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Fang Yuan started to set up the formation.

In accordance with locations indicated on the Gu formation chart, he found the eight formation cores in Star Form blessed land through Star Form land spirit's guidance, he placed the corresponding Immortal Gu there one by one.

Star Form blessed land had few s.p.a.ce path dao marks, the land spirit could not teleport. The eight formation cores were very varied in distance, they were either close by or far away, Fang Yuan spent a lot of time due to this, by the time he finished, he had already spent half a day.

After this step, Fang Yuan, who was vigilant and cautious, inspected these eight formation cores carefully again.

After confirming that there were no issues, Fang Yuan returned to his original spot and placed the chosen spinefin star dragonfish into his own immortal aperture.

Under his orders, Star Form land spirit opened the blessed land's entrance.

Fang Yuan walked out into Earth Abyss.

The blessed land doors were s.h.i.+ning with light, but it could only radiate over a small range of land. The inside of Earth Abyss was very dark and silent.

This was a deep part of Earth Abyss, even Ancient Soul Sect, one of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent, had not explored this deeply yet.

But even though there were no humans here, there were countless hidden desolate beasts, and even ancient desolate beasts, it was very dangerous.

There was no time to waste, Fang Yuan let out the spinefin star dragonfish.

The spinefin star dragonfish had the size of an ordinary whale, but it looked like a carp, its body was covered in blue fish scales. There were bones protruding out of its back, along the spine, extending outwards.

Fang Yuan placed the four Immortal Gu on the body of the spinefin star dragonfish in accordance with the smaller Gu formation chart.

One was in its mouth, one was in a particular bone on its back, one was in the left eye, and the last one was in its stomach.

Even though the spinefin star dragonfish was big, it could not compare to Star Form blessed land.

Fang Yuan only took a short while before his arrangements were completed.

He inspected it carefully again, before Fang Yuan confirmed it: The twelve Immortal Gu had been put in place properly.

He started to scatter countless mortal Gu around the area, there were even one or two Immortal Gu that he tossed out, creating a powerful Gu formation.

Next, he was finally at the most crucial moment of relocating the blessed land.

Fang Yuan followed the method closely, he activated the remaining four Immortal Gu.

Star Form blessed land's doors slowly closed, vanis.h.i.+ng into thin air.

Fang Yuan's entire body started to glow in a bright yellow light.

Even though the yellow light was bright, it was not painful to look at, it was a very warm color.

After seventeen breaths of time, the light started to fade, they gathered into Fang Yuan's two eyes.

Fang Yuan breathed in deeply, he willed.

At the next moment, a faint yellow light beam shot out of his right eye, hitting the whale-sized spinefin star dragonfish.

The spinefin star dragonfish's body shook, the small Gu formation that was on its body activated, it s.h.i.+ned with a red light.

Under this red light, the spinefin star dragonfish seemed to be wearing red armor.

The entire spinefin star dragonfish was tough like a rock, and did not move, as if it was a statue.

Fang Yuan breathed roughly for some time, next, a yellow light beam shot out of his left eye, directly piercing Star Form blessed land's hidden location.

Under the influence of the light pillar, Star Form blessed land was drawn out, turning into a blue light lump.

The blue light lump was only the size of a large bean, a sharp contrast to the enormous, whale-like spinefin star dragonfish.

The moment that Star Form blessed land was absorbed by this, the green grape immortal essence in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture started to be consumed at a terrifying speed!

Fang Yuan's left eye turned with difficulty, moving the yellow light pillar with it. The yellow light pillar began to slowly move while pulling the blue light lump.

And that spinefin star dragonfish that was now like a stone statue, also moved along with Fang Yuan's right eye, slowly approaching the blessed land.

Rumble, the ground tremored and earth shook.

Roar roar roar, countless ferocious beasts in the darkness roared in panic and fury.

A blessed land's relocation naturally caused intense turbulence in heaven and earth qi. A powerful earthquake was already forming in the depths of the abyss.

Fang Yuan did not care about these trifling details, and poured all his concentration into the spinefin star dragonfish and Star Form blessed land.

An enormous boulder crashed down on his head, but was blocked by his pre-arranged methods.

Fang Yuan was confident he could hold on for some time even if desolate beasts attacked!

He had created an environment that would not allow any disturbance to him for a while.

As if he was moving two large mountains, the two pupils in Fang Yuan's eyes moved slowly. At this moment, both his body and soul were exerting all their strength.

Not much time had pa.s.sed from when the two lights touched each other.

However, to Fang Yuan, it was like a year had gone by!

The moment when Star Form blessed land and the spinefin star dragonfish touched, Fang Yuan suddenly relaxed, as if he had unloaded an extremely heavy burden.

Fang Yuan's carefully arranged Immortal Gu formations played a crucial role at this moment.

Star Form blessed land was like a wanderer returning home, or a swallow returning to its nest, settling down in the spinefin star dragonfish's body, turning into an immortal aperture inside it!

This was the method Lang Ya land spirit used to relocate blessed lands.

There must be a desolate beast or ancient desolate beast in which the blessed land would be transplanted as an aperture within it.

Afterwards, the desolate beast or ancient desolate beast could bring the immortal aperture wherever they were moved.

However, time was very limited in this transferral process. The desolate beast or ancient desolate beast that held the immortal aperture could not take in any other immortal aperture, and also could not use any Immortal Gu, otherwise it would influence the workings of the Immortal Gu formation on their body.

The specific circ.u.mstances were: Fang Yuan could not store this spinefin star dragonfish into his immortal aperture to quickly move it.

At the same time, he also could not use any other Immortal Gu or immortal killer moves to help it.

He could only rely on the spinefin star dragonfish's own physical strength to float and move to another place.

After all, although an immortal aperture was residing inside the spinefin star dragonfish, it was only barely done with the help of the larger and smaller Immortal Gu formations. Even a slight outside influence could cause the Gu formation to collapse, and not only would the relocation of the blessed land fail instantly, the Immortal Gu used could also be destroyed.

But even such a large disadvantage could not conceal the enormous value of this method.

The person who created this relocation method was not Long Hair Ancestor, but was equally famous as Long Hair Ancestor in history.

His name was Old Immortal Kong Jue.

In the long history of Gu Immortals, he was one of the three refinement path supreme grandmasters, a legend of the Remote Antiquity Era.

His research and understanding of apertures and immortal apertures surpa.s.sed his time. It was his efforts that allowed those of the ten extreme physiques to advance and become Gu Immortals, forming super grade blessed lands.

Old Immortal Kong Jue named the immortal killer move of relocating blessed lands as the immortal aperture transplantation method.

Up to this point, this was the immortal killer move with the highest number of core Immortal Gu that Fang Yuan had seen.

Nevertheless, this immortal killer move with up to sixteen core Immortal Gu was only an incomplete immortal killer move. Old Immortal Kong Jue's initial thoughts had been to perfectly transplant a Gu Immortal's immortal aperture into a desolate beast or ancient desolate beast's body, unlike the current situation, where they could only rely on the two Gu formations and consume a lot of immortal essence to join the two together with difficulty, and just for a while on top of that.

After Long Hair Ancestor obtained this inheritance of Old Immortal Kong Jue, he also made many attempts to complete it with Old Immortal Kong Jue's research results, but they all ended up in failure.

Under the inspection of the inkman wisdom path Gu Immortal Yi Yan, Long Hair Ancestor discovered this incomplete immortal killer move already had shocking value!

Gu Immortals could use it to relocate the immortal apertures of dead Gu Immortals.

Time pa.s.sed by, bringing great changes to the world.

Now, countless years later, Fang Yuan was benefiting from this.

"Move, go there." Fang Yuan commanded the spinefin star dragonfish to move.

Because of the disadvantages of the immortal aperture transplantation method, the spinefin star dragonfish's speed was less than half the original speed, and the pressure on the body was huge, as if it was moving with a mountain on its back.

This made the distance the blessed land could be relocated every time limited.

Lang Ya land spirit had moved Lang Ya blessed land, but it should not be far away from the previous location.

This was also one of the reasons Fang Yuan did not move Hu Immortal blessed land.

"Fortunately, Earth Abyss is an extremely good hidden area, it will be a long while in the future before this layer gets exposed and developed. I can use Star Form blessed land as a reliable camp to replenish and recuperate."

"Moreover, I know the disadvantages of the immortal aperture transplantation method, but others don't know. When Hei Lou Lan does not see Star Form blessed land, she might think the blessed land was destroyed. After all, the concept of relocating blessed lands has already surpa.s.sed the common knowledge of Gu Immortals!"

Like this, Fang Yuan led the spinefin star dragonfish to move in Earth Abyss.

The path he moved on was naturally according to a elaborately drawn map, which had already gone through large numbers of tests and probing.

He continued to move deep into Earth Abyss, while avoiding many desolate beasts. In the gaps between the territories of desolate beasts and ancient desolate beasts, Fang Yuan slowly moved with the spinefin star dragonfish.

Fang Yuan's destination was three layers down from the original location of Star Form blessed land.

However, after going down two layers, Fang Yuan's luck was used up as he ran into a desolate beast one-eyed giant ape.

The one-eyed ape was extremely vigorous and would often wander around in Earth Abyss. When it discovered the spinefin star dragonfish, it excitedly started a chase.

Fang Yuan began a fierce fight with this one-eyed giant ape, strenuously maintaining the safety of the spinefin star dragonfish.

But in the end, Fang Yuan suffered from having no battlefield killer move, and was unable to effectively restrict the one-eyed giant ape's movement, eventually, partway to their location, the one-eyed giant ape heavily injured the spinefin star dragonfish.

The spinefin star dragonfish was extremely weak while carrying the immortal aperture, it was already using all its strength to move and thus did not have any spare energy to strike back.

Fang Yuan finally drove away this d.a.m.ned one-eyed giant ape, but the spinefin star dragonfish had already been injured heavily and could no longer move.

"Fortunately, the Immortal Gu are unharmed, if anything happened to them, wouldn't I have to compensate Lang Ya until I'm bankrupt?!" After Fang Yuan inspected the condition, his heavy mood eased up.

This was good fortune within misfortune.

Since the situation had already turned this way, Fang Yuan could only choose the second-best option, and place Star Form blessed land nearby.

The moment the immortal aperture was removed, the spinefin star dragonfish completely crumbled, turning into a pool of meat and blood, even its beast soul had dispersed.

This was the necessary sacrifice of the immortal aperture transplantation method, and Fang Yuan had already known this.

Even if the spinefin star dragonfish was not injured, when it reached the destination, it would still die from exhaustion.

Star Form blessed land was successfully relocated, hidden in a completely new area.

Everything was worth it!

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