The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 2514

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Chapter 2514

  She could even see the wriggling maggots on the other person’s body. Oh, heavens-  

  Fairy Wuyou looked down, and she didn't know when, but those little white larvae had somehow crawled onto the bed, onto the embroidered quilt blankets, and even… even onto her body…  

  Fairy Wuyou was about to go mad!  

  “Ahh!!!” Her hands covered her eyes and ears, and her legs struggled to break free!  

  But it was all in vain.  

  That filthy monster seemed to have superhuman strength. Grasping Fairy Wuyou both his hands, he shoved her in between his lanky legs and squeezed them, firmly trapping her before him.  

  “You! Who are you?! Ahhh!!! Where’s Nangong?!” Fairy Wuyou almost vomited from disgust!  

  She had been with many men, and although they were not like Nangong Liuyun, every one of them was outstanding. Even if they were not peerlessly handsome, at least they were clean and good-looking.  

  But this creature before her wasn’t just ugly or a monster; he was also so dirty… Ugh. Fairy Wuyou really wanted to vomit, but strangely, nothing came up.  

  “Nangong? What Nangong?” The filthy beast sounded confused.  

  Fairy Wuyou was about to go mad. “The one who got in bed with me! It was clearly Nangong. When did he turn into you?!”  

  The ugly monster furiously slapped Fairy Wuyou’s delicate, beautiful face: “s.l.u.t! I was the one doing all the work all along. I’ve been giving you so much pleasure, yet you’re actually thinking of someone else?!”  

  One side of Fairy Wuyou’s face swelled up from the slap!  

  All the while, Fairy Wuyou’s mind was muddled!  

  On the brink of collapse, she screamed and shouted in a heartrending voice, “This can’t be! Where’s Nangong?! Where is he?! I want Lord Nangong!!!”  

  There was another strike to Fairy Wuyou’s cheek.  

  ”s.l.u.t! Lord Nangong is a deity of the highest heavens. It’s an insult for you to shout out his name. You’re not even worthy to carry his shoes, and you still dare to think otherwise?!”  

  The ugly monster lifted Fairy Wuyou with one hand, making her straddle him while not stopping the movement of his lower body.  

  “Ah… Ah… You… Stop it… Ah…” Fairy Wuyou was truly miserable.  

  While she was being dealt great mental damage, she had to bear being pleasured by the beast.  

  He was that dirty!  

  From this perspective, Fairy Wuyou could see the lively maggots had crawled onto her tender skin.  

  “Let me go… Let me go… Wuwuwu…”  

  Fairy Wuyou, the glamorous queen, cried in fright for the first time.  

  But would the ugly monster let her go? He ruthlessly violated her while sneering!  

  He was originally a person of the demon race who was locked up in Upstream Mountain’s dungeon for offending the Fourth Elder. However, he also had great research value, so he was completely imprisoned in the dungeon for a hundred years!  

  During those hundred years of living in that damp, narrow underground prison, his mind became twisted and perverse!  

  Nangong Liuyun made a deal with him and let him out.  

  Unbeknownst to even the nightmare himself, Nangong Liuyun had played a trick on him. Nangong Liuyun had used an appearance-changing technique on the demon before sending him to Fairy Wuyou.  

  With his new look, it was enough to fool Fairy Wuyou into thinking this ugly monster was Nangong Liuyun.  

So, before the imposter even did anything, Fairy Wuyou took the initiative to take off her clothes and please him… The rest was history.  

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The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 2514 summary

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