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Chapter 1695: Contesting For Dragon Palace

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Year End Gatehouse suddenly appeared in the River of Time, the side that got shocked was Heavenly Court instead of Fang Yuan’s group.

This was because Heavenly Court only had four time path Immortal Gu Houses stationed here, this fifth time path Immortal Gu House Year End Gatehouse came from Northern Plains, it was owned by the Huang Jin tribes.

“Since when did an Immortal Gu House enter?”

“Oh no, what is it trying to do to the river suppression lotus sealing formation?”

“Quick, stop it!!”

Heavenly Court’s side shouted, even rank eight Gu Immortals showed shock on their faces.

Bing Sai Chuan laughed loudly, frost energy oozed out of his body, he slammed with both palms as Eternal Yacht was sent to the bottom of the river.

Fang Yuan shouted loudly, he mustered his strength and attacked Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform, raining down punches like a flurry of meteors, forcing the latter to retreat continuously.

Present and Past Pavilion was sealed, it had sunk into the river, vanis.h.i.+ng entirely.

Xing Ye w.a.n.g who was on Shark Flow Lever had an ashen expression, he tried to stop Year End Gatehouse but it was too late.

As the immortals watched, Year End Gatehouse got close to the river suppression lotus sealing formation as the gatehouse started to s.h.i.+ne in a pure white light.

Next, a voice could be heard from within: “Take a good look, this is my five elements profound light!”


There was a loud sound as a mystical five colored light shot out of the gatehouse, landing on the river suppression lotus sealing formation.

The five colored lights resembled five river currents that merged and weaved together, melting the layers of the river suppression lotus sealing formation, causing a huge hole in an instant!

“Quick, repair the formation!”

“What method is this, the river suppression lotus sealing formation was completely powerless against it?!”

The rank seven Gu Immortals controlling the super immortal formation were furious and shocked.

Feng Jiu Ge’s pupils shrunk, he recognized it: “That must be Northern Plains’ rank eight lone immortal Five Elements Grandmaster! This person cultivates formation path and mimics the five paths of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, he is a formation path great grandmaster. He was actually recruited by Longevity Heaven!”

After using this move, Five Elements Grandmaster panted heavily, his aura diminished until it became extremely weak.

His five elements profound light was most skilled in breaking immortal formations, he had prepared this move for a long time, once it was unleashed, half of the river suppression lotus sealing formation was destroyed, it was on the brink of destruction.

Of course, this was because Fang Yuan had given Longevity Heaven crucial information.

Fang Yuan had a deeper understanding of this river suppression lotus sealing formation, after all, he was locked in and had broken out of it personally.

With this intel, Five Elements Grandmaster was able to modify his five elements profound light to counter this river suppression lotus sealing formation!

Once the formation was broken, the stone lotus island inside became exposed before everyone’s eyes.

Fang Yuan laughed heartily as he jumped up.


He kicked hard and stomped Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform into the river, creating a huge wave.

Next, he shot out like a cannonball, flying into the formation, towards the stone lotus island.

The Gu Immortals in the river suppression lotus sealing formation were fl.u.s.tered, they worked up a sweat trying to stabilize the formation and prevent it from collapsing. If this super immortal formation broke, its controllers would face huge backlash. These Gu Immortals were also trying to save their own lives.

The formation’s controllers were too busy with their own matters, they could only watch as Fang Yuan went in.

“Red Lotus’ true inheritance!” Fang Yuan looked at the stone lotus island as his eyes flashed with a bright light. The Spring Autumn Cicada inside time path clone’s aperture was shaking, right now, Spring Autumn Cicada was rank seven and had Fang Yuan’s personal immortal killer move to discern if the stone lotus island was real.

It was the real deal!

In the previous Red Lotus true inheritance, Fang Yuan made great gains, he was lifted out of his difficult situation. If he could obtain this Red Lotus true inheritance as well, how much would he grow?

“Fang Yuan, don’t think of leaving!” At this moment, Xing Ye w.a.n.g shouted as he moved Shark Flow Lever and attacked Fang Yuan’s back.

“Scram!” At the crucial moment, Bing Sai Chuan appeared, blocking Shark Flow Lever.

“Fang Yuan, quickly go get Red Lotus true inheritance!” Bing Sai Chuan fought as he said to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan looked at Bing Sai Chuan deeply, it seemed that Longevity Heaven was very sincere about cooperating! He got closer to the stone lotus island without stopping.

“Don’t think about it!” Rank eight Gu Immortal Qing Ye who was inside Eternal Yacht went around Bing Sai Chuan and Xing Ye w.a.n.g, going towards Fang Yuan.

“Want to chase him? Hehe, get past me first.” Year End Gatehouse suddenly appeared abruptly, blocking Qing Ye’s path.

Qing Ye frowned but laughed coldly: “My Eternal Yacht is the fastest, it can ride the waves of the River of Time, how can you Year End Gatehouse stop me? Hmm?!”

Suddenly, Qing Ye’s expression changed as she saw that an immortal formation had appeared around Eternal Yacht.

“Setting up a time path formation in such a short time?” Qing Ye shook, he finally understood the formation path attainment that Five Elements Grandmaster had.

“This Red Lotus true inheritance is mine!” After obtaining Longevity Heaven’s reinforcement, Fang Yuan obtained enough time to successfully get close to the stone lotus island, he was about to step onto it.

But at this moment, a change occurred, the stone lotus island erupted with a formless force and pushed Fang Yuan far away.

“What happened?” Suspicion rose in Fang Yuan’s mind: “I have Spring Autumn Cicada with me, unless… once this stone lotus island lets me in, the defenses will vanish? Or will a loophole appear that would allow others to take advantage of it?”

Boom boom boom!

At this point, attacks that approached like a wild storm rained down on Fang Yuan’s immemorial year monkey body and surrounded him.

The river suppression lotus sealing formation was finally stabilized, even though it was damaged, the hole was shrinking, the rank seven Gu Immortals controlling it were now able to find time to fight Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan was obstructed by the formation, he could not get close to the stone lotus island as easily now.

“This formation is likely created by Heavenly Court to target stone lotus island. The stone lotus island rejected me earlier because of this formation?”

Fang Yuan was thinking about this when Feng Jiu Ge who was inside Three Autumn Yellow Crane Platform arrived before him.

1The two sides started to fight again, they clashed and exchanged moves, the situation was in a deadlock.

At the same time.

Eastern Sea.

“Li Huang pays respects to Lord Duke Long!” In the sky, flames scattered as a muscular old man appeared, it was Heavenly Court’s reinforcement, rank eight Gu Immortal Li Huang.

Duke Long nodded as he patted Feng Jin Huang who was beside him.

Feng Jin Huang was surrounded by a circular qi wall, she floated lightly towards Li Huang.

“Protect Huang Er, if anything happens to her, I will hold you accountable.” Duke Long said plainly.

Li Huang had a grim expression as he said confidently: “Don’t worry Lord Duke Long, with my verdant sun flame cloak, who in the world can harm Feng Jin Huang?”

Duke Long stopped looking at him, he looked towards the sky, in order to protect Feng Jin Huang, he had wasted some time, Dragon Palace had flown away already.

Duke Long smiled, feeling no nervousness.

He clenched his fists, it was time to take action.

At the next moment, he vanished on the spot.

Dragon Palace was obstructed by Qing Yue An again, while the other rank eight Gu Immortals fought each other.

“The chance will slip by easily, I need to grab my opportunity!” Qing Yue An’s eyes burst out with brilliance, after so many days of fighting, he had finally obtained his fourth chance.

But right when Qing Yue An was about to reach Dragon Palace, an immense force approached, the aura of death almost suffocated him.

He quickly turned around, enduring the fatal attack, he managed to block it but flew away like a sandbag, spitting out huge amounts of blood.

“Duke Long, you!” Qing Yue An had a hoa.r.s.e voice filled with anger.

Duke Long floated in the sky expressionlessly, his horns were flickering with purple-gold light, his long hair fluttered in the wind, his body was tough as a monolith, his dragon pupils s.h.i.+ned with cold light.

Qing Yue An struggled to stabilize his body, he wanted to counter attack but his expression suddenly changed.

A dragon-shaped qi shot out of his chest, exploding.


The explosion was not loud, but Qing Yue An’s defenses were like useless of paper.

Qing Yue An looked at Duke Long with disbelief and fright as he retreated!

He was bleeding intensely, his ribs were broken, his chest was almost fully blown off, his heart and lungs could be seen.

“Take this Duke Long!”

“This Immortal Gu House is mine!”

Song Qi Yuan and Zhang Yin flew over, the two temporarily stopped fighting each other as they faced against Duke Long together.

Duke Long smiled nonchalantly.


The dragon roar erupted as Song Qi Yuan and Zhang Yin flew away with a confused and flabbergasted expression.

They suffered serious injuries, they did not even see what move hit them before they were defeated.

“Be careful, without that burden, Duke Long is using his full power!”

“Is this his true strength?”

“Everyone, work together, we must not let him succeed!”

Duke Long’s powerful disposition made the remaining rank eight Gu Immortals feel deeply threatened, they started to target him collectively.

Duke Long breathed in deeply, he actually shut his eyes.

He did not move, only when the surrounding killer moves reached before him did he open his eyes abruptly.

Immortal killer move — Qi Engulfing Mountains and Rivers!

“Hmm?!” At once, the rank eight Gu Immortals shook intensely as they felt an unparalleled pressure slamming down at them from all around.

Not just them, the killer moves that they activated, even the sky and sea of all the surroundings were facing this immense pressure.

Many killer moves collapsed, the rank eight Gu Immortals as well as Dragon Palace fell into the water like dumplings falling into a pot.

The world became still, nothing was left standing.

Except Duke Long, he was standing proudly in the sky, looking down at the immortals in distress with his cold dragon pupils.

At this point of the Dragon Palace contest, he had finally displayed his true strength.

Having pseudo-Immortal Venerable battle strength, it suppressed his enemies and obtained the upper hand!


“Duke Long, I want to kill you!”

“I do not believe that you can defeat all of us!!”

A few breaths of time later, huge waves surged in the sea, the rank eight Gu Immortals who were humiliated by Duke Long attacked him together with great intensity.

Duke Long snorted coldly, his dragon tail appeared and his body became covered in scales, the horns on his head became as sharp as blades.

He opened his mouth and roared, it was immortal killer move dragon roaring wave.

Next, his body flickered from place to place, he appeared near his enemies as he punched their faces with his fists, tore defenses with his claws, and created a b.l.o.o.d.y storm around the area.

Eastern Sea’s rank eight Gu Immortals were not his match, they were all furious and shocked, they used their immortal killer moves but were constantly obstructed, even if they succeeded, they could not injure Duke Long.

After such a long time, other than protecting Feng Jin Huang, Duke Long had also collected lots of information, he had grasped the weakness of some of these Eastern Sea rank eight Gu Immortals’ methods.

“Old fiend, you are too much!”

“Face my fatal killer move!”

“Restrain him, I have even stronger methods!”

Eastern Sea’s rank eights were furious, they were about to use even stronger methods.

Immortal killer move — Qi Engulfing Mountains and Rivers!

Puff puff puff.

At the next moment, Eastern Sea’s rank eights fell like dumplings again, into the depths of the ocean.

Duke Long controlled the tempo of the battle completely, his battle experience was even deeper than the depths of this ocean itself!

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