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Chapter 1024: Awkward Attack

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Since Cheng Lingfei began to answer his questions, Zhao Yu had discovered something about her.

Although she answered his previous questions, she always missed every key point, especially when it came to the specific details of the murders. She had not said who had killed Cao Sifen and Yao Wenming, who strangled Yu Fusheng, and who killed Wu Fangfang. She only said that she sent a killer, but she didn’t say that the killer was He Yubing!

Either Cheng Lingfei had deliberately avoided these details or she feared talking about them. Although she answered the questions, she was obviously hiding something!

Therefore, Zhao Yu wanted to know what she would say about the Ziliu case. From all of the evidence Zhao Yu now had, Cheng Lingfei had a lot to do with the case. She had the motive, the means, and the opportunity. It was possible that she was not only the mastermind behind the murders but also the real killer!

However, on the other hand, Zhao Yu was still full of doubts. Her age remained a problem. At that time, after all, Cheng Lingfei was 22 years old. She was born into a privileged family. She wouldn’t kill five people for no reason.

Zhao Yu was also very curious about Yang Zebiao’s role in this case. Was he forced to commit the crime or was he the real mastermind behind it? Was it a conspiracy? Or was he stealing money to help Cheng Lingfei get revenge?

Zhao Yu’s deep doubts made him look forward to Cheng Lingfei’s answer.

However, when he finished asking the last question, Cheng Lingfei was not as calm as she had been when answering the previous questions. Her eyes avoided his. She seemed to be thinking about something, and she wore a worried expression.

“Well…” Zhao Yu wanted to push her.

Unfortunately, her people came back. The guy named A Yun seemed to be the leader. He reported immediately to Cheng Lingfei. “It’s done. We have sent the files. Brother-in-law and Jiang have left.”

Zhao Yu was confused when he heard the words “brother-in-law”. How could she have a brother-in-law? Who was this brother-in-law?

Miao Ying was even more surprised than Zhao Yu because she had seen Yang Zebiao barefoot in Cheng Lingfei’s living room in his pajamas. Was Yang Zebiao the “brother-in-law”? And who was the kid?

Zhao Yu was thinking about the last few words. He didn’t understand why A Yun had said that the brother-in-law and Jiang had left. Did they leave by cars or were they done with their tasks?

And was there anyone behind Cheng Lingfei?

“Good!” Cheng Lingfei nodded to A Yun then turned to Zhao Yu and said, “Detective Zhao, I’m sorry, about this last question…” She slowly raised the pistol and aimed at the spot between Zhao Yu’s eyebrows. “You’d better go to h.e.l.l and ask them yourself! I believe you’ll find out!”

Zhao Yu couldn’t help but scream at her at last. “You should keep your word to a dead man, at least.”

Cheng Lingfei said coldly, “Zhao Yu, think about it! If I cared that much, I would have used that little girl to threaten you! And I wouldn’t have what I have today.”

Miao Ying was also angry and wanted to swear.

However, Zhao Yu interrupted her. “Oh, I see! Miss Cheng doesn’t give a sh*t about how she achieves anything. Since this is the case, you can shoot me now! Hurry up!”

People have rebellious psychology, especially someone like Cheng Lingfei. Hearing Zhao Yu urging her in such a calm way, she hesitated again!

“Just… One last thing, I have to remind you about something!” Zhao Yu added.

This time, even Cheng Lingfei’s. .h.i.tmen were curious. Because Liu Guangxing was here, Cheng Lingfei asked, “What do you mean?”

Zhao Yu looked up and laughed for a long time before he said jokingly, “Miss Cheng, have you ever seen an entertaining action film?”

Cheng Lingfei frowned.

Zhao Yu said confidently, “Let me tell you! Later, I will break away from these ropes, grab the pistol out of your hand then beat all your men and take you to the police! And I will interrogate you in person!”

No one else said anything, and Miao Ying was not encouraged by Zhao Yu’s surprising statement at all.

Cheng Lingfei and others were stunned. None of them said a word but suddenly burst into despising laughter! One of them couldn’t help but whisper, “Is he serious?”

Zhao Yu also laughed. In secret, he sued an Energy Booster. Immediately, he felt his power explode. Then, an awkward scene happened!

Zhao Yu thought he could easily break the rope on his body, then he could launch an attack without the other side realizing what he was doing! Anyway, he had already put Invisible Bullet Proof Suits on him and Miao Ying, so he was not afraid of Cheng Lingfei’s pistol.

However, unexpectedly, he didn’t succeed in doing what he had imagined. His face turned red because he had used all of his strength, but the rope did not break.

And the most embarra.s.sing thing was that he let out a loud fart. For a moment, the people in the room were frozen!

Zhao Yu’s lips quivered. It was so embarra.s.sing that Cheng Lingfei couldn’t shoot him! Cheng Lingfei, many of her hitmen, and even Miao Ying, all stared at Zhao Yu’s red face. It was a quite strange scene.

Zhao Yu had to try it again. As a result, a second fart came out.

Cheng Lingfei was really angry. She immediately raised her pistol and aimed it at Zhao Yu’s temple. This time, without any hesitation, she pulled the trigger.

Miao Ying screamed with fear!

Just as Cheng Lingfei pulled the trigger, Zhao Yu raised the boutique chair with his hips’ support. This chair was made of unknown material and weighed about 100 Jin.

Although Zhao could not break free from the ropes, he easily raised the chair. He jerked his body and swept the chair straight at Cheng Lingfei.


As the chair hit Cheng Lingfei’s right arm, Cheng Lingfei shot! She was a good markswoman. At such close range, she couldn’t miss the target. However, because of Zhao Yu’s quick action, she was not sure if Zhao Yu had been shot.

Seeing the pistol flying out, Zhao Yu supported the chair like a turtle’s back sh.e.l.l and threw the heavy chair at the crowd.

Seeing Zhao Yu burst with the effort of doing so, Miao Ying also wanted to do the same thing. However, the heavy chair weighed 100 Jin. Despite her best efforts, the chair didn’t even move!

Miao Ying swore in anger, but in the next second, she was amazed to see that Zhao Yu was carrying the big chair as easily as a weapon to launch an attack

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