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Transmigrator Meets Reincarnator
Chapter 499: Father-in-Law’s Invitation (2)

Chu Lian cast an idle look over the red-faced Chu Qizheng. "Father, don't you know that married daughters are like spilled water? Since you know that I'm Marchioness Anyuan now and not House Ying's Sixth Miss Chu, don't tell me that you're not familiar with the law of the Great Wu Dynasty? When a n.o.ble house is to be eliminated, it doesn't include daughters who have married out of the house."

This time, Chu Qizheng was unable to hold back his next flare of temper. He had never gotten talked back to in this manner before. However, knowing that He Changdi was right outside and close to the carriage, he didn't dare to let his raised hand land on Chu Lian's tender cheek.

He took in a few deep breaths before sneering, "So you're a s.l.u.t, just like your mother!"

The mother he had mentioned wasn't his current wife and Miss Yuan's mother, of course, but his deceased first wife.

Chu Lian had taken on an indifferent att.i.tude at first, since Chu Qizheng was intent on bullying her no matter what. She wasn't going to just bear the brunt of his temper silently, but she wasn't motivated to do anything but talk back at him.

However, Chu Qizheng had taken things a step further. She would have been fine if he reprimanded her alone, but now he was even insulting his original wife, who had pa.s.sed away many years ago. This was something that crossed the line for Chu Lian.

Chu Lian's gaze turned sharp. "Father, I finally understand why you don't have any heirs. Someone as dreadful as you deserves to be the last of the family line!"

The greatest pain in Chu Qizheng's life was the fact that he didn't have any sons. Chu Lian had just mercilessly brought it up in front of him, baring his insecurities completely. He almost fainted from the rage that overcame him.

Just as he was about to retort, Chu Lian interrupted him. "Father, it's best to save your breath, lest you spit up blood out of anger."

Chu Qizheng's face was now a steely white. His breathing turned into rough pants. It took him a good while to finally get his emotions under control. He glared at Chu Lian, unresigned to his defeat, but he decided against speaking any further.

It was good that he had finally shut up. Chu Lian was too lazy to bother wasting her breath on him now. She picked up a teacup that had been placed to the side and took light sips of honey water.

After a long period of silence, Chu Qizheng managed to calm himself enough to say, "In a few more days, come back to the Ying Estate with Marquis Anyuan. Your younger sister is about to get engaged."

Chu Lian didn't make any response or acknowledgement, but Chu Qizheng took it as if she had heard him.

He shot a sideways glance at her, his eyes glittering. His eldest daughter had grown into a delicate and lovely beauty. Her tiny figure shone with a natural, elegant aura. It was those almond-shaped eyes of hers that resembled his first wife the most.

Every time he looked at Chu Lian, the anger he held towards that woman kept flaring up.

As the carriage carried along on its way, Chu Qizheng shut his eyes. Out of sight, out of mind.

He Changdi's ears were sharp, so he had heard every single word of the conversation between father and daughter in the carriage. A corner of his lips curved up. Although his wife looked frail and cute, with an innocent face to boot, her ability to provoke others was unrivalled. He had already been on the receiving end of her skills many times before.

However, the humour on He Sanlang's face quickly dissipated, allowing his naturally cold expression to take over once again. At the same time, he delved into deep thought.

While he had lived separately from 'Chu Lian' in his past life, he still knew a little of her history. Even in this lifetime, it remained true that House Ying's Second Master wasn't too fond of his legitimate first daughter.

Back then, even after he and 'Chu Lian' had been married for a year, Chu Qizheng hadn't graced their doorstep even once. Why was he seemingly so kind-hearted as to invite them over to the Ying Estate now?

He Sanlang and Chu Lian sent Chu Qizheng to the Ying Estate before returning to their home.

On the way back to the Jing'an Estate, He Changdi didn't enter the carriage again to share the ride with Chu Lian. Chu Lian said nothing and simply leaned against a pillow, eyes shut. In the gentle rocking of the carriage, it seemed like she had fallen asleep.

Just as they were about to reach the Jing'an Estate, a guard came running up to meet them.

Perhaps since he had already recognised them from afar, the guard quickly shouted, "Third Young Master, Third Young Madam, bad news!"

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