, the purple lightning bolts lost track of Nie Tian.

Dong Li simply moved her hand and pointed casually in the darkness, and the purple lightning bolts perished and vanished with puffs, like spirit snakes killed by sharp swords.

Finally, Dong Li arrived before Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory.

“Dark Erosion,” she whispered in what sounded like an ancient Devil language.

By doing this, she appeared to be channeling the origin of darkness. Immediately afterwards, a darkness that was even more intense surged towards Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s flesh aura sea from all directions.

The Blood Purgatory Sea around him, which he had summoned with his bloodline, seemed to be infused with billions of liters of ink as it rapidly turned pure black.

The Blood Purgatory Sea somehow became a black sea.

Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory’s connection with the blood sea was instantly cut off, depriving him of his ability to draw power from it to strengthen himself or fight others.

“Such aura, such power...” Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory experienced strong discomfort, so much so that he felt that he was going to puke blood. Even during his battle against You Qimiao, he hadn’t felt so yoked.

The feeling that his power was gradually escaping his control and that his flesh aura was leaving him made him want to scream.


He did. However, he was the only one who could hear him. His mad roars didn’t leave his surroundings at all.

At the same time, his eyes were completely blocked by darkness. Therefore, he couldn’t see Dong Li.

He couldn’t see anyone, hear anything, or sense any aura.

It was as if he was locked away in a cage of eternal darkness, where there was no sound, no light, and no way out, where he would be trapped in endless darkness until the day he died.

This was a horrifying feeling, hard to put into words.

“This... This is power from the origin of darkness,” Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory muttered to himself. “The Devils in the Void World had a paragon in their history: the Dark King. Don’t tell me the power Dong Li is wielding now is the power of that Devil paragon.”


The Spirit Scepter flickered with misty light.

The connection between Nie Tian’s true soul and the Spirit Scepter had never been severed, which allowed him to sense movements in the endless darkness in the light emanated by the Spirit Scepter.

The Spirit Scepter was from Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit, another paragon. Therefore, it could still function in the endless darkness.

This allowed Nie Tian to see Grand Monarch Eternal Purgatory of the Demons, and how insecure and uneasy he was when he couldn’t move as he usually could in the darkness.

He also saw that Yin Xingtian had managed to inflict heavy injuries upon Grand Monarch Bloodl.u.s.t of the Demons with his G.o.dspan Sword Formation by relying on his rough hold of his bearings.

Ophelia, however, managed to avoid his attack thanks to the Doom Blade’s keen perception.

“I can’t believe Dong Li has become so powerful already after refining that other dark stone!”

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