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Chapter 311: The Ancient Undead Magic System

Paglio pointed to the sky, and all the black mist began to change color quickly. It gradually changed from the original dark black to a dire green. This was not just a color change, but the suppression and erosion of the territory power. Guradam felt that his territory power was swallowed by countless terrifying demonic beasts, and began to shrink quickly. A strong recoil force was produced in the process of shrinking, which rendered Guradam howling in pain.

Chen Rui had brought the little black horse to Athena. When he saw Paglio demonstrating his power, he felt contempt for a while. This dragon has a trigger point that will make him rage when touched. The poison dragon’s trigger point right now is none other than his treasures. What a d.a.m.n dragon who loves wealth like his life!

If Guradam’s soul essence was not injured, and if his projection’s spirit power was not devoured, he would not be so easily defeated. Unfortunately, there were not so many “ifs”. His territory had been completely eroded by Paglio’s poison power, and he was trapped in it instead. He could only reluctantly use his remaining magic power to create a protective area in order to get a chance to breathe.

Chen Rui shook his head and sighed, “I forgot to introduce him to you. This greedy… Uhm, this powerhouse who is good at financial management is the real owner of ‘your’ treasure, Paglio.”

The two red lights in Guradam’s eyes suddenly froze and landed on the man who was pointing at the sky. It was as if he saw something unbelievable. If he was still a living person, he would surely be sweating profusely.

Paglio lowered his hand and grinned at Guradam. A powerful dragon breath was released. Although this dragon breath was not an absolute suppressing force for Guradam, the matter proved by this dragon breath was enough to make Guradam tremble.

Guradam’s body started shaking. As an undead magician who transformed himself into a corpse necromancer, he was already immune to spiritual magics such as fear and chaos, but at this moment, he was terrified from the bottom of his heart.

This man is a giant dragon! And it was the terrifying giant dragon who squeezed me to death easily like an ant in the past! Over the years, although I have always cursed this opponent who killed me, I am even more fearful of him. I never thought that I am actually facing this terrifying enemy again!

“Paglio, this guy is somehow the most outstanding undead magician 2000 years ago. It’s a pity to kill him. If he surrenders, we might as well let him live.” Chen Rui took the opportunity to say. Guradam’s ability is magnificent indeed. If we can subdue such a powerful undead magician, he will probably play a key role in future battles. The production of undead army alone is enough to deter the enemy.

Guradam was not an ordinary character after all. He had recovered from the shock and gritted his teeth, “Even if you wipe out my body now, I will never die as long as my life box still exists. When I recover my strength, I want to turn the entire Dark Moon Estate into a land of undead!”

“It doesn’t matter even if you turn the entire Fallen Angel Empire into an undead kingdom.” Chen Rui deliberately made an unconcerned look and laughed, “Do you naively think that I… am really a so-called estate investigator? Let me tell you, I tracked you all the way here! Otherwise, why would I bring the dragon that you are most afraid of?”

“Impossible! How do you know that I’m here?”

Paglio said, “There’s no need to ramble on with him. This skeleton has a white bone altar in the west. There should also be one on the mountain in the north. This is an ancient ritual sacrifice of the dead where he can use the dead spirit aura to recover his soul essence. So, his life box must be in the area of ​​this town. It might even be in the town. When his body is destroyed, let’s ruin his life box. We’ll see if this nasty skeleton can still jump around!”

Guradam was absolutely terrified. I didn’t expect the other party to see the role and origin of this ritual at a glance. He also inferred the general location of my life box. He is indeed a horrifying dragon.

“Guradam, you have no choice now,” Chen Rui had an idea, “I have three methods that can completely destroy your life box immediately. First, Paglio can completely infiltrate the entire town with his poisonous territory.This can destroy everything within tens of miles, including your life box. You have also seen the second method. I can use s.p.a.ce magic to swallow the whole town and then banish them into the s.p.a.ce turbulence. You should know that I have this ability. The third method…”

“Remember the ‘water’ previously? It is called Fountain of Resurrection which can cause fatal harm to your soul essence.” A strange spring water suddenly dripped from Chen Rui’s hands. The breath of vitality made the corpse necromancer instinctively feel uncomfortable. “In this method, I will permeate these into the land. Then, I’ll cast a secret technique to form a special territory that can destroy all undead power within 100 miles, including the soul essence in your life box!”

Guradam’s body began to tremble again. I must admit that none of these three methods is to frighten anyone. Once the other party is determined to destroy me, I’m afraid that I can not escape from death. In fact, Chen Rui’s three methods were really bluffing. With Paglio’s current Demon Emperor-level power, he couldn’t really create a poisonous territory, and the cost was too high. Even if the whole town’s lives were sacrificed, it might not be successful.

The second method was also unreliable. s.p.a.ce magic was basically a storage s.p.a.ce. As for the s.p.a.ce turbulence, it was purely bragging. Chen Rui actually heard this term from Samuel.

The third method was even more bulls.h.i.+t. The Fountain of Resurrection and the Resurrection Potion were completely different concepts. The Fountain of Resurrection might have a certain suppression effect on Guradam, but it was not as strong as a Resurrection Potion. Moreover, the Fountain of Resurrection was only the size of a hole. It was impossible to permeate the whole town.

Chen Rui added another sentence, “Perhaps I will have some ridiculous kindness to let go of your life box in order not to sacrifice the innocent lives in this town?”

This sentence left Guradam completely thoughtless. I am a vicious and merciless person myself. If I put myself in his shoes, I would never give up an enemy who might be a great threat because of the lives of some ants. Furthermore, the dragon is obviously a ruthless character. This can be seen when he killed me without giving me any chance to explain in Silent Night Wetland 2000 years ago.

Guradam suddenly laughed. His hysterical laughter was filled with sorrow and despair, “I didn’t expect that I, Guradam, survived Silent Night Wetland, but I have to die in this place instead! But it’s too early for you to be happy. The magic circle with a destructive curse is engraved on my life box. Once it is detonated, the epidemic and curse will spread around, with this town as the center, until the entire estate. You will also be cursed by my last soul power. Then, [Doom] will accompany you for life until you die!”

Chen Rui was secretly shocked. This guy actually still has the final strategy of mutual destruction. I have personally experienced [Doom] before. If we are entangled by this nasty magic all our life, it is indeed quite troublesome. Not to mention that the life box explosion will also cause a large-scale disaster to the Dark Moon Estate. I must not let this happen.

In fact, both sides were afraid of each other now. Guradam was afraid that the threat of the [Doom] curse was not enough to let the other party give up their killing intention. As for the epidemic disaster, it was nothing significant for these people. It couldn’t be used as a threat at all.

“Even if what you said is true, you can’t threaten me.” Chen Rui sneered, “I know a human powerhouse in the capital named Nero. He is a priest of the human world’s Light Divinity Temple who has reached Demon Overlord level. He could surely think of a way to dispel this curse! But I’m very surprised. A corpse necromancer has a long life. You took a lot of risk to transform into corpse necromancer, and you succeeded with great difficulty. If you self-detonate, it is equivalent to taking the initiative to let go of the immortal body after obtaining with great difficulty. Is it worth it?”

Guradam actually didn’t want to die. Chen Rui was right. He risked his life in order to successfully transform himself into an undead. With the endless life, he could further study and develop the undead magic that he loved. He was absolutely unwilling to die in this place.

When the corpse necromancer heard the other person talking about the human holy priests, his heart suddenly sank. Holy Magic was actually an effective means of restraining his curse. Plus, the human was a strong Demon Overlord, but Guradam still said without any signs of weakness, “I created a separate undead magic system within the dark magic. I can be deemed as the most outstanding undead magician in Demon Realm’s history. How can I succ.u.mb to you, brutal and shameful brats! Moreover, I don’t believe that a human holy priest will appear in the Demon Realm! Not only [Doom], I will do everything to curse you before I die!”

Chen Rui could see that Guradam already a.s.sumed he had come to a dead end. If I continue to force him, we will surely die together, but if I slacken at this moment, then this guy will immediately run away. He will retaliate against Town Yankou and even the entire Dark Moon afterwards. He will never make the same mistake of leaving the life box in a dangerous situation again next time.

An undead magician enemy who was hidden in the dark and couldn’t be killed was indeed quite a headache. Plus, he was also a Demon Emperor level. He was in a dilemma at that moment.

Athena was secretly anxious to hear that the disease and curse would spread on Princess Royal’s estate, but out of trust in her man, she did not say anything. However, the poison dragon did not intend to let go of Guradam. He revealed an impatient look, “Stop talking nonsense to him. First, we will shatter this pair of skeletons. Then, just let his life box explode. With the protection of me, the master’s territory, any kind of s.h.i.+t curse will not hurt you guys.”

Just after hearing the words of the poison dragon, Guradam was even more hopeless in his heart. When he was about to detonate the magic circle desperately, a voice sounded suddenly, “Funny guy, let me tell you something before you die! You’re definitely not the most outstanding undead magician of Demon Realm. Plus, the undead magic system has already existed in ancient times. What you know now is just the tip of the iceberg!”

Guradam was furious. This was his proudest glory. He had surpa.s.sed all predecessors who studied undead magic 2000 years ago, and raised undead magic to an unprecedented height. Within these 2 years, undead magic stayed at the level of his research; with no further advancement. This enemy is questioning my greatest achievement now. This is simply unbearable!

When Chen Rui saw Guradam’s irritability, he knew that he had successfully diverted the attention of the other party. He then said, “I received the inheritance of an ancient grand master and learned a lot of secrets. Undead magic is indeed derived from dark magic, but it belongs to a separate system. Its power is no less than that of dark magic! It is similar to the separate s.p.a.ce magic which is derived from the water element and the wind element! Unfortunately, for various reasons, it is not pa.s.sed on today. Moreover, the related cla.s.sical records have disappeared over time.”

Guradam’s eyes flashed in red. He was apparently a little surprised. He had studied undead magic all his life, but he had never heard of this so-called secret story. He was about to refute it, but the other party continued, “From what I have learnt, the undead magic system is divided into three categories. The first is the summon and transform category; the second is the curse category; the third is the bone and poison category. Each category has many magic branches. I can reveal two types. There is a type of magic in summon and transform category that can transform the skeleton into a skeletal magician that releases elements. It can release a powerful long-range elemental attack. The bone and toxin category has a [Bone Armor] that surrounds the body. It utilises a profound rotation rhythm and dead spirit power to offset, weaken and absorb all attacks from outside.”

Guradam was an expert in undead magic, so he knew that these two kinds of magic were completely feasible when he first heard it. The other party did not create some crazy nonsense.

This so-called three categories of elements originated from a cla.s.sic game that was popular all over the world. It was one of Chen Rui’s favorite games in that world. Among them, there was the role of necromancer. Chen Rui just made slight modifications to the skills and described them. It really aroused Guradam’s interest.

According to Chen Rui’s understanding, the origin of power developed to be the same in the end. It was just the expression was different. Magic is a form of expression. As long as there was creativity and understanding, the imagined magic might be put into practice. This was also the magical derivation, innovation, and improvement of the 6 major elements: earth, water, fire, wind, light and dark.

Guradam’s current research had actually reached a peak. In other words, he had reached a bottleneck. It was very difficult to progress and innovate. Hearing this statement, his eyes lit up. He felt that the narrow road suddenly became s.p.a.cious and full of countless possibilities. He was greatly intrigued suddenly. After careful consideration, he desperately wished to find a place to study this quietly. He hastily asked, “What else?”

Chen Rui saw that Guradam was tempted, so he knew, With Guradam’s arrogance, insidiousness and viciousness, if he is forced to submit to me, it may be counterproductive. It’s better to change another approach. Tempt him with benefits first, and then use both hard and soft ways.

“Sir Guradam, you should know that there are no free things in this world. The more so-called free things, the higher the price you need to pay. You have heard the content of two ancient undead magic for free. I think it is time to discuss the price next. Or should I say, can our original hatred relations.h.i.+p be changed by some kind of cooperation?”

I couldn’t wait to see Guradam being cheated by Chen Rui ?

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