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Chapter 2398: The Death of Supreme Saint Yanhong

The two Array Masters of the Yanluo clan rode two 300-mile-long centipede formations and flew to the sky above the battlefield where Yan Huangtu, Pink Skull, and Zhang Ruochen were.

The figures of the Eight Sons of Life and Death hovered above the city wall runes. They put up their defense and did not attack.

The flesh on Yan Huangtu’s face was completely destroyed. His teeth, cheekbones, and jaw were all exposed. He looked very ferocious. He said in a deep voice, “How long can you keep activating the Supreme Artifact?”

“I can fight for an entire day. How about you? When will you run out of Yanluo Qi and divine power?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

They all needed the divine power inside their bones to support them, whether it was the Nine Dragons Divine Marks on Yan Huangtu or the Immortal Inscriptions on Pink Skull. Even the divine bones could not protect their Sainthood Source and Saint Soul once their divine power was depleted and the divine matters were destroyed.

Yan Huangtu could no longer sit still as Zhang Ruochen had discovered his weakness.

This was because the divine power contained in his divine bones was indeed about to be exhausted and could not be maintained for long.

On the other hand, Zhang Ruochen was still full of spirit. Although Yan Huangtu did not believe that he could really last a day with such a battle intensity, he felt that he was unfathomable and could not see the bottom.

Pink Skull was even worse. She couldn’t maintain its peak battle strength anymore, and her aura was slipping.

“After he had combined the DemiG.o.d-level physique and the Five-element Chaotic Neverwither Physique, his physical body became tougher. His battle endurance is actually better than my Royal Divine Frame?”

Yan Huangtu sent a voice transmission. “All cultivators, attack together.”

“Fight, kill Zhang Ruochen.”

The Eight Sons of Life and Death immediately mobilized the power of the Book of Life and the Book of Death. They turned into the Tree of Life, the Lake of Life, the b.l.o.o.d.y Death Tablet, the Deathly Plume... and four other different forms. They attacked Zhang Ruochen through the air.

The eight of them formed a formation, and their aura and power increased layer by layer.

As they joined the battle, the city wall runes, which were already on the verge of collapse, finally showed signs of damage.

“This is it,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen released The Immovable Wisdom King’s Saint Aspect and propped it up a thousand miles high. The magnificent power fluctuation swept in all directions and completely shattered the city wall runes, which were on the verge of collapse.

More than 60 Yanluo Clan Talisman Masters spat out blood and flew in all directions like scarecrows.

Yan Huangtu and Pink Skull knew that Zhang Ruochen’s Saint Aspect was powerful, so they retreated at the same time.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen had already prepared the Violet Gourd.

At the mouth of the gourd, 72 million Dimensional Inscriptions lit up, causing the s.p.a.ce within 800 miles to tremble.

“Zhang Ruochen is finally going to use the Violet Gourd! Retreat, as far as possible,” said Yan Huangtu.

Yan Huangtu turned into a streak of golden light and fled into the distance.

“We can’t escape. Zhang Ruochen has been planning for a long time. He deliberately used the Violet Gourd at this moment to capture us all in one fell swoop.”

Pink Skull became much calmer after realizing the gap between her and Zhang Ruochen. On the contrary, she could see more clearly.

Although Yan Huangtu was very fast, he could not escape to a distance of 800 miles.

The reason why Zhang Ruochen used the Violet Gourd at this time was that he had calculated that the divine power in their divine bones had been greatly exhausted. They could no longer break free from the suction force of the Violet Gourd and the power of s.p.a.ce collapse.

“Yan Huangtu, I will help you escape. You have to remember your promise to me,” said Pink Skull.

The divine light on Pink Skull surged. She manifested a divine bone true body that was 1,800 miles tall. A Gate of Destiny appeared behind her. She charged toward the Violet Gourd.

She mobilized the remaining divine power and attacked with a punch.


The s.p.a.ce array covered an area of 800 miles and quickly collapsed.

The eight attacks from the Eight Sons of Life and Death were absorbed into the gourd immediately. They couldn’t hurt Zhang Ruochen at all.

There were also Talisman Masters of the Yanluo clan who could not control their bodies and flew into the gourd.

If Pink Skull had not used her huge divine bone true body to block most of the s.p.a.ce collapse power, the Eight Sons of Life and Death would have all been sucked into the gourd by Zhang Ruochen.

“What a pity. The good opportunity to catch them all in one fell swoop was destroyed by you,” said Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen raised his head and looked at the divine bone skeleton that was attacking with a fist.

It was just a fist, but it was as huge as a blood-red mountain. It was covered with Divine Marks and carried a terrifying divine might.

Compared to Pink Skull, the Immovable Wisdom King’s Saint Aspect was much shorter.

“Incarceration of Divine Demon.” Zhang Ruochen chanted.

Zhang Ruochen activated a Divine Demon’s shadow and combined it with the Immovable Wisdom King’s Saint Aspect. His feet stepped on h.e.l.l and struck out a palm power with the nine heavens above his head, clas.h.i.+ng with Pink Skull’s fist power.

“Ten times attack power.” Zhang Ruochen muttered.

The Realm-frame of Truth shrank rapidly and combined with the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King, making the palm strike ten times more powerful.


With a crus.h.i.+ng force, the Saint Aspect of the Immovable Wisdom King sent the 1,800-mile-tall skeleton flying backward. The divine light on its body quickly dimmed.

The Eight Sons of Life and Death had originally escaped behind Pink Skull and thought they were safe.

At this moment, they raised their heads and looked at the divine skeleton flying over their heads. Their hearts trembled.

Before today, they couldn’t believe that Yan Huangtu and Pink Skull would be defeated so miserably.

Zhang Ruochen crossed s.p.a.ce and caught up with the flying divine skeleton. He flicked his fingertip.

A drop of Dark s.p.a.ce-time Matter flew out!

With his current cultivation, he could activate the stronger power of Dark s.p.a.ce-time Matter, allowing darkness, dimension, and time to erupt more perfectly.


The Dark s.p.a.ce-time Matter landed on the skull of the divine skeleton and quickly wrapped around its head, which was more than 200 miles long.

The three ancient powers of darkness, dimension, and time were eroding the Immortal Inscriptions on the divine skeleton. They wanted to destroy the Pink Skull’s Saint Soul hidden in the skull and destroy her completely.

Zhang Ruochen didn’t kill the cultivators of the Yanluo clan. Apart from not wanting to make another strong enemy, the biggest reason was that the cultivators of the Yanluo clan had never taken the initiative to kill him.

Even if they were enemies, it was because of compet.i.tion, not personal hatred.

Moreover, the compet.i.tion was initiated by Zhang Ruochen.

Pink Skull was different. Before entering the Battlefield of Celestial-Hunting, she had already declared that she wanted to take Zhang Ruochen’s life and was plotting to kill him.

Seizing the opportunity, Zhang Ruochen naturally wanted to kill her as well.

The G.o.ds wanted Zhang Ruochen to be the blade and it’s about to unsheathe.

Three drops of Dark s.p.a.ce-time Matter were shot out in a row. The Immortal Inscriptions on the pink skull dimmed completely. There was no more light. All the ripples on her body returned to silence.

The entire void seemed to have quieted down.

“One of the three Scioness candidates, Supreme Saint Yanhong, was... killed by Zhang Ruochen... just like that...”

“Zhang Ruochen is in big trouble. Supreme Saint Yanhong has a great relations.h.i.+p with the Fane of Destiny and the Bone Clan.”

“I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. Supreme Saint Yanhong has a Neverwilt physique. Even a Paramount Realm Supreme Saint can’t kill her. How can she be killed by Zhang Ruochen?”

“The Immortal Inscriptions on her head have been destroyed. How can she still be alive?” A Bone Clan cultivator sighed.


Zhang Ruochen flew above the planet-sized divine skeleton. He released his spiritual power and inspected it. Then, he shot out Dimensional Inscriptions to entangle it.

The 1,800-mile-tall divine skeleton gradually became smaller.

It became the size of a normal human.

Zhang Ruochen sealed the Supreme Artifact ring. Then, he put Pink Skull into the internal s.p.a.ce of a Regal Artifact.

Although Pink Skull was dead, her divine bone was very valuable. The Immortal Inscriptions on the divine bone were also of great research value.

Furthermore, even though she had been eroded by three drops of Dark s.p.a.ce-time Matter, Zhang Ruochen had a vague feeling that there was still a strange area in the depths of Pink Skull’s skull that could not be inspected by spiritual power.

Perhaps there was a greater secret hidden in her body.

After doing all this, Zhang Ruochen held the Pleiades Lotus in one hand and the Violet Gourd in the other. With a disdainful look, he looked at Yan Huangtu in the distance and shouted, “Where’s your clone?” He asked. “Why don’t you activate this trump card? It’s useless to hide in the dark. I’ll find him soon.”

“Zhang Ruochen, you’re worthy of being a Yuanhui-level genius, but I won’t admit defeat,” said Yan Huangtu.

The original Yan Huangtu was like a golden skeleton. He was too heavily injured and couldn’t regrow his flesh in a short amount of time.

The Eight Sons of Life and Death and the two centipede formations flew quickly to Yan Huangtu’s side. The Supreme Saints of the Yanluo clan all had bloodshot eyes and were full of fighting spirit. They were ready to fight Zhang Ruochen to death.

They didn’t believe that Zhang Ruochen could really defeat all the powerful figures of the Yanluo clan on his own.



Yan Wushen had set up a 300-meter-wide dimensional teleportation array on the seventh Dark Star. It could mobilize the Power of Darkness and Power of Dimension inside the star to achieve long-distance dimensional teleportation.

Lord Hornless had done some research on the Path of Dimension and confirmed that this teleportation array was indeed safe and reliable. It was not one of Yan Wushen’s traps.

He waved his hand and said, “All Supreme Saint Celestial Captives, enter the array.”

“There’s no rush. We can wait a little longer,” Yan Wushen said.

Pan Ruo gave Yan Wushen a strange look.

Lord Hornless also cast a puzzled look and said, “Why wait?”

Yan Wushen said, “The teleportation array on the Immortal Vampires’ home planet must have been exposed. It has likely been destroyed. We can’t teleport at a fixed point. Therefore, we have to wait for the Yanluo clan and the Bone Clan cultivators to destroy the Star-s.h.i.+eld Grand Formation on the Immortal Vampires’ home planet. Otherwise, it will be quite troublesome.”

Yan Wushen and Pan Ruo stood three thousand steps away. There was also a teleportation array under their feet. The array light flickered and they could be teleported away at any time.

Obviously, Yan Wushen was very careful when dealing with a powerhouse like Lord Hornless.

Survival came first.

Lord Hornless asked, “Didn’t you receive the Communication talisman from the Yanluo clan? Didn’t they send you the news that the array had been broken?”

Yan Wushen shook his head.

Pan Ruo looked at Yan Wushen again with a look of understanding.

Although Yan Wushen had not heard that the Immortal Vampires’ Star-s.h.i.+eld Grand Formation had been breached, he had heard that the Immortal Vampires’ home planet had released an unusually colorful light.

It was obvious that the Star-s.h.i.+eld Grand Formation had been broken.

The colorful light most likely had something to do with Zhang Ruochen.

In addition, when Yan Wushen had set up the formation earlier, he was doing it neither fast nor slow. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all.

Thus, Pan Ruo guessed that Yan Wushen was stalling on purpose.


Pan Ruo wondered, ‘Why was he stalling on purpose?’

Yan Wushen probably wanted to exhaust Zhang Ruochen and Yan Huangtu to the greatest extent possible so that both of them would suffer heavy losses.

The worst-case scenario was that Yan Wushen probably wanted to use others to kill.

He wanted to use Zhang Ruochen to kill Yan Huangtu.

No cultivator in the world knew how powerful Zhang Ruochen was better than Pan Ruo and Yan Wushen. What was powerful was not only his combat strength but also his heart.

A heart that grew stronger the more he fought in adversity.

The more desperate he was, the more he could burst out with extraordinary strength.

Yan Huangtu and Pink Skull seemed to have the advantage and were powerful, but in Pan Ruo and Yan Wushen’s eyes, they might not be a match for Zhang Ruochen together.

Pan Ruo thought to herself, ‘All cultivators in the world think that Yan Wushen is a martial fanatic without scheming and wisdom. They all think that he absolutely can’t beat Yan Huangtu. However, a cultivator who can come and go freely on the Battlefield of Merits without any schemes or wisdom has died countless times. Moreover, how can Yan Wushen not know the jealousy and hatred that Yan Huangtu has for him? Two tigers simply cannot live on the same mountain!’

In the sky above the seventh Dark Star, Wujiang, Supreme Saint Yuan Fei, and the others were standing on?The Scroll of Truth and Deceit. They were all astonished.

They never expected that Pan Ruo and Yan Wushen would actually persuade Lord Hornless to lead all the Supreme Saint Celestial Captives to the Immortal Vampires’ home planet.

Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said solemnly, “I understand! Two armies face off against each other. It’s not easy for Lord Hornless to kill Yan Wushen and Pan Ruo.”

Wujiang thought for a moment, then he smiled and said, “I understand now too! It turned out that it was not difficult for the Supreme Saint Celestial Captives to go to the Immortal Vampires’ home planet. The key was to have enough courage to talk to them. In terms of deep thought, I am far behind Pan Ruo and Yan Wushen. Why did I only think of this now?”

“Over the past dozens of days, all the Supreme Saint Celestial Captives, including Lord Hornless, have used up a lot of their Saint Qi. They are unable to sustain a long-lasting battle. After all, on the Dark Star, they can only continue to use up their Saint Qi. Therefore, those Supreme Saint Celestial Captives want to leave the seventh Dark Star more than anyone else,” Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said.

Wujiang said, “The seventh Dark Star is now a cage that they can not escape from. If they go to the Immortal Vampires’ home planet, the situation will become complicated and chaotic. Only then will they have a chance to escape.”

“If only Yan Wushen promises one or two more things to Lord Hornless... ” Supreme Saint Yuan Fei said.

Wujiang nodded, he said, “Yan Wushen purposely waited until the last day because he knew that on the last day, all the Supreme Saint Celestial Captives’ desire to live would reach its peak. They would no longer think that they would die for sure. “If their desire to live was strong enough and there was a glimmer of hope in their despair, how could they not agree?”

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