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Zhao Shanling had pointed the way for the races of the Void World, suggesting that they should leave as soon as possible.

Pei Qiqi had specially returned from the chaos and activated her s.p.a.ce Boundaries Crystal to open rifts, helping all the survivors escape as safely as possible.

They were both experts in spatial power.

They knew that the walls of the dark land were unstable, and that because of the fierce battles that had taken place, the a.s.saults of the Blood Father of the Spirit World and the Tree of Life, and Nie Tian’s return, the unusual land would likely break soon.

Even if it didn’t, how many could survive a top duel between paragons?

The experts like Qin Yao, Mo Heng, Yin Xingtian, and the others went to consult Wu Ji.

Wu Ji nodded gently.

After they got his positive answer, many human experts and crooked forces from the Doomed Star Sea immediately received orders — those who weren’t late grand monarchs or late G.o.d domain experts must leave as soon as possible.

As soon as the orders were issued, streaks of light could be seen flying into thin spatial rifts in different parts of the rift-laden dark land.

Those streaks of light were either Saint domain experts or grand patriarchs.

Even the weak early G.o.d domain expert and the early grand monarchs from the Doomed Star Sea sensed the earth-shattering quakes caused by the duel between the Blood Father of the Spirit World and Nie Tian, and left with resignation.

Only a few with special abilities ventured to stay even though they weren’t late grand monarchs or late G.o.d domain experts.

The battle zone of the Blood Father of the Spirit World and Nie Tian moved to the middle of the dark land where… the roots of the Tree of Life were.

Everyone took a closer look and saw countless flashes of lightning swimming in the sky like giant pythons and dragons.

Cold crystals came together to form winding ice mountains that floated in the air, but would suddenly explode into deadly icicles and ice blades at some point.

In the sea of golden light, crimson blood light flitted about.

Branches and green leaves burst forth with clear divine light, drifting and morphing into a different ancient Wood Thriving Formation.

However, the original dark power Nie Tian unleashed was the most eye-catching among all the divine light and blood light.

His dark purple and inky flesh auras kept changing, morphing into many brilliant experts in the history of the Devils, and displaying various peculiar bloodlines and magics with the help of the Rampage Behemoth.


Strange voices kept sounding in the world.

Soon, most of the living beings that had swarmed into the dark land had left.

Those who dared to stay were all bigshots and kingpins.

“What’s going on in the chaos?” Mo Heng asked, looking deeply at Pei Qiqi. “I feel that this Nie Tian is incomplete.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions changed.

Incomplete? What did that mean?

After hesitating for a while, Pei Qiqi said in a soft voice, “Nie Tian’s main soul is still in the chaos, in the River of Souls. And two of his doppelgangers are still in the origins of stars and fire.”

Mo Heng was shocked. “What?”

“The origins decided to make paragons out of his doppelgangers,” Pei Qiqi explained. “Then something happened. The origins were angered and stopped. Then, Nie Tian broke away from the blood sea and proved himself again, so the origins forgave him.”

Her words made everyone muddled and puzzled.

Wu Ji, who understood her words, said softly, “You only need to know that this Nie Tian, who’s fighting the Blood Father of the Spirit World, isn’t in his strongest form. He can continue to grow stronger, if his main soul and his two doppelgangers make substantial breakthroughs with the help of the three origins in the chaos.”

Then, Yin Xingtian and Qin Yao asked respectively.

“What about Dong Li?”

“What about Ji Cang?”

Pei Qiqi frowned and answered, “Ji Cang was summoned by the origin of stars. He may rejoin the origin, or he may be exiled again. As for Dong Li, the origin of darkness is helping her to see if she can be the first pure human paragon without a bloodline. The origin of darkness is now very close to Nie Tian. But if Nie Tian’s battle with the Blood Father of the Spirit World consumes too much of its energy, it may not be able to succeed.”

Many present didn’t know anything about the chaos, the origins, or the making of paragons.

They had no idea how the dark land was connected to the chaos.

Pei Qiqi gave a brief explanation of the relations.h.i.+p between the origins and the paragons, and the role that the Sea of Life played in the chaos.

Then, she went on to talk about the dark land and the so-called Dark Abyss.

“The dark land isn’t within the three worlds, but in the depths of the s.p.a.ce disruption zone,” she whispered. “The dark land didn’t form naturally. Its existence was designed, and made from many super large realms that were shattered by the Star Behemoths in the Primal Era.

“The fragments of those broken super large realms were collected and condensed into the dark land in the s.p.a.ce disruption zone.

“It may break every time it can’t bear the horrifying impact from a battle between paragons.

“And, of course, after it breaks, its broken fragments will still exist, so it can be reforged.

“It’s generally the newly-made paragon who is responsible for bringing the broken dark land back together. The Dark King, the Bone Emperor, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit have all done so. Of course, the Tree of Life has done it the most times. Both the first and second generations of the Tree of Life have gathered fragments to reforge the dark land in their heyday.

“Even so, the dark land is the best place for super experts to fight.

“Long ago, the origin of life and the other origins came to a mutual understanding that they would arrange for the beings they had sent out to create the dark land, and establish a connection between the chaos and the dark land. They made the dark land a platform, a ladder, for those who want to become paragons.

“There aren’t any direct connections between the chaos and the Mortal World, the Void World, the Spirit World, or the Doomed Star Sea. Hence, only by accessing the dark land, obtaining the Void Spirits, which are the keys, and receiving the origins’ summons can one enter the chaos and receive the origins’ examination. Only after gaining the origins’ recognition can they become a paragon with their help.

“If the origins don’t give them their final approval after they enter the chaos, the Void Spirits will return to their origins. The bloodline power they have acc.u.mulated for hundreds of thousands of years will be forcefully deprived of them by the origins.

“Therefore, not all those who enter the chaos can become paragons. They might be reduced to flying ashes and completely disappear, leaving nothing behind.”

“Why is that?” Mo Heng asked.

“A paragon is closely related to the origins and the fortune of the three worlds, so such a decision can’t be made rashly,” Pei Qiqi replied. “A paragon and their origin are in a sense complementary and equal. Also, paragons don’t die of natural causes. They have infinite lifespans, as their origins do.

“So the origins have to be most careful with this.

“If they create another rebel like the Star Behemoths or another malicious Tree of Life, it would be a fatal blow to them. How can they not be prudent?”


The vast dark land gradually broke apart.

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