The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 2512

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Chapter 2512

  “Mm… Mm… Nangong… Faster… Harder……”  

  “I… want more… Faster… Nangong……”  

  “Nangong… from now on… we’ll be… this happy… every day……”  

  Fairy Wuyou's crystal clear voice came from inside.  

  She was aware of Su Luo's presence outside and was doing this on purpose!  

  Su Luo's entire body became rooted to the spot. Blood rushed to her head at once while her mind blanked...  

  She wanted to lift open the curtain, but her hands were trembling so much that she couldn't even control them anymore.  

  No, no, no, that definitely was not Nangong!  

  Her Nangong would never do this to her! Never!  

  Su Luo took a deep breath and finally felt she was still alive. She clasped the gauze curtain tightly and abruptly lifted it open!  

  Inside the room was a huge bed that was wide enough to accommodate five people.  

  Fairy Wuyou was lying naked on the bed. Her long fair legs hooked around a muscular man’s waist and had one of her fingers in her mouth. Her eyes were overflowing with pa.s.sion while her cheeks were dyed crimson red as she let out faint moans intermittently.  

  Upon seeing Su Luo, a triumphant smile appeared on Fairy Wuyou’s face.  

  That smile was truly utterly dazzling to Su Luo, to the extent that she inadvertently took a step back.  

  Su Luo couldn't see the man's face as his back was facing her, but that back looked extremely similar to Nangong’s…  

  Su Luo didn’t even dare to look at his face…  

  She s.h.i.+fted her gaze below.  

  The floor was littered with clothes.  

  Shredded red undergarments, snow-white innerwear, long tights…… a white dress, and an ink-black robe.  

  This ink-black robe……  

  Su Luo felt awful upon seeing that robe.  

  An ink-black robe with gold thread embroidery on the borders—the colors and patterns were precisely what Nangong Liuyun had been wearing when he departed.  

  Everything he used was of the finest materials.  

  This ink-black robe was made by using the silk thread made by the Northern Sea’s Golden Silkworm. It was said that just a single thread of the Bei Ming Golden Silkworm was worth a whole city, what more the entire robe.  

  And now, this robe was just casually lying on the floor.  

  Moreover, its collar had a strong scent of women’s makeup.  

  “Nangong…… Mm… Look… Ah… Who’s here…” Fairy Wuyou moaned without forgetting to remind Nangong.  

  Which man would not want the Divine Yin Body? Even Nangong Liuyun was wors.h.i.+ping her body. Fairy Wuyou felt extremely complacent.  

  That man turned his head around.  

  And Su Luo saw that face…  

  In an instant….  

  Her face became ghastly pale like the color of snow!  

  All of the blood from her heart rushed straight to her head!  

  From head to toe, Su Luo's body was stiff and rooted to the spot as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning.  

  ‘It’s him! It’s him! It’s really him!!!’  

  At this moment, Su Luo didn’t even have the courage to go up to him. She felt as if her heart was ruthlessly clenched by a huge hand, stifling her!  

  Su Luo staggered a few steps back. She then swiftly turned around and dashed away at lightning speed!  

  At this moment, it was as if the heavens had fallen and the earth had been rended; the seas had run dry, and the stones had gone soft; the blue sea had turned into mulberry fields; the Big Dipper constellation had turned, and the stars had moved.  

  Her world had fallen apart.  

  She didn’t even know what time or what day it was right now.  

  Was it raining?  

  She wiped her face to found big teardrops had trickled down her cheeks.  

  When she dashed out, she tripped over herself and rolled onto the ground, causing many big and small gashes to appear on her body. Yet, she couldn't feel any pain and single-mindedly kept sprinting onward.  

  ‘Run! Run! Run! Get away from this place!’  

  Like an ostrich, she buried her head, unwilling to believe what she had seen.  


  Suddenly, Su Luo crashed into someone.  

  That person's build was strong and as hard as a rock, causing Su Luo to stagger a few steps back.  

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