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Chapter 1036: The Time of Shock

Chen Rui was instilling Star Power to help Tiffany break free from the last shackles of the spirit gathering magic circle.

The battle between Zola and Isabella was always in his sense, but he didn’t intervene or come to the rescue.

As Camael and Eudora saw it, Zola and Isabella vanished as phantoms after their defeat, but they took no real damage themselves.

This was [Battle Projection], 1 of the new wonderful features of the Star Conferring Platform.

In the ‘Red Pole Star Emperor’, after the link target accepted the star conferring, the corresponding statue would appear in the Star Conferring Platform. They could integrate into the Star Conferring Platform and carry them during a s.p.a.ce shuttle such as the [Star Gate]. They could also be kept in the Star Conferring Platform in times of crisis to avoid damage and recover from injuries.

After advancing to the Purple Pole Star Emperor, the function of the Star Conferring Platform had been greatly enhanced. The original fusion time had been extended from 3 hours to 3 days, and the ‘Galaxy Divinity Statue’ could be built on the basis of the statue.

This Galaxy Divinity Statue could project projections to certain faith places in the large solar system, becoming the core of the Pillar of Faith that would accept the corresponding faith power, which was also equivalent to the local ‘G.o.d’.

The benefits brought by this were substantial. In addition to stabilizing and maintaining the faith power of the solar system, it also had a powerful cleansing and buff effect for the ‘conferred’ individual. Not only that, he could also summon the Galaxy Divinity Statue’s [Battle Projection] during the merged state to fight.

As the name suggested [Battle Projection] was a true projection of battle which could fully exert one’s own strength, and it also had special buffs. Death would not cause damage to the original body, but it would take 7 days before the new [Battle Projection] could be used.

In other words, both Isabella and Zola were now only integrated in the Galaxy Divinity Statue of the Star Conferring Platform without suffering any damage.

Although there were various buffs, there was indeed a big gap between Zola and Camael at the peak stage of the Demi-G.o.d. The main purpose was to try it out. Being able to use [Elemental Fury] to put shame on Camael was already a pretty good record.

As for Eudora facing Isabella, due to the ‘home court’ relations.h.i.+p of the Holy Blessing Summit, it was quite difficult for Isabella to kill her. Not to mention that Isabella had her own plans and had not thought of killing her directly.

Seeing Isabella’s condition, Stanwell, who had been worried, finally breathed a sigh of relief. He couldn’t help but feel a little resentful: This is clearly another daughter that Meria recognized. Like Zola, she should not be dead yet. Furthermore, she also has the strong power to contend against the peak stage of the Demi-G.o.d. Sir Dragon Emperor should be very happy to hear this good news, but I will be unlucky in the future. I can only take a detour when I see Meria Family.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Isabella and Zola’s [Battle Projection] disappeared, leaving only ‘Arthur’ and Tiffany as the ‘protagonists’ in the entire spirit gathering magic circle.

Eudora radiated strong light all over her body and flew toward the 2 of them first.

Everyone’s pursuit was different. Some seek strength, some seek power, and some seek freedom… Eudora was aware that her talent in training was limited. Even if she put in more effort than others, she might not be able to be top-notch. Therefore, she had set her eyes on ‘power-holder’ long ago. Over the past 100 years, she had been unscrupulous and deliberate to eliminate dissidents. She finally got the appreciation of Raphael, ascended the throne of the Holy Blessing Summit archbishop, and coveted the throne of the pope all the time.

It was a pity that the birth of ‘Arthur’ made Eudora’s dream shattered and forced to embark on the path of power. However, at the canonization ceremony of the ‘Holy Child’, such a radical change happened. For Eudora, it was coming back from death’s door which was an unexpected opportunity!

But before that, she needed to get rid of ‘Arthur’, because ‘Arthur’ probably had all her secrets, including the previous events such as the Snow Dallet – That Isabella must be found and killed afterward. She can’t stay in this world no matter what!

Eudora’s eyes flashed with murderous intent. With the [Holy Body Destroying Evil] that had not dissipated, she turned into an arc and rushed toward Chen Rui.

This blow not only aimed to kill Chen Rui but also Tiffany.

Eudora actually didn’t admit that she was cold-blooded in her mind. She just blamed this daughter for being born in this world, let alone being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was better to be completely liberated than to suffer so much.

She would personally liberate her.

Tiffany’s body glowed with sparkling light. With the help of Chen Rui, the whole body had been freed from the imprisonment of the ‘tree’, only some slender ‘roots’ were left. It had reached the final moment. .

She was almost completely free from Raphael’s strange force and from the shackles of the entire spirit gathering magic circle.

The white light approached in the blink of an eye. All of a sudden, Chen Rui turned his head and glanced.

Chen Rui didn’t turn his head very fast. According to the speed of the white light, it should have already hit him, but for some reason, when he turned his head, the fast white light just arrived.

Eudora only felt a strange coercion wrapped around him like countless sharp cones, smashed the sh.e.l.l that condensed with the entire power of the Holy Blessing Summit, and nailed it straight into her soul. An indescribable fear and pain spread instantly to her whole body. In the tragic screams, the white light of [Holy Body Destroying Evil] collapsed, and she got pushed backward. It was not until she broke a pillar of the Cloud Platform that she fell to the ground. Her bones seemed to be broken, unable to move. Her face was full of unbelievable horror.

Such a deterrent! Such power!

It’s like… facing Sir Camael!

Is this still Arthur at ‘Saint’ level?

The last strand of root that wrapped around Tiffany was finally peeled off. Tiffany’s body fell forward and was gently caught by Chen Rui.

Camael opened the palm of his hand, and the Spear of Judgement pinned to the ground appeared in his hand in the blink of an eye. The next second, the Spear of Judgement drew a silver light death trail in the air, flying straight toward Chen Rui like a shooting star.

“Go to sleep. When you wake up from this nightmare, everything will be fine.”

The voice seemed to carry some kind of special power. Tiffany relaxed completely and slowly closed her eyes.

The ‘silver light death trail’ behind him was approaching in an instant, but Chen Rui still didn’t look back. Camael raised his brows. Although ‘Arthur’ shook off Eudora with just a glance, he had already clearly sensed the level of power and dared not underestimate him. Therefore, he launched this powerful Spear of Judgement. Unexpectedly, it was actually ignored by the opponent!

Dare to ignore my power. You must pay a heavy price for that!

At this moment, Camael suddenly felt that everything slowed down: His breathing, the movement of strength, the fluctuation of s.p.a.ce… including the flying Spear of Judgement, all slowed down inexplicably.

Except for the talking voice.

This strange feeling… It seems to be a time dislocation? It also occurred when Eudora launched an attack before, but it was not so powerful and obvious. Camael suddenly thought of a very rare law power, and he couldn’t help being shocked.

In the blink of an eye, the ‘slowness’ returned to normal as if everything was just an illusion just now, but ‘Tiffany’, the eye of the spirit gathering magic circle, had disappeared. The whole spirit gathering magic circle began to vibrate and shake as though it was about to collapse completely.

It all happened too fast. The lightning-like silver light tracer suddenly stopped, changed back to the shape of a spear, and was tightly held by a hand – At some point in time, Chen Rui had turned around and took this spear.

The spear shone with white light, shook slightly, and chirped, but it was still unable to move forward for an inch.

Camael’s pupils shrank. He activated the kingdom power 3 times in a row, trying to detonate the powerful law power of Spear of Judgement, but it was completely suppressed by the opponent.

This is not the kind of clever ‘skill’ like the previous purple-clothed woman, but pure ‘power’!

‘Arthur’ actually suppressed me, an 8-winged angel of the peak stage of the Demi-G.o.d with absolute power. Plus, it is even above the Holy Light Mountain!

When Camael waved his hand, Chen Rui felt that his palm was empty. The Spear of Judgement had disappeared and returned to Camael’s hand.

Camael spread his 8 wings and appeared in front of Chen Rui. He instantly turned into countless shadows, holding a spear and attacking Chen Rui from all directions. Each shadow’s attack moves and orientation were different, but they all attacked the enemy’s fatal points.

Countless figures formed a perfect attack formation. Combined with the power of Spear of Judgement, the attack intertwined into a sharp qi light net, sealing off Chen Rui’s ways to parry or dodge.

This move was called [Absolute Pierce]. It was a big move activated with Camael’s Demi-G.o.d kingdom power fused with the weapon mastery talent. It carried the ‘rule’ of ‘undodgeable’ and ‘unparriable’, so he could only take it by force.

Chen Rui’s empty hands drew 2 half arcs, and the water ripple-like power spread out in circles, containing dots of starlights.

Where the water ripples pa.s.sed, the countless figures suddenly became disrupted. It seemed like an article that was originally supposed to be very logical, but various mistakes were being pointed out abruptly, making it seemed to be inconsistent and contradictory.

In the distance, everyone saw that in the ripples, the countless intertwined figures disappeared. Finally, they disappeared with a ‘pop’.

Afterward, everyone’s vision became blurred. It seemed that the 2 figures were moving at high speed. Accompanied by the extremely fast-paced vibration, the nearby s.p.a.ce was constantly fragmented and distorted.

The weaker ones only watched for a while before they felt dizzy. Some people even fainted on the spot.

The blurred s.p.a.ce became clear again, and it was frozen in one frame.

In mid-air, the face of 8-winged angel Camael was clasped by a hand.

The next second, everyone’s vision was involuntarily attracted to the bottom.

There was the next ‘frozen’ frame.

Camael’s head was held down, and his body was pushed into the ground.

The entire Cloud Platform shook. Camael’s body sank deeply into the hard enchantment. Under the strong pressure of the hand, his head continued to sink deeper. The nearby ground couldn’t bear such pressure and cracked. Under the powerful force field, the gravel rose up as if they were out of the influence of gravity.

A huge hole appeared in everyone’s eyes as if some kind of terrifying giant meteorite fell to the ground.

All because of that hand.

The hand of ‘Arthur’!

Even those audiences who couldn’t understand the mystery of the kingdom or law in the battle of the 2 Demi-G.o.ds could understand the battle situation in front of them. They were all shocked – The legendary 8-winged Angel Camael, second only to the 3 archangels, is known as the strongest Demi-G.o.d. He didn’t stand a chance against that Arthur who only has the strength of ‘Warrior’!

Stanwell felt his eyelids twitching – It was a one-sided fight! 8-winged Angel Camael, actually can’t fight back against that ‘Arthur’. No, Meria’s son-in-law, Richard!

Is this the true strength of that guy?

Back in the Dragon Valley, if this guy had used 1% of his power, I probably wouldn’t even exist… Stanwell swallowed hard.

Anyway, when I see the ferocious family in the future, I’ll just bow my head.

This guy’s strength is so strong and his methods are so clever. If he takes a fancy to my sister, I can consider being that ‘eldest brother-in-law’…

Kilanya didn’t know that the elder dragon on the side had gone wild in his thoughts. Looking at the situation in the field, the expression of surprise on the elf’s beautiful face became stronger and stronger. She remembered very clearly that last time in the Psychedelic Forest, although this human showed great strength, it was not as strong as it was now. It seems that in this short period of time, both Zola and this human have a big leap in strengths.

Among the guests, the most shocked was Landbis, who couldn’t believe her eyes: Is this the ‘Arthur’ who ‘almost’ became my fiancé?

Seeing the figure pressing Camael into the ground, Her Highness Princess Pearl’s gaze suddenly became a little hazy.

Just now, ‘Arthur’ said something to the imprisoned woman.

“Follow me.”

If it was me, imprisoned in a h.e.l.lish place like the Holy Light Mountain, would he be desperate to reach out to me under the watchful eyes of all the people?

If the words were said to me, would I go with him?

Regardless of the ‘what if’, the reality is that I had made a choice.

“My way.” Princess Pearl whispered 2 words to herself.

Camael couldn’t believe the fact in front of him. We are boththe strength of the peak stage of the Demi-G.o.d. Yet, whether it is law, kingdom or faith power, I am completely no match to ‘Arthur’!

Not only power, but more of a kind of spiritual momentum, which was obviously only the power of Demi-G.o.d level, but it seemed to be far above this level, making it impossible for him to resist.

This should be the feeling that he, the legendary angel, usually brought to the enemy!

Camael, who always thought he was invincible among the Demi-G.o.ds, was shocked and angry. As he was about to make his desperate move, the opponent had withdrawn his force.

Camael roared angrily, bursting with strength as he charged out of the sizable hole, only to see the other party already appearing in the distance and looking up at the sky without giving him a second glance as if he was just an insignificant ant.

In the sky, the sun suddenly dazzled. Lights with special suppression power spread out.

Under the dazzle of this light, the power of the spirit gathering magic circle that had been scattered in pieces reunited as if it had transformed into some kind of prison, sealing the entire cloud platform.

Camael was exhilarated. Sir Raphael is here!

TL: Can he use the old trick [Star Gate] to escape?

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